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Mandy Wilson sat in the passenger seat as her mother Carol followed the Pickfords lorry out of London. “Oh for heaven’s sake cheer up,” exhaled Carol. “We’re going and that’s all there is to it.”

The words merely made her daughter slouch lower in the seat and fold her arms ever more tightly across her chest. “You’re worse than a little kid sometimes,” added Carol.

Mandy replied with a snarl.

The reason for Mandy’s disquiet had been set in motion six months ago when her mother announced to her only child that boyfriend Alan had asked her to move in with him – in Devon, some 250 miles away. “Mum, you can’t leave me here on my own,” Mandy had protested.

Carol’s hesitation spoke volumes. “Um, look honey, I’ve put the house on the market,” the older woman replied. “When it’s sold either you can come with me or you can find a flat to rent locally. You are eighteen, after all Mandy.”

Mandy’s face dropped. Find a flat to rent? Fend for herself? She’d barely lifted a finger around the house in her time. This was all too much to take. She cried for days, whilst plotting an alternative to moving to Devon.

It never came to fruition and it was inevitable therefore that when Carol eventually moved, Mandy would go with her. With her friends all that distance away it felt like eighteen years had just been wiped off. She’d sobbed her heart out for hours on end and this had to be the worst day of her life.

“All that sea air will do you the world of good,” mused Carol from the driver’s seat, eliciting a darker scowl from her grumpy daughter.

Quite frankly, she’d heard them all before – a hundred times over. “You’ll soon make new friends.” “In six months time you’ll forget you ever lived in this horrible city.” “You don’t know till you’ve tried it.”

Her mother had the monopoly on clichés.

All Mandy could think of was how much she’d miss her friends, the local lads, the trendy nightclubs and boutiques and a way of life she’d gotten accustomed to. “You’re so damned selfish, mother,” she mumbled under her breath.

“Oh I’m the selfish one, am I? Blah, blah, blah…”

Quickly Mandy turned off. She’d heard enough. She hated the woman for doing this. Six months maximum and Mandy was coming back to London, to live on the streets if need be. That’d teach the selfish cow.

Carol had heard those kinds of retorts too, a hundred times over. “If you spoil this for me, Mandy, I’ll never forgive you.”

Why oh why hadn’t her mother found some nice local guy after dad died? Although it was the same country it felt like the other side of the world and it might as well be.

“Alan says Toby has a computer. I’m sure he won’t mind you keeping in touch with your friends.”

Mandy issued a scowl. MSN was as pale an imitation of the real thing as Mandy’s complexion. Best described as a goth, she was raven haired and pallid of face, a sun dodger. She wore a ring through her nose, a stud in her chin and had a tattoo of an eagle on her shoulder blade and a dagger close to her appendix.

Despite everything, Mandy was a pretty girl, with high cheekbones, hazel eyes full of expression and a wonderful little heart-shaped mouth. In another life she could easily have been a model. Blessed with a sizeable bosom, it was made to look even fuller on a slender figure. Her bum was peachy and nutcracker tight, not that she wore the sort of clothes to show it off, her outfit of choice uniformly black like the robes of a high priestess or jeans and a Foo Fighters’ t-shirt.

“I’m sure you and Toby will get along fine,” added Carol, eliciting a curl of the lip.

Alan’s son Toby was twenty-one, a high achiever at university who Mandy had come to despise with a passion. Every time she and her mother got into a row, which was often in the current climate, poker oyna Toby’s successes and her failures were thrown back in her face. It wasn’t her fault she’d not been able to settle in a job. All employers were prejudiced.

She’d met Toby just the once, at a Christmas get together. She went into it hoping to hate him and was not to be disappointed. He was arrogant, snobby, opinionated and self-centered. Worse, he actually tried to be nice to her. To Mandy it sounded like he was talking down. Clean cut, clean shaven and clean mouthed, he was all the things Mandy despised. Being aturally blond and a techno-geek made her hate him even more. They were not so much from different circles as different stratospheres.

* * *

The convoy’s arrival in Devon was greeted by Alan, a kiss for Carol and a nod of the head for Mandy. She knew he had no time for her. That was perhaps the one redeeming factor of the upheaval. And she planned to get a whole lot worse till he snapped. Maybe then her mother would see him for what he was: an arrogant millionaire. Mandy screwed up her nose. Why did wealth come to those who deserved it least?

Mandy lugged her bits and pieces up to her new room and buried herself away like a tortoise in hibernation. An hour in and already she hated the place.

* * *

Yet surprise, surprise, the first week in Devon wasn’t too unbearable. Alan seemed to be making an extra effort to be civil and her mother had somehow miraculously refrained from asking if she was enjoying it here or any other maternal cliché for that matter.

It helped that the rest of the time she and Alan were fucking each others’ brains out and thus leaving Mandy to her own devices.

Venturing from the sanctuary of the bedroom, Mandy wandered through the patio doors and into the garden, instantly disgusted to find her mother on her knees administering a blowjob. Alan was ruffling her hair and groaning and the whole thing looked sordid. But instead of turning on her heels she found herself rooted to the spot, strangely captivated.

Almost subconsciously the teenager’s hands magnetised inside the jeans and to her wet and throbbing pussy which she proceeded to rub with relish. It dawned on Mandy, as she masturbated guiltily, that if it had been two months for her mother it was at least double that for her, since that bastard Duncan had dumped her. Try as she might – and there was no more a turn-off than watching one’s own mother suck her boyfriend’s dick – Mandy couldn’t look away. Nor could she exorcise the craving for cock for cock of her own. Precious little chance in this godforsaken backwater, she thought.

The girl almost jumped out of her skin as a voice behind issued a hearty greeting. Quickly unplugging her fingers, conscious of the stench of pussy on the air, Mandy pursed her lips in greeting to Toby. “How are you finding things down here?” he said in the plummy accent she despised, slinging the well laden carry bag off his shoulder.

She’d forgotten he was back from university for the summer, annoying that her peace and quiet was probably now going to be shattered. Doubtless he’d try to win her favour with bike rides and barbecues, and generally being nice until he realised he was wasting his time.

As Toby edged closer he seemed to sniff at the air, causing Mandy to blush most profusely. She could smell her fingers, coated in her cunt honey. “Oh they’re not are they?” Toby observed, casting an eye into the garden.

Mandy couldn’t help but smile, the state of semi-arousal unnerving. At the same time, being virtually caught masturbating was intensely thrilling. Toby headed upstairs with a grin.

Five minutes later the shower was in full flow and Mandy was stretched out on her bed in the adjacent room. For some reason her mind was beset with images canlı poker oyna of Toby and her together, the pair in the shower, his octopus hands soaping her expansive breasts, her back pressed into his strong chest. She could feel his cock as it dug at her pussy, nudging itself inside. No, no, no, her brain argued. Yes, yes, yes, her pussy argued back. Moments later Mandy experienced the most intense orgasm she’d ever experienced through digital stimulation alone. God that felt good and God did she need cock.

Early evening arrived and Carol and Alan announced they were going into town to eat, leaving Mandy and Toby to fend for themselves. After an hour alone in front of the TV, a quiet break caused Mandy’s attention to focus upstairs. She was sure she could hear Toby talking and laughing. Yet he was alone up there.

Creeping upstairs, careful to avoid the creaky steps, Mandy came to hover at his door. “Yeah, yeah mate I know,” she heard him say.

Easing the door open a crack, she craned around to see. Toby was sat looking at his pc, a big smile on his face. Mandy could make out a face on the screen, a male one unless she was very much mistaken. My God, he’s gay, was her first thought. “Yeah, I can’t wait,” said Toby who seemed to be addressing the person on the screen.

“Hey man, me neither,” came the reply, the accent foreign, Latin American perhaps.

As Mandy focussed she could see a coffee complexioned male of roughly the same age as Toby on the screen. He was naked from the waist up, with chiselled features and a mop of Sideshow Bob hair.

Curious, Mandy pushed the door open a little further, betrayed by a telltale creak. Before she could hotfoot it away, Toby turned around with a questioning eye. Mandy had no option other than to manufacture a lie. “Um, hi Toby…I was, um, I was wondering if I might use your computer when you’ve finished. Mum keeps hassling me to find a job.”

Toby smiled. “Sure, I won’t be long.”

“Hey man who’s the chick?” enquired the face on the screen.

Toby gestured her over and Mandy ambled in self-consciously. “Raph, meet Mandy. Mandy, this is my mate Raphael. He’s from Brazil.”

“Um, hi Raphael,” Mandy replied to the screen.

“Hi sexy lady,” came the response, causing Mandy to blush.

She ran an appreciative eye over the pleasantly muscled and tanned Brazilian. Raphael appeared to do the same and Mandy felt a gorgeous little tingle deep in her loins. It seemed ages since a boy had done that.

“Look, I’ve got to go,” said Toby to his friend.

“Awww, okay man,” replied Raphael. “Hey Mandy do you have time to speak to a lonely guy?”

Toby smiled, standing to allow her to take precedence at the screen. “Hi,” she said, sitting down.

“I’ll leave you to it,” Toby whispered.

An hour later Mandy was still chatting, captivated by the onscreen Adonis. Naturally the conversation had taken a turn for the more intimate and tattoos had been exchanged, Mandy revealing the pair on her upper back and waist, Raphael the tiger that adorned his back and the raven on his upper thigh. That meant shifting his shorts a little, a hint of cock unveiled, just very the top of the shaft. However, Mandy could see it was thick and her eyes followed all the way down inside his shorts. Oh God yes it was big, big and meaty. Mandy couldn’t help but get turned on. What a shame he was on the other side of the earth. “Is there anything else you’d like to show me?” she giggled unashamedly, forgetting herself.

Raphael seemed to know exactly what she meant, exhibiting a huge grin. “Only if you show me yours, pretty lady,” he teased.

Mandy hadn’t noticed Toby move up to the door, just as the conversation turned blue. He watched as she flirted with his friend, nursing a huge erection. When she smiled Mandy internet casino was hot. He hadn’t noticed it before. The mirror on the wardrobe framed Mandy’s body, allowing the perfect all round view. “What do you mean?” she asked coyly.

Raphael raised his eyebrows. “Show me your titties.”

At the door, Toby caught his breath. Surely she wouldn’t, would she?

With a chuckle, Mandy reached down and lifted the t-shirt up her ribcage. With a heave it exposed her bra-clad bosom. It was an awesome cleavage, the weighty mammaries bouncing seductively inside a lacy cream coloured cage.

“Oh baby,” cooed the breathless Brazilian. “Squeeze them for me.”

Toby watched mouth agape as Mandy’s face in the mirror took on a ponderous expression. There was no way she’d do that, was there? “You mean like this?” she mouthed, pressing the sides and wiggling seductively.

They very nearly spilled from the overwrought bra, jiggling like blancmanges. The nipples had inflated to press at the lacy front and looked like they too craved to escape. Toby could barely believe his eyes.

In response, Raphael tugged down his shorts to reveal a semi-hardness that made Mandy lick her lips. “Stroke it for me, Raph,” she heard herself saying.

Raphael reached for his cock – and he wasn’t the only one. Stood in the shadow of the door, Toby had his eyes glued to Mandy’s melons and the overwhelming urge for stimulation.

“Take your bra off,” Raphael commanded from the screen.

Compliantly Mandy obeyed, her lovely big breasts spilling out. For tits so big there was precious little sag. They looked so soft and malleable and it was all Toby could do not to barge in and ravish her. At the same time she hoisted clear her t-shirt to sit topless in front of the computer screen, her breath racing.

As Raphael teased his manhood it began to crank up until she could see the underside. His gaze locked upon her quivering breasts Raphael began to play with himself for Mandy’s delectation. Her eyes bulged as it grew and grew…and grew! It must have reached ten inches before finally it stopped expanding. Mandy licked her lips as she rolled her nipples between thumb and forefinger. She wanted a cock like that inside her. Toby looked down at his own six inches, feeling a little overshadowed, but horny as hell.

“Oh baby, you’re so hot,” growled the excited Brazilian.

“So are you,” Mandy responded throatily, the overriding urge to touch herself too hard to bear.

And that was without coaxing from the man on the screen whose eyes were slits as his fist blurred.

In the doorway, Toby could hardly believe what he was witnessing. He needed to run to the toilet to gather up a large swab of loo roll for the explosion that was about to take place. Watching and wanking as Mandy unzipped her jeans and placed a hand inside, he thought this must be some delicious dream. Modesty dictated that she didn’t go the whole way, which was okay, the promise of what was to come more than enough for now. Her knuckles vibrated as her fingers plunged in and out, her breath staccato.

As Raphael cried out and shot his load all over the screen, Mandy worked her clit into a frenzy. The resultant orgasm was earth shattering, easily surpassing the earlier one and she passed out for a brief moment.

At the same time, the front door downstairs heaved open and she heard the words: “Hi kids, we’re home.”

As Toby scuttled off unseen to the bathroom, Mandy wrestled on her clothes and issued a breathless farewell to the man on the screen. Raphael blew her a kiss and was gone, the screen going dark.

* * *

That night Mandy lay in bed reliving every precious moment. A third orgasm ranked up there with the best and she slept snugly thereafter. Perhaps life in Devon wasn’t going to be so quite so bad after all.


Thank you for reading. This is intended as a pilot for what could become a short series, if interest is sufficient. Your comments, suggestions and even encouragement are most welcome.

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