Coming Home

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As Gabrielle slipped through the throng of people at the airport, milling about waiting for their luggage to arrive, she could see Travis over in the corner patiently waiting for his luggage to bounce down the stainless steel slide and onto the noisy, rotating conveyor belt. It was not the first encounter she had really expected, but from his drawn out face, exhausted look and complete fatigue, she knew the long flight coast to coast had really taken its toll on him.

“Hi Travis,” she said with a grin and gave him a huge hug. As they embraced, Gabrielle realized she had expected so much more; a deep probing kiss reserved entirely for lovers, or a pinch of her ass even in such a public place. Instead she got a half-hearted hug and a peck on the cheek.

Without question the hours in the air had forced him to reflect on his decision; a decision to leave behind his wife, his job, everything he had worked so hard to get, just to see if the woman he had met on Literotica, the woman he had fallen in love with…really was the woman he should spend the rest of his life with. Gabrielle could not help but be blown away, with committal men a continual problem in her life, having a man leave behind so much just to have her was the ultimate flattery. Granted she had expected their first real-time meeting to be passion filled, but now the reality of what they were doing really began to sink home. As much as she wanted to be his new lover, she knew at the moment she needed to be a friend first.

“You know I’m going to have to leach off you for awhile. I don’t have a job Gabrielle, a job or even a car, until I can get established here in Roseburg, I’m going…”

“Travis…it’s okay Honey. I know that, and everything is going to be fine,” she in the quietest and most reassuring voice as she could. Perhaps it was the tone, or the fact that she was willing to share her home, her finances and even her bed with a man she had never truly met before, that he looked at her with a little smile. Just from that she knew deep in her heart, that for as much as they were sacrificing to be together, they would make it and defy the odds.

“You look nice Gabrielle,” he said when they were finally in the big SUV and driving away from the airport. Considering the fact that he had never been to Oregon before he should have been looking out the window, trying to figure out the new labyrinth of roads he would have to quickly learn. Instead he looked at Gabrielle and the way she had dressed. He knew it was specifically for him. “I’m flattered, you said you hate wearing nylons and yet that’s what you got on.”

“I thought I would give you a little treat, and you know, they are not as bad as I remember. I think I could get used to wearing them, well for you anyway.” It was hard for Gabrielle to keep her eyes on the road and yet look at Travis as she said it, still she was sure she detected a little grin and almost swooned with delight as he reached out and touched her. It was a light touch; a little back and forth pet as his hand slid up and down her thigh, just toying with the hemline of her sundress as his four fingers made a zipping sound as they ran across the rough texture of her beige nylons.

“That Konya Escort doesn’t bother you does it,” realizing suddenly that despite the many emails and chats on the phone, that they really did not know each other that well?

“Not at all,” she said and meant every word, her own words surprising her. But Gabrielle was not upset at all, his hands were as gentle as she assumed they would be, and she had gotten dressed entirely for him. Her brightly painted red toes peeking out of black strappy heels, her beige nylon running out from under her pink and black sundress, and her bra that pushed up her rather heavy chest, were all put on for his benefit, and all stemmed from the steamy emails that had been sent back and forth across the country between the two of them. “I had an ankle bracelet for you too, but in my rush to head out the door, I forgot to put it on.”

“That’s alright,” he said as the SUV veered onto an off-ramp and began to slow down as they navigated a few residential streets,” I am sure I’ll be able to see you with an ankle bracelet on at some point,” he said, the street lights allowing enough light inside the car to let Gabrielle see that he was smiling. As it was, his hand never left her thigh, and Gabrielle had no intention of moving it either.

“Well this is my home,” she said as she allowed Travis to drop his luggage in the foyer and gave him a quick tour of her rental home. “I don’t own it, but the rent is cheap enough and I just love the place. Anyway, I’ll let you get settle in as I make you a snack. I assume you’re hungry after all that flying?”

As Gabrielle moved into the kitchen, she was almost weak with emotion. The day had been such a roller-coaster. While Travis had his own feelings to work out while on the plane, she waited patiently three time zones away from his flight to arrive in Oregon. There was the complete fear of sharing her home and life with someone she had merely met through two thousand, six hundred and fifteen miles of phone line and coaxial cable. But through that connection, they had made a true connection, and the thrill of having the man she had gown to love now walking through her own home in real time, was almost too much.

Still Gabrielle had enough time to formulate a plan and had slipped some clothes into a vacant cabinet before she rushed off to the airport to pick him up. Now with shaking hands, she carefully unfolded the clothing and began to change clothes.

Now going with the mantra that “some is better than nothing”, Gabrielle left her strappy heels and nylons on, but removed her sundress and bra in quick order. Since there was never any panties to begin with, Gabrielle merely replaced the pink and black sundress with an all black lace teddy that in a stroke of fashion brilliance, revealed as much as it concealed…a mixture of black lacey fabric on tanned smooth skin. Never in her life had she ever felt so sexually excited, the feeling of seductress and home-maker all wrapped into one as she grabbed a slice of apple pie and caught Travis completely off guard. “Gabrielle, you didn’t have to do that,” he said as he could not help but turn from watching the television.

“I know Konya Escort Bayan Travis, and I know how hard it was for you to give up all that you did, and I want you to know that I’m not your wife, that I appreciate what you gave up to be with me, and that while she might have hated sex, I certainly like it.”

Putting the pie dish on the coffee table, Gabrielle pulled them both out of the way and smiled as she sunk in front of him on her knees. That action alone was enough to tell her new lover just what she was planning on giving him.

“I figured after enduring just what you did today, and having so much time to think, that a nice sensuous blowjob would be just what you need to relax.”

“Well we can go up in the bedroom and both enjoy some much needed sex, not just something pleasurable for me.” But at this statement, Gabrielle just shook her head no.

She did not tell him verbally, but Gabrielle knew she needed to give him a blowjob. After making such a hard decision to leave his wife, Gabrielle wanted to prove to him that what he was doing he would never regret. The best blowjobs came from a woman on her knees, a position that historically meant being humble, being submissive and showing a person that you were indebted to them. Gabrielle knew for these reasons it was the perfect position to be in as she proved that she was not controlling and not overbearing, all the things his current wife was. At the same time, a blowjob was the perfect sexual act to also get her point across. A true gift from a woman to a man, it meant she could show Travis one-sided pleasure and while so many women in his life had detested the act, she in turn embraced it willingly.

To make it better Gabrielle first removed her shoes. She knew from the six months of emails all his fetishes and desires, and being barefoot was one of his biggest turn-on’s. So was being topless, and she pushed the top of her black lacey teddy down to her waist so that he could see, play and jiggle her size d breast’s if he so desired.

Gabrielle gave Travis a pretty little smile before she formed her lips into a perfect circle and watched him steer his manhood between her teeth. Suddenly the wonderful liaison that she had fantasized about so long was occurring between her and Travis and truly took on new proportions. His musky smell, the size of his shaft, nothing was disappointing her and she swooned with the pleasure of giving him such a gift, She was no longer typing upon a computer keyboard, but allowing the man to mount her mouth, all while on her knees and engaged in the ultimate act of submission. She could also see his body now for what it really was: middle-aged and yet fit, tassels of hair emerging from his balls that tickled her lips as she plunged upon his shaft so willingly.

As her mouth closed around the throbbing shaft, other senses came into sharper focus. She began to smell and taste a drop of clear seminal fluid leaked from the head of his penis and onto her tongue. A salty, sticky taste overwhelmed her taste buds just as his heavily veined cock began to slide along the roof of her mouth.

He slid it forward slowly, hoping to allow Gabrielle full control Escort Konya and suspecting that she was indeed telling the truth when she said she had no objections to giving a man such sexual pleasure. But moving forward slowly did not mean she was about to show her new lover that she would only take a meager portion of his shaft into her mouth. ‘Better to give him the best she could straight from the beginning,” she thought as she slid it steadily forward down her throat.

Fearing for her own dislike of gagging, Gabrielle tried to accommodate all of him. She tried to relax her throat between each immersion, feeling it creep further into her mouth with each forward thrust.

He never vocalized his satisfaction with her deep-throating ability, but as he allowed her to retreat to a more comfortable depth, Gabrielle realized that Travis never expected her to descend to such depths for the blowjob’s entire duration. Instead her womanly instincts kicked in and she began to plunge her mouth up and down over his cock. Far different than vaginal sex, she began to piston her mouth back and forth along his shaft like the two driving pistons of a steam locomotive. Their bodies rocked as well to the gyrations of the unleveled couch, and as Gabrielle sucked, she realized the foolish couch desperately needed a wedge driven under the front right leg, for the rocking caused her twice to gag. “Oh my God Gabrielle that feels so good,” he said as he looked down at her.

Gabrielle could only nod, making for an erotic sight with her left cheek ballooned out and her nostrils flaring as she tried to suck in much needed oxygen from her nose. She also made little slurping noises, but for a first blowjob, and the first blowjob in a very long time, Travis was impressed with her oral stimulation.

Gabrielle had long learned the signs of a man’s pending orgasm, and thus was not surprised when he suddenly tensed up and grabbed her hair. He tried pulling her head from his shaft, the man actions clearly showing that his past foray into this type of sex was with women who were not willing to swallow. Gabrielle fought his actions and held her mouth just where it was, slurping louder for his audible pleasure and tried to move her mouth quicker along his shaft just as she thought he would like. She only had to hold her mouth in that position for a second, and then she felt the first blast. Never in her life had she felt such a powerful orgasm from a man, and felt it jettison deeply down her through in blast after powerful blast.

To capture it all, Gabrielle had to swallow several times, knowing full well she could not allow even a drop from her lips. Travis had never had the pleasure of having a woman so readily give him a blowjob, nor be willing to swallow the entire load. It was her chance to shine; her chance to show him that his powerful sexual fantasies could be realized and that she was the woman that was willing to do it.

As his sperm eruption began to dwindle to an ooze, Gabrielle kept her mouth firmly clamped to it until finally she had swallowed it all and opened her mouth to take in a much needed lungful of air. As she looked up at him, her eyes met his, and for a moment there was no need for words; no need for a computer keyboard, just the powerful release of the pent up sexual energy that had been generated for months between them.

Gabrielle could think of a million things to say, and yet only three words escaped her lips.

“Welcome home Honey.”

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