Costume Party

Double Penetration

My wife and I had been invited to a friend’s costume party in mid-June. It was a perfect night for an outdoor party. The air was warm, not too humid and the camp fires around the property kept the dampness and chill out of the air. There were people all over the place but the majority were centered around the pool and outdoor bar area.

I had been talking with Marco, an old friend and getting my drink on when my wife came over. The music was loud and there were a lot of people there. Marco and a couple of his buddies were telling some great stories that I hadn’t heard before. As the music pumped and the crowd moved around us, we all brushed up against each other but I kept bumping into my wife again and again. She was standing freakishly close to me.

“What are you doing?” I finally asked annoyed, yelling towards her ear over the music but wanting to hear Marco’s story he was telling.

“I want to go,” she stated flatly, drawing a line across her throat.

“What? Why?!” I asked incredulously.

“I’ll walk home if you want to stay,” she said shortly.

“What? Hold on, let’s go inside so I can hear you,” I said, holding her arm and walking inside.

My wife and I are about the same height and build. She has long beautiful blond hair and nice breasts. I have short cropped hair and I’m fit. She’s a pharmaceutical rep and I’m a diving instructor so our jobs both require us to stay in shape. Mine has the additional requirement to being kept shaved clean when swimming or diving.

We went into the first empty room on the right. It was a basement den with a couch, a desk and a small bathroom in it. We closed the door behind us to drown out the loud party outside.

“What’s going on?” I asked, taking off my helmet. I had come dressed as Iron Man.

“It’s not a big deal, I guess,” she said.

“What the hell Vicky?! Tell me why you want to go already,” I asked again, getting upset.

“All the guys are being grabby and I want to go,” she said.

“What do you mean by grabby?” I asked.

“You know, grabbing my ass and tits,” she said demonstrating for me.

“Take that thing off, would you?” I asked looking at her horse head mask.

She took it off and set it on the floor.

“One of those guys practically had his hand in my panties!” She exclaimed looking up at me.

“No one’s done anything to me,” I laughed.

“Yea, no shit!” She stupidly laughed out, grabbing my Iron Man clad chest.

“Fine, let’s switch,” I told her, starting to take my Iron Man chest plate and pants off.

“You’re serious? You’re going to put my dress and horse head on?” She asked doubtfully.

“If it means that much to you, ya. I don’t give a shit if someone grabs my ass,” I stated drunkenly.

“Fine,” she said and started disrobing.

She got down to her bra and panties and looked at me expectantly.

“What?” I asked, pulling her dress up over my jeans.

“I need those jeans, dip shit,” she said.

I hadn’t thought of that. I didn’t wear underwear, never have. I pulled my jeans down and handed them over. She slid them on and cinched my belt around her waist. She slid the Iron Man chaps up over the front of her legs, took her bra off (freeing her beautiful breasts!), put my shirt on, slid the Iron Man chest plate on and handed me her bra.

“What’s this for?” I asked holding her bra out.

“Put it on, unless you don’t want to fill out the top of that dress. We’ll stuff it with toilet paper,” she said helpfully, walking into the bathroom and coming out with hand fulls of bum wad.

Whatever. I didn’t care. I was already half in the bag anyway. I awkwardly put the bra on and watched her fill up my cups. By the time she was done, I had a nice rack! I smiled and played with them. I jumped up and down, watching the action.

“Not bad!” I said, grabbing them seductively, raising my eyebrows at her.

“Better get used to it,” she stated, handing me the horse head mask.

I pulled the rest of the dress on, over the bra and slid the mask over my head. My mouth was actually in the neck of the horse and my eyes looked out the mouth. It fit weirdly but it was tight enough so I didn’t have to worry about it coming off.

She put the Iron Man helmet on and we looked at each other. I shrugged my shoulders and walked towards the door. She hurriedly stepped in front of me and opened the door.

“Ladies first,” she said in a low voice.

The loud music took an immediate effect and we started talking louder.

“I’m going for a beer,” I half yelled.

“You better talk higher than that!” She said in her low voice.

“And make it a wine cooler!” She giggled and walked towards the kitchen grabbing my butt on the way by.

I shrugged and walked towards the porch where all the alcohol was being served. I walked up to the bar and figured, what the hell.

“I’ll take one of those wine coolers,” I heard myself yell in a highish voice.

The bartender smiled and asked if I cared what flavor, I told him to be the judge gaziantep escort so he grabbed one and started pouring it into a tall glass. I felt someone’s knee push into the back of my left knee.

This was something the boys used to do in high school and I hadn’t had someone do it to me since then. I had been bracing my weight on that leg so my knee gave out and my balance went back and down. The person behind me stopped me from falling by putting a hand under my ass, supporting my weight and pulling me up by the cheeks.

“Whoa there horsey!” The young man said helpfully in my ear.

I felt his fingers, fumble around my ass and caress their way from the back of my ball sac up my crack and finally up to the small of my back where he left it.

“You almost took a fall,” he said smiling, rubbing my lower back.

I didn’t say anything. I just stared at him angrily but I’m sure that didn’t come off well with the horse head on. He smiled at me and handed me my drink, releasing my back for the moment.

“Here you go babe,” he said handing me my drink.

I took it from him and took a sip. It wasn’t bad. A bit too sweet for my tastes but it was ok. I took another taste and then another, and another. Before I realized it, it was gone.

He was talking to me but I really couldn’t understand what he was saying with the music so loud, the mask on my head and I didn’t really care at that point so I just nodded to him every once in awhile with my awkwardly large horsehead mask. He leaned in at one point and put his hand on my back again. It was odd to have a man putting his hands on me but it didn’t bother me so I left it alone. There were people all around us, many pushed into me, but this guy kept me close to him directing me around the area with his hand on my lower back. I just laughed at all the attention I was getting, my wife was right!

The guy realized my drink was empty and leaned into my ear.

“Wow babes, you musta been thirsty!” He said, walking us back through the bar area, getting the bartender’s attention and getting me another drink.

I tried this new drink, with a straw through my mask, it was fruity and good. ‘Hey, this service isn’t bad!’ I thought to myself. As long as this crowd believed I was a woman, all would be well and the drinks would be quick.

“I saw you earlier, talking with Iron Man. You know him?” He yelled into my ear over the music. He directed us around the area again with his hand just above my ass moving us towards the warm campfire light where the crowds weren’t as dense and the music wasn’t as loud.

“Yea, he’s my husband,” I laughingly informed him in a high voice.

“Ohh!” He exclaimed, dipping his hand into my ass crack and taking a handful of my left lower cheek.

What the fuck?!

I didn’t know what protocol was. Should I stop him? Deck him? Hit his hand? What would my wife do? Oh ya, she’d come crying to me and want to leave.

I wasn’t my wife though and I didn’t really give a shit that he was grabbing my ass. Come to think of it, I thought it was kinda funny since he didn’t know I was a guy. Here he was thinking he was getting his hand in some chick’s crack! HA! There was an indecency to letting him do it, without letting him know who I was. It was kind of exciting as I thought about it.

The nerve of this guy was something else too. Here we were walking through a crowd of people and he was rubbing my ass crack in full view of everyone. I don’t think I would have done this to my wife let alone some girl I had just met. Admittedly, it was dark and most people didn’t look down and if they did, they didn’t give a shit, but still, this guy had some balls on him to be caressing someone’s ass in public like this.

I had never experienced anything like this before, especially from this side of the hand. Being a woman in this instance was a very different experience than being a man. It made me wonder how many other women were getting rubbed without the crowd knowing about it. I made my peace with this new exihitionism and left his hand alone, not knowing how to handle the situation and not caring enough to make him stop.

His confidence from my lack of fight must have given him the green light. He lightly grabbed handfuls of my cheeks as he yelled over the music. I nodded to him, not knowing or caring what he was saying as I looked around for people watching us. He dipped his hand into my crack even deeper and his finger actually caressed my anus before he dipped lower towards my sac.

“Hey!” I yelled over the music, instinctively swatting at his hand.

I was surprised by my bodily response. The shock of his touch on my asshole had literally made me jump and swipe at his hand to stop the trespass.

“What?” He asked incredulous. Holding his hands up as if I were a cop.

“I just told you I’m married and my husband is around here somewhere,” I said, turning my head and pretending to look for this husband of mine.

He smiled and put his hand back up to my lower back.

“Oh, sweetheart! If you were mine, I’d never let that fine ass out of my sight!” He laughed, sinking his hand back into the crack of my ass and caressing my left cheek.

I half heartedly swatted at his hand but stopped when I felt my dick twitching.

Jesus Christ! This guy was starting to give me a fucking hard-on!

The thin dress will pop up like a pup tent! I couldn’t let that happen. I’d be the butt of every joke for the next ten years if anyone knew I was in this getup with a hardon.

I looked around for somewhere to sit down and hide my condition and saw a grove of dark trees. Perfect! Not only dark but there would have to be chairs in there. I turned towards the darker area and we slowly walked that way. I brought my cup down to the front of my groin, pushing down my crotch with the palm of my hand as my condition became more obvious. I looked around frantically for those that may take notice of me but the crowd was much thinner here with people standing in small groups. I didn’t recognize any of them. The light was, thankfully, getting much dimmer as my wife’s dress was starting to push out in my front.

His hand continued to caress my ass crack getting me stiffer. I tried to stop him again with my hand but he persisted, so instead of using my energy to stop him, I concentrated on not allowing my boner to show. I pushed it down with both of my hands and bent slightly forward at the waist as I walked, which unfortunately gave him a better angle on my rear. I both regretted this action because it encouraged his treatment and realized it was essential because of my growing predicament in the front of the dress. I quickened my pace and tried walking erratically in order to stop his hand without letting the front of my dress pop up or causing a scene, though I hadn’t seen anyone in a bit now. He just followed my erratic steps and continued rubbing me. I quickened my pace towards the dark patch of trees, hoping no one would see my condition. I was more concerned about my identity getting known than what he was doing with his hands.

I felt his fingers caressing up and down my crack over and over until he found my anus again with his finger. I whimpered when he stopped his searching there and rubbed it slowly around and around as we walked. Shocks jolted through my system making me miss steps and sending my dick jumping under the thin material.

“Jesus, would you stop that!” I finally yelled, in a genuinely high broken up voice, bent at the waist, practically jog stepping towards the dark grove of trees, covering my bulge with my cup and hands.

“Baby, you don’t have to call me Jesus!” He laughed and started lifting my dress up with his other hand.

This guy was a fucking octopus! He was walking (practically jogging) along side me, talking up a storm, lifting my dress with his far hand without stopping his meaty fingers rubbing my anus. As he raised my dress in the back with his left hand, he continued to keep pace with me, talking nonsense about some bragging bullshit, trying to impress my pant off. Which of course, he was.

I took a fleeting moment to hit his hand with mine but he just ignored me. I guess it didn’t really matter, I was set on getting out of the light and hiding my condition, that was priority number one. I hadn’t seen another person in some time and it was getting much darker here so I was winning this battle. I used my hands to cover myself again and left him to pull my dress up and rub my ass.

‘Fuck it!’ I thought ‘Let him go to town!’

I just didn’t want him or anyone else to know I was a guy, dressed like this with a hardon from another guy. Once I was sitting down in the dark and I could catch my breath, this would all end.

He hiked my dress up higher and then pulled the material through his hand that was rubbing me, like the waiter tablecloth trick but it was his fingers and my dress. He growled and groaned as his finger found and rubbed my bare asshole.

I chirped like a little bird, surprised at the enhanced sensation that overwhelmed my body. My knees dipped weakly as I walked and I nearly fell.

“You took dem panties off. I knew it! I fuckin knew you wanted it!” He laughed, rubbing my bare anus in tight, hard little circles.

The realization washed over me. This must of been the asshole that my wife had said tried getting his hands in her panties!

He kept my dress up with his one hand and I felt relief when he pulled his finger off my now, overly sensitive asshole. He brought his fingers up to his mouth and then back down into my crack as we walked. I felt his wet spit slickened fingers rubbing into my hole causing me to moan out loud while he literally didn’t miss a step. It’s amazing how a little spit can change the feeling from ‘nice’ to breathtaking.

“Hu – Hu – Hu” I tried to suck in my breath.

I couldn’t believe this was happening. I continued hiding my raging hardon which was tenting out my dress in the front as we finally made it to the dark patch of woods.

“You want me to fuck your ass or.,” he trailed off, letting his finger delve deeper down into my crack.

He was going to find my ballsac!

“No!” I cried, instinctively dropping away from his hand and onto my already debilitated knees.

“Oh, there you go baby!” He said enthusiastically, undoing his belt, jeans button and unzipping his fly in what appeared to be one magically continuous, practiced motion which took a heart stopping half second from start to displaying himself to the world.

“You ready for some Italian sausage?” He asked, pushing his pants and undies down to his knees without any hesitation or pause. In his mind, I was bought and payed for. I don’t even think he looked over his shoulder to see if we were alone, which of course we had been for the last 300 meters or so.

His cock jumped up and slapped my horse head mask. This guy was as hard as I was!

“I bet Iron Man don’t come with one like dis!” He said proudly stroking his meat right in front of my face.

He didn’t know how right he was. My Iron Man had nothing between her legs.

I felt his hands pull mine up to his waist. I couldn’t actually see what was going on in this dim light. I knew it was his hard cock that slapped the mask again and again but I didn’t stop it – I didn’t say anything,

I didn’t do anything! I didn’t feel like I was in control.

I was in a state of half drunken shock at the situation I’d allowed myself to get into. I felt detached from the situation, disembodied, separated from what was happening to me as if it was someone else and I was just an observer. The events unfolding were so far from reality that I think my mind detached itself as if in a dream.

Why in God’s name would I have a mask on, be on my knees, in a dark patch of woods before some young man I didn’t know getting slapped by his hard cock?! That couldn’t be me! It can’t be me. Does not compute!

“It’s ok baby. I know all that shit you said before don’t mean nothin. I still want you baby and I ain’t gunna tell no one,” he stage whispered, pulling my mask up and off.

‘Holy shit my mask!’ My mind screamed at me but my body didn’t respond.

This can’t be happening to me. This can’t be happening to me. This can’t be happening to me.

I looked up at him, waiting for the inevitable punch but it didn’t come. The very dim light must be enough to keep my maleness hidden. I just knelt there thinking about what he had said and I came to the conclusion that my wife must of told him off while he was trying to get in her panties. Ha! Way to go Vic!

He grabbed the back of my head and slowly pulled me towards him.

Shouldn’t I be yelling or try to stand and run or…?

“Shit, your hair is real short baby,” he said.

‘Oh shit.’ I thought, here we go. I’m about to get my ass kicked, but my body still wouldn’t respond.

“That’s fucking hot!” He said, caressing my scalp, pulling my head closer.

I wanted to push on his waist, I wanted to regain my composure, I wanted to get back to my wife and the party but I felt him grab my hands and I felt him lift them to the base of his hard manhood and I saw in the dim light as those hands, my hands, were placed there on his flesh. I could feel his warmth, his heat, through those hands I could see.

“There it is baby… you got it now sweetie,” he whispered, pushing his hips in and out.

I blinked hard and felt the touch of another man’s genitals on my fingers and palms as it awakened me from this dream state. I looked at his hardness pulsing in my hands, feeling him and his heat in my hands.

It felt so warm to my touch. He felt so alive. This was such a foreign experience for me that I was having a hard time comprehending it all. I had never even seen a man hard before, well, besides myself.

A naughtiness seemed to explode inside me, bringing me back to myself as I realized what I was doing, where I was and the fact that I hadn’t stopped it.

I pushing up on the base of his dick with my left thumb and I looked up at his face, waiting for him to yell at me or to stop me but he was eager for me to use my hands on him. I felt a boldness as I actively, intimately, touched a man for the first time. The small movement helped me gain control of my body, helped me to understand I could do this. That I was doing this!

I watched as this young man’s fully engorged, well endowed, sex organ went upwards, at my will. I pointed it skyward and saw it outlined in the starlight. I was fascinated. I had never been given the opportunity to see, feel or play with another man before. I looked up at his dark face again for confirmation but I didn’t see anything there but a dark outline looking down at me.

The worry of the impending punch faded away. I no longer felt any unease or considered any potential consequences at all, on the contrary, I felt anonymity and confidence that all would be ok as I felt his warmth in my hands. He thought I was a woman and it was far too dark out here for him to know any different. Looking back, that feeling was probably partially (and thankfully) from the alcohol I had consumed and partially from my lack of foresight.

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