Conventional Massage


I was going to attend a convention that was an hour and a half away from where I lived. The organization I belonged to final held their national meeting close enough for me to attend. I arrived Friday evening, but the main headline didn’t begin until Saturday. Saturday morning arrived and I went and ate a big breakfast. I attended a number of interesting speakers and before you knew it, it was lunch time.

I decided to skip lunch as I was still full, then I went for a walk. The hotel was on the outskirts of the city so there was no great traffic worries. I must have gotten a half mile away when I looked up and saw a sign on a house saying “Asian Massages.” I figured it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a good rubdown as my muscles were all tense from sleeping in an uncomfortable bed.

I walked up the steps and I entered the front of the house. In a few seconds an attractive attendant arrived. She had Asian features, maybe thirty years old, petite, and she was wearing a short bathrobe.

“You want hour or half hour?” She asked me. “An hour please,” I told her. She smiled and I paid her for the massage. She then led me back to an open shower stall. “You get in and I wash,” she said. I had never gone to a massage parlor where you had to shower, but I stripped out of my clothes and got in. She turned the water on and then soaped up a wash cloth.

My attendant was washing ever inch of me. From my feet to my head. She paid particular attention to my crotch. She was rubbing küçükçekmece escort my cock vigorously and I was starting to get erect. My attendant soon finished and she let the hot water run all over me and remove the soap suds. I then stepped out of the stall and my Asian woman dried me off with a towel. Again she paid attention to my wet cock, toweling it off and making sure I was dry down there.

I picked up my clothes and then she led me down a hallway. We entered a room where there was a mattress on the floor, A small table that held lotions, and a floor lamp to give out light. She told me to lie down on my stomach and then I turned to see her remove her robe. My attendant’s tits were small but her nipples were already quite erect. Her pubic area was shaved way down to almost nothing.

She knelt next to me and began to rub my backside. She touched lightly up and down my back and legs. She raked her fingernails lightly across my bottom. I slid my legs apart and she wiggled a finger across my sacs. My cock was getting hard from all this activity when she told me to turn over onto my back.

My cock was standing straight up and my Asian lady was laughing and giggling. She took just a little bit of oil onto her fingers and then took my cock in her hand. She stroked me a few times up and down then she surprised me by wrapping her lips around my mushroom. She began to flick her tongue all around the crown. The veins küçükyalı escort of my cock were popping out from all this activity. It had been totally unexpected on my part.

“You like?” She asked. I nodded yes hoping she would continue. But my attendant did more than that. She climbed up onto my lap. She slid her wet folds up and down the underside of my shaft. I thought I was going to pop right there. After a minute or two of that she knelt right above my dickhead. I must have been breathing hard just waiting there.

Then she lowered herself and my cock slid in between her folds. My attendant started to make noises and she threw her head from side to side. I couldn’t be passive any long. I reached out to her hips and I started to push her down onto my pole. I raised my ass up from the mattress and I started to give her hard strokes.

She ground her pussy down onto me and I pounded my dick into her tummy. My Asian lady was so wet. I then reached out for her nipples and I pinched each one. This really set her off. I slammed my cock into her belly as hard as possible as I tweaked each nipple. It didn’t take long before my attendant started to squirt all over my groin area.

She was just going wild by now. I took my chance and I flipped her over onto her back. My cock stayed in her and then I pushed her legs up over my shoulders. I had complete control over her now. I stretched my legs out and gave her the longest maltepe escort cock strokes that I could. All that wet cum juice was making slapping noises every time I drove my dick into her.

I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hold out much longer and I was right. I felt my nuts tighten and I pounded my Asian lady a few more times. I erupted in her warm tunnel and I filled her belly with my seed. It seemed I was cumming and cumming. I didn’t know where it all was coming from. In the meanwhile my attendant was milking me. Her pussy muscles felt like a small fist gripping me, wanting every hot drop of my cum.

She was also thrashing beneath me. Her body was shaking as we both orgasmed together. It was the hottest fuck I had ever had for sure. I kept pumping her until there was nothing left inside me. I soon pulled my semi erect cock out of her hole. My attendant was just lying there not moving. Soon she opened her eyes and smiled. She pulled me to her and we kissed for awhile.

I finally got off of her and she stood up weakly and got a couple of warm towels so we could clean up. After she cleaned me she stood up. “You dress now,” she told me. She walked out of the room and I stood up and got dressed. My cock felt so sore from all that fucking when I went to put on my underwear.

My attendant eventually came back with her bathrobe on. She looked like she had collected herself. She took me by the hand and led me to the front door. “You come back and visit,” she told me. I walked weakly down the steps and I somehow made it back to the convention without missing too many seminars. I can tell you my mind and heart weren’t into it the rest of the weekend.

I wanted to go back for another session but my cock hurt too much. Maybe the next time I visit my attendant will be there to make me feel good once more.

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