Christmas Present

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First the standard disclaimer.

All characters and events in this story are fictional.


Info to set the stage.

We were a late mid-twenties couple. I worked full time as mechanic and Rachel my wife part time as a secretary in a small office. We decided to buy a house and pay it off before starting a family there were 18 payments left. With a healthy sex life, we were happily moving along with life when she threw me this curve.

The holiday season is approaching and with it, my birthday me being almost a Xmas baby. Normally she would have started asking what I wanted but was strangely silent on the subject. Her presents were already under the tree. Matching custom original diamond and ruby necklace, earrings, and ring. There were two cards with my name on them. When I arrived home on Xmas eve, she greeted me at the door wearing a sexy teddy stockings and 4-inch matching heels.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply dragging me toward the couch, undoing my shirt making her intent known rubbing her ample tits against my chest as she pushed my shirt off.

“Dinner is in the oven we will eat after I take care of the first part of your Xmas present,” Rachel cooed sexily while undoing my belt.

She followed my pants to the floor taking my hardening cock into her warm wet mouth. Rachel stroked the length of my cock twice before letting it pop out; taking a deep breath.

“Cum in my mouth,” she demanded and devoured my cock again.

I looked down at her to confirm what she said; Rachel answered me with her eyes. She worked my cock with her mouth and tongue. Pushing it aginst the back of her throat when she grabbed my hips and forced my cock all the way down her throat held it there for a few seconds fighting her gag reflex. I gasped and reached to push her head up when she felt my hands touch her head she smacked them away. Rachel came up for a breath stroked up and down my cock a couple of times before forcing it down her throat again. It was too much for me I started to cum, she managed to take the first blast of cum down her throat before she pulled up and took the rest of my cum in her mouth. Sucking hard making sure she got every last drop before licking me clean and letting I pop loudly out of her mouth.

“Let’s eat,” Rachell said, as she rose and strutted into the kitchen.

I sat on the couch staring after her in disbelieve. Rachell never deep throated me before and very seldom let me cum in her mouth. I quickly recovered and pulled up my shorts and slacks and moved and sat at the kitchen table. She gave a sly look as she sat dinner on the table. Noting the look on my face.

” I have been practicing. How do you like your Xmas present so far?” She asked smiling smugly.

“Best ever,” I managed to choke out wondering what else she had planned.

We ate silently and quickly and after the table was cleared. I collected my wife’s presents and sat them on her lap. She tore the packages open, and I put the necklace on for her she put the large earrings in and slipped on the ring. Smiling admiring her jewelry she took hold of my hand.

“Come to bed and collect the rest of your Xmas present,” she said seductively.

Leading me into the bedroom, she pushed me down on the bed and removed my slacks, turning around bent over removing her panties. She watched my eyes get big as I noticed the butt plug peeking between her ass cheeks. My cock was instantly at attention; she crawled onto the bed taking the lube from the nightstand. She bent and licked my cock a few times; opened the lube and rubbed it liberally on my cock. Turning around she presented her ass,

“Remove the butt plug I am all cleaned out and should be plenty stretched out I put plug when got home from work just after 1,” Rachel said wiggling her ass at me for effect.

I reached up and slowly worked the butt plug out. I squirted some lube into her ass and worked it in with my fingers. This too was also very rare thing if I was lucky my wife let me have her ass once a year and didn’t own a butt plug. She watched me over her shoulder with hooded eyes, pushing back against my fingers forcing them deeper. When I pulled my fingers out she moved around so, she was straddling me and slowly lowered her ass down on my hard cock. Now seated in my lap my cock buried deeply in her hot tight ass she took hold of my hands and placed them on her tits.

“Treat them rough they need to know you love them,” She cooed as she started moving up and down on my rigid cock.

I assaulted Rachell’s tits roughly pulling and twisting her hard nipples. She started to move faster; I pushed her forward onto her hand’s and knees, her rubbing her clit with one hand while leaning forward pressing her tits into my hand’s; panting out her excitement as we both raced toward our release. It overtook us at almost the same time; she went stiff screaming in pleasure her anal muscles clenching as she came as I pumped my cum deep in her bowels pushing her forward and collapsing on her back smashing bahis firmaları her tits between her body and my hands When our breathing slowed as we recovered,

“When you get up to put the butt plug back in I want to feel you cum in my ass all night,” She said still a bit out of breath.

I felt around on the bed and held it up when I located it then pulled out and I shoved the butt plug into her gaping asshole.

“Thankyou. Come on we need a shower and when you recover you still have one more hole that needs to be filled,”

She slipped out of the teddy and heels then peeled off her stockings on our way to the shower. We washed each other then enjoyed the hot water till it ran out. Then dried each other off enjoying each other’s caresses.

“That was fantastic. I will be right back,” I said as I headed to the fridge.

We usually had sex on Xmas eve, so I had picked up some chocolate covered strawberries to snack on afterward. Digging them out of their hiding place; picking up some napkins and chocolate sauce then returned to the bedroom. Settling next to her on the bed we shared the strawberries when they were gone I picked up the chocolate sauce and dribbled some on each of her nipples then trailing drops down her stomach and onto her hairless pussy. Watching the look of anticipation on her face as I bent to start licking it off.

I licked and nibbled my way down to her pussy; her body vibrating with excitement with each lick and nibble. Spending extra attention on her clit. Then licking and sucking all the chocolate from her pussy returning my mouth to her clit my fingers working into her already dripping pussy to find her g spot. Her moans of pleasure coming closer together till she exploded when I raked my teeth across her engorged clit.

Her juices dripping off my fingers I sat up and licked it off savoring her sweet, tangy taste. I laid down next to her while she recovered. She sat up smiling and straddled me setting the chocolate sauce on the night stand.

“I will use that later. Now I see you have recovered fuck the hell out me,” She said as she lowered her pussy down on my cock.

Rachel bent over and teased her nipples over my lips I raised my head up and latched on to her swollen nub sucking hard and biting gently as she rode me. When she was getting close to coming I increasing the pace, I bit her nipple pushing her over the top. I let go of her nipple and let her down on my chest while she recovered. Enjoying the small contractions of her cunt muscles and her tits smashed against my chest. I rolled her over so she was under me then pulled out pulled her up onto her knees and entered her from behind reaching forward and taking her tits in my hands.

I started off slowly gradually picking up the pace as she started getting excited she panted out harder over and over occasionally demanding I pull her nipples more. I pounded into her pussy feeling the butt plug still in her well-fucked ass; trying to pace myself and enjoy her pussy as she tightened her kegel muscles but the kinkiness of the evening was too much, I felt my orgasm building. She felt me tense and clenched her kegel muscles signaling her climax as the cum boiled out of my balls and splashed against her cervix. We collapsed on our sides on the bed as I softened and slipped out. She rolled out of the bed cum dribbling down her leg on the way to the bathroom to relieve herself. She returned quickly to licking our combined juices off my cock. Exhausted we curled up together under the covers and went to sleep.

My wife shook me awake sitting next to me holding the chocolate sauce with a mischievous look on her face. She pulled the sheet off and squirted chocolate sauce on my cock seductively licking it off, taking my now hard cock into her mouth and gave me repeat performance of the blowjob she gave me the night before. When she had drained my cum she sat up a handed me two envelopes. One labeled Merry Xmas and the other one Happy birthday.

“Please open them now,” She said large smile on her face.

I opened the Xmas envelope first. There were eleven squares of paper inside Printed on them ( Good for 24 hours of complete control of my body) with Rachell’s signature. She watched me read it and smiled as she saw my face light up in surprise.

“Now your birthday present you may like it even better. You need to open it now. You will understand once you open it,” She said smiling.

Tearing open the second envelope open. Printed on the card in her handwriting ( I will get three body piercings of your choice. Also, you may dress me any way you want for the whole day including our dinner reservations, take me shopping and buy what you wish me to wear.) I had been trying to convince her to get her nipples pierced for years. I looked her in the eyes.

“Yes best presents ever,” I said drawing her into a hug and kiss.

“The Xmas coupons include the dressing me any way you want. If you want my nipples pierced do them one at a time I don’t think I could stand not having you not molesting kaçak iddaa at least one of them for six weeks while they heal,”

“We will go shopping tomorrow. Do you want to know what piercings I want you to get?”

“No. You can take me to get pierced tomorrow that way it will be done for your birthday.”

She was stroking my cock while we talked. She bent over and licked the precum off and,

“Good even without the chocolate,” She moaned.

I wondered what had gotten into her but was not going to ask and break the mood. She was definitely worked up; my cock was almost painfully hard again. She cocked her head thinking then grabbed the chocolate sauce; pushed me back on the bed dribbled some on my cock then devoured it. Sucking and licking taking it deeper on each stroke working till she slid it into her throat. She swallowed a few time while she held my cock deep. Her swallowing causing her throat to massage my cock exquisitely. Twice more and I was shooting cum down her throat and in her mouth. She showed me the cum in her mouth making a show of swallowing it before licking me clean.

“Come take a shower with me I need to take the butt plug out it’s starting to get uncomfortable.”

Rachell crawled off me and headed to the bathroom. I followed her into the shower. We washed each other and after we rinsed off,

“Please take the butt plug out now. It is included in your coupons to by the way,” She said bending over to give me access to remove the butt plug.

I worked the butt plug out and set it on the side of the tub then left her to finish as I went to get dressed. She came out of the bathroom a few minutes later smiling with a bounce to her step, snagged the teddy off the floor where she dropped it the night before and slipped it on and stepped into her heels.

” I am just going to wear this till we get dressed for dinner with family,” She said as she strutted out of the bedroom.

“That could be a mistake,” I said as I followed her into the living room her tight ass swaying enticing.

I Pushed her down on the couch getting between her legs attacking her pussy licking her a few times from asshole to clit. Before pushing two fingers into her cunt and sucking her clit into my mouth. Flicking my tongue over her engorged clit while pistoning my fingers in and out. She was moaning which quickly became screams when her orgasm tore thru her body. Sliding my fingers out of her I greatly licked up her juices. Leaving her panting on the couch and me with a raging hard on. Sliding up on top of her and slamming into dropping cunt before she fully came down. Sending her back over the edge her spasming kegel muscles triggering my orgasm much faster than I wanted.

We spent the rest of the morning and afternoon playfully cuddling watching a movie and some football enjoying each others company. We got dressed for dinner and just before we headed out she drew me into a kiss then pulled up her knee length dress to show me she left her panties off.

“You little minx I will be hard all evening,” I moaned huskily.

“Practice for tomorrow and your birthday I know you prefer me not wear them. You can have my ass again when we get home tonight, and I will wear the butt plug tomorrow till we get back from shopping,” She said in a sultry voice. She unbuckled my belt and slid my slacks down as she sinking to her knees a gave me a quick BJ.

“There that should help you get thru the night,” she said as she pulled up my shorts and slacks with a big smile.

I was speechless as we walked to the car. The evening passed quickly although she had whispered to me that it was making her hot not having panties on and good to her word as soon as we were home and in the bedroom. She pulled the dress over her head picked up the lube and butt plug and handed them to me. Crawled on the bed her ass in the air, putting her head on the mattress.

“Shove that big hard cock up my tight ass you horny bastard,” She said her voice husky.

Laying the butt plug on the bed, I lubed my cock and worked some into her asshole. Getting behind her and started pushing my cock into her.

“That’s right shove that big cock in the nasty bitches ass and fuck her like a bitch in heat. Pound my ass like you mean it. My tits; grab on show me how much you like them,” She moaned.

I took hold of her tits digging my fingers in roughly using them to pull her back aginst me as I fucked her roughly. My orgasm building quickly. She had been a tease all night keeping me worked up now she was collecting her reward. I shouted out my climax as I blasted cum deep in her bowels. She came just as I was finishing. I collapsed on top of her still holding her tits tightly. As we slowly recovered basking in the post-orgasmic glow.

“Since last week when I wrote out your coupons I have been so horny in anticipation. That felt so good, but you need to get up off me so I can breathe and put the butt plug in.” She said in a husky voice.

Getting up off her back my softening cock slipped out, and kaçak bahis I pushed the butt plug in. She made a contented sound as I pushed the plug into her just fucked back door. I stood up and headed to the bathroom to wash my cock. She was right behind me.

“I will do that for you,” She said as she picked up a washcloth and towel and washed my cock.

I swelled slightly but didn’t harden as she washed and dried my cock. Rachell took that as a challenge and sucked my semi-hard cock into her mouth while staring up into my eyes.

“I will need some time to recover even with all the kinky you heaped on me last night and today,” I said still a bit out breath from our latest session.

She let my soft cock slip out of her mouth with a sigh taking hold of my cock and leading me back to bed; pushing me down and laying down with her back against my chest placing my hands on her tits and pulling the sheets over us.

She woke me in the morning rolling me onto my back and mounting my morning wood. She smiled down at me as she placed my hands on her tits.

“Hold off cuming if you can till I cum, and I will let you finish in my mouth. That way I won’t be dribbling cum down my legs while we are shopping all day; unless you want that,” She said mischievously as she started to ride me.

She rode me fast; I matched her pace manhandling her tits and nipples pushing her toward orgasm. She moaned and then finally screamed as she came. It took all my concentration not cum because her kegel muscles contracted strongly around my cock as she rode out her orgasm. She took just a few moments to recover then rose up letting my hard cock slip out of her pussy. Taking my sloppy cock into her mouth and gave me another erotic deepthroat blowjob swallowing my cum like it was a treat then licking me clean. She let my now soft cock pop out of her mouth,

“Do you want to take me shopping reeking of the sex of should I shower?” She asked standing naked next to the bed.

“We will take a shower; we will grab brunch on our way to the piercing parlor then head to the mall to shop for your outfits for tomorrow. I will lay out your outfit while you do your makeup; Dark eyes and bright red lipstick.”

She looked almost disappointed as she followed me to the shower. Noting her look,

“Having you smelling of sex on top of the outfit I have in mind plus knowing you have the butt plug in and what we are going to do today would be too much,” I said my voice husky.

We took a quick shower; I left her to do her hair and makeup. I put her skimpiest unlined halter top and shortest tight skirt on the bed then sat the 4-inch heels she had worn the day before next to the skirt. She came out of the bathroom hair, and makeup was done perfectly. She looked at the outfit I had laid out and quickly put it on. Giving me a big smile. Her nipples were hard and made very noticeable bumps thru the tight halter top. Her skin still flushed from sex; she blushed a bit as she noticed her nipples showing.

We stopped for brunch. I enjoyed the looks we got at the restaurant. She tried not notice the stares, but I noticed a slight blush on her cheeks. Then we headed to the piercing parlor.

“You are getting your nipples pierced but only one today like you requested and a tongue stud. You can get another set of ear piercing if you want while we are here,” I told her as we walked into the piercing parlor.

We were greeted as we entered the parlor. I told the clerk we were looking to have my wife’s nipples and tongue pierced. The clerk pulled out the display trays containing the correct jewelry. I selected some 12 gauge barbells and heart shaped nipple shields to go with them and ¼ inch bead for her tongue stud.

“Can I get two more sets of earrings,” My wife asked.

“Sure you know I like earrings.”

Rachell found three sets of gold hoop earrings in progressive larger diameters. I paid for her jewelry and for having it installed. The clerk showed us into the back room where we met the tech. He took the jewelry and sterilized it. I explained we only wanted one of her nipples done today, and we would return to get the other one done when the first one was healed. He cleaned and marked the locations for piercings then did the piercings and installed the jewelry.

“That was not as bad as I thought it would be; the tongue stud hurts the worst,” She said slurring her word because of the tongue piercing.

“I thought you were going to chicken out from the look you had on your face when I told you about the tongue stud. I wasn’t decided on your tongue or your clit till we got here.”

We headed to the mall so I could buy her outfits to wear for my birthday. The shortest skirt or dress she owned was only 2-inches above her knee, and she was wearing it. I planned on one that just covered her privates. The restaurant where she had made a reservation was a bit upscale. So the outfit had to be a little classy. So as we walked into the mall her tits jiggling in the halter top hard nipples making bumps in the material just a hint of her dark areola noticeable. Barbell holding her nipple in the heart shaped shield showing thru the material of the halter top, pantyless bare pussy under her skirt heels clicking on the floor.

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