Controlling My Boyfriend Ch. 03

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Samantha has just arrived in her typical dark clothing, which always leaves far too much to the imagination of what’s hidden beneath, and she has excused herself to pee. As much as I wish we could get things moving in the direction I want from them, she is not her brother and I can wait a little longer. Had she been as easily to manipulate, I know I would have had them both long before now.

There is a large glass of the rum cocktail ready for her and there is more than enough to get her very drunk without having to refill it. Despite the cold outside, it is more than warm enough inside to enjoy a cold drink. The toilet is flushing and I make my next move.

As she opens the door I pass her and our bodies press together purposefully, which forces me to hide my smile as I say, “My turn. Your drink’s on the coffee table. Won’t be but a minute.”

I am closing the door as she says, “Thanks again.”

I call back, “Don’t mention it, Samantha.”

There is no urge for me to release my mostly empty bladder, but there is something I must do in this room that is very important. I open the cabinet under the sink and pull out the stapon with the seven inch black dildo attached. It is placed in the sink where it cannot be missed against the white background and all I need to do is wait for her to have to pee again. It won’t take as long as one might think, considering the rum has a tendency of going right through her and there is a lot of rum in that glass.

I check myself in the mirror to ensure my dark nipples can be seen pressing through my white shirt and am happy that I have forgone wearing a bra of any kind. My white skirt is a little longer than what I was wearing earlier and am able to hide my lack of panties until I decide otherwise. From all appearances, this is a normal day and there is nothing to raise a single alarm within either of them.

I leave without flushing and doubt either of them will suspect anything from the lack of sound. She is sitting next to her brother as a result of glass placement and she is holding it in her hand, but does not look like she has taken so much as a sip as of yet. That’s alright, since I have plenty of time and she isn’t going anywhere.

Samantha looks completely innocent sitting on the couch, but I know her true nature will soon be revealed. I sit across from them with a drink in my hand, but nothing that’s going to get me drunk. It’s nothing more than ice tea and I have no intention on drinking any alcohol today. Sobriety is important to carry out what I have been planning for a very long time.

She shares the same shade of blond as her brother, but her’s is much longer. Her blue eyes are his and I am enjoying seeing them sit together this way. All the other features differ just a little, but there’s nothing wrong with that. This has everything to do with the knowledge they are related and not in regards to how much alike they appear.

I raise my glass and take a sip, which causes them to both do the same. At least the part about raising the glass. Her drink is far more than a sip, which is to be expected. She sets the cup down to take a breath, but it is too late and I press the white between my legs to start soaking up the moisture.

Samantha says, “Oh shit, Nicole. What the hell did you put in this?”

I smile as I say, “Rum and a few other things. You like it?”

She shakes her head a little as she says, “A little strong.”

Chase is still quite sober as he says, “Not like your going anywhere. Drink up.”

I wonder if he is onto my plan, or just being good host and brother. There is little chance of it being the former and I know he is just being his own brotherly self, which means I can dismiss any chance that he has any idea of what I have planned. Not that it matters, since everything is already in motion and I will not be stopped.

She says, “What the hell,” and takes another large drink.

It does not take long for her face to flush and her eyes show the signs of intoxication. The heat is starting to get to her and she starts to fan her black shirt in an attempt to cool down. She can try all she wants, but it won’t work as a result of me turning up the heat in the house and I can feel the soaking through my skirt.

She slurs out, “Fuck, it’s hot in here.”

I nod in agreement and say, “It’s a little warm. Why don’t you take off your shirt.”

Chase is not quite drunk, but I know he has a good buzz going and I want to keep it that way for now. Without saying anything, she starts to pull up her shirt and reveals her pale flesh hidden behind a black bra. Her tits are small, but she isn’t flat chested and her nipples are hidden behind the black bra.

I keep the excitement hidden as I say, “Might as well take your pants off while you’re at it.”

Completely oblivious that she is sitting next to her brother and should refrain from undressing in front of him, she stumbles a little as she stands. Her fingers work clumsily to undo her poker oyna buttons and soon the bare flesh is being hidden by nothing more than black panties, which match her bra perfectly. Chase’s eyes move to her ass, which I cannot see from this angle, and mine move to where her panties cover her pubic area.

There is no sign of a single pubic hair, but that doesn’t mean much. She could have a full bush hidden for all I know and will just have to be patient a little while longer. I am very wet and know it must be showing as intended through the white of my skirt. Her petite body looks amazing and I have no regret for what has already begun.

She takes another drink without retaking her seat and slurs out, “I have to pee.”

She sets the glass down and almost knocks it over in the process, then starts to stumble towards the bathroom. She is wearing a g-string and I can see her cheeks just as easily as Chase. They are round, but appear to be firm as she walks and this is a good view. Had this been any other woman, I would have no interest in watching anything.

Samantha leaves the door open and he voice echoes out, “What the fuck?”

The toilet flushes and she soon rejoins us with the strapon in her hand. She looks a little confused and I can’t blame her one bit. It isn’t like I have ever left anything like that laying around and I doubt she has actually ever seen one before. Samantha may be twenty-three and has some experience, but nothing like this and that is just the way I want it.

She stumbles out holding the strapon in her hand by the black dildo, which looks rather lovely against her pale flesh, and asks, “What the fuck is this?”

I smile as I say, “I use that to fuck your brother in his ass.”

Her hazy blue eyes get wide as she slurs out, “No fucking way.”

Chase grins and says, “It’s true.”

She stares at the size of the dildo and asks, “All of it?”

I grin and know I have her as I say, “All of it, Samantha. I can get every inch inside your brother’s ass.”

She shakes her head and mumbles, “I don’t believe it.”

My grin widens as I say, “It’s true. Do you want to watch me fuck your brother’s ass?”

Had she been sober, the look on her face would have been quite different and the answer would not have been one I wanted to hear. Her blue eyes widen a little more, but not from any kind of revulsion of finding out about the kinkiness of her brother. It is purely intoxicated curiosity that is there and there is no going back.

Samantha is marveling at the size in her hands and cannot believe we are being truthful about its use. My hands pull my skirt back to reveal the massive wet spot and all I need is for her to look down. Her eyes glance down for just a moment, before pulling them away and focusing once again on the massive object in her hand.

She nods and slurs, “Damn right I want to watch.”

Chase stands and starts to remove his clothing without a second thought and Samantha turns to see his massive dick, which causes her to lose her breath for a moment. I move behind her and my clothing drops to the floor. She is oblivious to her bra being undone by my hand. At least until it starts to fall and her hands move up to stop.

She stumbles as she turns and manages to ask, “What the fuck?”

I look her right in her blue eyes and say, “If we’re going to be naked, so are you.”

She nods as her arms drop and says, “Fuck it. I’m game.”

I love just how intoxicated and willing she is. Chase is showing no signs of backing down and I know it isn’t the alcohol that is at fault. Sure he’s a little buzzed, but this is something that even a good buzz would end had there been no desire within him for his sister.

I stare down and see her tits for the first time, which is a pleasant sight to behold. She is not quite flat chested, but pretty damn small and her nipples are the color of her flesh. Both are hard as they point towards me and she clumsily lowers herself with the intent of removing her panties, but the strapon is getting in the way. I take it from her hands to allow her the freedom to make her body as free as ours.

It does not take long for her to be every bit as naked as we are and I see she has a tightly trimmed blond bush, which will work just fine for me. Her eyes are focused on my dark nipples that are every bit as hard as hers and am quite content in the knowledge that no one in this room is going to stop anything from going to far.

With the strapon firmly in place on my body, we are leading her to the bedroom and there is no sense of nervousness from Samantha. Had she been sober, she would not be willing to do a damn thing and I have no qualms about taking advantage of her in this state. The strapon feels far better this time than at any other and I don’t mind the straps digging in one bit.

I move towards the lube, which has been purposefully left out and Chase moves into position on the bed. Samantha is on her knees beneath him and I smile as canlı poker oyna she stares at his asshole in wonder. She still does not believe he will take all of it and she clearly wants a good view to watch the show. Granted, she does have a good position to watch me fuck her brother, but I want her blonde head elsewhere.

I am stroking the black dildo with the lube as I say, “You’re in the way.”

She looks up with her flushed face and asks, “What?”

I grin and say, “I can’t fuck him with you down there.”

She groans as she stands and her hands have to catch herself as she rises to keep from falling over. It takes her a moment to get herself into our bed and their bodies are touching, which makes me even more wet than I was before. Samantha manages to get her head between his legs and is staring down at his massive erection. I take it as a sign of early victory that she did not need to be told to move there.

Three of my fingers move into his asshole and I grin from the hot pressure this brings. My fingers press in deeper as I start the slow movement of fingering his asshole and she is making some incoherent words as she watches every move I make. A fourth fingers enters and he grunts as I reach my knuckle, which causes her to giggle at what she is seeing.

Samantha looks up with her blue eyes and mumbles out, “Holy shit. That’s so fucking hot.”

I give her a wink as I say, “If you think that’s hot, keep watching. You haven’t seen shit yet.” Her eyes drop down as I continue, “Hold his balls back.”

She hesitates at the idea of touching her brother and I think I will need to encourage her to act, but then she says, “Fuck it. Not like I haven’t held balls in my hand before.”

Samantha reaches out with drunken confidence and my grin gets a little wider as her fingers brush his dick. Instead of pulling back at the twitch she brings, her fingers move down and carefully move his balls to give her the best view she can get. My fingers continue to move in and out of his tight asshole, while her eyes watch my work.

My fingers release themselves from the hot vice and I place the tip of the black dildo against his well lubricated asshole. He grunts as I start to enter and she giggles at just how easy he takes the massive object. I only have half of it inside of him and start to move my hips back and forth in a slow rhythm.

She looks up at me with a questioning look on her face as she asks, “What the fuck?”

I hold her gaze with my brown eyes and say, “I thought you wanted to watch me fuck your brother’s ass.”

She scowls as she mumbles, “This isn’t fucking. I want to see you fuck him deep. You said he could take it all, so fuck him already.”

I have her just where I want her as I say, “I’ll put it all the way in, but then you’re going to suck his dick while I fuck him.”

She shakes her head as her eyes widen and I have no concern that I pushed too hard. This is a natural reaction under the most inebriated circumstances. For most women, the idea of having anyone suggest they do anything with their brother, or any family member, is a stomach churning reaction. Her head may be saying she isn’t interested, but her hands have not released his balls and that tells me a great deal.

Samantha’s voice is a little less slurred as she asks, “You want me to what?”

There is no grin on my face and my voice is quite serious as I say, “I want you to suck your brother’s dick while I fuck his ass. Otherwise, I’ll pull out right now. You won’t ever see me fuck your brother’s ass again, unless you do what I want.”

She groans out the words. “Fuck. I’ll do it.”

My lips turn up as I ask, “You’ll do what?”

She scowls as she says, “I’ll suck my brother’s dick, but you better fuck his ass hard.”

He words had left her lips far too clearly to still be drunk and I must have shocked her to sobriety. My lips turn up at the thought of her not having any excuse tomorrow for what she is about to do. Not only are her words clear, but her face shows no sign of the effects of alcohol.

I grin a little wider as I say, “I will, now watch this.”

Her blue eyes turn down as I thrust the dildo all the way inside of him. He grunts out at the rough intrusion, but quickly settles with the familiar girth. My eyes move to his and they are focused on the back of her head. Chase is looking at her with great desire and I am more confident than ever that this is just the beginning.

My eyes move from his to hers and see her staring at me. I can tell she is truly shocked about what she just witnessed and any trace of drunkenness that might have been left behind is gone completely. It may have taken alcohol to get her to this point, but that will never be the case again.

Her lips part as I hold her long blonde hair to keep from losing the view and say, “Keep your eyes on mine while you suck your brother’s dick.”

She has a defeated sound to her voice as she says, “Alright, Samantha, I’ll suck internet casino my brother’s dick while you watch, but you’d better fuck him hard and fast.”

I hide my victory from her as I say, “Just get on with it.”

Her lips part as her fingers release his balls and move up his massive shaft. Samantha presses her head down without losing contact with my eyes and engulfs the head of his dick. My hands pull her to the gagging point and she does not resist the forced movement. Temptation tears across my body to watch Chase’s face, but I force myself to hold his sister’s eyes.

I withdraw several inches and force it hard into his asshole, while her head starts to move up and down with my help. My hips pick up the rhythm and force her head to keep up with me, which is no easy task as she gags several times over. There is no defiance to be found in her eyes as she hears the grunts of discomfort escape his lips and know she is every bit as much mine as her brother.

My hips are starting to get weary, but I am intent on pushing through. Chase cannot last much longer and I am listening for the moment he reaches the edge. Each powerful thrust deep within him is being met with moans as his asshole has completely adjusted to the hard fucking I am giving him.

I hear the moment I have been waiting for and release one of my hands. Pulling back all the way, all of my fingers press inside as far as I can get. My knuckles will go no further inside of his asshole and I hold her head down as he moans out from the orgasm from his sister’s work. The spasms around my fingers are quite wonderful as she coughs from being shot in the mouth by her brother’s cum.

She does not pull away from the sensation of his cum shooting out and our eyes remain locked together. I can see some of the cum escaping her lips and running down his shaft, while his spasms continue to tighten wonderfully around my fingers. His moans are very loud and her face is filled with something quite new to her, which leaves her with no alternative other than to face the fact that she is turned on by this threesome with her brother.

The spasm stops as I release her head and say, “Take a look at what I have in his ass.”

Her mouth pulls back to release his dick and white drips down her lips, which looks so fucking hot. Her hands move to his balls and tenderly pulls them away and she is given a wonderful view of his asshole wrapped around my knuckles. I slowly start to press back and forth to give her the full effect of his ass gripping my flesh and know she loves everything about what is being witnessed.

She says in a quite sober voice, “Oh shit, Chase, she damn near has her entire fist inside.”

He grunts out, “I know. It feels like she’s trying to shove a fucking brick in my ass. Fuck, this hurts.”

I withdraw from the hot vice and cannot wait for the day when I get my fist completely inside of his asshole. Her eyes are on my slow movement out of my hand as she watches his asshole grip my fingers tightly. I am tempted to stick them in her mouth as not one fingers remains in the hot pressure, but I refrain for now. Her tongue is needed elsewhere and know I can wait a little longer for something like that.

She’ll be tasting ass soon enough and not just his. There is plenty to go around and I plan on using both of them for my own enjoyment a great deal more than either of them can even begin to guess. It doesn’t get much better than this and I love that I have the set.

My voice is warm and firm as I say, “Lick your brother’s cum off his dick.”

Without a hint of disgust from Samantha, her fingers move to his shaft and her tongue starts to search out all that she can find. I am pleasantly surprised by her diligence as she quickly removes every sign that his cum had been there at all. Her lips are wonderfully coated and she does not bother to wipe away what he has left.

I smile as I say, “Get off your brother so he can move.”

I step back to allow him room to bring his legs down, which he does just as soon as he can. The strapon is soon falling to the floor and she is no longer between his legs. He is already sitting up without needing to be told, but I know he is waiting on my instructions to do anything else. She is sitting up next to him and her eyes are on mine with great desire to continue the fun.

My smile becomes a grin as I say, “Get out of bed so your sister can lie down right where you were. Chase, I want you on your knees between her legs. She sucked your dick, so it’s only fair you eat her pussy.”

Anticipation fills them both as they move into position and I move onto the bed. Her pussy is not the only one that is about to get eaten and I am very wet at the thought of putting her tongue to work on my clit. My eyes are focused on her face and she licks her lips in preparation of having her brother eat her pussy.

I see his head between her legs and his blue eyes are shining brightly at what is before him. The view is quite pleasant as I see him peeking over her trimmed bush and the blonde pubic hair matches his hair perfectly. My eyes move to her small tits and I see her nipples are rock hard, which is just one more confirmation of her desire.

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