Complex Family Ch. 04


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The next few months were quite eventful for Brandon and Ashley. January brought the start of Ashley’s student teaching. Although it added some stress to their lives, it mostly brought joy. Ashley was an immediate hit with the teachers she worked with and Brandon continued to enjoy his work as he also continued to make a good impression.

February and March passed with little important news, although both certainly found their first Valentines Day together enjoyable. Brandon got a pleasant surprise when Katy and Mel flew in for his birthday in late March. He especially enjoyed the birthday treatment he got from the sexy trio.

After an uneventful April, May brought Ashley’s graduation and news that she was the unanimous choice by district, school, and her fellow teachers to replace the departing teacher whom she had student taught for.

June brought equally good news for Brandon. After completing a difficult project he was rewarded with a slight promotion and raise. It was the latter that helped him acquire a special item for Ashley he had been saving towards. So when it came time for her birthday in late July he was ready.

In a rather masterful plan he worked with Gina, Mel, and Katy to arrange a surprise party for Ashley. Not telling any of them that the real surprise was. He arranged for his brother to pick up Katy and Mel from the airport. He then organized a night out for him and Ashley.

When the day arrived, everything worked according plan. After he had departed with Ashley for their night on the town Gina arrived to begin organizing the party. While she did Jack picked up Katy and Mel. It seemed everything was well under way within an hour of their departure from the condo, at least that’s what the text updates he received told him.

Brandon’s part of the plan was to take Ashley to dinner and a play. After a nice dinner though Brandon, had apparently ‘accidentally’ ordered the play tickets for the wrong night. It seemed Brandon had mistaken an eight for a six, so they went home. When Brandon alerted Gina they were coming back he received a ‘need more time, stall’ in reply. Little did Gina know that things were exactly on schedule.

As they neared the condo Brandon made a detour to a local park. It was a nice night and the park was a favorite strolling spot of theirs. As they pulled up he could sense Ashley was suspicious, but she agreed to take a walk nonetheless.

They strolled for a while enjoying each other company and the summer evening air. Well maybe Ashley was, Brandon was collecting himself for the big moment that the whole night had been set around. When they reached a particularly scenic spot in the park Brandon directed her to a nearby bench.

“I apologize again for the mix up,” he said once they had sat down. “I don’t know how I missed that the date was wrong.

Ashley smiled and said, “Hey, don’t worry about it, at least we went two days too early, the other way around and we would have missed out.”

Brandon nodded in agreement before saying, “I’m sorry I just wanted to do something special for your birthday and I messed it up.” Ashley went to speak but Brandon stopped her and said, ‘No, wait, just let me finish okay?”

Ashley nodded and he continued, “I wanted today to be special because you are so special to me I wanted today to reflect just how much. I think I’ve loved you since the first moment I saw you back on that island in the Caribbean. Those feelings have only gotten stronger since then through our mutual love for each other. A few months back you said I was the man of your dreams, well I realized then that not only are you the woman of mine but that you are the love of my life. I now also know that together we can face anything life throws our way. So, that said I only have one thing to ask.”

Ashley gasped and Brandon got up and knelt before her, pulled out the ring box he had kept in his pocket all night, opened it, and asked, “Ashley Jane Wesson, will you marry me?”

Ashley’s eyes lit up and she immediately said yes in a joyful scream. Brandon put the ring on her finger, rose, and after pulling her to her feet, kissed his new fiancée. They quickly finished their walk both elated at their engagement. Brandon did not know what made him happier, the fact she had said yes, or the Ashley’s giddiness and permanent grin plastered on her face. She was so radiant in that moment that she seemed to light up the night sky. She seemed not to believe it had happened and kept glancing at the ring to make sure it was still there.

In no time they had reached the condo and it was time for Ashley’s second surprise of the night. Brandon was pleased that the plan had worked as she was just as surprised at the party as she had been with the ring. She was surprised at how many people Brandon had gathered, and with the fact that Katy and Mel were there.

“So, what took you guys?” Gina asked once the excitement had died down. “We were waiting here forever. Brandon when I said stall I meant a few minutes not over half an hour!”

“You want to tell her why we’re a little late xslot hon?” Brandon asked Ashley while trying to keep a straight face.

Ashley’s mile wide smile returned and she said, “Oh, I don’t know darling. I think she’ll figure it out on her own, won’t you? Sis?”

As she said the last word she held up her previously concealed left hand, displaying the new engagement ring for all to see.

Chaos broke out as squeals of delight and shouts of congratulations rushed seemingly simultaneously over the newly engaged couple. Not to mention the fact that Ashley was nearly tackled by a joyful Gina, Katy, and Mel.

After the excitement had died down and everybody had seen and praised the new ring, the celebration broke out. What had been intended as a birthday bash quickly turned into a combined birthday and engagement celebration. Brandon was also fairly sure that between Ashley, Katy, Mel, and Gina that the wedding planning had already begun before the night was over.

Even when the party was over and all the guests, but the two staying with them, had left the planning continued. Worn out and noting the girls were still way into their plans Brandon said good night and headed off to bed.

He had been lying there only a few minutes when someone entered the dark bedroom. A few seconds later Ashley’s naked form joined him under the covers.

Without saying a word she kissed him and after a long kiss said, “I love you so much darling and you made me the happiest woman in the world when you asked me to marry you. Thank you for everything today, it was special just like you wanted.”

Then after kissing him deeply again she said, “Now if you don’t mind I want to make love to you, my new fiancé. I’m so hot for you right now that…well…feel for yourself.” Ashley then grabbed his had and placed it between her inner thighs.

Brandon got the picture immediately as he felt the amount of moisture between them and the sheer heat emanating from her crotch. Brandon felt his dick instantly go to full attention and quickly removed his clothes.

He then began to make out with her as he rolled on top of her. Once on top with her help he pushed his rock hard shaft into the well lubricated hole. Overcome by lust both he and Ashley began to fuck hard and fast. Neither made it very long before the fiery lust burned off. As it left them, their love for each other seemed to simultaneously take them both over. Their fucking became slower, but yet each stroke was more powerful somehow. By the time they neared their orgasm the warmth of their love for each other had enveloped them. When they came together at last it was one of the most powerful feelings Brandon had ever had. Exhausted both fell fast asleep in each other’s arms.

The next day the pair was woken by a naked Katy and Mel slipping into bed with them. Brandon, surprised at the invasion asked, “Okay ladies, while I am always happy to be in bed with three beautiful naked ladies, I sense something is up here that I am missing.”

Katy smiled and said, “We are cashing in a rain check from last night.”

“I see, a rain check for what, may I ask?” Brandon asked puzzled.

“Why your new fiancée’s birthday sex of course.” Mel said.

Katy then finished the explanation, “You see your little surprise last night kinda derailed our plan as Ashley figured, and rightfully so I might add, that last night should be about you two. As a celebration of the new, more serious nature of your relationship. So we delayed the birthday sex from last night to this morning.”

“You wouldn’t be interested in helping us by chance?” Mel asked.

In response Brandon grabbed Ashley and rolled her so she lay on her back on top of him. He then held her to him as she tried to squirm lose. The move drew wicked grins from Katy and Mel as they took advantage of Ashley’s inability to move to tease her all over.

It did not take long for Ashley’s squirms to be of pleasure. Soon cries of ecstasy filled the air as Ashley’s two best friends pushed her over the edge of an orgasm.

As Brandon held her trembling body he felt a small hand playing with his hard cock and he heard Katy say, “Well, someone is ready to play and it would be a shame to waste this hard cock while our birthday girl’s pussy is looking so empty. I think an introduction is in order.”

Brandon then felt his cock being repositioned and he felt Ashley being lifted off his body. Soon his full length was buried in her warm depths. As he and Ashley worked together toward an orgasm, Mel and Katy resumed their teasing. Brandon slow fucked Ashley through at least a pair of her orgasm before they finally came together.

Katy and Mel laid down on either side of the pair and after Ashley had stopped shaking Brandon reached out with both hands. Locating the exposed pussies of Katy and Mel he began vigorously fingering them. Not long after both Katy and Mel came hard on his fingers and to his surprise Ashley immediately grabbed his wrists and brought the still soaked fingers to her mouth and licked the juices off of them.

When they had all finally gotten xslot Giriş up, dressed, and showered, they gathered around the table for a late breakfast. They were talking about plans for the weekend and it was during this that Mel delivered some news.

“If it’s alright Katy and I will be staying a few more days than planned. I have some business here this week.”

Brandon was puzzled but he said, “Of course, you two can stay as long as you need, what kind of business though if I may ask?”

Mel cleared her throat and said, “Job interviews, which was the other thing I wanted to tell you. Katy and I have discussed it and we feel that this living situation is just not working for us. So, I am currently looking for a position here in the Chicago area so we can move here permanently.”

Brandon looked at Ashley and said, “That’s great news Mel, and we’d love it to have you two closer.”

“I sense a but in there Brandon.”

“Yeah well I was just wondering why and what about Boston? Your life is out there.”

Mel thought and said, “To answer the first question I answer the second. The truth is there is very little in Boston that holds importance any more. The only family we have to speak of is my mom and although I’ll miss her, she’s managed to get on her feet again, and I can always visit her. Andy is out there too, but most of my interaction with her can be done over the phone.

“Which leaves my job, and while I’ll be giving up a good position out there, Chicago is a bigger city with far more opportunity. So long term I will come out ahead. Frankly I always figured I would have to move away from Boston sometime. If I am going to anchor us somewhere it might as well be here.

“As for why Chicago, you two are the biggest answer. As Katy said, you two are like family to us. I realized recently that the happiest the two of us have been by far was when you two were visiting that week of New Year’s.”

Brandon went to raise a question but Mel seemed to anticipate it and said, “And not just for the sex either. Although I have to admit you are a major help there, not only because you satisfy Katy, but it allows Katy easy access to a man without the long process we used before. We both trust you Brandon, I know that no harm will come to Katy when she is with you, quite the contrary actually, and for me that is a huge relief.

“We want to come here because of you two and your lives are here. Brandon, your whole family is here and Ashley, you just landed a great job. Besides, we’ve been here twice and Katy and I love the city. Especially the summers, it’s not too different from Boston weather wise, but just enough that it’s kind of pleasant.

“Quite simply when I look down the road in the long run it is clear to me that Katy and I will be much happier living here in Chicago near you two. It gives us the best chance of getting what we both dreamed for our lives. Something that until recently I was not sure was possible.”

Puzzled at the last statement Brandon asked, “What does that mean? What made your dreams impossible before? I’ve never known anything to keep either of you from what you want.”

To his surprise it was Katy that spoke, “Our dreams of a family, you see ideally Mel and I wanted each to have one child each.” She paused took a deep breath and said, “The hang up on that dream has always been that we wanted them to be half siblings, so we would need the same man to impregnate both of us.” Brandon did not see the problem but Katy said, “Last we want it done the natural way, no labs and test tubes.” Brandon now understood.

“So it is finding a candidate that both you and Mel would agree on as a father and agree to have sex with, that’s the problem.” Brandon said nodding.

“Yes,” Katy replied, “and another reason we want to come here is that a candidate who meets all of our requirements, and a few more I might add, is here. Which is important because we want the father to have some role in the kids lives and knowing him that won’t be an issue.” Then after a pause she took his hand and looking into his eyes said, “Will it Brandon?”

Brandon was floored as he looked into the Katy’s hopeful deep brown eyes. A small part of him knew she had been talking about him the whole time but hearing it was shocking.

“ME?!” He asked in disbelief more to fill the dead air. Breaking his gaze with Katy he looked back and forth between her and Mel for any sign they were joking.

As his eyes met Mel’s looking for answers she said, “Yes, Brandon, you. As far as Katy and I are concerned there is no one better. You’re going to be a great dad, even if it is part time, you certainly have good genes, you’re intelligent, and with you we know the conception will be a pleasurable experience.”

If Brandon had not seen Mel’s mouth moving he would not have believe it, Melissa Murphy, a well known man-hater, was asking him to be the father of her child.

When he recovered he said, “Ladies, I’m honored, really, this is a huge compliment, especially coming from you Mel. I think you will both make great moms and it would be my honor xslot Güncel Giriş to be a part of that, but…”

Ashley then cut him off finishing his thought, “I take first precedence, and as usual you won’t do this to me. The thing is Brandon it was mostly my idea. I told you months ago I want to have your children, but I see no reason why you can’t father Mel and Katy’s kids too. Look, in a few months you’ll be officially my husband and I your wife, but that does not mean our feelings for Mel and Katy will disappear. If anything this will bring us together more.”

Quietly Katy said almost pleading, “Brandon I want my baby to be conceived out of love, and although it’ll never be as strong as my love for Mel, or yours for Ashley, we share enough love for it to be special. Please at least think about it?”

Brandon sat thinking for a second before Mel said, “And we’re not looking to get pregnant today or anytime real soon. We need to get settled here and I need enough time at my job to get health insurance. Having a baby is pretty expensive and we’re looking to have two in two years. Not to mention we would prefer to avoid a summer baby if possible, and since I’m going first, it’ll be sometime next year before we even think about trying. Probably early springish.”

Then Ashley said, “Best make that late spring there Mel, otherwise you will be the obviously pregnant bridesmaid at the wedding.” Upon hearing that Brandon began to realize that Ashley was seriously okay with all this.

Making up his mind he got up and pacing the room said, “Okay then, since this was decided without me it seems, ladies you have a deal. As I said it will be my honor and I’m sure pleasure.”

Katy squealed with delight and nearly tackled him as she gave him a big hug and kiss. Mel too thanked him but in a much quieter way, but even though she remained calm he could sense that deep down somewhere she too was glad he had agreed, and not just the part that cared about Katy.

When he got his breath back he said, “One thing though ladies,” he said and leveling his gaze at Mel, “I will not be a sperm donor here only. I want to be involved, exactly what that means we will decide together as the time gets closer.”

“We wouldn’t have it any other way.” Mel and Katy said together.

Then Katy kissed him on the cheek and said, “And that is the reason it’ll be my honor to have your child. The world needs more people like you Brandon.”

Brandon chuckled and said, “Oh yeah, because I am the model of a responsible man. I cheat on my fiancée with two other women and just agreed to get them pregnant.”

“I don’t see it as cheating darling,” Ashley said, “The four of us just have a complex relationship. The nice thing about this is it will truly make us family, because through you and the kids you father we will all be connected.”

“Yeah which is one of the things I worry about with this, should there be a falling out between either you and I or Katy and Mel the kids will pay the price. This situation is easy right now because we can walk away at anytime. Once we add these proposed kids it becomes impossible.”

Mel then smiled and said, “Brandon we survived two months on an island without killing each other. We can survive anything after that.”

After that they cleaned up the dishes and the subject was not brought up for the rest of Mel and Katy’s time there. The four friends enjoyed the rest of the weekend together and Brandon had to admit that Mel had a point as he too was happier with Mel and Katy around. He looked forward to when they moved here.

On that front Mel’s interviews were mixed. Some were really impressed with her, others no so much. Mel revealed to Brandon that it was a step down no matter where she went both pay wise and position wise.

She shrugged it off though saying, “You make sacrifices for a family though, and it’ll be easier to get the maternity time if I’m not high up and critical to everyday operations. As I said though in the long run I’ll come out ahead.”

It would be a few weeks before Mel heard back on some of her positions so he did not expect the big move to occur before September. It seemed that until Mel and Katy did move that Ashley and Brandon would be seeing a lot of them. Mel, for interviews, and Katy because she was the maid-of-honor and self appointed wedding planner.

Brandon was glad that Katy had volunteered her help because without her the early June wedding they had planned would have been impossible. As on top of Ashley’s first full school year and the extra classes the district had required she take, planning a wedding would have been too much. It was going to be a busy ten months for all of them, but especially for Ashley.

The night before Mel and Katy went back to Boston, Katy made a request during that night’s sex session. Brandon had just finished fucking Ashley when, after sucking him hard, Katy had Brandon straddle her stomach. When he was in position Katy pressed her large boobs together around his shaft and told him to beginning thrusting. Understanding right away Brandon gladly titty fucked the busty blonde. He was rather surprised that it took nearly a year to do this. The feel was like nothing else he had felt despite having just fucked Ashley it did not take long for Brandon to cum. When he did it sprayed all over Katy’s smiling face.

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