Cobalt Blue Ch. 14

Enormous Erection

©Pelaam: February 2008.

Four strong-minded individuals were at a round table and arguing as strongly an hour after they had all first sat down.

Jaze’s team had been given a spate of attacks on female prostitutes to investigate. The victims were little help. They were stunned with tasers before they could get a good look at their attacker. Height, estimated age and hair colour all differed, suggesting the perpetrator was adept at disguise. In the first attacks, the prostitutes had just been beaten, next there had been sexual assault as well, but one of the last two women was still hospitalised. It was clear that if he was not stopped, his next victim could be killed.

Jaze wanted to use uniformed policewomen as decoys and have himself and Stewie, Leo and Shaz shadowing them. Shaz and Stewie wanted to be decoys and have Jaze and Leo shadow them. Jaze steepled his fingers and dropped his head against them, leaving his eyes slitted minutely open. It was not as though Stewie could not do the job. A wig, makeup and clothes and the beautiful young man sitting so obstinately opposite him made an equally beautiful woman. Jaze was proud of the way Stewie and Shaz had presented their arguments. As Cobalt Blue Leader, those arguments had been sound and reasonable. All the big man had to do was reconcile his acceptance as Team Leader with his fear of his fiancé being hurt.

It was not that Jaze was afraid to order Stewie into a potentially dangerous situation, but rather that the older man wanted to be with his lover if he did. However, there was no way Jaze could be visible out on the street if they wanted to attract their man. He gave a mental sigh. It was true that the four of them worked like a well-oiled machine and it was also true that if Shaz or Stewie acted out of character, unable to alert their backup in any other way, Leo and Jaze would pick up on it. Jaze knew the decision had been made.

“Ok,” he said slowly. “We’ll try just having you two as the decoys and Leo and me as your backup. If we don’t score after a few days we bring in some uniforms and double our options.”

“Thanks, Jaze,” Shaz replied. “We’ve studied the outfits of the girls targeted. Our man seems to have a dislike of anything with an animal motive, even if it’s just a vaguely similar pattern. Stewie picked up on that one after we’d eliminated anything else other than the general proximity as something they had in common.”

“One girl had a black and white skirt which, when I looked at it in conjunction with what I’d noticed, I realised could be seen as zebra-print. One girl had a leopard-skin pattern on her scarf and a similar pattern on her shoes. One had a bag with black spots on a white background, I thought maybe… Dalmatian? One girl liked to wear a feather boa and one girl had her hair in back and gold stripes.”

“Tiger-print,” Shaz said. “Once we’d seen a couple, it became easier to know what to look for. So we’re thinking we need something subtle. Anything too obvious and our man will be too intelligent to fall for it.”

“You’ve done your homework well on this one, guys,” Leo said, giving Shaz then Stewie a big smile.

“Indeed,” Jaze nodded. “It’s getting late. I suggest we meet early tomorrow and sort out where we are going to start our operation and just what you guys are going to play dress-up in.”

The tension in the room had fully dissipated as the four stood and bade their goodbyes. Jaze knew he was not happy with letting Stewie be on the street alone, even with Shaz, even with Leo and him monitoring. However, he also knew that if they were to continue in their current roles, he could not wrap Stewie in cotton wool, or keep him tied to their bed — however appealing the second thought might be.

As they headed to their car, Jaze shoved Stewie up hard against the wall where the bigger man knew the security cameras could not see. He devoured Stewie’s mouth, thrusting his tongue aggressively past his smaller mate’s teeth. He ravished Stewie’s mouth thoroughly, leaving his fiancé with kiss-swollen lips, dazed turquoise eyes and an erection tenting the chinos he wore. Jaze rubbed the tented cloth, earning a gasp and thrust from his lover.

“Only when I say so,” he growled into a small ear. “Car now,” he commanded.

Stewie strode ahead and got inside their vehicle, fastening his seatbelt immediately. He watched as his older mate sauntered slowly over, his smile one of promises to come and primal triumph.

Jaze slid in nonchalantly and turned slightly. He grinned as Stewie’s eyes opened wider. Their relationship was anything but secret, but neither conducted themselves with anything less that total professionalism whilst in work.

For a second or two, Stewie was convinced Jaze was going to kiss him again where the cameras *might*pick them up. Instead a knowledgeable hand slid up Stewie’s thigh, a tap indicating the bigger man wanted Stewie’s legs parting further. Stewie’s breath came in short gasps as Jaze unsnapped Sakarya Escort the button of his chinos and then ever-so-slowly lowered the zipper.

“I’m going to show you just who’s in charge, love,” Jaze husked. “And you are going to enjoy every second. Aren’t you?”

“Yes,” Stewie moaned. The low, sensual husk of his mate’s voice had the smaller man ready to accept being taken in full view of anyone who might pass. Instead, Stewie felt Jaze slip his hand inside his pants, locate the slit in his briefs and ease his erection from its confines. Stewie whimpered as the cool air hit his overheated flesh. His eyes locked with Jaze’s as the older man stroked and squeezed twice, encouraging pre-come to pool at the tiny slit. Stewie felt the calloused thumb slide over his flesh and then Jaze sucked the digit into his mouth.

“Sweet,” he rumbled. “Face forward,” he ordered. He started the engine and heard his mate’s gasp as Stewie realised they would be driving home with his erection at Jaze’s mercy.

Jaze drove very carefully. Only when he deemed it safe did he reach across to caress Stewie and keep the young man’s arousal simmering. As they parked the car, Jaze felt his own sex surge as he watched Stewie standing at their door, his erection hidden once more, but his pants still open. He pressed close up behind the slender body and reached around to pull Stewie’s hardness free of its confines and stroked, feeling the smaller man writhe against him.

“Inside,” he growled, unlocking their door. “Den.”

Stewie moved as swiftly as he could to their den. Once inside he stood and awaited his next command.


Stewie’s hands flew to obey Jaze’s order until he stood naked and aroused before his still-dressed lover. He moaned softly as Jaze affixed his collar. The older man smiled at the exquisite picture his lover presented. He kicked off his shoes and removed his jacket, leaving the rest of his clothes in place.

“No words,” Jaze whispered, nipping at Stewie’s earlobe. “Except ‘please’, ‘more’ and ‘harder’.” His tongue slid inside the tiny canal eliciting a full shudder from the lithe blond. He moved behind his lover, grinding his clothed erection against naked buttocks as he began to tease Stewie’s nipples. He felt the smaller body lean trustingly into his as he began to mouth at Stewie’s bare shoulders. He turned the pliant body quickly and swung Stewie into his arms.

He strode upstairs. He wanted his mate in their bedroom. He wanted to show his mate who was dominant. He wanted to show Stewie just how much he was loved. He laid the smaller man on their bed.

“Hands,” he husked. He smiled as Stewie raised them to the headboard. The older man opted to use the central padded cuffs. These would keep his lover’s arms above his head and allow him to position Stewie on his back or stomach as Jaze wanted. At that moment Jaze wanted to gaze into Stewie’s expressive eyes. He secured his lover’s hands, and spread the smooth thighs apart, teasing the sensitive flesh. He watched as Stewie’s head thrashed and legs trembled as his lover fought to keep in the position Jaze had selected.

Jaze replaced fingers with tongue, licking slowly down one limb, nipping occasionally till he reached the foot. He sucked on the big toe slowly… deliberately, relishing the guttural groan from his young lover. He lifted the foot and nibbled on the arch, holding tightly as Stewie’s body instinctively tried to pull it away. He repeated the same action on the other foot and then licked and nipped up to where he had begun.

Already a thin sheen of sweat adorned Stewie’s body and the beautiful face was flushed. Jaze’s tongue slid up the crease of thigh and groin, ignoring the hard flesh that left a silver pool of desire on the toned abdomen of the bound man. Instead Jaze’s desire was focused on the perfect nipples that seemed to beg silently to be worshipped. He licked each areola till the flesh was tight and pebbled. He licked once over a pink bud before tugging on it with his teeth and finally sucking it into his mouth as Stewie moaned.

“Please, more.”

In response he tormented with fingers whichever bud was bereft of his mouth. He ground down, letting his clothed erection rub against Stewie’s naked shaft, earning more whimpers and begging.

“Please, harder.”

Jaze moved to just above the reddened teat he had been suckling and nipped, sucking hard. Stewie was going to be wearing Jaze’s mark on him in several places before the night was over. Jaze’s tongue slid sinuously to the junction of neck and shoulder. A moment later he brushed a butterfly light touch over the flesh eliciting a whimper from the smaller man. The next kiss was equally fragile, a barely there caress, the next built gently on that, as did the next until the smaller man pleaded.

“Harder, please, harder”

With a primal growl, Jaze fastened his teeth into his lover’s flesh and pinched one of Stewie’s nipples. Adapazarı Escort His fiancé cried out, hands pulling uselessly at their bindings to reach and hold Jaze in place. The big man eased back, licking at the mark he had made.

He flipped Stewie’s body effortlessly. He shoved a pillow under the slim hips and spread his lover’s legs wide. He knew the blond would not try and move against the pillow unless given permission. He nibbled at Stewie’s feet again, teasing his lover, before beginning a slow, open-mouthed ascent of warm, smooth skin. He by-passed the tempting creamy globes and the tightly furled flesh that awaited his pleasure. He lay on top of the smaller man and sucked on the bared nape of Stewie’s neck.

Stewie moaned piteously, the weight and scent of his lover had him so aroused he was certain he could come at a single word. The hard evidence of Jaze’s own arousal pressed against his buttocks, so close and yet nowhere near close enough. He wanted to beg to be taken, but that had been forbidden. Instead he formed a single word and put all his unspoken need and desire into it.


Jaze grinned with primal triumph. He stood up.

“Watch me.” As he began to remove his clothes, Stewie’s head was angled to see each piece fall to the floor. Jaze stroked his shaft, teasing his mate yet again. Jaze moved closer to the bed. He scooped a drop of his pre-come and offered it to the blond. He rumbled approvingly as Stewie licked the finger clean, gently nipping on the digit before Jaze withdrew it from his lover’s mouth. He traced the delicate features of his fiancé.

“I love you, Stewie” he husked. “So very much.”

He moved swiftly to kneel between the still-spread thighs. His tongue traced delicate patterns over the tight, creamy mounds.

“More, please.”

The soft plea reached Jaze’s ears and the bigger man spread Stewie open, gazing proprietarily at the tiny entrance to his mate’s body.

“Mine,” he growled.

His licked over the quivering pucker once…twice…then dove inside to a scream from his lover. Jaze thrust inside eagerly, holding his lover open to ravish thoroughly. He relished the incoherent, continual moans as his tongue stroked the hot, satin skin of his fiancé’s tight channel. He pulled out briefly to lick at Stewie’s sac. The older man could feel how high and hard the precious orbs it contained were and knew the blond was reaching the limits of his endurance. He resumed thrusting inside the silky passage, slower this time, running his hands soothingly over Stewie’s back.

He withdrew to a whimper of loss and turned Stewie onto his back. He bent down and licked clean his mate’s copious pre-come. He let Stewie watch as he coated his fingers with gel and slid them between the till-spread cheeks. He smiled as his lover’s eyelashes fluttered when he gently pressed inside the loosened entrance. He sucked slowly on the blond’s hard, red shaft, pressing his tongue against the sensitive vein as he caressed Stewie’s hidden jewel.

“Please, please, please.”

The desperate need in the last word sent a jolt of heat and lust through Jaze’s already throbbing shaft. He coated his rock-hard erection with the cool gel and thrust inside his lover in one swift, fluid motion. He reached to unlock Stewie’s restraints and, as slender arms encircled him, he began a hard, fast pace, striking Stewie’s sweetness over and over. He felt the smooth legs wrap around him, small heels digging insistently into his buttocks to urge him on faster, harder and deeper.

He obeyed the silent demand, his mouth seeking his mate’s, their kiss a clash of teeth as each man vied for greatest contact. Jaze’s tongue possessed his lover’s mouth to the same punishing tempo of his hips and he heard Stewie moan at the erotic onslaught.

“Come for me, come for me,” he growled, ramming his shaft against Stewie’s sweet spot, his lover’s arousal receiving friction from where it lay trapped between their toned stomachs. He bit hard at Stewie’s shoulder, tweaking an over sensitised nipple and Stewie erupted with a wail of need and release. Jaze groaned at the contractions around his shaft and, throwing his head back, roared Stewie’s name as his hot, wet juices flooded the clenching channel.

Jaze’s orgasm blasted through him in an explosion of white light, to leave him drained and slumped over his smaller mate. A part of him wanted to move so as not to crush the slighter man and as his eyes flicked to the beautiful face, Jaze could see Stewie was out cold. Jaze gave a contented purr and forced his body sideways, rolling them so that Stewie was no longer taking Jaze’s weight. Then he let his own eyes close.


Stewie opened his eyes slowly to see Jaze’s smiling face.

“Lover,” he moaned softly, angling his head for the kiss he craved. He nestled closer to the bigger body and then slid on top of his mate. He kissed Jaze gently and deeply, enjoying the feel of the Serdivan Escort hard, muscled body beneath him and the large, gentle hands that skimmed over his back and then cupped his buttocks, pulling his body close.

“Don’t take unnecessary chances, baby,” Jaze husked, as their kiss broke. “Come home safely to me. I couldn’t bear to lose you.”

“I won’t, love,” Stewie promised, nuzzling against Jaze’s neck and shoulder before leaning up to lock gazes with the bigger man. “I’ll do the job; we’ll catch this guy and move on. You’re not going to lose me. Nothing is going to stop me walking up that aisle and marrying you. You’re stuck with me and I’m not going anywhere. Ok?” Stewie asked with his trademark smile.

“Ok,” Jaze sighed, enjoying the feel of the smooth, lithe form and the comforting weight. “How ’bout we order in some food and listen to music in the den?” Jaze added as Stewie licked and kissed playfully. As much as his sated sex might twitch with willingness, the older man knew that was as far as it would be going for a while.

“Sounds good to me,” Stewie grinned.


The two street walkers sashayed towards each other before exchanging a few words and giggling. One had close-cropped red hair, a red, clingy top, tartan mini skirt, tiger-striped, over-the-knee socks, and big black boots, a small bag that matched her socks was swung at her arm. The other was a long-haired blond who wore a short, black dress, sheer, black tights and black, low-heeled court shoes. She had a small black, sequined evening bag around her wrist and a zebra-print chiffon scarf around her neck.

Already two evenings had passed since Shaz and Stewie had commenced their undercover operation. The ‘new girls’ had attracted a lot of attention and periodically an unmarked police car stopped and one or other entered and drove off to perpetuate the illusion they had created. Although they seemed oblivious to what was around them, both were watching and listening intently. They were wired and closely monitored by Leo and Jaze.

“I don’t know how you can keep walking in those things,” Shaz groused, nodding at Stewie’s heeled shoes. “And I’m freezing in this get-up.”

“A relaxing footbath and a really good foot massage,” Stewie grinned. “And I know what you mean about cold. Maybe you could persuade Leo to indulge you in a foot massage tonight?”

“Have those stinking things anywhere near me? No way. Jaze, you’re a hero, man,” Leo’s dry voice came over the wire and Stewie and Shaz giggled.

“No more bedroom secrets, Stewie,” came Jaze’s growl and set them off again.

The only good thing was that whilst it was cold, it was also dry. However, hour after hour of walking up and down their designated ‘strip’ for the last two days was wearing on both Shaz and Stewie. The other working girls within the area had been told to avoid wearing anything that may resemble animal-print and it had been hoped that would focus attention on the undercover couple.

Stewie sighed as he took in the area he had to walk yet again. It was an industrial area and they were surrounded by large, dark warehousing. Some was almost decrepit and Stewie wondered how the owners avoided building safety regulations and prosecutions. He determined to pass on the addresses to friends to follow up. On the side of the road they walked, there was a solid brick wall, which offered some shelter from the cold wind and a sense of safety. Opposite, there were a few dark alleys. These had been checked out by uniformed police and the team assured that each ended in a dead end. Shaz and Stewie had walked a short distance up each to see for themselves and were happy enough with the assessment.

Stewie shivered. He was looking forward to being in his warm home with a hot lover taking care of him in another couple of hours. He still believed he and Shaz were doing the right thing, but was considering that perhaps another couple of decoys might just be a good idea.

“Heads up.” The warning had him stop and look around, even though he had been monitoring what was ahead of him. A woman was coming down the far end of the road he and Shaz walked. She passed Shaz, giving her a wide berth and staring at her. As she approached Stewie, she slowed to a stop.

“Why would you demean yourself like this?” Her voice was thick with undisguised loathing.

“Gotta live, honey,” Stewie said in the husky voice he had perfected.

“You destroy lives, pass on disease. It’s revolting. Your kind has no place in decent society.” She stormed off, leaving Stewie to stare after her.

“I don’t think I have a fan there,” he whispered into his mike.

“I still love you, baby.”

Stewie smiled, a feeling of warmth permeating his body to dispel a cold that had nothing to do with it being a winter’s evening.

Time moved on from night to early hours of the morning. Stewie nodded as Shaz hopped into an unmarked car for a quick ride around the block. The rides gave them a chance to thaw, a hot drink and a toilet break and Stewie was looking forward to his in the next hour or so. A noise on the other side of the road had him turning, but not quickly enough. He gave an inarticulate cry as the taser hit him and he dropped quivering to the ground.

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