Cosmic Conditions


Mom had said we would have an old fashion picnic down along the river like we used to before Dad died. I had come home from school after Dad died and have worked on the farm ever since. That was three years ago.

Baskets in hand we worked our way along the bank till we were on the other side of the biggest rock in the state. But here on the down river side was the nicest patch of grass any where on the farm. I used to come here when I was a kid to hide and fish. But today I was bring my mother to show her where I used to hide and share with her the wonders and magic of this isolated spot.

Mom was thrilled to see this level grass covered area. She had lived on the property for twenty years but had never been here before. I spread the blanket, open he baskets and got out the food and wine. It had been a long time since Mom had a chance to relax and rest with nothing to worry about. Here I had always found a kind of solitude and privacy that was not available any where on the farm.

Mom felt it almost at once. She laid back on the blanket crossing her hands behind her head. Her eyes went closed and I could see her whole body kind of melt into a world where she was completely safe worry free and where her mind was free of the worries that plagued her. It was a pleasure to see her relax even if for only a few hours.

I poured the wine and offered Mom a glass. She sat up face smooth with not a wrinkle to be seen. Her eyes were bright her mouth was wide and smiling. Something I had not seen on her face for many weeks. She accepted the glass of wine and tossed it back like a shot of whiskey. I poured another this one she sipped slowly. We ate without words. We shared the first of two bottles of the best wine in the cellar. Mom put down her glass and laid back again. I joined her I was tired and let my eyes go closed. How long I slept I have no idea. But when I woke I found Mom standing looking up into sky aglow with a strange reddish light that said the sun was about to set. I rose to stand beside her. The light got brighter and then turned to a soft gray with ribbons of yellow in it. The yellow moved back and forth like waves in the air. It was the most beautiful thing I had eve seen.

Looking up for so long kind of made me dizzy and light headed. I reached out for Mom to balance myself.

That was when I realized we were both naked. I run my hands over her entire body as a blind man might do to get the picture of some thing in his mind. I am taller than my mother and she did not move or say a word as I caressed her breasts. I brought my hands up to take her neck in my grasp. I let my fingers mingle up into her hair and cup her head. She twisted her head and kissed my palms. She covered my hands with her hands and we looked deep into one another eyes.

We came together our bodies touched it was like fire had been poured over us. Her nipples burned into the muscles in my chest. Her lips were kissing my neck and shoulders. I circled her body with my arms and held her to me. I had come alive I had an erection like never before. He came up between her legs and rested along the length of her wetness. Her arms circled my neck and holding her weight she moved her body back and forth rubbing her wetness the length of my erection. She was so wet I felt the wetness smear like a thick jelly upon me. It ran down to drip from my testicles.

I stood there letting her rest her weight upon me. She was in some kind of trance that I was not about to ruin for her. There was darkness around the edge of the blanket but we were bathed in a soft glow. It was as if we were in a fog and we could not see the source light.

Mother gripped my neck tighter lifting her self up so as to let my erection rise to an upright position. She wiggled and when she felt my erection find the entrance to her joy she slowly lowered her down upon my throbbing hardness.

Once we were locked together she rested with out movement. It was as if she could feel every inch of it. I felt her tiny muscles tighten around me. Again and again she used muscles to caress me from all sides and from tip to base.

Letting her arms relax from my neck she leaned out away from me using only her finger tips to hold on. My hands were under her thighs but had she let go she would have fallen back with her head to the ground. She let go.

Now her hands rested on the blanket her legs up around my waist. She was fully impaled on my ferocious erection. It was as if every time she moved I grew even longer and stronger. I had not moved at all during this wild dance she was performing. It was so strange and wonderful I let her lead the way for whatever was to come.

Then she started to tighten her legs around my waist and then relax then. In doing this escort bursa she was in fact pulling away and then back up tight to me. It was crazy, crazy like nothing I had ever felt or experienced before. My mother was taking the length of me and working it in and out of her in wild jerks. I let my eyes follow her movements and I saw her dark patch of fur move out and then back riding my erection. Her breasts were falling down toward her chin and bouncing, swinging mocking the dance she was doing.

I felt myself swell within her and I could no move hold back than I could stop a train with my bare hands. The head of my erection was throbbing and I felt it open up to let the powerful burst free. It was awash in her with the thick warm sperm I filled her with. She stiffened and locking her legs tight around me. She lifted herself up and was once again upright. Her arms went around me neck. Mother then began to shake and shiver. Her breasts rubbed between us. The muscles in her thighs quivered in my grip. Then I felt it the liquid fire surround my pulsing harness. She came in such a torrent it spurted out around me to splash on my legs and the blanket we stood on. Her head came crushing in upon my chest and I felt my legs give way. There was nothing I could do, I fell on bended knees and then back with mother still locked to me.

The moon was high and the stars filled the sky. It was so bright I thought at first it was day. I was on my side still naked. Sitting up I saw mother was sitting crossed legged with a glass of wine in hand. I said “I am as dry as desert sand. Would you happen to have a glass for me?”

Mother smiled and handed me a glass of wine. “How do you feel dear?” she asked.

“Not too bad considering you tried to break my fucking dick off. Where in hell did you learn that little trick?” I said in my best sexy voice.

“Oh, come now a big boy like you should be able to take a little old lady for a ride with out hurting too bad.” She mewed like a cat purring.

I laughed and said “Well it was pretty damn good. What a wild ride that was. You sure busted my balls when I came. You seemed to give it a good one too.”

Mom said “I think there is some kind of magic here on your private spot. I felt it and what ever happened I do believe it was because we were here.”

“Yes Mom I agree; see how my fucking dick is getting hard again. Now a good mother would help her darling son out with a really great fucking blow job. So how about it want to polish my knob?” I said. I had never talked to my mother like that before. I had never even thought of having sex with my mother before this and here we were going crazy with one another.

“So my darling son thinks his mother is a knob polisher. Well you big pricked bastard I am and I am going to give you the best fucking blow job you ever had.” She said as she bent down taking my cock in her mouth all the way up to my balls.

“Oh, lord what a cocksucker you are bitch. Suck it bitch! Suck my sweet cum down you’re cocksucking throat.” I was out of my mind talking this way. My head started to get dizzy just like before so I fell back when everything went black.

The sun hit me in the eye and woke me out of a strange deep sleep. But there was lots to do today. A quick shower brought me around to fully awake. Jeans and a t-shirt, boots and I was ready for my day to begin just as soon as I got some breakfast. Mom is always up ahead of me with the coffee ready and eggs in the pan. I could smell it as I entered he kitchen.

Mom was dressed in her jeans and loose fitting sweat shirt. She looked different this morning but I sure could not see what was different. It was just a feeling. Oh well it must just be me.

“Morning Mom; I guess I’ll fix that back door on the barn and then get busy and mow the pasture. Just for starters.” I said grabbing a cup of coffee.

She smiled and set a plate of eggs in front of me. She was looking at me with a strange kind of glaze over her eyes. I asked “Mom are you alright. You look a little different this morning.”

She sat down across from me held her coffee in both hands and said “No I am alright I just had a very strange dream. One I don’t want to think about or ever have again.”

I knew the bank had been hassling her about the mortgage. So I said “Don’t worry we will be Ok I’ll help out and we will come up with the money.”

“Oh, no my dream had nothing to do with that. This dream was so strange it scared me. I woke up in a cold sweat shivering. It was just awful. I, I, well it was so different from any thing I ever had in my life.” She looked at me and asked “When you were just a little boy did you have a special place you went to, to hide. Was it down near the river?”

“How bursa merkez eskort on earth did you know about that? I never told any one about my grassy spot.” I said thinking I had not been there for years. But there was something hanging like a dark cloud in the back of my mind and it had to do with my hide out.

“Mason I had a dream you took me there for a picnic and I thought it was the pettiest place I had ever seen. We had wine and food and you laid out a big blanket for us to sit on. It really was so strange.” But let’s not talk about it any more we do have work to do don’t we?”

Mom was right the day passed quickly and the jobs got done. At noon I came in and found Mom standing at the kitchen sink looking out the window but not seeing anything. She was day dreaming and as I stood there I again noticed some thing was wrong but could not put my finger on it. But something was different.

My voice brought her back and she fixed lunch with few words. I ate and felt uncomfortable as I watched my mother moving around the kitchen I got an erection. I was sure it was just one of those things that happen to young men.

About two o’clock I was standing by the well at the corner of the barn when Mom came up to me and said Mason will you show me the grassy spot where you used to hide?”

“Sure why not I have not been there for years and it would be fun to visit it again after all these years. In the interest of saving time we rode the tractor down to the river and then walked the last quarter mile till we came to the big rock. There is a rock face behind the rock and that is why no one ever went around to the other side. It just looks like solid rock from this side and this is the only side you can walk up to it.

I took Mom’s hand and bending low we ducked under an out cropping, turned the corner and there was the grassy spot. It looked the same as it had fifteen years ago. The grass was still thick plush and short. It seems this grass never needed cutting. It is not a large area maybe twenty feet square. The sun was so bright on this side of the rock. It seemed to reflect off the water and the rock it was blinding.

I was on my back and Mother was squatting over me. She reached back to guide my fully erect penis in to her gapping tunnel of love. Her breasts were above me swinging as I reached for them. They felt warm and soft in my hands. Mother lowered her splendid body down consuming me at length. She rolled her head way back so I could no see her face. She rode me back and forth then up and down. Sounds came from this wild animal as she jerked wildly. She screamed and bent forward arching her back pounding her wetness to me. I was crushing her breasts in my hands I knew I was hurting her but I could not let go as I filled her with my sperm. She reeked and let the river of lust flow out of her. Down over my body, down between my legs until she collapsed on my chest. The smell was so strong it burned my nostrils.

I had got dizzy again and had to sit down. Here by the well we use to water the animals. I splashed water on my head and that seemed to make a difference. It took me ten minutes to make my way to the house where I collapsed again on my bed.

My room is in the rear of the house and there is a bathroom just off the hall with a nice large shower. Mom’s bedroom is up front off the den she had her own shower and tub combination.

I let my jeans and shirt drop along the way as I headed for the shower. The shower felt good and I stood there in the steamy room for a long time. Not bothering to dry off I fell back across my bed. My head was still mixed up and my eyes hurt. So I closed my eyes and without thinking I took hold of my cock. I have masturbated but this was not the same I was just kind of squeezing and releasing it with very little movement. But I grew hard and I seemed to be longer and harder than ever before.

It felt good to hold my self. My mind was playing tricks on me for I saw my mother standing naked in the grass. She was dancing for me twirling and bending side to side letting her hair fly about. It was not up in a bun as she keeps it most of the time. That was it; that is what was wrong it was her hair it was down around her shoulders and that is what I saw but did not see. You would think I would have noticed right away. What a fool I was. Blind as a bat too.

Mom turned to face me holding out her hands calling me into her naked arms. I could not move. My feet were planted firmly in cement. She went to her knees and opened her mouth sticking out her tongue. Gesturing for me to come closer. I wanted to move to put my cock in her mouth to cum in her mouth to fill her mouth with molten hot sperm. I wanted to watch her bursa sınırsız escort suck it from me every drop except for a few drops that would escape to fall upon her tits.

I screamed “Come to me you fucking whore I cannot move.” But she only laughed and licked her lips in a lustful gesture. “Bitch, bitch I’ll fuck your ass if I ever get to you. I ram my cock so far up your ass you’ll feel the head in your throat. You fucking tease, you fucking cock sucker.”

I jerked awake to feel the warm thick sperm all over my hand and belly. It was pumping out of my cock running down to puddle on my belly. Something caught my eye and with a share snap of my neck I saw my bedroom door ease closed.

I lay naked on my bed for along time. I would fall asleep and wake still dizzy. My hard-on would come and go on its own. I woke to fine it hard and would fall back into a dream state where I would have all kinds of crazy mixed up flashes of sexual encounters. Many were of my mother and I having sex in many different ways and positions.

I woke the last time when Mom called down the hall that dinner was about ready. I heard her but did not respond. I wanted to but I was too tired. I laid there like a zombie thinking of sex with my mother. In my mind I saw her naked before me and wildly gesturing for me to come to her. She was kneeling just inches from me her mouth open ready to receive my cock. But I could not get to her.

Something was bringing me up out of this sexual dream and I was crying “Mother please. Suck my cock, please I need you so much suck me suck my sperm make me cum for you.” I opened my eyes blinked as I gazed up into my mother’s smiling face. I could not move I could not cover my fully erect cock; I could not keep from smiling back at her.

There were no words as my mother sat on the edge of my bed. I grabbed my erection I wanted to hide it but instead I shook it violently back and forth. With my other hand I grabbed a hand full of her hair pulling her head down into my lap.

Mother did not pull back she did not hesitate of even look at me. She just opened her mouth and swallowed my cock to the hilt. The words that came out of my mouth were strange and not my words. They were dirty words not words that I would use anyplace or any time let alone when speaking to my mother. But filthy sounds came forth as I called my mother a “Cock sucking bitch, a fucking whore who would suck off a dog given the chance.” I screamed at her to “Suck my fucking cock make me cum Bitch.” Then I came shooting sperm fast in large spurts filling her mouth. She forced her head down taking it to the back of her throat so the cum would go down her throat and none would be lost. Mother went wild and her lust drove me wild making me cum and cum.

The lights, the crazy lights filled my head. The sounds beating in my head was like thunder. There was a storm going off in my head. I screamed for it to stop but it did not. I ran and ran trying to out distance the terrible thunder storm in my head. I was falling and getting up to run some more. Then when I could run no more I crashed to earth and cried. The pain went away as quickly as it came.

I sat up in bed still naked with a throbbing hard-on in my hand. But the pain was gone, mother was gone and my need for sex was gone as my hard-on diminished to a normal size. What was going on? Was I going crazy? I had to get help I needed to talk about this what ever it was.

Stumbling around I managed to get dressed and made my way to the kitchen. Mother was standing at the stove lifting a large pot. She smiled and said “Well its’ about time lazy head. I know you worked hard today but I never saw you take a nap in the middle of he day before. Are you sure you’re feeling alright?”

“Yes I am Ok” I lied “I am just so tired maybe I got a bug or something. There is nothing that has to be none in the next day so maybe I’ll just take day to lay back relax and rest. Maybe I’ll go fishing. Yes. That is what I’ll do, I’ll go fishing and I know just the spot.

“Wonderful; I need a day off too. May your mother go with you? I could fix us a little picnic lunch and we can make a day of it. A day in the sun to relax, recharge our batteries and just spend some time together and talk. We have not had a good talk in a long time. How does that sound to you Mason?” Mom said as she handed me a plate of stew.

I was feeling better already. So I said “Sure Mom why not it sounds like a plan to me. I’ll show you a little spot I used to go to when I was a kid to hide and be alone. It is a wonderful grassy spot right down on the river bank but hidden from the rest of the world. I’ll show you something special. I had forgotten about for years now. But I bet the lights are still there. When the sun is just right it reflect off the water and the rocks to make a flashing that is kind of nice. Yes mom I want you to come with me and see these special lights.”

Some how it seemed as if life was replaying over ad over again like a broken record.

KEaster: Thanks for reading my story.

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