Company Cocksucker Ch. 02


Company Cocksucker CH 02

by Wesea112©

Getting to know my role as an on call cocksucker with my new co-worker.


Continued from chapter one…

Sunday morning came as I slowly woke up from sleeping, a bit hung over from all the drinking the night before. I looked over at the clock and saw that is was 9:15 AM. Looking over at the window showed it was another grey and rainy day and thankfully we had weekends off so it would be a lazy day. I reached up and rubbed my eyes and as the haze of sleep wore off, I remembered the events of the previous night in Kent’s room. The tightness of the dried cum on my face and neck reminded me that I had shown my love of sucking cock to Kent and agreed to be his cocksucker. As I remembered sucking him the night before, I could feel the blood rushing into to my cock and I was overcome with the familiar craving for more cock but also the guilt and apprehension of seeing him again and wondering how he would act towards me.

I got up and brushed my teeth and splashed water on my face, re-wetting the dried cum and releasing the musky scent of it on my face. Licking my lips, I could still taste it faintly, making my cock hard again. I needed to go up and eat before the hotel restaurant closed for breakfast, so I got into the shower and cleaned up. The hot water in the shower mixed with the rest of the cum on my body as I massaged it on my skin and washed it away. I took the time to use my razor to shave my face, balls and ass making myself nice and smooth. I have always loved the feeling of being smooth, I even shave my legs as I am an avid cyclist, which is the excuse I use with my wife anyway.

I dried off once out of the shower and got dressed to head to breakfast, wondering if Kent would be up there too. I checked my email before leaving and noticed a single email in my inbox from Kent. It read:

Thanks for the great head last night Steve! Looking forward to more of it today. Kent.

It was obvious that he had plans and wanted me to suck his cock again today. I know I had agreed to be his on-call cocksucker, but sometimes, especially if I allow myself to cum and not keep edging, my desire isn’t as strong. I reflected on sucking his cock the night before and began to feel the familiar switch inside my mind, where the guilt of sucking cock disappears, and I crave doing it again. I tried to put the thought out of my mind as I headed out the door and up to breakfast.

I wandered up to the dining room where a few of my coworkers were eating at various tables. Dave and Ed had room at their table and invited me to eat with them. As we ate and small talked, I felt my phone buzz in my pocket with a text message. Checking my phone, I saw it was a message from Kent:

Missed you at breakfast, I have something for you to eat now. Cum get it cocksucker!

Needless to say, I was a bit surprised and quickly put my phone away in case someone saw the text from him and his caller ID. We had all traded numbers in case someone needed a ride or wanted to study etc. and worried someone would catch a glimpse and read it. For the rest of the meal, visions of Kent’s hard cock kept popping into my mind, and I was looking forward to sucking him again. After I finished eating, I excused myself and went back to my room. About 30 minutes had passed and I didn’t want anyone to see me go straight to his room. Once alone in my room, I texted him that I had just got back from breakfast and was worried someone might see me go to his room. I was waiting for his response when I heard a knock on my door.

Opening the door, Kent was standing there and just pushed his way into my room and the door shut behind him. As I backed up, I said in a low voice “Hey man, I thought we were going to be discrete about this?”

“Yeah, and I thought you wanted to be my on-call cocksucker?” he said, with an angry tone. “When I tell you to come suck my cock, I expect you to show up and perform.”

He reached out and put his left hand behind my neck and then forced the fingers from his right hand past my lips and into my mouth. Holding me there he asked, “Are you my cocksucker?” I tried to say yes with a mouthful of fingers, “Say it, tell me you’re my cocksucker.” He commanded. I responded as best I could mumbling the words with his fingers in my mouth.

“Good boy”, he said shoving his fingers deeper into my mouth. “Seems we have some training to do so you know your place in this relationship. It might get a bit too noisy to do it here, so we’re going for a ride.” He said as he pulled his wet fingers from my mouth and then grabbed my cock and balls, squeezing them tightly. To my surprise, my cock was growing. His forcefulness was turning me on and I know he picked up on it too.

“You like being manhandled don’t you Steve, submitting to an alpha like me don’t you.”

“Yes, I do.”

“Well then, grab your coat and keys and let’s go for a ride.”

All I could do was nod yes as he released gaziantep escort his grip on my crotch. I went to the closet and grabbed my coat and headed for the door.

“Go start your car, I’ll be out in a minuet, I need to get my jacket.”

We left my room and I headed for the door to the parking lot while he went to his room. It was cool and damp out as I walked to my SUV and started it up, waiting for Kent to come out of the hotel. He came out of the hotel right away and I could see the bulge in his jeans as he walked towards my SUV smiling.

“Let’s go find a place to have some outdoor fun.” He said and with that, I headed out of town towards the hiking trail where I had met that other guy at.

“I know a good place that’s secluded not too far from here.” I told him not adding the fact that I had met a stranger there already and sucked his dick in my SUV.

As I drove out of town, Kent unbuckled his belt and pants and took his semi hard cock out and began stroking it. I kept glancing at his cock as I drove, trying to focus on the road while he played with his cock and balls. After a few minutes he reached over with his left hand and smeared his musky hand over my nose and then put his thumb into my mouth.

“Do you like the smell of my cock and balls Steve?” he asked.

“Yes Sir.” I said as I began to instinctively suck on his thumb. The smell of his musky balls and pre cum was strong and made my cock begin to twitch in my jeans. Glancing over at his growing cock, I could feel the familiar lust for cock growing stronger in my mind.

“Good Steve, now you said last night you wanted to be my on-call cocksucker, but you didn’t show up when I summoned you this morning. If you’re going to be my cocksucker, then you better show up right away when I decide to allow you to service me! Understood?”

“Yes Sir, I was in the middle of breakfast so I…” I tried to explain right as he slapped my mouth shut.

“I don’t want excuses cocksucker, your mouth is just a tool to serve my cock, I don’t give a fuck what you were doing, when I tell you to come suck me, you better show in less than 5 minutes, GOT IT?”

“Yes Sir, I understand.” I said solemnly as I turned off the road and headed up to the remote place I had gone before.

“Yeah, you’ll understand alright, especially after I correct your unresponsiveness this morning.”

I didn’t know what to think of that, I knew that he expected things to be a bit noisy which was why I was driving to a remote spot outdoors, but I had no idea what might be in store. I was thinking that maybe he was going to have his way with my ass, but I wasn’t sure. I did know that I was starting to feel that I may have gotten myself in too deep with this guy but was hoping I would just end up sucking his dick a lot and being fucked now and then as we had talked about.

Kent had put his semi hard cock away and had zipped up his jeans as we got to the turn off for the secluded place I had been before. It was off the main road quite a way and in a meadow on a bluff surrounded by trees. I parked the car and shut off the engine and looked over at Kent. He looked around and with a wry smile, he got out of the car and motioned for me to do the same. I followed him over to a large rock and he sat down, motioning me over to him. He reached up and I thought he was going to put his fingers into my mouth again but instead, he grabbed my ear and twisted it painfully while pulling me down. I winced in pain, groaning as he pulled me face down, over his knee. I struggled a little as he grabbed my hair and held me there.

“The more you resist, the more it’s going to hurt boy.” He said in a low growl as he smacked my ass with his right hand. “You’re gonna take everything I dish out today and learn your place faggot, so the sooner you submit, the sooner you’ll get rewarded with my cock. That’s what you want right boy? You want to be my cocksucker, right?”

“Yes Sir…” I gasped, “I just want to be your cocksucker, I’ll do a good job and won’t be late again, I promise.”

“You better, now, time to get started, you like being manhandled right Steve? That’s what you said last night…” he said as he reached under and removed my belt. He then pulled my arms behind my back and used my belt to bind my forearms together, preventing me from moving and he laid another hard smack on my ass, through my jeans as my body tensed up, over his knee.

“Every time you fuck up and don’t do as I say, I’m going to spank your ass hard enough to make you cry! You can scream and beg, but I won’t stop until there are tears rolling off your cheeks. You’re going to be my bitch and obey my every command!” he said into my ear, while pulling at the back of my jeans, pulling them down and exposing my ass.

“Yes sir, I understand.” I said as I felt to cool air on my now exposed ass cheeks, it felt soothing after being smacked and Kent began rubbing my ass and sliding his fingers into my crack, teasing my hole. I relaxed a little and was beginning to think the worst was over as he played with my ass. My cock began to grow and Kent felt it on his thigh. It was soon apparent that me becoming aroused was not part of his plan and in an instant, he smacked my ass with all his might five or six times in quick succession. I yelped out loud and his hand slapped my bare ass, stinging, tightening with each slap as the sound echoed through the empty woods.

“Today you are going to learn obedience. It was nearly 45 minutes from when I texted you this morning until you responded, and I came to your room. So now Steve, I’m going to spank your ass until you’re begging me to stop. Every time you don’t do as I say, you’re going to get a hard ass whipping.” He said.

“If you still want to be my cocksucker, you will agree to these rules. If you want to quit now that’s fine, we can end it here. But before you decide, know that your career with this company will be over!”

My head was spinning, what had I got myself into with this guy? I needed the job for sure, and I did enjoy sucking his cock, but submitting to the punishment was daunting… being smacked by this strong guy was really going to hurt based on what I had already received, but I really had no choice… after a long pause, I gave him my answer.

“I agree, I agree to your rules Kent.”

“I knew you would see it my way Steve, think of it as a great new beginning for you. This proves your place in the food chain, at the bottom, and you are about to become my property to use when I see fit.” He explained, “Think of this as your initiation… Are you ready Steve?

“Yes… I’m ready.” I said, steeling myself for what was to come.”

“That’s a good faggot Steve.” He said as I felt him reach down and fumble with his pants, undoing his belt. He told me to stand up and then removed my shoes and pulled my pants the rest of the way down and off. He then pulled my t-shirt over my head and back around my bound arms before sitting back down and motioning me to get over his knee again, while holding his thick leather belt in his hand.

I was cold, naked and bound in front of this man who was clearly about to spank me into servitude. I was nervous, but also strangely excited as I have always been turned on by being the submissive bottom type. I dropped to my knees and bent at the waist, over his knee and waited.

“That’s a good boy Steve.” He said as he rubbed and squeezed my cheeks, again, probing at my hole and squeezing my cock and balls. “This is turning you on isn’t it? I can tell, your cock is leaking.” He said as he wiped my pre cum on my ass.

He didn’t wait for my answer, and with his arm raised high, swung his belt down and onto my right cheek with a resounding slap! I nearly jumped off his knee and screamed out loud. My cheek stung and uncontrollably tightened.

“Count it out Stevie boy or I will start over.” He laughed.

“One” I said gasping.

The next blow went to my left cheek with a loud slap!

“Two” I grunted…

He whipped my right cheek again,

“Three” I blurted out…

And it continued. He kept whipping away at my stinging ass, alternating left and right while I counted each spanking. He stopped at 20 and squeezed my ass, it was on fire and his touch made it feel even worse it was so tender.

“Your little ass is getting red Stevie boy, I can see my belt prints on it. Stand up.” Slowly I stood, and my semi hard, leaking cock gave away my excitement despite the pain. I could also see the bulge in his pants showing that he was enjoying this more than me. He stood and pulled his cock out, slowly stroking it then forced me to my knees in front of him then began to rub his cock all over my face, spreading his pre cum over my lips and nose and smacking my face with his cock. I instinctively opened my mouth, hoping that we were done with the punishment and I could suck him off now, but he slapped me across the face with his hand saying,

“You don’t get this cock yet Fag, we are not done yet.”

He opened my mouth again with his fingers and then leaned down and spit in my mouth and again on my face before smearing it all over my face.

‘You’ve only earned my spit so far.” He laughed.

He turned me around and untied my arms which were aching by now after being tied back so long. Sitting back down on the rock, he told me to get into the wheel borrow position, me facing down with my hands on the ground in front, my thighs resting on his thighs, legs on either side of his torso. I got into position and he pulled me back further, spreading my legs and exposing my hole between my red ass cheeks. He continued kneading my red ass and teasing my hole with his thumbs before laying down several hard slaps in quick succession, causing my ass to flex and tighten, making each smack even more painful.

I was writhing in pain, my ass cheeks burning. I have always liked having my ass slapped and the thought of being spanked always turned me on, but this was something entirely different. I had no control and had agreed to fully submit to this man, he was physically re-enforcing the fact that he owned me, and I would be obedient of suffer even more.

He spit on my hole and I felt his thumb rubbing around my hole. Despite the pain in my cheeks, his thumb probing at me felt good and I opened up to him and let out a slight moan.

“Well, how about that Stevie, your ass is nice and red, and it must be stinging, yet you like me teasing your tight little pussy don’t you?”

“Yes… I do…” I moaned.

“Is that pussy as ready for dick as your mouth is faggot?” he asked loudly. “You want me to fuck that pussy, fill your fag hole with my swimmers, knock you up?”

“Ummmmmm I would love that, but… well, I’d want to make sure it’s nice and ready for you.” I said hoping he would go along and let me make sure it was nice and clean for a good hard fucking.

He reached down and picked up his belt and teased it over my cheeks and then, without warning, whipped my ass with his thick leather belt over and over. My ass cheeks tightened and spasmed as he whipped me so hard my eyes watered and I whimpered there, shouting and crying out…. I could barely breath it hurt so bad…

“Ahhhhhhhgh fuck” I gritted through my teeth… barely getting the words out, “Please…. Stop.” I cried feeling like my ass was on fire. “I’ll do anything Sir… Please stop.” I moaned, my eyes watering as he gave one last lash with his belt.

“Well boy, you said you would do anything, so from now on, I own your mouth and ass. You better hope your hole is ready, I’m going to fuck that boy pussy today and your gonna beg me for more, got it bitch?” He growled while whipping my ass one more time.

Nearly crying from the pain and whimpered “Yes Sir… I will do as you say.”

“Good” he said as he grabbed my ass and pushed me forward and off his thighs. My arms were so tired I crumbled to the ground at his feet as he stood up and told me to get on my knees in front of him. I did as I was told, kneeling on the cold, wet ground in front of him while my ass still burned in agony… I reached back and felt the welts on my cheeks, I could only imagine how red they were.

“Well Stevie boy, I guess you have earned some cock.” He said as he stepped forward, stroking his cock with one hand and still holding his belt with the other. I opened my mouth, tongue out, want to show him I was ready to serve his cock.

He slapped his cock on my face again and rubbed the growing tip over my lips. His cock was wet with pre cum as I hungrily licked and sucked at the tip. I parted my lips and took the head of his growing cock in my mouth, using my tongue on the underside of his glans, licking back and forth. I reached up to use my hands on his shaft and his smooth, low hanging balls only to receive a lash from his belt on my back.

“No hands faggot, only your mouth on my dick.” He grumbled. “You will keep your teeth off my dick too, even if I’m whipping your ass. GOT IT BOY!” he yelled.

I must have let my teeth touch his shaft which obviously didn’t please him. I did my best to mumble “I’m sorry Sir.” With his cock still in my mouth. With my hands on my knees, I continued to work his cock, sucking him, licking around the head and his shaft. He grabbed me by my hair and guided my head up and down on his cock, shoving it balls deep into my throat. I opened my throat and took his assault, noisily sucking, with my throat slime starting to ooze from the corners of my mouth off my chin.

After a while, his cock was rock hard and I could feel him getting thicker, and harder. He pulled his dripping cock from my mouth and grabbed my hair again and shoved my face to the ground. My ass was up in the air as he held my head down against the damp meadow floor, I could feel the dirt and grass sticking to my face as I tried to look up at him from one side.

“Stay just like that boy. Don’t even think of moving.” He said as he walked around behind me and took his pants the rest of the way off. He then kicked my knees apart, spreading my legs with his feet and stood behind me. I was face down in the grass, ass up, legs spread wide, my red, welted, ass cheeks and hole completely exposed when I felt his fingers probing my ass. He leaned down and spit on my hole again as he worked one, and then two fingers into my ass. He pushed them in knuckle deep, spitting on them, twisting them in and out. I could feel my hole begin to loosen, even as it tried to twitch shut as he invaded my ass.

He stood up behind me and told me to stay right were I was and not to move. “Keep that face down and ass up boy.” He said as he walked away behind me. I continued to kneel with my ass up in the air, exposed. Now feeling the cold air on my red ass and wet hole. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see he had gone to pick up his belt that he had left behind. He then went over to his clothes, searching for something… I remained there, naked on my knees with my chest and face on the meadow floor, not moving and not knowing what to expect next.

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