Come In

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The buzzer on the office intercom sounded harshly, awaking Sarah from her daydream. She’d thought about this moment for months, and was now very nervous about this next stage.

“Hello”, she replied into the microphone.

“Ah Sarah, could you come in for dictation?”

“Yes, of course. Would you like me straight away?” There was a short pause, as if Steve’s reply was being filtered, or suppressed.

“Er , yes please.”

Sarah knocked on Steve’s door and entered. He did his usual minimal recognition of her, and motioned her to sit down opposite to him in the lounge area of his office. She had worked for Steve for two years, and since his early and crude attempts at seduction, which she’d rejected, the relationship had been one of ‘detached professionalism’. She sat down and awaited his directions. Her choice of today had become inevitable. And her selection of clothing had been made very carefully. She tapped her pencil on her note pad, and crossed her long dark stocking clad legs. Her short, pinstriped skirt rode up nicely on her upper thighs, revealing a lot of her best assets. She was careful not to catch Steve’s eyes looking at her, but the long pause seemed to confirm that he was taking advantage of the view.

She shuffled slightly on her chair, and Steve immediately began to dictate his letter. His voice seemed a little hesitant, but Sarah took shorthand as he spoke. She shifted again to get more comfortable, and again allowed this to have its effect on her skirt. She was aware that quite a lot of her upper thigh was now available for Steve to view. For a few seconds she almost lost her nerve. After all, maybe he was now unwilling to follow through with his proposal. But she settled again. She realized that the top of her stockings was visible on her outer thighs. No turning back now, she thought. She turned to one side on the chair, showing Steve his present.

Again Steve’s dictation paused. Sarah’s eyes briefly glanced at him and confirmed that he was entranced with her. He detected her gaze, and looked down nervously at his notes, and continued his dictation. She could feel the effects of her exhibitionism; her nipples began to push against her flimsy bra and white semi-transparent blouse. She noticed a pause as Steve shifted his seating position, either to allow him a better view or to accommodate any changes in his pants. She decided to test his interest, and stopped writing for a second and adjusted her skirt back to a more modest position.

She could almost touch Steve’s disappointment. The changes in his voice tone, the slight pauses in his note reading, gave him away completely. As she worked over the next few minutes to reinstate the revealing image she had just taken away from him, she reflected on his outrageous proposal. Kept women, a sex toy, make dirty movies with me. He’d used all of those phrases, much to her surprise, and at the time ‘disgust’. She’d rejected, out of hand his crude offer, partly in reaction to the suddenness of it. In truth, she’d thought of little else over the six or so months since his crude overture. And had come to the conclusion, that she not only fancied him, but the thought of a few dirty moments with him had led her to this current state of exhibitionism.

His voice told her that she’d reached a suitable level of exposure again. She glanced at her legs, and saw a small pink band between her stocking and the hem of her skirt. Good! She’d got safely to this point without any words.

She shifted in her chair again, turning towards Steve, and uncrossed her legs. She had rehearsed this next stage in front of her mirror, and was happy that she could accomplish the next view completely by accident. Slowly she lifted her memo pad away from her lap and onto the armrest of her chair. This should have given Steve a good view up beyond the hem of her skirt. Again the pause and tone of canlı bahis his voice suggested a successful man oeuvre. However, the revealing position of the skirt was still not at the point Sarah had intended. She lifted one leg slightly and scratched the outside of her knee.

It was like a blow to the stomach for Steve, who gasped as took in the view. Sarah put her leg down again, but failed to close her knees, again shifting her position slightly. Now she could see the tops of both stockings, and she was sure that Steve would be able to view the whole area of her upper thighs.

“Magnificent view, Sarah, so you’ve decided to take up my offer,” said Steve breaking a seemingly endless silence!

. “Open your legs again.” Without looking up, Sarah nervously complied, her phase of control apparently now over. “A little more.” Again she responded to his request. “Good, Undo your blouse buttons for me.” Sarah put down her notepad, and slowly began to undo the buttons one by one. After the last one had been release, her blouse was gaping open revealing the cleavage area of her sheer white bra.

“Open your blouse and show me your breasts.” Sarah did as she was told. She waited for what seemed like minutes, as he inspected her. His eyes searching her upper thighs, and then inspecting her barely covered breasts.

“Take off your blouse and bra.” Sarah slowly complied, until her breasts released from their sheer restraint hung on view for her ‘master’. She was remarkably un-self conscious, her nipples were erect and her breasts felt magnificent. She’d prepared for hours for this point, and it was going completely to plan.

“Stand up Sarah, and take off your skirt.” Sarah undid the clip on her skirt, and slowly eased the zipper down. She paused teasingly before letting go. The skirt fell to the floor, leaving her naked apart from tiny knickers and her sheer black stockings.

“Lovely view, now your knickers.” Sarah slowly slid her knickers off her hips and down her outer thighs over her stockings. The small garment slowly withdrew from her vulva, revealing her tiny patch of dark pubic hair. She could feel the material, reluctantly, leaving her shaven outer vaginal lips, exposing them outrageously for him. As the redundant modesty protective dropped to the floor, she stepped out of the tiny garment, and awaited her next instruction.

“Turn around.” Sarah slowly turned until her naked bottom faced him.

“Bend down.” She slowly bent over seductively into a ‘spanking’ position.

“Oh what a beautiful butt, show me more.” Sarah didn’t really know how she could possibly show him more, but as she hesitated he changed his instruction.

“No come here Sarah and go down on me.” Like a slave, and avoiding eye contact, Sarah walked slowly, and carefully around the desk to him. He sat back in his chair, and she knelt in front of him, slowly she eased his fly zipper down. As she reached into his shorts, his enjoyment of her performance became obvious. She released his enthusiastic erection and slowly began to lick his pre-cum. She felt like she imagined a Geisha would feel; yes that was it, she was a geisha performing a service for her ‘master’. She even had the benefit of liking him, and had contemplated a relationship with him. Was this really so different?

Free of any remaining inhibitions she began to slowly suck his erect penis. His encouraging groans made her suck him more enthusiastically. She pushed him deeper and deeper into her mouth, until she was almost swallowing him ‘deep throat’ style. She’d become so enthusiastic and daring over the short time, she wasn’t sure that she could continue this level of performance. However, fortunately, nor could Steve.

“Whoa, stop Sarah. There’s a lot to do yet.” She looked up as she slowly withdrew him from her throat. His expression, and the size and throbbing of his penis, suggested bahis siteleri that she’d almost brought the proceedings to an early end.

“Show me your cunt.”

“Don’t you want to fuck me?” Sarah responded.

“Don’t question me, do as you are told.”

“This is an interview, you’ve applied for the position of ‘concubine’, and I want to see if you are up to the job. It’s a very dirty job, with long hours, and I’m very demanding.”

Sarah had anticipated from the crudity of his earlier approaches, the type of liaison Steve wanted, and she was prepared to fill the role. She sat on his desk and placed her legs on each of his shoulders and looked directly into his eyes. Her look was only returned momentarily, as his gaze began to descend down over her breasts with their erect nipples, to her vagina. Surprisingly, he didn’t touch her.

“Is that what you wanted to see?”

“Oh I want to see a lot more of you than that,” he replied. “I can almost taste your delicious cunt. Lie back on my desk and show me more.” Sarah laid back slowly on the desk, attempting to engage eye contact, and said,

“Look, you can only see the outside of me. You’ll need to bargain hard with me to see inside my wet little plaything.” She could hear his breathing becoming deeper, but eye contact was impossible. His eyes were completely fixed on the area between her legs. It was very clear, that she was displaying herself in a manner very close to his interest.

“Open your cunt.”

“Oh no, you must make me an offer, or my knickers will be needed again.”

“Open your delicious cunt, you tempting little bitch,” he snapped.

“Am I almost up to the job? Or should I put my damp little knickers back on.”

“Not dirty enough,” he replied. Sarah used her fingers to slowly part her outer vaginal lips, and reveal her very wet antechamber for him.

“Fuck,” said Steve.

“Is that dirty enough?”

“No, show me inside your wet cunt.”

“No, I’m being interviewed. Am I suitable? Before I get more dirty, I’ll need an offer!”

“Open your cunt!”

“Offer!” Sarah began to sit up, and motioned to abandon her performance.

“Company flat, and raise in salary you tempting bitch.” Said Steve. Wow! Thought Sarah. I’m only part way through my plan, and I’ve got a result. I would have gone this far simply for fun. She now began to get excited at her success; she was performing for money, and wanted to go further. Maybe she could enjoy herself more, and be better rewarded. She slowly opened her inner vaginal lips, allowing Steve to view the inside of her. Now he was seeing a part of her even she had not seen.

She felt him move closer and could feel his breath cooling the wetness around her inner and outer labia. For a few seconds she felt sure that he would begin either to lick her, or to insert his fingers into her. However, he simply said,

“Show me your butt.”

“Oh no, that’s very expensive!”

“Show it to me!”


“Name your price, just show me your butt. No fucking about, show it to me wide open.” Sarah couldn’t believe his last statement. What price did she want? She hadn’t considered that. He’d already offered her more than she’d expected. She turned over and knelt on the desk, allowing Steve to gaze up at her bare bottom.

“Open it, open it wide.”

“Why don’t you do that?” replied Sarah.

“Fucking open it!”

She used her hands to slowly pull apart her bottom. As it became stretched, she felt Steve’s hand on top of her own, then his tongue licking between her stretched cheeks and around her anus. His tongue played delicately around her anal opening, then she could feel it invading her. After a brief exploration, he began to lick her along her vaginal lips, eventually entering her wet cunt.

“No more slut, until you’ve made and I’ve accepted a serious offer. bahis şirketleri The job description won’t be a problem!” Steve stopped his attentions and said.

“On the top floor of this building is a company penthouse. It’s yours, on an annual renewable contract, rent-free. In addition, you’ll receive an increment in your salary of 50%.”

“I’ll need to think about it.”

“Ok, I accept. Lick me!” Instead he stopped.

“Put a finger into your cunt!” She slid her hand between her legs, and put her middle and index finger into her vagina and began to finger herself.

“Put one into your butt!”


“I said put one into your butt.”

“And I said no!”

“Please put a finger into your beautiful little bottom.”

“When can I see my new penthouse?”

“Fuck, in ten minutes, and you can have the rest of the day off. Just do it.”

“Do it.” He repeated desperately. Sarah slowly removed her wet sticky fingers from her cunt, and placed her middle finger onto the entrance of her tiny anal opening. She pushed, easing the finger beyond her resisting sphincter, into her. She heard a groan and then felt Steve’s penis on her bottom. He was masturbating hard and coming. She remained as she was, she could feel him Coming against her. After a very short time he stopped, and she felt his wet cum begin to run from where it had landed on her bare anal cleavage, down onto her finger, which was still buried inside her. She began to masturbate in and out of the tiny hole, using his semen as lubricant. Very soon she heard another moan, and more cum dropping and running down her.

“Oh you fucking sexy whore,” he said as she continued to slide her finger into her anus. “Make yourself come.”

“No! I’ve got the day off, I’m going up to my new apartment.”

At that, she removed her finger from her sticky anal opening, and climbed down from the desk. She could feel his cum running down from her anus, onto the top of her carefully arranged, new sheer stockings. She thought that she ought to feel like a complete slut, but in fact she actually felt more satisfied and sexy than she ever had before. The wet feeling from her vagina was not diminishing, and his cum on her anus and legs was arousing her again. If she didn’t leave his office soon, she’d be requiring his services again.

He’d just cum twice, and he needed time to recover. She also wanted to see her new apartment. She walked around his desk away from him, and recovered her discarded clothes. She collected them, and walked towards the office door.

“Oh the key for my apartment please.” Steve searched in the drawer of his desk, and held out a key for her. He still had his penis hanging from his fly, and Sarah thought that the picture summarized her new role in Steve’s company absolutely. The satisfaction of that limp sticky organ had now become her only responsibility.

“Aren’t you going to get dressed before you leave my office?”

“Would you like me to? I was going to stay like this, so that everyone can see how you leave your poor secretary. Sticky and naked.”

“No get dressed, people might get the wrong idea. I’ll see you in your new apartment later!” Sarah took her time dressing, and saw Steve playing with himself as he watched her. His penis began to stiffen again, so as she finished she checked her appearance, then lifted her skirt and said,

“Look what a mess you’ve made of my stockings, and I’ve got your cum all over my bottom.” Steve’s penis immediately stiffened. “I’ll be going up in the lift with other people, and I’ll still have your cum on me!”

“That won’t be a problem, said Steve. The lift is a private one for the penthouse only. And as for your clothes, go and buy some more, I’ll fully refund anything that you spend.” Sarah smoothed down her skirt and left Steve still stroking his new erection.

Her new career!

To the reader: I hope that you enjoyed the story. Please don’t forget to vote. Now why not put yourself in Steve’s position. Use the feedback option, to tell me what your demands on Sarah would be.

Have a great day.

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