Come With Me

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This morning I woke up with the worst headache imaginable. My apartment was a mess and there were bills to be paid. Etc, etc. Just when I thought my luck couldn’t get any worse, in walks my girlfriend, a furious scowl on her pretty face. She found out I was bisexual. In the most melodramatic way you can possibly imagine.

Well, screw that, I told her. Apparently Alex, my Tuesday night fuck, had bitched on me. Motherfucker. We broke up, of course. I wasn’t gonna lose any sleep over it, I told myself – she wasn’t worth it. I made a mental note to give Samantha, Alex’s wife, a little phone call.

But feeling kinda bummed anyway, I trudged to my favourite sleazy gay bar. I needed some loving – a stress-relief fuck, that was what I needed. I wanted some cute stranger, legs spread and lying beneath me, screaming in pleasure, and not just screaming at me.

I pushed open the swinging doors of the bar. The place was so damn obvious; it was called The Closet, for fuck’s sake. Immediately, I could smell pot. There were practically no women inside besides a few lesbians. All around were men, drinking and smoking, occasionally disappearing to the bathrooms to smoke weed or to suck cock. There were leather dudes (not really my type, but should try anyway), some twinks (they can be annoying but are usually desperate for a fuck) and some regular jock types. I felt right at home.

And then I saw him. He was sitting somewhere near the back, all alone. My heart instantly beat faster – he was possibly the most gorgeous man I’d ever seen. He was either Chinese or Japanese and absolutely beautiful. He had jet black hair, stylishly tousled, and a chiseled face, with a perfect complexion. He was quite pale, and his white skin contrasted shockingly with his perfect pink lips and slight stubble. Man, I wanted to spread him, right there on the table. He heard me approach, and looked up at me. Then I saw his most arresting feature – his beautiful eyes, deep brown, angled and upturned at the sides like most Chinese men. They seemed to dance and sparkle. The whole noisy bar, my crappy life, suddenly became far away and insignificant – everything to me right then revolved around this heavenly hunk. My heart raced.

He smiled at me, a shy smile, when I said “Hi”. It was as sweet as a shot of morphine. Even to this day, I never forgot that first smile. I looked closer – he was drinking orange juice.

I wondered why he was sitting alone, although he didn’t fail to attract glances from most men in the room. Suddenly I felt irrationally jealous and possessive. How dare they look at him!

But I extended my hand at him and said, “Hi. My name’s Cory. Would you like some company?” Something about the kindness in his eyes made me bold.

He smiled again (man, he’s so fuckin cute, I thought) and to my delight he said yes. As I sat down, he apologized that he didn’t speak much English. He had a cute, kinda deep voice. He told me his name was Shen.

A pesky waiter came over. I ordered a beer and asked Shen if he wanted anything. He said he didn’t drink. As the waiter left, he nodded towards Shen and winked at me, as if in congratulation. I couldn’t help feeling pleased.

We talked a bit, with me asking most questions. He was shy and spoke carefully, as if unsure of himself. I learned he was Chinese, from Shanghai and studying here poker oyna in the UK. He’d ask me some questions, about where I lived and so on. He smiled a lot, and laughed when I rattled the few Chinese words I knew. He was very friendly.

I drank my beer while he sipped his orange juice. We didn’t say anything for a long time. I just watched him – I could stare at him for hours. A lock of his hair fell over his eyes. He brushed it away and peered at me, giving me a small, uncertain smile. I fell in love with him, right then.

A sudden urgency gripped me. I wanted to sleep with him right away, not just out of lust, but as if to show him, since language was a bit of a problem, just how much I felt for him. I didn’t know how to phrase the question. After quick deliberation, I stroked his hand meaningfully, stared straight into his angelic eyes and asked,

“Do you want to sleep with me tonight?”

I braced myself for the rejection, but he didn’t answer me. I looked at him – a big, mischievous grin on his face, making his eyes crinkle and dance. I was smiling too. “What does that mean, Shen?” I asked him.

He laughed in embarrassment, and pretended not to understand me. Man, he was such a tease! “Shen….” I said, coaxingly. The name sounded so right. “C’mon…..”. He’d just break my heart if he said no!

Finally, almost imperceptibly, he gave me a small nod. Thank you God! Thank you! I thought to myself as we got up from the table and walked towards the exit. I noticed several men eyeing Shen up and down, with naked lust, and then looking at me with envy.

We made the short walk to my apartment, during which I held his hand in mine. He didn’t object.

We stepped into my apartment. I was slightly ashamed at the mess, but Shen didn’t seem to notice. Suddenly he seemed a bit nervous. After all, I was a total stranger. But under the low lights of my apartment, he looked even more beautiful, if that was possible. There was no way I was letting him go.

I took the lead. Shen was shy and uneasy, but didn’t object as I rubbed his shoulders to relax him. My cock was already throbbing in my pants. I turned him around. I brushed a stray lock of hair away from his eyes and kissed him on the lips. His lips were soft and good to kiss. I almost couldn’t believe this was the same guy I was drooling over just a while ago. I kissed him more urgently, as lust and passion took over. His mouth tasted of orange juice. He was still hesitant, as if not used to being so roughly kissed.

We broke the kiss. He was not sure what to do next, so I took off my shirt, throwing it to the floor. Gently, I reached over and undid his jacket zipper. I gulped in anticipation. He took off his jacket and I helped him take off his t-shirt too, suppressing the urge to rip it off. He stood before me, shirtless. Man, oh man, oh man.

As if his handsome face wasn’t enough, Shen had an incredible body, smooth and lightly muscled, nearly hairless. His shoulders were broad, his pecs defined, with pert pink nipples. He was very pale – his creamy white skin glowed in the low lights.

I could no longer control my lust. I embraced him hungrily, kissing him roughly on the lips. He kissed me back. I felt him up and down, enjoying how smooth his skin felt, and how good he smelled – like orange juice and forest dew. There was so much I canlı poker oyna wanted to do at once. As I kissed him, I began to fumble with his belt. He helped me. He slid his pants off – more of beautiful Shen – and I quickly began to remove mine. He wore white briefs. It was clear that he was hard as well.

I slipped down my own briefs, releasing my hard cock. He was still a bit nervous and self-conscious. Gently, with an encouraging smile, I slipped my fingers into the waistband of his briefs and pulled them down. His cock and balls popped out, delightfully long and big. His pubic hair was black and curly, the same colour as his hair. Then, starting from the top, I licked and nibbled his body. He sighed as I sucked his nipples, and again as my tongue traveled down his developed abs…..down his treasure trail, and he let out a soft, delightful little cry as I took his cock into my mouth and began to suck. I sucked him as best as I knew how. Never had I felt the need to pleasure another man so deeply. As I guided his uncertain hands to my head, letting him take control of my bobbing head, I knew that I felt much more than plain lust.

Almost reluctantly, I broke the blowjob. I stood up and gave Shen a quick kiss. Then, I gently pushed his shoulders down, coaxing him to kneel before me. I cried out when he licked my cock. He was inexperienced, but it felt exquisite anyway. He tongued my cock and then my balls. I resisted the urge to shove myself into his mouth. I told him, between gasps,

“Shen…baby…., I love what you’re doing, but I really need you to suck it. All of it”

He looked embarrassed. I wanted to kick myself for being so insensitive, but then he took me deep into his mouth and sucked. Despite myself, I shouted out a coarse “Fuck, yeah!” and felt the urge to thrust. He quickly learned the natural skills of cocksucking, and displayed them as his lips formed a pink ring around my shaft and began to tug on it. He intensified the sweet pressure by fondling my balls. I was in heaven. Although it pained me, several times I had to pull myself out of Shen’s mouth and squeeze the base to prevent myself from cumming. As he took me into his mouth again, he’d look at me through his pretty eyes, and I felt warm inside. I didn’t deserve this…

We both knew when it was time to progress. I plucked my cock from the warmth of Shen’s mouth and slipped on a condom. I kissed him, tenderly. He looked nervous.

“You ever did this before?” I asked him softly.

He shook his head. My perverted mind was delighted by the fact. He was a virgin. But Shen deserved my respect.

“Do you want to do it with me?” I asked him.

He looked uncertain, at first. Finally, he nodded. I smiled at him. Thank you.

He lay down on my bed. Gently, I spread him open, and asked him to hold his legs. I got some lube and applied it to my fingers. I slipped one inside him, very slowly. He was extremely tight – and he winced in pain. It broke my heart to hurt him, so I withdrew.

He was breathing heavily, but he shook his head. He spread himself again wide and despite his pain, smiled at me to go on. I wanted to stop and just cuddle him, but he spread his cheeks, urging me to do it.

Carefully, I slipped in my lubed finger again. I let him adjust to the sensation, then, very slowly, I inserted a second finger. Shen grit internet casino his teeth and shut his eyes tight, but when I asked if he was alright, he nodded.

Lastly, I inserted a third finger. This time, I heard him whimper. For a long time I lodged my three fingers inside him, all the while soothing Shen by whispering to him, telling him how the pain is temporary, telling him how beautiful he was.

When it felt right, I moved the fingers in and out, slowly, easing and stretching his virgin passage. His cries of pain soon became sighs of pleasure. His rosebud expanded as my fingers explored him. At last I withdrew my fingers. I poised my cock at his anal opening.

I looked at him questioningly. He nodded. I fucked him, smoothly, right to the balls.

He cried out, in pleasure more than pain. A deep, satisfied groan escaped my lips. His virgin hole was tight, and fit snugly around my cock, creating a wonderful friction of flesh. I hooked my arms under his thighs, giving myself total access. I fucked him so deep it seemed I could feel his heartbeat, right at the tip of my cock. My cock must’ve struck some pleasure spot deep inside Shen because suddenly he gasped in delight and said something in Mandarin.

We changed positions. He turned over and I entered him from behind. My balls slapped against Shen’s smooth ass each time I fucked. I leaned over to kiss his cheek while I fucked him. I had never had such intimate sex. When, to my sheer delight, he said softly, “Harder”, I arched my back and plunged in so hard my hips and his became one.

We rode each other harder and faster, giving and taking mutual pleasure. We were sweating and our bodies glistened. As I neared orgasm, I reached underneath to jerk Shen off. I wanted us to cum at the same time.

I bent over, my face pressed against his. I had to cum, right then. I jerked him furiously while I fucked myself to closer and closer to orgasm. Then it came – the soaring, satisfying climax at the exact moment I felt Shen’s cock bursting with cum. Almost unaware of what I was doing, I whispered, right into his ear,

“I love you, Shen. Be mine always”.

And as always, he smiled.

We kissed and flopped, exhausted, on the soaking sheets, breathing heavily. Then we kissed again. We cuddled, playing with each other’s nipples and hair, nibbling each other’s ears, loving each other, and I fell asleep, looking forward to tomorrow morning, when we’d have slow, lazy early morning sex.


I woke up the nest morning to an empty bed. Shen was gone. My throat ached with disappointment, and I truly wanted to cry. I knew he was gone for good. I missed him immediately. And I suppose it this were a love story, I’d let him go and try to forget him. But this is not a love story. I’m a weak human being, and I spent the next two months looking for Shen. By the time I tracked the place where he was studying, I was told he’d gone back to China.

There was no fucking way I was going to let that stop me. I loved him, and that was that. I dropped everything – my job and my family, withdrew my savings and booked a one way trip to Shanghai. I eventually found him again, and we’ve been living together now for six years, and plan to marry when gay marriages become legal in the UK. We also have plans to adopt.

My family has stopped trying to look for me and I have been unemployed for years. Life’s tough so far, but I don’t regret a single day I’m with Shen, not six years ago when I dropped everything to find him, and not now as he reads these words over my shoulder.

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