Cornhusker Girl Ch. 04


Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction concocted entirely within my imagination. Any resemblance to real people shouldn’t be surprising since most of my stories are based on people I know. While I hope you enjoy this story and are compelled to provide feedback, I don’t expect the subject matter will appeal to everyone who reads it. As such, I discourage venomous, nasty feedback full of violent wishes against essentially fictional characters in fictional situations. If this story does not appeal to you, there is undoubtedly one somewhere on Literotica that will, so your energy will be better spent on finding it rather than on vilifying me.

Note: If you have not read them yet, there are three previous chapters to this story.


There had been some discussion during the last hunting trip that Ashley’s husband, Shane, had been trying to land a job working for the railroad. Once he’d realized that the jobs in their small town were limited both in number and in compensation, he and Ashley had agreed that better wages and benefits would be worth a schedule that would have him away from home more frequently. Everyone was pleased when Shane ended up landing the job, even though as a newbie, he’d have the worst shifts until he earned some seniority. The bigger paychecks came in handy immediately when he and Ashley were able to buy a bigger house right around the corner from Shane’s parents so they could help out with the three kids if Ashley needed a break while Shane was away.

Of course I learned all of this from both my father-in-law and from Ashley. My father-in-law was disappointed that there was a good chance that Shane wouldn’t be around to go hunting with us that year. Ashley was hopeful that Shane would be gone that weekend so that she wouldn’t have to sneak around to see me. The more we talked about it, the more it made sense to both of us to have me sleep at their house, so we put a lot of thought into how to pull that off without it looking suspicious. When word finally came down that Shane would, in fact, have to work that weekend, Ashley started planting the seed with her father-in-law that, with the bigger house and guest room, she could have one of the visiting hunters stay with her. She was very careful not to mention me specifically, but subtly led him to conclude that I was the choice that made the most sense. When we arrived that Friday afternoon and my father-in-law’s brother brought up the idea, I kind of just shrugged indifferently and said, “Sure, that’s fine with me. It’s just a place to sleep.”

We headed over there to drop off my stuff and get a tour of the new house while Ashley and I tried to control our giddiness and appear as nothing more than acquaintances. With my accommodations squared away, we all headed out for dinner and drinks, including Ashley and her three girls. She ended up heading for home earlier than I did so she could make sure the girls were sound asleep by the time I arrived. When the boys were ready to call it a night, I sent her a text to let her know I was on my way. The front door was unlocked, so I just slipped in and my ride took off. There were only some dim lights on in the living room but I immediately heard a voice from the other room.

“Are you alone?” Ashley asked, stepping into the doorway when I confirmed that I was. My jaw about hit the floor when I saw what she was wearing. She came strutting toward me wearing a bustier that had her substantial tits practically spilling out of the top and had garters attached to the bottom that were clipped to her stockings. She also wore spike heels and a pair of bikini panties. I was rock hard. She chuckled at my reaction, as I still had not moved, other than my cock bulging in my jeans. The stasis finally broke as she put her arms around my neck and leaned in to kiss me. I reached for her waist, then slid my hands around to her ass as we made out.

We simultaneously started to drop to our knees on the floor in the middle of the living room and I ended up pushing her onto her back. I knelt between her spread legs and opened my jeans to release my throbbing cock. Her eyes went wide as I stroked it in my fist before reaching down for her panties. She lifted her ass then raised her legs to allow me to slip them off, then spread her legs again once her feet were back on the floor. Before lowering myself over her, I leaned down to lick her pussy, causing her to moan and writhe. I could tell that she was overflowing with juices, so I was anxious to slip my cock into her. I moved up over her, guided my cock into her slippery pussy and we both moaned as I buried my full length into her. We started making out again as I was sliding my cock in and out of her while she brought her feet up off the floor and wrapped her legs around me.

Her pussy was so hot and so wet that I just wanted to slide my cock in and out until I passed out from exhaustion and, from the sounds she was making, it appeared that Ashley would have been just fine with that. After so much anticipation and so much excitement without the sneaking around antep escort and caution to dampen it, we were both just completely fired up and totally in synch. I was fucking her pretty good and hard, enjoying the feel of embedding my cock repeatedly into her slippery pussy. It didn’t take long at all before she pulled her mouth from mine and let out a low moan as she began to tremble below me. I continued to fuck her since her orgasm just made her pussy feel even better, but once she’d finished cumming, she had a request.

“Do you mind if I get on top?” she inquired. I didn’t, so I forced myself to stop fucking her and got back up on my knees. “I’m sorry, but I need to take this off so I can breathe again” she said as she started to unhook the bustier. I might have been disappointed if it hadn’t meant that she was releasing her luscious tits, so I helped by unhooking her stockings from the garters. By the time she got all of the little hooks unfastened and let out a deep breath that she’d apparently been unable to while wearing it, I was on my back working my jeans and underwear the rest of the way off. Now wearing only stockings, she straddled me and guided my cock back to her pussy while my hands went right to her tits and started to caress the soft flesh.

Again, her pussy felt outstanding as it engulfed my throbbing tool and she started to bounce up and down on it. I was pushing up into her each time she came down on me, wanting to thrust into her as deeply as possible as I felt my own orgasm beginning to build in earnest. The longer she rode my cock, the harder and faster she was riding it as she gradually leaned forward, eventually planting her hands on either side of my head. With her tits swinging right there, I started to lick and suck her hard, thick nipples while running my hands around to her ass. Not only was I squeezing her fleshy ass, I was pulling her down on my cock even harder as I pushed up into her. I wasn’t surprised when she let out a sudden cry and started to cum again.

Her pussy had already felt incredible so, as it was flooded with additional lubrication when she came, I was pretty well done for and started spewing into her with a moan. She continued to ride me until we were both completely spent, then moved to lie beside me. We lay there for a few minutes catching our breath before Ashley suggested that we’d be much more comfortable if we just went ahead and climbed into bed. I knew I had to be up early the next morning so I thought this was a great idea and was looking forward to spending the whole night naked in bed with her. While I was getting everything ready for the next morning and getting myself ready for bed, she went and checked on the girls.

She was wearing just a robe as she joined me in the guest bedroom, having put away her sexy lingerie, but opened it as we were getting ready to crawl into bed. I was captivated by her nudity and wasn’t surprised that my cock was trying in vain to revive. We crawled under the covers, shut out the light and snuggled our naked bodies together.

“I wish I’d thought to take some pictures of you in that hot outfit,” I said softly before we drifted off to sleep.

“Don’t worry about it,” she replied, “I took a bunch when I was putting it on, hoping you’d be too distracted by it to even think of taking any.”

“You rock,” I mumbled as I started to doze.

I was awakened early the next morning by my cell phone; my father-in-law was calling from his brother’s house around the corner to let me know they’d be coming to pick me up in fifteen minutes. That was plenty of time to get dressed and be ready and, while I was doing that, Ashley got up and pulled on her robe, then checked on the girls again. We made out a little bit and I groped her tits before I slipped out the front door and she went back to sleep in her own bed.

The day was clear and cold and, after a hearty breakfast, we spent the morning hunting pheasant. We stopped back in town for a quick lunch, then walked a few more fields and tree rows before calling it an afternoon. I sent Ashley a text as we headed for her in-law’s house but she was already over there with her girls. We all hung out for a bit while some of the more experienced hunters cleaned the birds they’d bagged and we figured out what the plan was for the evening. When everyone was about ready to get cleaned up for the night ahead, Ashley offered to drive me to her house and said she wanted to make sure I’d have everything I needed for my shower. What she didn’t mention was that one of those things would be her.

She locked and chained the doors so we wouldn’t be caught “in flagrante delicto” and we headed for the master bathroom, where there was no bathtub but there was an oversized shower. While Ashley leaned in to turn the water on and adjust the temperature, I stood behind her, cupping her tits and pressing my crotch against her ass. She straightened up and reached back to feel my bulge while I started to raise her sweatshirt over her head. I gently pulled her nipples through her bra while she reached back with her other hand and put both to work opening my pants. I backed up enough to unfasten her bra, then turned her around to face me as I slid it down her arms. Even as she was trying to free my cock from my pants, I lowered my head to lick and suck her hard nipples while I caressed the soft, smooth flesh of her tits, which put it temporarily out of her reach.

My hands slid around to her ass while my lips and tongue ravaged her nipples and she ran her fingers through my hair. I started to slide her track pants down and realized that she was wearing bikini panties under them, which she knew I loved. I dropped to my knees as I took her pants down to her ankles so that I could see her in just the bikini panties. I gazed up at her voluptuous figure and pendulous boobs before starting to slide her panties down. Her brown bush was well groomed and I’d probably have stuck my face in it if the shower hadn’t already been running. Instead, I just gave her slit a quick lick before I stood and started to peel off my shirt. Ashley finished getting my pants open and started to work them down, freeing my now completely rigid tool. She dropped to her knees to help me step out of my pants and underwear, then took my cock in her hand and pumped it a couple of times while tonguing my balls.

“Shall we?” she asked as she stood then turned and stepped into the shower. She grabbed a scrunchie that was sitting there and put her hair up as I stood under the stream and soaked myself down. We switched places as I grabbed some shower gel and got a good lather going in my hands. She grabbed the same bottle and, after getting a lather going in her hands, started to lather up my throbbing tool. I started soaping up her tits but, as she got my tool all lubed up, I had her turn around and spread my suds between her ass cheeks. After slipping my finger into her ass to make sure she was well lubed, I guided my cock to her asshole and eased it in. Ashley was growling as I started to slowly fuck her and reached around to continue soaping up her dangling tits.

As she pushed back against me while I gradually increased my pace, I realized that Ashley was bracing herself against the wall with both hands. I reluctantly released her tits and quickly rinsed the suds from my hands, then reached down to finger her pussy and stroke her clit while I fucked her ass. At that point, she started to really get loud and was pushing backward even faster, so I fucked her ass harder. Her tight hole felt awesome as my cock slid in and out of it but I got the distinct impression that she was enjoying my cock and my fingers even more. Her initial noises, which sounded like a combination of discomfort and pleasure, had become moaning and whimpering that was definitely indicative of intense pleasure. I wasn’t surprised when her entire body began to shake and she let out a guttural sound as she came.

I continued to fuck her and manually stimulate her throughout her long orgasm but, when she’d finished, she pulled away from me so that my cock slipped out of her ass. She turned and kissed me hard, the raw passion still visible in her eyes. I fondled her tits again as she stroked my cock before she reached for the shower gel again. She lubed my cock up again then poured some gel into her cleavage as she knelt. She wrapped her luscious tits around my cock and started to slide them up and down while I moaned at the incredible sensation. She smiled up at me, knowing how much I loved her tits; I’d been talking about fucking them again as much as she had about me fucking her ass again. I could feel my orgasm beginning to build much more quickly as I started to thrust my hips toward her soapy cleavage.

I briefly contemplated finishing up in her mouth, but realized that I’d have to rinse off all of the lather first so I just kept fucking her tits. The pleasurable feeling was unbelievable, so I was more than content to blow my load that way and I knew it wouldn’t be much longer before I did. We were both focused on her cleavage as my cock swelled even more and, when I exploded toward her face with a grunt, she actually managed to catch a bit of my jizz on her tongue. She let her tits drop once I was spent and stood up.

“Have I mentioned that you rock?” I asked her before we kissed again.

“I believe you have,” she replied, “We better get you cleaned up before somebody stops by and wonders why you aren’t done yet and why I am wet.”

Using the same shower gel, she lathered up my body and, as I was rinsing, she was shampooing my hair. Once I was completely clean and fully rinsed, we shut the shower off and dried ourselves and each other then grabbed our clothes and headed for the guest bedroom. Ashley started to pull her clothes back on but I stopped her long enough to take some photos, then allowed her to take some shots of me, which I promised to email her. After we were both dressed and had taken a few minutes to make out, she drove me back to her in-law’s house. With the plans for dinner established, she took her girls home to get them cleaned up and ready and we all met up again at the restaurant.

Our plan for that night was the same as the previous, so after dinner she headed back to the house early enough to get the girls to bed. After a few more hours with the boys, I texted her to let her know that I was on my way. She’d already told me that she didn’t have another sexy outfit for that night, but I said that it just would have ended up on the floor beside the bed, anyway, so it was just as well. She didn’t greet me naked but made sure that I was alone and had locked the door before she came out to greet me wearing just her robe. I opened it immediately and admired her tits and her trim bush before reaching around for her ass while leaning down to kiss her. She felt my cock growing hard so she suggested that we move to the bedroom.

“Let’s get you out of these clothes,” she said as we stood at the foot of the bed. She peeled my shirt off and cast it aside, then sat on the bed as she started to undo my belt and open my jeans. My rigid cock popped out as soon as she got my jeans and briefs down far enough. She took it in her hand and stroked it before wrapping her lips around it. I ran my fingers through her thick, brown hair as she slid her mouth up and down my tool and cupped my balls in one hand. She sucked me off only for a few brief, but pleasure-filled, minutes before raising her head and looking up at me while slipping out of her robe. Taking her tits in her hands, she squeezed them around my throbbing tool and slid them up and down, but again for only a few brief minutes.

Once she was certain that I was not going to get any harder or more aroused, she turned away from me and crawled up to the center of the bed then rested her head on the comforter with her ass still up in the air. I got on my knees and moved up behind her, guiding my cock into her hot pussy then grabbing her by the hips.

“My ass is still a bit tender,” she said softly, “I hope you don’t mind.”

I was fine with fucking her pussy because it was so wet and slippery but was also already thinking that I’d like to slurp up some of those flowing juices. Holding her by the hips, I slowly slid my cock in and out of her very slowly, relishing the feel of her hot pussy on the full length of my shaft. My hands gradually moved up to cup her swinging tits while one of her hands slipped back between her legs to stroke her clit. Even though we’d locked the bedroom door against her daughters, I was still relishing the relative freedom because I did not expect that we’d ever be able to get away with this like we were again after that night. There were no worries in the back of my mind that came with having to sneak her back out of the house or her having to sneak back into her own house, so I was definitely feeling more relaxed and was more focused on enjoying the pleasures of Ashley’s body.

I could feel her pussy becoming hotter and wetter as it tended to do just prior to an orgasm and she was also letting out her telltale noises. I was definitely committed to eating her pussy after that, despite how much better it was feeling on my cock, due to the increased flow of juices. When she pushed hard back against my incoming thrust and started to tremble, I was already thinking sixty-nine. When she let out a sigh, indicating that she’d finished cumming, I slipped my cock out of her and positioned myself next to her on my back, with my feet toward her head. She immediately shifted over so that her pussy was over my head and took my cock in her hand again before lowering her mouth over it.

I started lapping at her pussy at about the same moment that she engulfed my cock in her hot mouth, so we both moaned simultaneously. I slurped up her flowing nectar for a bit before slipping a couple of fingers into her and focusing my tongue and lips on her clit. She was slowly pumping the base of my shaft as her lips slid up and down the full length. It didn’t take much of her oral talents before I felt my orgasm beginning to build, though she managed to bring it on slowly and with the maximum feeling of pleasure. I could feel her tits hanging against my ribs and even that sensation aroused me all the more. When she licked and sucked my balls while continuing to pump my cock, I was driven right to the verge of blowing my load. Fortunately, she wrapped her lips around my tool again and, when I was ready to cum, it was into her warm mouth.

She continued to suck my cock until I was completely spent as I gazed up at her trim, brown bush while my fingers continued to slide in and out of her pussy. When my softening cock fell from her mouth, I went back to licking and sucking her clit while she was able to concentrate more on her own pleasure. She rested her head on my thigh while moaning softly as I brought her closer to another orgasm. Even though she’d claimed that her ass as too tender for being fucked there again, I knew that a single finger would be much less intrusive but, quite possibly, just as pleasurable. The fingers I had pumping in and out of her pussy were more than adequately lubricated so, in one quick movement, I slipped them from her pussy and inserted one into her ass.

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