College Years

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My freshman year at college. It was midterms, my first college exams. I was obsessed with getting good marks on them. I decided to take my English Lit. Professor up on his offer on a tutoring session. I met him in his office after class, which also happened to be the last class of the day.

“Professor Wittman? I’m here for my tutoring session.”

Professor Wittman looked over his shoulder and told me to sit down and make myself comfortable. I closed the door behind me and sat down in front of his desk. He was a handsome man, probably in his late 30’s, early 40’s. His dark hair and dark eyes always got to me. I had a thing for older men, I guess.

I started pulling out my notes to glance over them.

“Clohi, how about we talk a little about you before we get into your notes and questions.”

I looked up at him from my notes and settled back in my chair.

“I’ve noticed you are a very intelligent young woman and you could go very far in this University with the right guidance.”


“I can see you don’t believe me. Well being successful at this University means more then just banging out good grades.”

He moved around to sit on the corner of his desk in front of me.

“It means communicating with the faculty, having just the right mentor to guide you along and help you learn the ins and outs of college politics.”

He reached up and pulled off his glasses.

“For example, every year, I select a student – a female student – to take under my wing, to help her become a better student. Even more than that – a better person.”

I sat there and listened to him. His voice was very soothing and his tone very hypnotic. I listened, overjoyed that he would be taking this time with me.

“Clohi, I’ve chosen you to be that student this year. That is, if you want me to help you? This type of undertaking has to be mutual. There has to be a dedication to what I am willing to teach you. And more than that, you have to be willing to do whatever I tell you, be the good pupil I know you can be. So, what do you think, Clohi? Are you interested in being a better student?”

Without hesitation, I smiled and asked, “What do I have to do Professor Wittman?”

He smiled and nodded his head.

“Good, Clohi. I knew I had chosen the right person for this. Before we can truly begin, you have to be willing to strip yourself bare, mentally as well as physically.”

A feeling erupted in the pit of my stomach. Physically? I thought. He must have known what I was thinking because he smiled.

“Yes, physically. It’s no good if you aren’t Konya Escort free to explore yourself and your environment. Now, are you willing to do as I instruct you? Are you willing to be my student?”

I stood up.

“Good, Clohi. Now, first I want you to go to the door and lock it.”

I turned my back to him and walked to his office door. Turning the switch, I could feel his eyes staring at my back. I felt my body get warm. I had always wanted to be with an older man. I’d been with a few guys before, not many, and mostly boys really. They fumbled and didn’t know what was what. I usually wound up with little satisfaction. I had always believed that an older man could give me that satisfaction. I had just never thought it would be Professor Wittman. I walked back to stand in front of him.

“Now, Clohi, I want you to begin undressing for me. Start with your shoes.”

I was beginning to feel excited and wet at the turn of events. I had come to his office today to study lecture notes and had never thought somehow I’d become the lesson. I crouched down to untie my shoelaces. As I looked up, I noticed a large bulge starting to form in Professor Wittman’s pants. As I stood, I made sure to look directly at his crotch and then up at his eyes. He was watching me, his breathing getting harder. I stood there waiting for my next instruction.

“Very good, Clohi. Now, I want you to unbutton your shirt.”

Looking him in the face, I reached up to the top button my shirt and slowly unbuttoned it. I moved to the next button and then down to the next until all the buttons were free and my shirt hung loose, exposing my bra. To show him what a good student I was, I reached up and slowly slid the shirt from my shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. I saw the bulge in his pants getting bigger and decided that he had been in control too long. This was my opportunity to teach him a lesson or two. I turned my back to him and slowly stepped back. My hips slipped between his legs. Turning my head and looking over my shoulder at him, I asked “Would you please unfasten my bra?”

I could feel his trembling fingers run down my back. His touch was light on my skin, but it sent shivers to the mound between my legs. The straps of my bra fell off my shoulders. I turned around to face him dropping my bra to the floor and exposing my bare breasts and nipples. I skimmed my fingers over my breasts, the nipples coming to life.

“Would you like to touch them?”

He reached out slowly and cupped both breasts in his large, strong hands. His fingers grazed my nipples, making them rock Konya Escort Bayan hard. He began to rub his thumbs around the tips of my nipples making me release a moan of delight. He then dropped his hands away.

“You learn quickly, Clohi. You want to be in control, but you’re not ready for that yet. Now, finish undressing. Take off your skirt.”

I smiled and stepped away from him. Never taking my eyes from his face, I reached down and slid my fingers around the inside of my skirt, unfastening it in the back and letting it fall to the floor exposing my white lace panties. I wanted to regain the control I had had a moment before. I stepped out of my skirt and sat back in the chair. Raising my legs in the air, I rested each leg over an arm of the chair. My panties showed him the wet spot that had formed between my legs. I pushed the panties off at the waist, lifting my ass off the chair, and slipping one leg out and then the other, leaving them dangling from my one foot. I waved them in front of his face for a few moments. Then dropped them at his feet.

“Professor Wittman, what would you like me to do now?”

He stood in front of his desk.

“Get on all fours and crawl to me.”

I crawled off the chair, slipping to all fours. Sticking my ass up slightly, I crawled slowly towards him. When I was nearly between his legs, I stopped and looked up at him.

“Now, sit up, Clohi.”

I did as he said. My eyes were level with his hard bulge, straining against his pants.

“Clohi, you are going to take my cock in your mouth and suck me.”

His voice was demanding. It was a command, not a suggestion. I hesitated I had been with guys before but I’d never given a blow job before. I’d thought about it, but all the guys ever wanted from me was a quick fuck. I decided now was as good a time as any. Besides that bulge was just too much to pass up. He stepped closer to me, putting his hands on his hips. I reached up slowly, letting my hand skim over the bulge. I reached for his belt buckle and slowly unbuckled his belt. My fingers unbuttoned his pants and slid the zipper down.

I could see the outline of his huge cock straining against his boxers. In one motion, I pulled his pants and his boxers down to his ankles releasing his straining cock. I stared there for a moment, watching his cock twitch. He commanded again, “Clohi! Now!”

I could see pre-cum on the tip. I placed my hand gently around the base of his cock and wrapped my lips around the tip. I rolled my tongue along the underside of his tip, getting used to the feeling of having his Escort Konya cock in my mouth. He tasted salty but good. I slipped my mouth down further on his shaft, pushing his cock further and further into my mouth until I felt it hit the back off my throat. He placed his hands on the back of my head, pushing my mouth up and down on his hard cock. I heard a soft moan escape his lips as my mouth closed around more of his cock.

I decided to experiment. I liked feeling his hard cock in my mouth. I liked the power I held between my lips. I slid his cock back and forth across my tongue. I started picking up the pace. I pushed his cock in and out of my mouth. Then, I took his cock out of my mouth pumping it with one hand keeping the other wrapped tightly around the base. I could see more cum starting to puddle on the tip of his cock again. He reached his hands back behind him, supporting himself on the desk. He moaned. I looked up. His eyes were closed and his head leaned back. I pumped harder on his cock, my tongue flicking over the tip. I directed his cock to my right nipple, grinding the tip of his cock into my breast and rubbing cum on my nipple. He began to moan louder. I looked up again.

“Do you want to cum Professor Wittman? Do you want to cum on my breasts?”

He moaned. His body started to twitch.

“Ohhh yes! Oh yes! Make me cum! Please!”

I wrapped both hands around his cock. My fingers gripped harder, stroking his cock up and down. Squeezing harder with each stroke. I could feel his cock start to tense. I watched his cock, the cum starting to appear at the tip more and more.

“Cum on my breasts. Cum for me.”

He moaned and started bucking his hips. His cock exploded, streams of warm cum landing on my breasts and nipples. I kept stroking, pumping his cock for all it’s worth. He kept cumming and cumming. I kept stoking until his cock became soft in my hands. I felt a weird kind of power.

I stood up, his cum dripping from my breasts. Wet cum dripped from his limp cock. I picked up my panties and wiped his cum from my chest. I tossed them at him. He stood there, leaning against his desk. I could tell he was drained. He watched me as I put my clothes back on, all but my panties. He smiled as I buttoned my shirt.

“I knew you’d be a good student, Clohi. I can teach you so much.”

I grabbed my books and headed for the door. Unlocking it and opening it wide enough so if anyone passed in the hall they’d see his limp wet cock hanging between his legs and his pants around his ankles.

“I look forward to our next tutoring session, Professor Wittman. Next week? Same time?”

He smiled.

“We have lots of studying to do it you’re going to pass my final. Don’t worry. This was just the first lesson.”

I left his office knowing that this was just the beginning. College wasn’t going to be so bad after all.

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