Come into My Parlor


As they waltzed around the dance floor, his hand slipped to her buttocks. Indignantly, she pulled his hand back to her waistline.

“When we’re dancing, you keep your hands on or above my waste.”

A minute later, during the same waltz, he pulled her closer. She became aware of his erect penis pressing against her.

“Don’t hold me so tight.”

He stretched their arms out and created space between their dancing bodies. She noticed his eyes were looking down the front of her gown.

“Do you like my cleavage?”


While “sitting it out,” with Joe and Judy they discussed the past collegiate year, graduate school versus full-time employment, and parental problems. While dancing, it was a repetition of “Keep your hands on or above my waist,” “Don’t hold me so tight,” and “Keep your eyes where they belong.” He kept trying to feel her buttocks, press his hard-on against her, and peek at her boobs. She never complained. She merely said, “Not here. Not now.”

On their two previous dates, Alvin had never succeeded in getting any sexual satisfaction from his petite classmate Rachel beyond a goodnight kiss.

On the ride to the after-prom restaurant, Alvin parked at a scenic overlook, put his arm around Rachel, and tried to kiss her.

She gave him a little peck on the forehead and said, “Not here. Joe and Judy are probably waiting at the restaurant.”

Before Alvin could restart the car, bright lights shone in their rear window; a blue light flashed as it rotated above the police car. A minute passed before two uniformed police officers tapped on the front side windows, one on each side of the car. The frightened couple opened their windows. Politely, the police assured the collegians that there was no problem; they were simply making a safety check.

The couple proved to the police officers that they were both over twenty-one by showing the officers their driver licenses. Alvin was surprised to learn that his petite sweetheart was three years his senior. The police were satisfied; suggested the couple find privacy elsewhere; and drove away.

Disappointed because he received no loving, Alvin turned to Rachel and said, “Do you have any good ideas?”

In a loud, jovial voice, Rachel replied, “To the restaurant! Forward, march!”

Minutes later, they met Joe and Judy at the restaurant. The two couples enjoyed a midnight meal and conversation. Each individual enjoyed a glass of white wine with his or her meal. Then each couple headed home in their own automobiles.

Sad that the evening Fatih escort bayan was over, Rachel and Alvin drove quietly for a few minutes before Rachel broke the silence. “My mother says that we are too old to make love in a parked car. Father has a three-room guest apartment over our garage. Mother says we can stay there tonight if we want to. I can cook you breakfast. I put a dozen eggs and a pound of bacon in the refrigerator and bought a loaf of bread for toast.”

The suggestion perked Alvin up. “It’s okay by me. My roommate won’t be looking for me.”

They arrived at the guest apartment. Rachel showed Alvin the kitchen, the living room, the bedroom, and the toilet.

As they stood in the living room, Rachel continued leading the conversation. “I would offer you something to eat now but I think you would rather make out.”

After the number of times Rachel said “Not now” and “Not here,” Alvin was surprised at how openly Rachel referred to “making out” and implying she would be saying “Yes.”

Rachel continued. “Why don’t you get out of your tux while I get out of this gown?”

“I don’t have any other clothes with me>”

“Neither do I. That sounds like making out may become even more interesting. Here, unbutton the back of my gown.”

Alvin undid two buttons, Rachel slipped two narrow straps off her shoulders, and the gown fell to her feet. Rachel undid another button; wriggled her fanny a little; and her petticoat fell to the floor. Her only attire was her red bra, red panties, and her dancing shoes.

As Rachel undressed shy Alvin, she folded his rented tuxedo and placed it neatly on the sofa in the living room. Alvin, always eager for romance, snuck in a few kisses in the process.

Still standing in the living room, Rachel and Alvin kissed. She gave him his first tongue kiss. He was so excited, he never reached for her buttocks, but he did press his dick against her stomach.

After a little tongue kissing and a few other sensuous kisses, Rachel broke away from Alvin and excused herself. “I have to pee,” she said so matter-of-factly about this taboo subject that it shocked shy Alvin. She entered the bathroom, didn’t close the door behind her, lowered her panties exposing her bare ass to Alvin’s startled gaze, turned around being sure Alvin had a chance to notice her bushy triangle, sat on the toilet, and peed.

Now, Alvin was both shocked and speechless. His stiff dick popped out of his shorts.

“Come over her, Alvin. I’d like to hold your penis while you pee. Escort Fındıkzade May I?”

Alvin was still in a state of shock. “Why do you want to do that?”

“I want to do all the forbidden things. That’s all.”

Exposing his penis to Rachel caused it to grow stiffer and harder. She held it and aimed it at the toilet.

“I can’t pee with a hard-on,” he whimpered.

“What good is it then?”

“I think you know.”

“Show me.”

Alvin took Rachel’s hands and led her to the bedroom. He removed her bra and her underpants. She kicked off her shoes. She was completely naked when Alvin made her lie down on the bed. He removed his underclothes and with his penis pointing straight ahead, he mounted her.

“You can’t come inside my vagina. There are condoms in the night table drawer. I don’t want to get pregnant.”

Reluctantly, Alvin surrendered his position. Rachel dressed his penis in a condom. With his enthusiasm restored, he entered her moist, well-used vagina. He left his load in the condom.

“I’d rather leave my cum inside you. I don’t like taking it out of you and putting it in the rubbish.

“If you want to cum inside me, you either have to fuck me in the mouth, fuck me in the ass, or marry me.”

Rachel’s bluntness continued to perplex Alvin. He thought, “This little Miss Innocence is suddenly a voracious sex partner. I like that.”

“How would I fuck you in the mouth,” he asked.

“You rest for a few minutes until your dick get its juices back. Then, I’ll show you.”

Alvin closed his eyes only for a moment. When he opened them, the bright, morning sun was shining in the bedroom window.

“Good morning, Alvin,” Rachel greeted him. She was dressed in a pair of slippers and an apron.

“You look domestic in that apron. You look sexy under that apron.”

“You said that you wanted to learn how to fuck me in the mouth. It’s not difficult but I have to get your dick hard. Do you like seeing me naked?”

She dropped her apron on the floor exposing her full breasts and bushy triangle. She advanced towards Alvin, stood him next to the bed; and asked, “Do you want to take a morning pee before you fuck me in the mouth?”

“I couldn’t pee with a hard-on yesterday. What makes you think I can today?”

Rachel said nothing. She took a pillow from the bed and dropped it at Alvin’s feet. She knelt on the pillow and said, “Put your hard-on in my mouth and fuck.”

Alvin figured the rest of it out by himself. He deposited his cum deep Gaziosmanpaşa escort bayan in Rachel’s throat. Like all men before him, he demanded she swallow it all. She did. Rachel swallowed every drop and licked his penis ’til it was clean.

“Not bad for a novice,” Alvin half boasted; half asked.

“That was a full meal. I didn’t know you had it in you. Now it’s in me,” Rachel chuckled as she led Alvin to the kitchen. “Now let me cook breakfast for the two of us.”

Alvin opened his mouth, and the question “Will you marry me,” spilled out.

“Of course I will, Alvin. Why do you think I’ve been putting-out for you?”

Alvin took the still naked Rachel by the hand, led her back to the bedroom, bent her over the bed, and tried unsuccessfully to penetrate her asshole with his dick.

“I want to cum inside you again.”

“There’s lubricant in the night table,” she said so casually.

Rachel’s asshole was well lubricated and finger-fucked before Alvin tried again to put his dick in it. When he did get around to trying, his dick slipped right in up to the hilt. Having just cum in her mouth, it took Alvin a glorious while longer to cum in her ass. Hs dick throbbed as it finally spilled a load of cum into her bowels.

“I felt you dick throbbing inside me. With all that cum up my ass, I’ll be on the toilet all day.”

Alvin gave Rachel a devilish smile.

Except for her apron, the couple remained naked throughout the day. After breakfast, Alvin led Rachel back to the bed. Rachel lay back and spread her legs

Rachel gave the orders. “If you’re going to marry me, you can cum inside me. Keep your arms straight and put your weight on them. Now, stay elevated and put your dick in me. This way I can play with my clit and help you make me cum.

“What’s your clit? Where’s your clit?”

Rachel smiled at her lover’s naiveté.

“It’s right here,” she said as she spread her labia and pointed to her button.

Alvin leaned forward and gave Rachel’s clit a kiss. Then, Alvin took his dick in his hand and guided it into his wife-to-be. She simply said “Unnh” as he penetrated her. She reached down between their bodies and rubbed her clit, first in a circular fashion, then back and forth..

“Aardg,” he said as he put a load of cum into her vagina. He continued to support his weight on his hands until he heard Rachel emit a comforting “AAhh” as she expelled her juices.

The couple rested, showered together, and finally dressed. They went to a fast food restaurant for lunch and went to the town hall for a marriage license. It was seven days of constant sexual activities before a justice of the peace wed the horny couple.

On the way to the three-room guest apartment, Rachel said, “Let’s go in the main house and tell my three children they have a new father.”

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