Colour Blind Ch. 02

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It had become part of my nightly routine, browsing the net for these ‘glory hole’ videos to get a quick O before I went to sleep. In particular I would search for amateur girls, their videos would help me relive my own experience.

One night I had sampled many different videos but none did it for me, so I clicked around a bit until eventually uncovering a prized selection. This one was shot by a camera up in the corner, it was really amateur stuff. I even found myself believing the premise that the girl did not know she was being filmed.

I couldn’t help but slide a couple fingers down the front of my pyjama bottoms, just watching this video had gotten me very damp. The feeling it tried to convey, that the viewer was a voyeur of this girl’s naughty experience, was almost too much.

I had never seen anything quite like this before, it followed what had just happened to me so perfectly. A curvy ebony teen playing with herself in a dark seedy booth when a big white dick pokes through a hole in the wall to interrupt. She didn’t even seem to question the origin of this surprise guest, taking the pecker into her mouth almost right away.

After she had sucked on him for awhile she stood up and they started to fuck. This was amazing, the girl must have been almost as wet as I was! Somehow the big cock just slipped right inside, she was a magician.

The camera maintained its long distance shot for the most part but finally the grainy footage zoomed in. I could hardly wait to see the look of passion on the girl’s face. The audio of the scene did a good amount to convey her enjoyment. This image would surely push me over the edge and I would achieve my nightly orgasm.

Wait what the fuck? Really? How could they do this? When the shot panned in it revealed that I was the starlet! There must have been a camera in the booth with me the other day. I guess in the heat of the moment I hadn’t thought to to make sure I was alone. Maybe I should have paused to make a quick sweep but I just didn’t think. It had to be breaking some law to video the booths.

Amateur tape like this seemed to have become very popular, and I don’t want to seem vain or anything, but my video was super erotic. It wouldn’t be very long before this was a highlight on every favourites list on every tube site. I had to get the virus removed before it spread enough for someone I knew to link my name to the face.

I still had my rental and decided I would take it back the next afternoon after I had finished my classes for the day. My high school was much closer to downtown and the store than my home. I would confront the owner of the store about his hidden camera and would order the video be taken down. Maybe I’d even scare them a little and threaten legal action. The last thing I wanted was to make this into some sort of big deal, but they didn’t know that.

The following afternoon I ditched my usual bus ride home and started out on foot towards my destination. I hadn’t considered this the night before, but the quick turn around that afternoon had me still sporting my school uniform. There were only a few blocks between my start and end points and they were mainly spent regretting my attire. A school girl throwing a hissy fit in a porn shop? I’d have to be super professional if I wanted to be taken seriously.

My feet landed in the building’s parking lot. I took a deep breath and psyched myself up. I had to somehow shed my little girl image and become a big scary adult in just a few moments.

Once I got through the door I made a b-line for the main desk. Manning his spot was the same skinny, short dark haired, twenty something guy from my other visit. He probably had a part time gig at the store to help pay for college tuition.


“Hi, I’d like to talk to a manager.” I told the clerk.

I used my most adult voice, remembering the need to offset my childish appearance.

“Sorry, but I am the only one here right now.” The man explained.

Just as expected, a quick dismissal. So instead of the polite adult, I gave the scary version a try.

“Look buddy,” I was using a much fiercer tone now, “you better call someone down here right now.” I was starting to make a scene. “Something messed up is going on here, and I want to get to the bottom of it!”

I guess my little show had worked on the boy because the next thing I knew he was reaching for the phone. I was pleased with my acting job, but I had to maintain a dead pan look if I wanted him to keep buying what I was selling.

“No need to get yourself all worked up, I’m sure there are some satisfying answers to any questions you have. Why don’t you go take a seat in the chairs over there. If you want to wait, I’m sure I can get someone to help sort this out.” The boy said.

He pointed me to a seating area just off to the side. It was a small clearing, featuring the cheapest kind of chairs splayed out in a semi-circle. There was a slight separation at the bowed end of the arc for a water cooler. İstanbul Escort To further emphasize how angry I was I stomped over and exaggerated the force exerted when I went to sit down.

The clerk picked up the phone at his desk, holding the receiver up to his ear, he punched a sequence of buttons. He paused for awhile, I assume to wait for someone on the other end to accept the call. After the time it would have took for a couple rings, the employee started to speak. I could not hear the exact conversation but his poor imitation of an angry little girl conveyed that it was about me. If his sub-par acting did not convince me enough that I was for sure the topic he even pointed in my direction. Eventually the conversation came to an end and the guy I had spoken to came over to inform me of the decision.

“My boss is on his way, if you wouldn’t mind waiting a little longer.” He explained.

I agreed to continue waiting. He poured a cup of water from the cooler and passed it to me, I guess it was his version of a peace offering. I know it sounds a little weird, but the cool drink actually helped relieve the hot temperature I had gained. Maybe this was the clerks idea all along.

“At least someone who works here thinks of the customers.” I moaned.

I sat there preparing myself again to unleash my fury on the clerk’s boss, when a white middle aged man came through the door. He was wearing a pair of jeans and an old tattered wind breaker. I imagine he smelt of something other than money. He was kind of tall, probably six foot or so. In good shape and actually kind of handsome for a man of his age. He did the same as me and went straight for the main desk. A similar scene played out as did earlier but this time there was no telephone Also this version was much shorter. I could see the man behind the counter had raised a finger, directing its tip at me. The middle aged fellow walked over and introduced himself as the store’s owner.

“How may I help you?” The man asked.

Despite cooling down a little, the waiting gave me time to work out in my head just how I would berate the owner.

“You can start by telling me what the fuck is wrong with you!?” I burst.

“Whoa, what a mouth you have. Please. Come to my office.” He urged.

Just like the clerk he didn’t want me yelling in the main part of the store and making a scene. I however was glad to disrupt his business.

“No, we can talk this out right here.” I said defiantly.

I had crossed my arms, furrowed my brow, and was ready for a fight. The owner did his best to not give it to me.

“The seating is much more comfortable, my office would be a better place for you to pose your questions.” He tried again to convince me.

The chair currently supporting my delicate figure had begun to hurt my butt, but the promise of a more comfy spot was not enough to entice me to more. I didn’t want to give up the leverage that his other customers could hear my complaints. It was also clear to him that a nicer seat was not going to get me to move.

“You look like you came straight from school, right? I bet you are hungry, if you want to come to my office I can get you something to eat.” He tried again.

My stomach was growling, but I assumed I wouldn’t be provided with good eats here, it was a porn shop after all. My unimpressed look radiated outwards.

“I went out for lunch this afternoon, my leftovers are in the fridge in my office. I had some pretty great pasta though, I’m sure you’d love it.” He elaborated.

Still, it wasn’t until he revealed that it was from one of my favourite restaurants that I accepted. I was wondering how this guy afforded it, but my stomach was looking forward to the dish too intently to be bothered.

“I guess that would be ok.” I gave in.

I entered the office and took a seat on the near side of the man’s desk. Despite thinking the man was,poor, I still expected his office to be a little nicer than the rest of the store. The new room had the same drab grey carpeting, stupid pictures covered the tacky wall paper. I guess the images were art? The man was not lying, the nicest part of his office were the set of oversized leather chairs. The soft fabric combined with the large cushioned seat was much more to my bottom’s liking. The man rounded his desk to settle in a similar chair. He reached into a mini fridge he had placed in the corner of the room and removed a white Styrofoam take out box.

He handed me the container. I opened the gift and gripped the utensil inside. I stabbed some of the noodles and shovelled the bundle into my mouth.

“Now, what were you saying?” The owner asked.

I swallowed the bite with a gulp. I had to work up to my previous level of anger. Like the drink, the meal had the same calming effect.

“I found the video you made of me, and I want to know what you are up to?” I began my interrogation.

“What video did you find?” The owner asked.

“I visited your booths the other Bayan Escort day, and now I find my visit on the internet!” I made myself clearer. “So please explain to me why there are cameras back there?”

The owner attempted to counter balance my hotty attitude with reason.

“Technically they are for security.” The owner explained. “People go back there to hide merchandise so they can walk out the door without paying for it.”

“But you put the images on the internet for anyone to see, I’m pretty sure I’d have to sign a release to make that alright.” I retorted.

I thought I had formed a solid argument, the owner evidently thought so too.

“You’re right, but we make a lot of money selling them. Money we need, sadly. I’d have to close the store if I didn’t get those profits.” The owner explained.

“You mean, if you didn’t get MY profits.” I restated his words.

“We could get in a lot of trouble if this got out, is there anyway to get you to keep this quiet?” The owner asked.

“Just pay me what I made, take the video of me down, and we’re even. I wont call in my representation if we can settle things on our own. ” I stated my terms.

I knew I was letting him off easy, but he looked pathetic enough I thought I had caused him a suitable amount of trouble already.

“Shit, anything else? As I said, we’re a little low on cash.” The owner explained.

“I’ll give you some time to pay me, but each day will cost you a little more.” I offered.

“I can take down the clip right away, but it wouldn’t make a difference if you gave me a century to pay, I just couldn’t come up with the money, can I offer you some merchandise?” The owner suggested.

“I don’t need free rentals, porn is everywhere.” I declined the man’s resolution.

He racked his brain for another possible solution.

“Aha! I can give you a job then. People your age always need part time jobs.” The owner tabled a new offer.

“A job?” I laughed. “How are you paying me back if I’m making you money? Not to mention, I’m not interested in mopping up jizz.”

“That’s not the kind of work I had in mind.” He grinned.

I could tell the initial ‘job’ had grown into a solution he really thought would work. The man had that devious, ‘I have a plan’ look plastered on his face.

“What kind of work would you have me doing?” My curiosity was tickled.

“You are no stranger to the booths in the back. Well, we always have extra guys in the store.” The owner danced around his point, “and it sure would be good for business, if we had something to keep the customers happy.”

Wait, was he actually proposing that I return to the scene of the crime? My qualms with the first visit did include brevity, so it would be a contradiction if I turned down the opportunity to spend

all day there. But still, I had to wait for the whole story before I was sold.

“I can see you are interested, allow me to make my offer even more appealing.” He continued to strengthen the pitch, “we happen to have a few ‘special’ customers here, you could start work today.”

Special? What was so special about them? Did he mean they were well hung? It just so happened that I was slutty enough to find out!

“I can guarantee you’ll have a great time.” He sweetened the pot even more.

Apparently I had done a good job of containing my enthusiasm. I mean if he thought he had to entice me more, he must not have seen that sparkle in my eye. I tried to maintain this image.

“That might be a start.” I calmly said.

“Great! I’ll make sure you have an excellent first day.” He was so happy I had accepted. “Just go back to the back, number five, and I’ll make sure to send you some company right away.”

He got up before me and reached out his hand, he was holding a business card.

“Name’s Jim by the way.” He introduced himself.

I had barely made a dent in the pasta but put it down anyways, my hunger vanished with the mention of dick. I stood up and snatched the card in advance of leaving. I had come around in a big way but did not allow all the sourness to leave my movements. Jim had to feel he still had to work to buy my silence. I left the office and made the turn to the hallway of doors.

One, two, three, four, I guess this one is me. I counted the doors in my head, but just in case I failed to keep track there was a big number five above the entrance of the correct stall. I opened the door and entered the booth.

This room was much bigger than the one I had been in previously and much more hygienic. Like the old room it had four plywood walls and a cement floor. However, it didn’t carry the same amount of disgusting scent, and was far cleaner (less graffiti on the walls, it seemed to be a more private room). It had the same type of chair as the other booth (and waiting area). I did the same, pulling up the chair to the hole in the wall. Despite its cleanliness, I didn’t feel comfortable undressing in this room so I Eskort remained wearing my uniform.

I sat there alone for a little too long in my opinion. I did not have a video this time to help free me of boredom, just my thumbs to twiddle. I was becoming impatient and wanted what I thought was owed. I reached a hand into the hole and gave a wave to the other side.

“Anybody there?” I asked.

No verbal response came, but a physical one did. When I pulled my hand back my eyes were greeted by a big, hard dick. It was quite a bit larger than the one I sucked here the other night, perhaps maybe larger than any I had sucked to that point. It had similar girth to a can of soda.

I had seen it a million times in porn scenes, since I was alone now, I had the perfect chance to do something I thought looked silly but always wanted to try. I held my forearm up to the dick to measure its length. I pushed my elbow against the wall and amazingly the cock head almost made it to my wrist!

After taking my measurements, it was my mouth’s turn to test out this dick. I wrapped my lips around, forming my seal, and starting the suction. I moved my chocolatey cushions up and down the sparkling white shaft, leaving behind little beads of saliva.

“Mmm.” I moaned.

Sucking a big cock was such a great way to pass the time. My tongue enjoyed the blowjob even more than my lips. The little maraschino cherry to top this oral sundae. It flicked the foreskin, tracing its rim, melding with the rose coloured head.

I reached under the pleated skirt I had to wear in the halls of my school to rub my moist crotch. At eighteen I was very quick to get wet, but a woman of any age would be soaked in no time from seeing this monster. Small white ones are nothing special, but when a mammoth has this beautiful alabaster tone my mind goes wild.

My fingers explored the warm slit while I continued to suck the beefy member. I slipped a couple inside, closing my eyes, and imagining my hands were the mammoth I was sucking. Gosh I needed to feel that thing, sucking it just wasn’t enough anymore.

I rose to my feet, rubbing the giant schlong on my sweet brown ass. I hooked the cock under the trim of my white cotton panties to help them off. Once loose they slid down my thighs, and balled up at my ankles. With my skirt flipped up all my good bits could freely breathe.

I finished turning my body and ran the head of that glorious meat between my cheeks. I lifted my leg to rest my foot against the side wall. Balancing there in that contorted position, I moved to guide the dick into my vagina. Thankfully I was on the cheer leading team, making me used to holding awkward positions like this. Readying myself for insertion, I threw my head forward. The cut out on the opposite wall caught my other end.

Once I found my bearings, I pushed my lower half towards the wall, taking the plunge.

“Oh my gosh!” I screamed.

I had shut my eyelids as a reaction to the penetration. Once I was used to the massive invader, I opened them up and looked down to see I had barely forced in a third of that mammoth. If this much felt this great, I might die of pleasure taking it all, a death I welcomed!

I pushed down even harder in a feeble attempt to meet the with the wall. My ambition exaggerated my abilities, after a tonne of tries I could only get about half inside. But half of amazing still felt pretty darn amazing!

I gave up trying to take it deeper and focused on working the length I could fit, My slippery hole left slime trails along the shaft. Just a few humps later the dick was even more lubricated allowing me to quicken my pace.

I’d like to take this time to thank the walls for supporting me, if not for your efforts I would be laying on the cement floor. Oh and my cheer coach for being such a hard ass, all those late practices really did pay off.

I was nudged out of my cloud of euphoria by a touch of pressure against my braided hair. I lifted my head from its resting ring to investigate the poke. To my shock a pecker of similar size and appearance to the one inside me already had entered the room from the opposite stall.

Jim did guarantee I’d enjoy myself, and thinking back I’m pretty sure he added an s to the end of his promise of ‘special’ guestS. Only minor deliberations crossed through my mind, before I came to the conclusion that if I was to maintain my notion that I was a good little slut I had to welcome this second visitor in the same manner as the first.

I opened wide and accepted the new one into my drool filled hole. It was like a reverse sandwich, meat on the outside, I guess I was the bread. Although this slice was more of a pumpernickel. Being squished and spit roasted like this was the definition of awesome. I would have had a second thought about engaging this position had anyone been there to see. I probably looked a little funny, but it just felt so good.

I’d pull my pussy off the first just to shove the second into my throat. Coming up for air the first would get to burrow yet again. My rhythm allowed one dick to disappear at the expense of exposing the other. I was almost able to release my balance, I had become so used to depending on a pole to help hold me up.

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