Clive and Max Pt. 05

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I could hear Clive talking on the telephone, so I listened in. I thought he was speaking to Adam about coming to the Café to install some shelving for me.

“OK then, I will inform Max that you will be at the café dead on six-thirty in the morning to install the shelves for him. Is there anything else you need? No! Alright then, thank you Talos. Max will see you in the morning. Ciao!”

As soon as Clive put the telephone down I pounced.

“Talos! Who the hell is Talos? What happened to sexy Adam? Six-thirty! Are you trying to kill me!!”

“Relax Max. Apparently, Adam has no time right now to do the shelves and suggested that a guy by the name of ‘Talos’ do the job instead. Talos works, also like Adam, as a Handyman and for himself. I kept the conversation to the minimum and I am sure you will find out more tomorrow when you meet him.”

Clive smiled as he finished his sentence.

I was shaking my head by this point. Adam has never let us down with any jobs we wanted done. Something was not right with him and especially since the ‘performance’ he did all those months ago.

“OK then! I’d better get organised and I only hope for our sake that this ‘Ta… los’ guy is as good as Adam.”

Clive finished cleaning up the kitchen area, while I set the table for breakfast in the morning with items that could be left out overnight.

There wasn’t much else to do, so we settled in to watch a late-night news program. Cuddled up on the sofa with Clive, I ran my fingers through his hair and beard and kissed his neck softly. I wanted sex, but he wasn’t having any of it.

“Max I am sorry, but you will just have to fix yourself up tonight.”

“You are so mean sometimes! A quickie would do! You do remember those don’t you? I drop my pants, bend over, you lick me out, fuck me hard, blow and go!”

Clive laughed at me and then grinned ear to ear. He was obviously remembering back to the early days of our relationship. We could be dressed in our suits and ready to leave for the opera, when suddenly either of us got the urge. Sometimes the pants were dropped only and the necessary pieces of ‘equipment’ were exposed in order to be pleased.

“Remember when I used to just unzip your suit pants, blow you and then zip back up and we headed off to the opera house?” “Surely you remember those great times Clive?”

We both laughed.

“Max we are a boring old couple now.”

“No, we are not. In fact, I find nothing boring about our relationship Clive; but a quickie would be good!”

I left it up to Clive to respond, but there was nothing forthcoming other than him leaning over to kiss me. I decided to leave and stood up; but he pushed me around and onto the sofa. In that moment my shorts were pulled off and his thick cock was entering my dry love hole.

“God Max, your hole is just as tight as the first time I fucked you.”

He kept pushing until he could go no further. I felt his belly on my arse.

“ah ah ah I like it when you are inside me. Fuck me Clive. I need it badly. Just rape my hole, please!”

Clive was thrusting into me. “This is going to be quicker than a quickie”, I thought to myself. His thick knob had spread my hole and his balls slapped my arse. The immediacy of the thrusting initially hurt me, but I just grinned and bared it. I knew that all his pre-cum would change things in a few seconds. I was right. His beautiful big uncut cock was pounding my tight wet hole in no time at all.

“oh oh Max I’m going to cum. Take it, I know you want it. You feel so good.”

I felt him ram right into my arse and then I felt the cum shooting into me. I only had a moment to grab my own cock and shoot a load before he pulled out. I splattered cum all over our good sofa. Panting hard I collapsed on my own cum. He pulled his cock out and then he was gone.

I lay there smiling. Happy that I got my ‘quickie’. Hot, raw and unplanned.


As I arrived at the café and was getting off my electric-bike, I noticed a VW Transporter parked nearby and the driver looked rather attractive.

I gathered that this was ‘Talos’ and knocked on the window.

“Hi Talos, I’m Max. Nice to meet you.”, as we shook hands through the open window.

“Hey Max, nice to meet you too.”

“Let me open the café up and then you can get started. Do you want a coffee or something to eat first, or, will we have a coffee together afterwards?”

“Afterwards would be great Max. I will be really hungry then.”

I thought to myself, “I’m hungry right now!”

It was refreshing to experience someone who was warm, friendly and direct and I thought to myself, “I could grow used to Talos.”

As I opened the main doors of the café, two of my staff members arrived.

“Morning Chloe, morning Noah.” “That guy getting out of the vehicle over there is called Talos and he will be installing two shelves today in the small storage area.”

Everyone shook hands, smiled and chatted a second or two.

I showed Talos where the storage room was gaziantep escort and left him to get on with his business. A couple of trips back to his vehicle and he had all that he needed in order to install the shelves. As I left the storage area I looked back and noticed that he had great legs and his arse looked hot in the worker shorts he was wearing. My cock stirred as my fantasies started.

Clive had given Talos all the measurements for the shelves and this really helped a lot. It meant that he had all the right tools with him and the materials for the shelving as well.

“Hey Max”, I heard Talos shouting out from the storage room. Could I get you to help me for a moment please?”

I went to where Talos was and he asked me to hold up some boxes on the neighbouring shelves as they had become unsteady as he worked. He showed me exactly what to do and where to put my hands.

I was a bit insulted. I thought to myself, “I know how to hold boxes on a shelf!” I said nothing, I did exactly as I was told and then a box fell down!

I felt totally embarrassed. “Oh shit!”

I bent over to pick the box up and Talos moved in quickly to help me, but I had it all under control.

It ran through my mind “why didn’t I just leave the bloody box on the floor and fix it up later?” I put the box back where it belonged and then it suddenly wobbled, again. Talos stepped in again to help me. I felt the heat from his body. There was something about him that was different.

“Here Max, let me help you.”

He lifted his arms up high and placed his hands right over mine and at the same time I felt his muscled chest against my upper back. Everything was back to normal within a second and Talos went back to securing the other shelf.

Talos was finished with everything in no-time at all. He thanked me for the assistance and I went back to servicing customers.

A short time later Chloe served Talos some bacon and eggs with coffee and I sat with him and drank an herbal tea. We talked for about twenty minutes and then I indicated that I must get back to work as there were quite a few customers.

Shortly afterwards, Talos packed up all his equipment, cleaned up the area where he had been working and shouted out “Thanks Max, see you again maybe?”


Over a glass of red wine on the terrace that evening, I recounted the morning with Talos to Clive.

“Clive, I tell you. This Talos guy. He’s hot. Nice legs in those shorts and a good worker. I looked at the shelves afterwards and all was back in place, secure and cleaned up. He put on an extra bracket on the other shelf and repacked the boxes exactly as they were. I am impressed. Interestingly, he insisted on showing me how to stop the box falling again, he placed his hands directly on mine whilst pushing his chest into my back. I felt his muscles, his body heat. Clive it was like being fucked by you. Hot and intimate. He is a special guy and I hope we get to see him again!”

We talked a bit longer and then I went and prepared dinner. I had decided on something quick and also a favourite of mine: penne with creamy garlic sauce, chicken and mushrooms . There was also some left-over salad from last night to eat as well. We continued to sit outside, enjoying the beautiful evening as Clive filled me in on some more gossip about Talos.

“Talos told me that he and Adam had done there apprenticeships together. That means they are roughly the same age. I didn’t ask, but there was no mention of a man or woman in his life!”

“Clive, I have a funny feeling about all this, or maybe I am just being a bitch! It is like Adam doesn’t want to be our Handyman anymore! Nothing has been said and we haven’t given him any work since the outdoor shower was installed and that alone makes me wonder if he is somehow insulted?”

“I agree Max, it does seem strange that Adam has passed us on to Talos.”

We finished talking and sat in silence eating our dinner. I hinted at having sex but that was not on offer. I always lived in hope of course. But even I was tired after my early morning appointment. Clive indicated that he needed to read a brief for a court case in the morning.

George and Clive were representing about twenty employees of a very wealthy Restaurant owner who had not paid them the correct amount of wages and holiday entitlements. This ‘wage-theft’ was becoming a norm in Australia and Clive loved to get his teeth into this kind of activity where ‘workers were treated badly by their employers’.

Clive was good in a court room. His first priority was his client and this always showed. His second, to respect the Judge; no matter what, as it was the ‘Judges Room’. Clive knew his talent, his place, his limits and the Courtroom limits imposed by the Judge. He was good at tactical manoeuvres and this often tripped up unsuspecting Lawyers who were not paying full attention. However, one really needed to see Clive in action just as I had done very early in our relationship. He was good at getting his way in the end, but obviously with me that was a different situation!

The other thing I knew about Clive was that he did not take on clients if he knew that they had done wrong.

Every now and then someone would asked Clive, “why aren’t you out there earning more money?” He would then explain that they were right, he could be earning much more money if he defended ‘anyone’. But, he would not defend someone if he thought they had done something ethically wrong. He knew of lawyers who had defended guilty clients just for the money and had gotten them off. Clive would not do this. He wanted to use his skills in defending the ‘under-dog’.

Later, in bed, I brought up that I would love to have a Christmas Day BBQ at our house.

“But Max, have you forgotten that we have already agreed to go to George and Harriet’s?”

“Oh shit!. Alright then, how about Boxing Day?” “The people who are interested can watch some of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race on the TV or enjoy all the yachts on the harbour!” “Clive what do you think about the same timing as George and Harriet’s party; midday to four o’clock in the afternoon?”

Clive agreed totally with my proposal, so I started writing down my ideas and plans on my notepad.

A BBQ and we would supply everything!

I wrote out the guest list: Clive and Max, George and Harriet, John and Stefan, Adam, Lola and children…and Talos of course. If Adam was pushing us away then we needed to include Talos in our lives.

So, let me count; “two, four, six, eight plus three, plus Talos equals twelve people.” “mmmmm… maybe I should really invite the café staff as well!” “We have Chloe, Lucy, Ethan and Noah. That brings it up to sixteen people. Alright, that is enough.”

Clive had already fallen asleep by this stage whilst reading his book. I removed the book from under his hands, turned out the lights and settled down beside him. As I wrapped my arms around him he moaned softly, “good night Max”.

The next morning Clive confirmed that, though, sixteen people was a lot, it was feasible. We would spend Christmas Day at George and Harriet’s from twelve midday to four o’clock in the afternoon and that was ample time to be with our adopted family. It also gave us enough time afterwards to prepare for our BBQ the next day.

“Great. All settled then Clive. I will give you instructions on Christmas morning.”

“Sure gorgeous.”, he said, while smiling at me too sweetly.

I knew that he didn’t agree, but I was half joking anyway.


The time went quickly and Christmas Day had arrived. We’d hardly had time to socialise with anyone leading up to the day and the only available times were when we met up with George and Harriet or John and Stefan at the Opera or the Ballet. Our lives were consumed with work. It was kind of strange really. The café picked up a lot and Clive had some serious big cases to work on.

The Christmas Day party at George and Harriet’s was a big occasion. They had invited all the office staff, some friends and close family.

The dress code was ‘neat casual’ and to bring a towel and swimmers.

George and Harriet lived on the hill above Balmoral Beach. They owned a beautiful old Edwardian home with a good-sized garden for entertaining and of course a ‘swimming pool’. Swimming pools are very important on hot Christmas Days. The house had three levels and on the ground floor, similar to our house, a kitchen and lounge area that opened out to the terrace. Upstairs was another lounge area, bedrooms and an office. The balconies gave views right over Balmoral Beach; where one could see the water and on occasions the Ferry in the far distance travelling between Circular Quay and Manly.

George did all the BBQ cooking and drinks while Harriet organised the food inside and socialised with everyone. George was such a great entertainer, in fact they both were.

Clive and I had a ball walking around socialising with everyone. We were relaxed and looking forward to our Boxing Day BBQ.

I went to the bar for refreshments and Harriet was getting a drink as well but frowning, “you don’t look to happy Harriet, have you run out of bubbly?”

I was joking, but Harriet burst into tears.

“Harriet what is wrong?”

“Nothing!”, she said.

“Don’t give me that Harriet. Tell me. Please,” I said rather sharply.

“I can’t Max.”

“Is it you and George … Harriet?”

Of course, it was George. The look on her face gave it all away.

“Harriet you do not have to tell me anything, but you and I have shared some fairly intimate information. I care about what is happening right now!”

Harriet disclosed that she thought George was having an affair with one of the female staff in the office.

I was shocked and tears ran down my cheeks immediately.

“This cannot be Harriet. Not you and George!”

“Max everyone from the firm is here today. It could be any of them?”, she said looking around nervously.

I hugged Harriet as I held back my tears. I then noticed Clive was inside the house and looking at me enquiringly. I nodded to him and he looked away. He knew that I would tell him everything later.

Harriet released herself from the hug and blurted out, “Where is he now Max. Look! Can you see him? Yes, it could all be innocent but I find myself thinking about it all the time”.

“But Harriet what gives you the idea that George could be having an affair with someone?”

“He goes missing! He sometimes tells me that he has to work back at the office. Never has he done that without giving me more details. Now I just get a very short excuse, if that. I find it distressing Max. George and I have always shared, nearly, everything. Sure, a married couple might have some inner secrets, but this new attitude of his hurts me.”

I decided then and there that I would look for George and report back to Harriet. I would be the spy! Detective Max at your service! Initially she laughed and then she thanked me profusely.

“Max this rattles me. Normally I can take everything calmly, but now I am at my whits end. Thank you!”

I walked around the house and gardens, smiled sweetly at the other guests. No George!

Clive would catch my eye and shrug his shoulders with a, “what are you doing?” look on his face. I would just nod. I went inside. Maybe George was upstairs banging his secretary! I climbed the staircase as quietly as possible, but one little piece of wood flooring ‘creaked’.


Sneaking along a hall way in someone else’s home was not a good look. But I was prepared to be questioned and had my answer ready, “have you seen George?”

I walked past an almost closed door. I went back and looked through the crack between the door frame, where the hinges were, and the actual door. I had to stop myself from laughing. I could see George on his computer looking at girlie porn.

I thought to myself, “oh that man. Fuck! His wife is nearly crazy with worry and he leaves a Christmas Day party to check out some titties on the internet!”

“Typical straight man!” I thought to myself.

Luckily I had my smartphone in my back pocket. I whipped it out and took a photo through the crack. I creeped back downstairs and found Harriet.

I showed the photo to Harriet and she exclaimed, “I am shocked Max! Since when has my husband been looking at such filth? It isn’t like we don’t have a sex life for goodness sake! Maybe he wants bigger breasts on me? That is not going to happen I can tell you!”

Harriet and I talked quietly for a bit longer and she decided that she would confront George after everyone had gone home. She asked me to send her the photo I took in order to confront him with it.

“I will pretend I caught him and took the photo myself.” “I will let you know the outcome tomorrow when we see you; unless everything goes totally pear shaped. Either way I will inform you of the outcome. Thank you so, so much for helping me. I am as angry as hell, but I feel better equipped now to deal with this.”

It was now a few minutes before four o’clock and some guests were already leaving. I decided to find Clive and we would leave as well.


Later that evening as the sun was setting over the harbour, Clive and I sipped on a nice glass of red wine and ate our toasted cheese sandwiches. It was still quite warm as the pink and orange clouds moved slowly through the evening sky.

Clive sat there patiently as I informed him of what had unfolded between Harriet and I. He was stunned.

“Max … George!. No! NO! You are just trying to pull my leg for some reason. This cannot be true? Besides, it is none of our business what George looks at in the internet, but I have to admit; the bit about him working back sticks in my throat. As you know I hardly ever work back and therefore I am not around to keep track on everyone. If what Harriet says is true, then I wonder why he has never mentioned anything to me? He has always kept me well informed. This is strange. There must be something seriously wrong.”

“Clive there is something else! I didn’t tell Harriet about everything that I witnessed through the crack in the door. The man deserved some privacy, and she doesn’t need to know every minor detail!”

I moved around in my seat uncomfortably. I knew that Clive would be even more shocked once he heard the next part.

“OK! Do tell Max. It can’t be any worse? Surely not!!”, in a tone of voice that meant he had already had enough.

Clive sat there nervously as I told him more of what had happened, “I showed Harriet a photo I took, and then I sent it to her as evidence. The photo was of George sitting in front of a computer screen with bare breasted women all over it. They seemed to be middle-aged ladies. That somehow made it a little better than if he had been looking at young women.” Clive let out a huge sigh.

I then told Clive that I took a video of George.

Clive blurted out, “you what?”

“Of George masturbating!”

Clive shouted at me, “Max, no, no, no. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!”

“Yes husband. George was masturbating. Harriet was not wrong about his big donga either.”

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