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Your man tells you he has an important meeting on Friday evening. He is trying to land a big contract for his business. The contract will give your man a lot of work if he gets it. He asks you to go out shopping and buy something special for the evening. While out shopping you see a dress that you think will be perfect for the evening. When you get home your man asks you to model it for him.

“You look beautiful” he tells you.

On the Friday night you make sure you look absolutely perfect. You have decided not to bother wearing any knickers.

“Well do I look ok?” you ask your man.

As your man looks over you over you raise your skirt. He notices your bare pussy and laughs.
You bend over and flash your bum at him.

“So will I do then?” you ask.

He laughs and tells you that you are perfect.

Your man makes sure you both get to the restaurant for 7 pm. The table is booked for 7:30 but your man wanted to make sure he wasn’t late. You sit at the bar and have a couple of drinks. We arrive at 7:20 and join you at the bar. We introduce ourselves as Terry and James. As we are both red blooded males me and terry give you the once over. You look absolutely stunning.

The waiter tells us our table is ready. We sit down and try and decide what to order. Once we have ordered James asks us to talk business.

“Well it is why we are here” he says.

I look you in the eyes and say “better to get the boring bit out of the way first”. “We can have the fun later”

As we eat our meal your man makes his pitch to try and win the contract. You notice we seem to be topping your man’s drink up quite frequently but you think nothing of it. When we finish the meal we thank your man and tell him we will give him a decision on the contract in a few days.

I give you a smile and say “So that’s the boring business out of the way”

We tell you and your man we are heading to a nightclub and ask you to join us. Your man politely declines

“Come on it is Friday night let your hair down” James and I shout at him.

You man gets worried about losing the contract and changes his mind.

“Ok we would love to go” he tells us.

We all head to the nightclub. Once inside we order some champagne. You again notice we seem to be topping your man’s glass up very frequently. We sit at the table chatting and laughing. I ask you to get up for a dance. Once I have you on the dance floor I whisper to you that James and I are going to fuck you later. I tell you we are going to get your husband drunk. When the club finishes take him home and put him to bed. I tell you we will follow you to your house. We finish our dance and head back to our table.

You now realize why we have been topping your man’s drink up so often. I order us some whisky.

When your man goes to the toilet James and I explain again what will happen.

“When the club closes bayan escort gaziantep take your man home and put him to bed. We will follow you home. Once your man is asleep open the front door and let us in.” we say to you.

I tell you to stop drinking. “Don’t get drunk. We want to fuck you good and proper”

You are unsure about all this but you don’t want your man to lose the contract. Even though you are unsure you can feel your pussy getting wet at the thought of James and I fucking you later. Your man comes back from the toilet and he looks extremely drunk. We keep on topping his glass up with whisky to make sure he sleeps like a log. The bouncers come around to ask everybody to start drinking up. We head for the door and grab a couple of taxis. When you get home you head straight for the bedroom. Your man announces he is going to fuck you but as soon as his head hits the pillow he is out like a light. James and I wait outside your house until you let us in. After 10 minutes or so you open the door. We all go to your living room. James and I sit down.

“So come on then let’s see you. We want to see what we will be fucking.” We shout at you.

You lift up your dress to show us your bare pussy

“Not bad. Now let’s see your arse. Turn around” James says to you.

You bend over and raise your skirt.

“Ok you will do” laughs James.

James stands up and gets his cock out. “Come here and suck me off you little slut”

You walk over and grab James’s dick.

“Go on slut suck it don’t just grab it” he says.

You get down on your hands and knees and feed James’s cock in your mouth.

I shout at you to suck James harder.

James stands there watching you giving him the blow job. I get out my cock and make it nice and hard ready for my turn.

“Suck him good. Then you can suck me off.” I shout.

I sit rubbing my cock as you suck James off. James warns you he is about to cum. “I am going to cum now don’t you dare spill I drop. Swallow very last drop” He says,

He shoots a warm stream of cum down your throat. You swallow every last drop of James’s cum.

“Lick his cock clean you slut” I shout.

You lick up and down James cock making sure every bit is clean.

“Now come here and suck me off slut”

You come over to me and take my cock in your mouth

“That’s it suck me off. Show me what a dirty little whore you are” I say to you.

As you suck me off James plays with your pussy

“Better get her nice and wet, ready for our cocks” he says to me.

James climbs under you and tongues your pussy. The more he explores your pussy the faster you suck me off. James soon brings you to an orgasm with his tongue and you cum all over his face.

“Come on suck me off harder bitch. Make me cum” I say to you.

You suck my cock harder and faster

“That’s it make me cum. Show me what a good cock sucker you are” I say to you.

You suck me off until you have your second lot of cum down your throat.

After I have cum I join James on the couch. James asks you to go and get some toothpaste. When you come back we are both naked. We tell you to get undressed.

Once you are undressed. James walks over and rubs a very tiny amount of toothpaste on your clit. The toothpaste makes your clit feel all tingly. James asks you to show us how you play with yourself while we rest our cocks.

“You do know how to play with yourself don’t you?” we laugh.

The toothpaste makes your pussy feel fantastic and you just have to play with yourself.
You get on the couch and open your legs. James and I watch as you finger yourself. The feeling of the toothpaste on your clit is driving you wild and you are soon moaning out loud as your fingers thrash in and out of your pussy.

I ask James if he enjoyed tasting your pussy earlier.

“She tasted beautiful” he replies.

“Mmmmmmmm my turn to taste you then” I say.

I get on my hands and knees and order you to remove your hands. Your pussy is nice and wet from your wanking. I run my tongue up and down your slit.

“Mmmmmmmmmm you were right James she does taste beautiful” I say.

I tell you to open up your pussy lips.

As I explore your pussy with my tongue James gets you to suck him off again. Your pussy is lovely and wet and the toothpaste has given you a mint taste. James asks me to stop tonguing your pussy.

“I want to fuck the slut now” he says.

He pulls his cock out of your mouth and tells you to stand up and bend over James gets behind you and shoves his cock up your pussy. Your pussy is so wet his big cock slips up easily.

“Play with your clit as I fuck you”. He says to you.

You follow James’s instructions and play with your clit as he fucks you. His big cock feels wonderful. You ask James to fuck you harder.

“Make me cum. Fuck me I am a dirty slut” you shout.

“Go on James her good”. I shout at him.

I walk over and join you both. I insert a finger up your bum. You weren’t expecting this and the shock sends an orgasm through your body.

“You seemed to enjoy that” I laugh.“Well I hope you did enjoy it as we are going to fuck your arse as well”. “Get the slut on her hands and knees James”

We get you on the floor and James continues to fuck you from behind. I get in front of you and get you to suck my cock. James and I give you a good spit roasting. Every so often James and I swop ends. I can feel myself ready to cum. I swop ends with James and shove my cock in your mouth. I fuck your mouth until I shoot my load of cum down your throat.

James pulls out of you and asks you to get on the couch.

“I am going to fuck your arse now” James says.

You get on the couch and spread your arse cheeks ready for James’s cock. His cock is wet with your pussy juices and it slides up you easily. I come over and join the both of you. I climb under your body and give your pussy a good licking. I watch James’s cock pump in and out of your arse as my tongue explores your pussy.

“She has a lovely tight arse” James tells me.

“Fuck her harder James” “I want the slut to cum down my throat” I reply.

I help my tongue out and insert a couple of fingers up your pussy. I finger fuck your pussy as my tongue teases your clit. You warn me you are about to cum. I open my mouth and speed up my finger action. You let out a load moan as you cum. I am soon drinking all your sweet juices. The sight of me swallowing your juices starts James cumming. He pulls his cock out and shoots his cum all over your bum.

“Kinky little bitch aren’t you” laughs James.

I get up and ask you to bend over.

“It’s my turn to fuck you now”

I bend you over the coach and fuck you from behind. James gets up and offers you his cock.

“Suck me hard again slut”

It doesn’t take long before your sucking has made James hard again.

He pulls out of your mouth and sits on the couch.

“Bring her over here Terry and we will both fuck her” he shouts to us both.

I pull out of you and carry you over to James.

“Sit her on my cock” he tells me.

Once you have his cock up your pussy I get behind and shove my dick up your arse. You feel so full with both of our cocks up you at once. Together James and I build up to a steady rhythm. You beg us not to stop.

“Oh god that feels so good” “Please don’t stop” you pant

“Don’t worry we are not stopping until we want to” I say. “You are our slut now” “From now on you do as we say”

You seem to have one long continuous orgasm as we both fuck you.

“Oh God that’s it fuck me. I am a slut fuck me. I want to feel your cum up me” you shout.

We both carry on fucking you until we shoot our cum up you. You collapse on the floor exhausted.

We get dressed ready to leave.

“You are our slut now” We tell you.

“We will be in touch when we want to fuck you next” I tell you.

Before we leave we decide to get you to give us one more blowjob each. We both whip out our cocks and order you to get on your hands and knees. You take turns in sucking both our cocks.

You suck us off until we are both ready to cum. We pull out of your mouth and masturbate our cocks until we shoot our cum all over your face. We then get you to lick our cocks cleans before we leave.

A few days later we ring your man and tell him he has won the contract. We tell him we will have to meet you and him on a regular basis to talk about how things are progressing. When your husband tells you he won the contract a big smile goes over your face. Not because he won the contract but because you wonder what other sexy fun you will have with me and James.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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