Connecting with Amber


The firm I work for is small and rewards it’s staff well. Because of this most people don’t leave, they are “lifers”. For me this means that most of my coworkers are over 50. Being 32, there isn’t really a social side to work, no lunches, after work drinks…nothing.

So when Amber started with the company I was over the moon. She worked upstairs in the accounts department, we slowly become friends as we were the only people in the firm around the same age. We went out to lunch together most Fridays and occasionally went out for a drink after work.

Amber played hockey at a high level and had an incredible little body. 5 foot 4 of tanned toned symmetry. Her face was gorgeous, straight black hair framing stunning green eyes and full pouted lips. The guys in the office all lusted after her and were mesmerized by her rack. They weren’t huge, C cups at most, but they were set high on her frame, perky and filled out anything she wore creating that sexy curve down to her flat stomach. But for me her best asset was lower, her ass, hips and thighs were perfect.

All that running around on the hockey field bent over somehow made her toned without losing any curves. Every casual Friday lunch, she, like most of the office wore jeans and I would be hypnotized following her, watching that ass move, stretching that denim in all the right places.

At first our lunches were pretty standard corporate affairs, we would talk about mainly boring stuff and swap gossip from around the office. After a few months she started telling me more about her private life and this mainly revolved around how bored she was out of work.

She had been with her high school boyfriend for over 10 years and I got the feeling things were stale between them. I listened and said things I thought were appropriate and supportive. As the weeks went on it became clear that she wanted more from her partner who spent all his free time on his computer.

At last weeks lunch things became interesting. Once we finished eating she looked me in the eye.

“Damian, do you watch porn on your computer at home?”

This took me completely off guard and not wanting to look flustered I answered more quickly and honestly than I wanted.

“Sure, sometimes, why do you ask?”

“I found porn on Darren’s computer a few weeks ago.”

Then she paused and looked like she was going to leave it at that before continuing.

“I don’t understand, he has been watching all these dirty porn movies and obviously gets off on it. But…”

She paused again for a long while looking down at the table, then looked up at me and said quietly,

“But in bed he doesn’t want to do anything like that. We have only ever done the missionary position.”

I tried to keep a poker face at this point but my mind raced and inwardly I was thinking what an idiot Darren must be to have a girlfriend with an ass like that and not fuck her doggy style. Then she asked,

“Is that normal?”

“Well its not normal for me, I like to do a lot more than missionary. But everyone has their own tastes.”

She considered this for a while then flashed her eyes and smiled.

“So your a dirty boy then?”

“Well I am compared to Darren.”

We both laughed shaking off the awkwardness that had built up. Then she asked.

“So what turns you on?”

I was getting turned on thinking of fucking that perfect ass doggy style and tried to change the subject.

“Ill go and pay the bill.”

“Oh no you don’t, sit back down.”

She flicked her hair pouting then said,

“Pleeease tell me.”

This was playing dirty, the look in those eyes broke me down and when I sat back down her pout turned into a smile and she stared at me intently. I didn’t want to dive into anything too dirty straight away encase she thought I was some sort of pervert.

“Well i’m a total sucker for lingerie. A hot girl in sexy lingerie with thigh highs always works for me.”

She beamed at this.

“What else?”

“Well I like pretty much everything really, oral, different positions…”

She interrupted,


“Sure, I love ass.”

She smiled and said.

“Oooh Damian, you are a dirty boy. All that porn on Darren’s computer was anal stuff, but i’ve asked him before and he doesn’t want to.”

At this point my poker face broke as my mind reeled thinking what an idiot Darren was and what it would be like to ass fuck Amber. It certainly was not the first time id thought about it. All that came out my mouth was,

“What a fucking idiot.”

She smiled knowingly then started giggling and blushed a little. I knew she knew what I was thinking and it was driving me crazy, I was hard as a rock. Then to my amazement she asked,

“Does Janet like you fucking her ass?”

I had been lucky with my girlfriends including Janet, most of them were open to trying most things in the bedroom. But two things I never got and always fantasized about were anal and deep throat. None of my girlfriends had really let me fuck their kartal escort asses. They had tried but it had hurt them before we could really get started. Deep throating was much the same, the choking and gagging was too much for them. I’m 6 foot 4 and have a 7 and a half inch cock but the problem was more the girth than the length.

I was turned on and thought fuck it, ill just be honest.

“I’ve got a big cock and it has hurt my girl friends so i’ve never got that much of it.”

She look flustered and I thought I might have gone to far but then she looked up at me and smiled.

“Your a guy, what can I do to get Darren to try it with me?”

“Why don’t you buy some lingerie and dress up for him? Maybe you could watch some anal porn with him?”

She seemed to really like my advice.

“Thanks Damian, you wont tell anyone about this will you?”

I assured her that I wouldn’t and then we paid and left.

On the walk back to the office we passed by a lingerie store. Amber stopped outside then looked at me and asked,

“Damian would you help me choose something?”

I knew it was a bad idea but the thought of picking out lingerie with Amber was too much so I smiled and followed her into the store. Once inside she said,

“I’m going to have a look around, if you find something you think will work let me know.”

I walked around a bit then found a matching set that was straight out of one of my fantasy’s. A tiny pleated tartan mini skirt with a lacy black g string with matching bra. Included were a set of black fishnet thigh high stockings with black lacy tops. Standing there imagining it on Amber’s hot little body had me rock hard again. Suddenly Amber was standing beside me so close that I could smell her perfume then she leaned against me with her hips and said,

“Oooh is this what you like dirty boy?”

I shuffled a little trying to hide my hard cock.

“I think its hot.”

She looked down at my strained jeans, then looked up at me smiling,

“I can tell….”

I was really embarrassed but all I could do was smile. Making things worse she moved around in front of me having a good look at the bulge. It really surprised me how shamelessly she was checking out my package which made me even harder. After a few seconds I said,

“Um… Amber…”

She was still staring at my bulge, then looked up at me bashfully,


Motioning down at my bulge she said,

“Its a bit distracting.”

I couldn’t believe how open she was being with me. I started to relax and as my embarrassment went away I realized how turned on this was making me. Before I knew what I was doing I reached down and moved my cock trying to relieve the pressure against my jeans.

I saw he eyes open wider and it urged me on more. I reached down again but this time purposely pushed my jeans around my cock so its shape was clearly visible. I saw her swallow and couldn’t help a little chuckle. She looked up at me and said,

“I thought you might have been exaggerating before…but it is…big.”

I smiled wide and handed her the lingerie set, she looked at it and then asked,

“Do you think it will look good on me?”

“Anything in here will look hot on you.”

“Thanks Damian, but don’t you think that g string will make my bum look…big?”

At this she turned so her back was facing me, put her hands on her hips and arched her back. Then she looked over her shoulder down at her ass. Now I was staring and I wondered if she was purposely getting her own back. Her ass stuck out from the curve of her back at the perfect angle, high and round.

“Amber, your ass is perfect, you should show it off with g strings.”

She beamed over her shoulder at me,

“Thanks, I don’t normally wear them because i’ve got a big bum. I’m always trying to work it off for Darren, he thinks its fat.”

I just shook my head in disbelief. I couldn’t take my eyes off her ass.

“I wouldn’t change a thing, girls would kill for an ass like yours.”

“Really? Your just saying that?”

“No chance, don’t listen to Darren. Guys don’t like tiny butts, we like curves…like yours.”

With that she half skipped to the checkout with her new purchase. Walking back to the office she had a confidence and spring in her step I hadn’t seen before which made me smile.

Going up the elevator back at the office I was still hard thinking about her in that getup, when it stopped at my floor I said goodbye but before I could step out she put her arms around my neck and hugged me saying,

“Thanks so much Damian. I really mean it.”

Then she learnt against me and I could feel her against my hard cock. I felt her hesitate and I was about to pull away when she pushed back into me. Then she smiled and looked up at me. We moved apart and I walked off to sit uncomfortably at my desk for the rest of the afternoon.

I thought about Amber all weekend and jumped Janet 3 times a day. She didn’t know what kaynarca escort had gotten into me.

The following Monday I got an email from Amber asking if I was free for lunch. I replied yes and we agreed to meet in the lobby at 1.

When I got out of the lift in the lobby I could see her looking out of the main door. She was wearing heels with a pair of tight black pants. They were low cut and hugged her hips and ass. On top she had on a tightly fitted white cotton shirt. I had never seen her wear anything that tight before and had to fight to not get hard.

We started walking to a Japanese restaurant and I took every opportunity to check out her ass. It looked even hotter than usual, with each step it bounced perfectly back with just the right amount of jiggle. I was looking for a pantie line when she looked over her shoulder and caught me cold. She just smiled back at me and I found myself getting hard again.

We sat down and ordered then she said,

“It didn’t work.”

“What didn’t work.”

“The lingerie. I dressed up for Darren and when he walked in the room he said he wasn’t in the mood like usual. Then he went back to his computer and probably watched more porn.”

She looked genuinely upset about it.

“Amber I am going to be honest with you, you are smoking hot. Every guy in the office dreams about you. If Darren doesn’t want you its a problem with him, not you.”

This cheered her up and she thanked me for saying such nice things about her then we ate our lunch. When we were finished she looked at me sheepishly and said,

“Damian, what you said about the guys at the office….do you….think about me like that?”

I tried to think quickly about a tactful answer and failed.

“Amber I don’t want you to be uncomfortable around me but to be honest its hard not to check you out. Your ass drives me crazy.”

She looked at me and slowly bit her bottom lip before smiling back at me and saying,

“I caught you looking before. After what you said on Friday I went out and bought some g strings. Now I like the way my bum looks in them. Can you tell i’m wearing one?”

“Yeah, your ass looks even hotter.”

“Thanks.” she smiled

“They make me feel…sexy.”

“Well when you caught me before, I was trying to get a glimpse.”

“You really want to see?”

The way she said it was a real tease, I could feel my heart beating faster.

“Fuck yes.”

She smiled half blushing then stood up, walked around our table and slid into the bench seat to sit next to me. She sat forward on the seat so her ass was near the front of the seat then put her elbows on the table and leaned forward.

She turned her head sideways to look at me and flicked her hair over her shoulder. Then with smoldering eyes she arched her back, her shirt pulled up showing her bare back and the top of her pants. I couldn’t take my eyes off her ass and back.

Then she hesitated and started to straighten up. I heard myself say,

“Don’t stop baby.”

I couldn’t believe I had said it and started to panic, why did I call her baby? For fucks sake what an idiot. But then to my amazement she bit her bottom lip and while keeping her back arched slowly slid her ass towards the back of the seat. With each inch her ass traveled along the seat her pants were slowly dragged lower and lower. A lacy bright blue waistband appeared and slowly more and more was revealed.

I was rock hard and my eyes were glued to her. Just when I thought the whole waistband would be exposed and I would see her g string she stopped pushing her ass backwards on the seat.

My heart was pounding and I found I was holding my breath. I thought she was hesitating again but when I finally managed to take my eyes off her panties and looked back at her she was watching me intently. Then after a few seconds looked over her shoulder at her ass and slowly started sliding her ass backwards again. I heard myself say,

“Fuck baby.”

I focused back on her ass. Slowly her bright blue lacy waistband broke free from her pants. I moaned involuntarily as I saw the top of her tanned ass framed between her g string and her pants. As she slid further and further back I watched the lacy V fold deeper and deeper into her ass.

When her ass finally hit the back of the seat about half of her g string was showing. Then as if she was reading my mind she leaned even lower and arched her back more.

Her ass really popped out and I could see her g string disappear between her firm ass cheeks. She stayed like that for a good 20 seconds before sitting up straight and rearranging her pants.

I was so hard it almost hurt and my heart was pounding. She looked at me, then the bulge in my pants as a large smile appeared on her face. She asked in a sweet innocent voice,

“Is that what you wanted to see?”

All I blurted out was,

“Mmmm, yeah.”

“Do you like my new g string?”

It was then that I saw that she was enjoying herself, possibly kozyatağı escort even more than I was. She was reveling in her ability to turn me on and I could tell she was seeing how far she could push me before getting a reaction.

I looked down at the my cock straining against my pants and said,

“Amber, I think you can see how much I like it.”

She was staring at my bulge and said,

“Amber? What happened to baby?”

I felt my cheeks burn and wanted to disappear. She laughed for a while then said,

“Soooo do you like it or not?”

“Yes I like it, your ass looks amazing in it. I’m going to be thinking about it for weeks, actually more than thinking…”

I saw her eyes flash when I said that. I don’t know if it was because I was so turned or because she had teased me about the baby thing but before I could stop myself I said,

“It makes me want to bend you over and pull that g string to the side.”

She looked away and I started to panic again but then I saw she was breathing hard and rubbing her legs together. I convinced myself that the dirty talk was turning her on.

“You want to be fucked like that don’t you?”

She wriggled in her seat and nodded then whispered,


She suddenly looked back at me, right into my eyes. She looked so hot I almost came in my pants. There was so much going on behind those green eyes.

My cellphone rang breaking the moment, it was Janet. I instantly felt guilty and answered it, we talked about dinner that night for a few minutes then I hung up. I decided I would cool things off before they got out of control. I had never cheated on anyone and didn’t want to hurt Janet.

I got up and paid the bill and we headed back to the office with me avoiding any flirting. I could tell Amber felt the change in me and thought that would be it.

We walked back to the office and got into a full lift. I was at the back with Amber standing in front of me. As the lift starting rising she stretched her arms above her head, I couldn’t help looking down as her shirt rid up her back.

Then she pressed her ass back into me. It took every bit on control I had not to make a sound as her firm ass pressed back against my cock. She then arched her back and ground into me with more force.

I was instantly hard and was fighting not to grab her ass, it didn’t seem like I was cheating on Janet if I didn’t contribute. The lift stopped at the 7th floor and half the lift emptied but she didn’t move, she kept her ass pushed against my cock, moving up and down every so slightly.

As the lift starting moving up again she put her hands on her sides holding her shirt up and slid her fingers down her hips, she hooked her index fingers inside her pants and pulled up her lacy blue g string.

I could feel pre come running out of my cock as I watched her hitch up her g string for me. Then she really pushed back into me hard, and ground her ass up my hard cock dragging her pants down a little more. I could see my trouser bulge sliding up and down the V of her g string, my cock parting her ass cheeks.

The lift stopped again and the rest of the passengers got out, she just stayed there pressed back onto me. When the doors shut she looked back at me with a half smile and mouthed baby. My mind was racing I wanted to touch her so badly but knew it was wrong of me. The lift stopped at my floor and she spun around putting her hands on my chest.

“Thanks for lunch. We should do it again tomorrow.”

I moved towards the door and left with an uncomfortable silence. I spent that afternoon hard as a rock. When I got home I had to release all the sexual tension so had a shower and a wank. After that I decided that I would avoid Amber for as long as I could.

The next morning I got an email from Amber asking about lunch. I replied saying that I was snowed under and couldn’t make it and also avoided going to the accounts department encase I ran into her.

On Wednesday I made another excuse not to have lunch and she replied back asking if everything was OK. I said it was but that I was really busy.

She emailed me 4 more times, I told myself I was too busy and ignored them.

That afternoon I went to lunch room to get a drink. I heard the door open behind me and turned around to see Amber staring at me. Her hair was up in a pony tail and she was wearing a grey business dress. It was very tight showing her hips curve up to her tiny waist then flaring out again to her bust. The dress finished well above the knee and she was wearing sheer black stockings with black heels. She was dressed far sexier than I had ever seen her and was stuck drinking the image of her in when she said,

“Too busy for lunch huh?”

“Yeah, sorry.”

“Do you like my new outfit? I bought it yesterday.”

This was the kind of thing I was trying to avoid but couldn’t help being honest.

“You look amazing, must be driving those bean counters wild up there.”

She smiled and said,

“I didn’t wear it for them Damian.”

I was getting turned on again and knew I needed to leave,

“I’m really busy, I better get back to my desk.”

I started heading for the door when she moved towards me saying,

“Have I done something wrong? Why are you avoiding me?”

“No, i’m not.”

I kept walking towards the door. She said,

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