College Roommate


*This is a true story

Let me tell you about the times I finally got to suck my old college roommate’s cock. We’ll say his name is Kyle and mine can be Ryan. Kyle lived in where we had both gone to college together and I had just moved back there from being gone some years.

Backstory: in college, Kyle was adamantly straight. Everyone said otherwise, but he was really committed to that status and I never saw any hard (haha) evidence to prove otherwise. So it was his word against anyone else’s and I sided with believing he was straight because we spent so much time in the same room together and never once saw a boner outline, gay porn, heard him jacking off at night, nothing. More like I saw tons of dirty laundry, comic books, and art supplies. I won’t deny that I wasn’t curious to see what Kyle was packing, but I also wasn’t attracted to him. He was still a gangly teenager with a really nonsexual personality and I wasn’t into it. I spent my teens watching early 2000s Suite 701 and Broke Straight Boys gay porn, like come on.

Fast forward, after college I moved away for a couple years and we kept in touch. One time on the phone, Kyle said to me, “I think I might be a little bit… bisexual?” I had to ask tons of questions and it was like pulling teeth getting answers. Long story short, he was becoming more open about his sexuality and hooking up with guys. In the last two years he was looking a lot better. He was athletic and had a really nice, tan body.

When I moved back, we met up one night. We decided to just buy wine and hang out and my place. It was really fun to see him again in person, we always got along really well and laughed a ton. We were both nicely drunk when of course, the topic of sex came up.

“Do you like when guys suck your dick or do you like to suck?”

“I looove getting my dick sucked,” he said.

“How do you like it sucked? Do you just like to kick back and have someone take a long time or do you like it fast and hot.”

“Both, but I like to feel it and relax.”

At this point, I knew he was hard and so was I.

“Let me suck it,” I said.

“No! No I can’t let you!” He said defensively. “You’re my friend, Ryan! Noooo”

“Oh, come on. Just let me, I think you’ll really like it.” Does this sound like a stereotypical porn seduction or what?

He kept saying no and putting me off and eventually I gave up. He was spending the night, though because he lived so far. I was sleeping on a mattress on the floor then because my bed frame hadn’t arrived yet. We both kept talking and then fell asleep on the mattress. I must have woken up about an hour or two later and he was sleeping soundly. I rolled over and looked at him, he was pretty cute in his t-shirt and jeans. The orange light outside lit the room dimly. I ran my hand along his leg and then moved to his crotch. He hummed a little in his sleep and I could feel his semi hard cock through his pants. I gently squeezed it a couple times and it swelled right away. I was so turned on that I just unzipped his pants and felt it through his underwear. It was throbbing under there, gaziantep escort and I felt it in my hand gently flexing. I pulled his cock through the fly and held it up with my hand. It was gorgeous, probably just about 7 cut and great thickness. It was thicker at the base and the whole cock felt like it weighed something good. I licked it gently on the head, it smelled so good. It smelled a little fruity like his body wash, and also just like that good dick smell. I licked it again and it throbbed up, I let it throb up further into my mouth and omg it tasted amazing. The only way I can describe it is like, it tasted juicy. It was kind of amazing and it was just pulsing in my mouth. I began sucking it slowly, feeling every inch in my mouth. After two or three times going all the way up and down, Kyle let out a moan.

“Ryannnn,” he whispered.

“Please let me,” I said. “It tastes so good, it’s sooo good!”

“He started thrusting it in and out of my mouth slowly and moaning softly the whole time. He sounded like he was trying to catch his breath and kept making soft whining sounds.

“Mmmm! Mmmm”

“Fuckkk,” I said jerking it in my hand. “I can’t believe your cock is this nice.”

“That does feel really good, Ryan. Omg ahh I didn’t ever this this would happen!”

It made me so hard thinking about me making his cock feel good. I wanted him to think that I was amazing at making his cock feel good. I really, really wanted him to think of me and think how good his cock feels in my mouth. That he’d never felt anything quite as good as my mouth around his hard cock, sucking it like it should be.

I began going a little faster and he started gasping a little. We kissed for a brief minute and then I went back to sucking him. So good, his cock was so wet and hard. He began thrusting into my mouth faster and I kept sucking him steadily.

“ahhh ahh! I’m gonna cumm,” he whined quietly.

His warm cum was pooling on my tongue on the inside of my mouth and I just gulped it down. There was a lot and it flowed out tasting sweet and salty. His body was shuddering and I was still sucking the last of his cum out. Left his cock entirely clean.

“Ryannn haha you sucked the cum out of me! Wow.” He said.

“Did you like it?”

“It felt good, yeah.”

We went back to sleep after that, but maybe about 4 hours later I was awake again. He was asleep, but I reached over and pulled his cock out from under the leg of his boxer briefs it was already swelling. I slipped it into my mouth and he woke up right away this time.

“Ryann, ahhh you’re crazy!” He said. But he didn’t try to stop me.

I began sucking him faster and rhythmically, he began gasping and grabbed my head with both of his hands as I bobbed up and down.

His body was shaking a little as I sucked faster and he began to make whining sounds again.

“I want your cum again,” I said. He grasped my head more aggressively in his hands now and I went a little faster.

“it’s coming, it’s comingg— ahhhh!”

I felt his cum flowing into my mouth again and lapped it up. I felt the warmth of it slide down my throat.

“I can’t believe you did that again!” He said. Then he laughed.

“Please go to sleep now!”

He really does have a great cock and the way it throbs just gets me. Throughout the years he’s let me suck it here and there and it’s always just as good as I remember. Thick, juicy, and tasty.

One time we were in a library and I could tell he was so horny, I offered to suck him off in the bathroom there. He looked so excited, it made me instantly hard. He went into the bathroom first and I followed a minute later. I knelt down and looked up at him in the fluorescent light while he undid his belt. I grabbed his crotch and unzipped his pants. His hard cock was pressing hard against his underwear and I pulled his boxer briefs down and put my mouth on it. It smelled a little sweaty this time since we had been walking and it added to the hotness of the scene for sure. He was beyond hard and loving my mouth on his hard dick. I began using my hand along with my mouth and his body stiffened and he made soft noises again.

“Yeah your hand,” he said. “Ahh it feels mmmm.” I licked it up and down, taking it in. Then I began stroking and sucking again and he out his hand on my head and began thrusting gently.

“mmmm ahhhh” he said softly as he came. It shot into my mouth this time, most of it right down my throat and then I gently sucked out anything that was left. He exited the bathroom first and then me and I headed home.

The third time I got his cock in my mouth was when he dropped by my new apartment to hang out randomly. He wasn’t really in the mood for anything but I basically begged him to let me suck it and eventually he gave in. He sat on my bed with his back against the wall and he was already hard. Not in the mood, my ass. I took it out and sucked it slowly first, taking my time. He relaxed with each suck and began his gently thrusting into my mouth.

“Use your hand,” he said.

I knew what he liked at this point and I began stroking him and sucking at the speed that made his body stiffen. He was cumming in no time and again, I swallowed all of it. Sometimes cum can taste really bitter, but his cum always tasted more sweet and salty.

The last time I sucked him off, a long time had passed. We had hung out numerous times, but it didn’t go there. Last time took me by surprise a little, because I didn’t think I was going to be successful. We were getting lunch and catching up. I decided to lightly bring up our past episodes. He never really liked to talk about it and would make jokes about not remembering anything and stuff like that. Once that shell breaks, he acknowledges it a little more.

“Didn’t you like those times?” I asked.

“No, yeah I did! You were always good.”

“Just good?”

“You know, yeah sure.” Because he won’t talk about it really openly and gives one or two word responses, it makes me a little crazy because there’s still that part of me that wants to hear him tell me how good it made him feel and how other guys aren’t as good and what hot memories they are. I know he loved it, but I still want to hear it.

“Well, maybe you could let me suck you off again,” I said.

“Hahaha I’m not that boy anymore, Ryan!”

“Yeah yeah, ok, suuuuure. I think you’re just as horny as I am right now. And I haven’t seen your new place yet, why don’t you just give me a tour after this and maybe I can suck you?”

“Ah okay, fine. Maybe you can suck me. One last time.”

He drove us to his apartment and it was cute. He lived there with a roommate who was conveniently at work.

“So are you gonna let me suck your cock, Kyle? One last time?” I said teasingly.

“Ohhh, I guess so,” he said. “I want to change, though. These pants are tight.”

He went into the bedroom and came back wearing a tank top and loose running shorts. We sat down on the couch together and he started playing some random movie. I rubbed his crotch and ran my finger along the outline of his dick.

“Promise me something?” I asked.


“Let me suck it for a long time, I want to really enjoy it.”

“Hahaha okay, I won’t cum too fast. Don’t worry!”

First I pulled it out from under the leg of his shorts and watched it grow in my hand.

“Damn, so good. Love it when I see it grow like that,” I said. “Do you know how nice this cock is?”

“I’ve gotten some compliments on it.”

I put my mouth around the head and felt it swell and bob. I began sucking him nice and slow, tasting it and playing with it on my tongue.

“Maybe I’ll let you suck me again sometime,” he said. That made me so excited, my cock sprang up harder than it already was. I pulled mine out and he remarked that it was bigger than he thought it would be. We were just about the same size, but he was thicker than me and I’m uncut. I rubbed our cocks together and my precut came oozing out onto the heads.

“Fuckkkk,” I said. “That’s fucking hot.”

“Wow,” he said. “You’re big, Ryan!”

I went back to sucking him and jerking off.

“Do you want to fuck me?” I asked suddenly. I surprised myself, but I really wanted to feel him inside me.

“No, I’m not gonna do that,” he said. He said it nicely but I also knew he meant it so I didn’t push it. But god, I wanted to climb into his lap facing him and feel him slowly slide into me. I was imagining what it would feel like to have that thick cock sliding in and out of me. I wanted it really slow and gentle the whole time until we both came hard from not being able to hold it in any longer.

We took a break for about 15 mins and watched the movie, then he said to me “Okay, you think you can finish me off?” I went back down and sucked him hard and fast and he put his hand on my head and stiffened a lot. I started using my hand and he began gasping and making little sounds again. ?”It’s close… It’s close… Okay, I’m gonna cum!” And he shot into my mouth again. Just as good as it always was. I swallowed it all up and then we went back to being normal. He has a boyfriend now and they seem pretty committed, but I would be lying if I said I don’t think about sucking him off often. Sometimes I jack off imagining him fucking me just the way I want it with that thick, juicy cock.

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