Cooking to Impress Pt. 02


Continued from Part 1: You’ve come over to my place for dinner…

My mouth and cheeks are wet, my lips a vibrant dark red from rubbing against your pubic hair for so long. I suck my fingers, and I wonder if you know that I’ve never tasted a pussy as delicious as yours. Your scent is so light, you taste delicate, almost like water, with the slightest tang like a raspberry, and a little bit salty. Do you know how delicious you taste? Can you read my mind? You can certainly read my face. You can tell that I could keep going all night long, but I’m also dying to fuck you.

I’d fingered you in the car a few times, and you’d rubbed the outside of my jeans before, but this is the first time we’ve gone this far. You’ve been fantasizing about this moment for so long, and now that it’s happening, your lust is at the boiling point.

I stand up beside the bed, and pull my shirt off. You are lying on the bed, naked, sitting up a little bit to get a better view. You take in my short dark hair, light brown eyes, smooth but defined cheekbones and jaw – half White, half Asian. Cute, you think, very cute. Non-traditionally attractive, not a dude’s dude; slightly effeminate, but with some manly qualities too. You wondered if maybe I was gay when we first met, but the way I’m looking at you now leaves no doubt in your mind that you have exactly what I want.

Your eyes travel from my eyes downward, lingering on my lightly muscled chest, slender and smooth. The light patch of hair that starts at my belly button trails downward, but my cooking apron is still on, and in the way. I undo the apron strings and let it fall to the floor, revealing a conspicuous bulge in my jeans, which is soaked through with pre-cum. With a little difficulty I undo the buttons of my jeans, and let them fall as well. My boxer briefs are dark but you can still see how wet they are. My cock is obviously erect, you can see the shaft is pressing desperately against the fabric, the head stretching the extremely wet fabric diagonally upward past the waistband. In fact the fabric towards the top is so wet you can see the prominent lines of a well defined head with excellent clarity.

I put one knee on the bed with the intention of climbing on top of you and fucking you, but you decide to crawl towards me and stop me, with your hand on my chest. We lock eyes and fall into a passionate kiss. My tongue caresses yours lightly, and you feel it run along your top teeth. I draw back with a sudden inhale – you’ve pressed your hand against my cock through my underwear, gently squeezing. Your touch is electric to me, and my dick is rock hard against your hand.

You bend downward, wrap your hands firmly around the back of my thighs, and take the elastic band of my underwear in your teeth. In doing so your cheek brushes against the head, and you hear me gasp again. You see my stomach muscles shudder, and you realize that I don’t know how far you are going to go, but that I’m hoping … that I’ve fantasized about your hot mouth on my cock for so long, please, please…

You pull your gaziantep escortları head up and back, my underwear still between your teeth. As you lower your head my hard cock springs out, hits my body and bounces on your cheek, leaving a clear sticky spot of pre-cum on your face. You take in my scent, I smell like fresh clean sweat, like man, like lust. I wipe your cheek with my thumb, then move my thumb slowly towards your closed mouth. Our eyes lock again as I gently rub your lips, the slick pre-cum gliding easily onto your beautiful pink lips like lip gloss. You suddenly open your mouth and bite my thumb, trapping it in your mouth, giving it a hard suck. Tastes salty, feels slippery and a little sticky on your lips. My eyes roll upward and my already hard cock pulses and gets even wetter. You can tell I’m loving how hot and wet your mouth feels.

Now you lean back, and look at me appraisingly. I’m standing here in front of you naked, exposed, ready for you. The cock is big, but not huge, definitely wider than average but not too wide. The head is large, rounded and smooth, perfectly symmetrical, the shaft straight with a slight arch upward, and gets slightly thicker near the base. In fact you’re struck by how appealing it looks – you’ve seen dicks of many shapes and sizes, and you’re relieved to see that this one is very good looking.

You smile at me, lick your lips slowly, and make an Mmmm-mmmm sound, the kind of sexy, hungry Mmmm groan that lets me know you want me badly.

Crawl off the bed, you tease me with a glimpse of your gorgeous ass before turning and kneeling on the floor. You wrap your hands around my firm legs, lean forward and gently touch your tongue to my balls. My cock surges again, pressing against your cheek and forehead. Slowly your tongue explores my balls, flicking, licking, pushing and teasing. They feel soft and velvety on your tongue, weighty and full. You haven’t touched my cock yet, it’s just resting on your face. You look up at me, and can tell it’s driving me wild, seeing your beautiful face under my cock.

Your licking gets a bit faster and more aggressive, and then you take one of my balls in your hot mouth, sucking it in and rolling it around. You suck and gently pull, and I let out a groan. You pull harder, and I groan more. After a minute you move onto the other side, sucking it equally as hard. You work the balls slowly at first, but turning me on is turning you on, and you start to get really into it. Soon you are sucking and slurping with a vigor that surprises you, pressing hard in a vain attempt to get both balls in your mouth as I gasp and moan.

In your excitement you reach up and grip my cock; it’s so warm, and throbs heavily in your hand, the well defined ridge of the head swelling so much it looks like it might burst. You wrap your hand and fingers around my thick girth, and imagine what it’s going to feel like in your pussy. Stroking slowly up and down the shaft, your hand gliding easily with all the pre-cum. With the smooth wide head of my cock just inches from your face, your mouth waters as lust overcomes you. Delicious. This cock is gorgeous, and you want it inside you right now. Without hesitation you take the head right into your mouth, run your tongue around its circumference, and suck. I practically shout from surprise, and when you look up at me, with the head of my cock in your mouth, we both know I’m the luckiest guy alive.

In your peripheral vision you notice that there is a mirror on the closet door, and from where you are kneeling you’ve got a great view of us. Kneeling on the floor naked in front of me, with a cock in your mouth, you have to admit you are smoking hot. Your flip your hair to one side, the better to see yourself as you prepare to give me a fantastic blowjob.

You take your mouth off my head and lick the underside of my shaft, starting at the balls and inching slowly, all the way up to the tip. You do this a few times, slowly, savoring my taste. You run your tongue along each side of my cock with the same motion, making sure no part is left untouched. You’re really taking your time, and part of the enjoyment is seeing me squirm with anticipation. Then, after a long pause, you open your mouth over the head and glide your lips halfway down my shaft.

Your mouth waters, and you can feel my cock surge inside you. You slide your lips back up the shaft and off, sucking as you go, strong and slow. Pressing your lips tightly over the head and gliding back down the shaft, you close your eyes and savor every detail of this moment. My pheromones are strong, a heady scent that triggers a lust in you on some primal level – a trickle of juice runs down your leg from your hot pussy. The velvety satin skin of my cock contrasts with the ridgid hardness underneath, like a baton wrapped in silk. It feels so thick in your mouth, heavy and meaty as it pushes your jaw open all the way, and brushes lightly on your top and bottom teeth. Every man has a different scent, a different chemical composition, and mine feels custom tailored for you, a perfect match. You feel like you’re getting high off my pheromones.

My legs begin to shake a little from the pleasure. Overcome by lust, I grip the back of your hair and start to thrust my cock back into your mouth, but you pull back and stop me. “No”, you say. “I’m in charge right now. Maybe next time you can fuck my mouth. But right now I want to suck this dick, this delicious cock of yours. Hold still.”

With that, you grip the base of my cock with your right hand, cup my balls with your left, and slide your soft wet lips over the fat head. Already wet with saliva and pre-cum, you slowly twist and stroke your right hand up and down, bobbing your head in unison. At the same time you apply suction, creating a steady rhythm, while the other hand squeezes and massages the balls. Your pace quickens slightly after a minute, then faster, and faster. My breathing speeds up too, and my legs shake a little more. When you hear my moaning get heavier, you stop sucking and slow the stroking down.

Having warmed your mouth muscles up thoroughly, you carefully slide my cock back into your mouth, but this time a little deeper. Breathing through your nose, you inch your lips forward, until you feel the head press firmly against your throat. Looking up, you can tell from my expression that I’m surprised, amazed, and delighted. You are pushing your limits – this is definitely as far as you can get it in without gagging. After a moment you slide your lips all the way off, then all the way back on, as far as it will go, in slow motion, over and over. You hear a deeper, less controlled moan come from my mouth, and you smile inwardly with satisfaction. You’ve clearly given me the blowjob of my life, you are blowing my mind.

My balls begin to tighten, and you know you’d better stop before I cum in your mouth. I groan in protest as you slip my cock out of your mouth; you get up and crawl back onto the bed, your pussy aching for a hard pounding.

I jump up on the bed after you, grabbing your hips from behind and flipping you onto your back; I’d love to fuck you from behind another time, but for our first time I really want to look into your eyes. Corny I know, but the truth is I’m falling for you pretty hard, and I can’t get enough of your gorgeous face. I’ve imagined your face when you come for weeks now, and I don’t want to miss it.

You wrap your legs around me and pull me close, the head of my cock immediately finding your pussy. You’re dripping wet now, literally dripping, and so am I. Even so, we meet some resistance as the wide head attempts to push into you. It’s a wonderfully sweet resistance though, and you feel your tight pussy giving way, allowing me inside inch by inch. You groan loudly in my ear as I slowly slide into you, up to the hilt, our pelvises pressing hard against each other. You grab my ass and hold me inside of you, savoring this feeling of being filled up, like I was made for you. You gasp as a wave of ecstasy flows through you, and your pussy involuntarily clenches around my cock. The pressure is so intense it almost hurts, my cock hard and rigid with blood flow.

I kiss you, hard, my tongue exploring your mouth. I slide my cock slowly back out, then in again; the ridge of the head is so prominent that you can feel exactly where it is as I thrust in and out of you. Your body moves with mine, your legs still wrapped tightly around me. It doesn’t take long before our pace quickens of its own accord. You feel my balls slap your ass, and the smacking sound of my body against yours gets louder. It’s a satisfying, wet sound, and it sounds like clapping as I ram my cock into you harder and harder, as fast as I can.

Our moaning turns to yelling, and as you reach your glorious orgasm you see my back arch. We cum in unison, and you ride the peak of the orgasm as I continue to thrust again and again, pumping what feels like a ridiculous amount of cum into your pussy. With one final thrust we roll to the side, my cock still inside of you. We hold each other and catch our breath. Your whole body shakes a little, and we both giggle.

“So I guess the gnocchi with gorgonzola cream sauce was a success?” I ask. “Actually,” you reply, “”You had my panties off at gazpacho.”

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