Coming of Age

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I awoke on my 18th birthday to find that I wasn’t alone. I felt light fingers sensuously stroking my back. The hand made its way into my hair and lightly played with my long hair. I felt light kisses on my ears and the back of my neck as my nightdress was pushed up exposing my back. The light kisses trailed down my back to the base of my spine and I felt a gentle tongue travel between my buttocks.

I snuggled deeper into the mattress enjoying my dream. I felt a hand pulling my lacy panties down my legs and off my feet. The same hand then removed my nightgown and I laid there — completely naked — totally exposed. An untouched, nubile young body — long legs, flat stomach, large breasts.

I was rolled onto my back and the kisses continued down my front — stopping at my breasts — licking both nipples tantalisingly. I started to squirm on the bed as the tongue drifted down towards my naval.

It carried on down and then a hand gently threw off the covers and pushed open my legs. The tongue then found its way up my inner thighs to my untouched, virgin pussy. I gasped as I felt the tongue invade my private space — lapping at the lips of my vagina and then gently sucking on my clitoris. I jerked and felt liquid running between my legs — I had just experienced my very first orgasm poker oyna and knew that I wasn’t dreaming! Before I could catch my breath, the tongue was replaced by a large, erect, throbbing penis positioned at the entrance to my womanhood. The owner was kneeling between my legs and holding them wide open for access — exposing my now wet, but still virgin pussy. Without a word, he plunged in, forcing through my hymen in one go, without faltering, all the way to the hilt and then rested.

As I cried out, partly with shock and partly with pain, he leant forward and kissed me on the lips for the very first time. His tongue probed deeply in my mouth — entwining with my own tongue. I liked the sweet feeling it evoked — and felt a gentle tug in the pit of my stomach.

After a minute, his hips started to move, building up a rhythm of in and out. Each time he plunged back in I tensed as I felt the soreness. For the first time that morning he spoke “move with me sweetheart. I know you’re ready, come on now, move, it’ll make it easier, make it better” and as I obeyed and started to move my hips towards him, I could sense a feeling of fullness and warmth spreading inside me.

This fucking continued for maybe 15 minutes and then as I felt him start to withdraw, a voice from the doorway rang out canlı poker oyna “no! Come inside her, fill her with your seed. Make a baby in her. We’ve both waited a long time for this. Make her truly yours now!” Yes — my mother was actually watching her 19 year old son take her 18 year old daughter’s virginity! And he obeyed. With a last almighty plunge and a shudder, he shot his load of cum deep inside me — aiming for my womb. Then he withdrew and rolled off me.

As I lay, partly in shock and partly in ecstasy, with his hot cum dripping from me, I felt my legs being parted again and then a wet tongue probing where a minute earlier my brother’s cock had been. The tongue started to lap up our combined love juices. I looked down and saw my naked mother kneeling between my legs with her ass high in the air, eating out my pussy!

Whilst she tongue-fucked her daughter, her son (obviously quickly recovered) started to fuck her from behind — pounding in and out relentlessly — holding onto her large, pendulous breasts, until again he shot his load — this time deep inside my mother’s pussy — and obviously, now seeing her slightly swollen stomach, not for the first time!

She then stopped licking me and turned to my brother and started to lick his twice-used cock clean. Needless to internet casino say, after about 30 minutes, he became aroused again and, with her encouragement (she actually held open my legs for him), he fucked me again — oblivious to the fact that I was now quite sore down below (it being my first time) and he again filled me with his hot seed, at our mother’s bidding.

And, sure enough, 10 days later, on my mothers’ advice, I took a home pregnancy test and it was positive. So, there I was, just 18 and pregnant with my brother’s baby!

Mum was doubly delighted (another child for her and a grandchild to look forward to) — Gavin was pretty chuffed too — well who wouldn’t be?

From then on, Gavin, Mum and me lived in a ménage-a-trois. We shared a king sized bed. He fucked us both daily (usually more than once) — showing no favouritism — and my mother and I also fucked each other daily. Gavin willingly assumed the role of husband and lover to us both and enjoyed watching us pleasure each other too.

In time, Mum gave birth to a boy (Davy) at the ripe old age of 38 and 6 weeks later I gave birth to twin girls (Jessica and Joanna) 3 months before my 19th birthday. And my brother became a father three times over, at the tender age of just 20. We both chose to breastfeed and each fed all and any of the babies as and when required — as well as both feeding Gavin too! He loved it!

And what does the future hold? Well, a year on — yes – we’re both pregnant again! And yes, they’re both Gavin’s so …!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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