Cougar House Ch. 02: JUST RELAX


Alone at home Margo Needy enjoyed a minutes peace, calm before the storm. She had been running around like a chicken with her head chopped off trying to get everything arranged for her son’s last night in the United States. In three days he would be off for Paris to study abroad. With Elliot in town spending time with his friends, her future roommates, it allowed Margo to relax a bit and unwind. After her morning cardio, she decided to enjoy the sun and work on her tan, she was already golden, but it couldn’t hurt to darken a bit more in those hard to reach places. With this time to herself she could think about what she was getting herself into by committing to let four of Elliot’s nineteen year old friends live out here with her.

She didn’t necessarily consider it a mistake in agreeing to rent to them, but it did worry her a bit, because she was lonely now that her husband had passed. Combined with her son moving on in life she was stressed. She hated being by herself, but four young men might test her resolve. Possibly her self control. She certainly required attention. Something that she had lived without since Darryl. That was what worried her.

Thinking back to two days earlier, she wondered if Brian Hancock had snuck into her bedroom and gone through her underwear drawer. That spooked her, yet made her especially wet as well. To top that off Brian might have seen her masturbating in her shower. She just wasn’t sure. Circumstances led her to believe it a possibility, but without proof she would just overlook it, and envision it to be true. All four boys treated her as if she were their Mom. She preferred the Aunt factor being only 12 years older than they were.

“What if Brian did sneak in on me?” She ponders, “The boys all seem to be sincere about their concern for me, yet I really don’t know any of them all that well. Brian might be sneaky.” She sighs heavily, “”Of course he’s sneaky. Charming, really cute, but shady I think. Does that mean I rule out him living here? If I do that I might as well let the other three go too.”

A chill runs over her suddenly, “I want to keep all four of them as long as they pay rent on time. If they get too out of hand, I’ll consider letting them go.” Another alarming sigh leads too, “What if I get out of hand? I have needs too. Just seeing their eyes looking me over makes me crazy. Once Elliot is gone I might not be able to deny my desires. Do I want to deny them? Ugggggh! Maybe I’m reading too much into things. They might not be as interested as I think they are.”

A final sigh leads to a giggle, “Don’t be an idiot Margo, all four of those boys have a crush on you. I need to just relax and do my best to behave myself. Let’s see how they do the first week or two, and if nobody hits on me I’ll just be Mom to them. Aunt Mom. Oh my God! What if they do hit on me?” She bites a nail shivering at the inevitability. That led to a welcomed grin. “Lord I hope they do.”

Knowing that she was by herself, she considered sunbathing in the nude. She rarely had such an opportunity before now. Even though she had a tanning bed to prevent tan lines there was nothing better than the sun itself. Looking around just out of habit she removes her skimpy white bikini top and rests back topless. That would be enough for the moment she thought. Just in case the boys suddenly came back home. Living seven miles from the town of Wildwood, Pennsylvania allowed her time to be safe. They had been gone for two hours, she likely had two more to relax in.

Oiling herself up with sunscreen her body became a golden gloss. Even she found it sexy. For the next thirty minutes she baked without a care in the world. This would inevitably be the last chance she would have the freedom to lay out like this. Once the boys moved in her liberties would have to be confined to wearing a bathing suit. A bikini of course, Darryl had forbidden her to ever wear a one piece.

“Why should I deny myself? This is my house, they’re not signing any lease agreement. Besides if my intuition is correct they want to see me lay out in a bikini…or less. Bikini yes, less no.” She ponders her decision to deny regardless, “Oh my God Margo…stop thinking about this. Just collect the rent checks and do your own thing.”

As she lays there collecting rays she hears her cell ring. Sitting up she looks to see who was calling. “Cabot? That’s the first time he’s called me. Elliot must have given him my number.” Feeling a thrill suddenly, knowing she was topless Margo answers the phone, trembling at the intriguing scenario.

“”Hello Cabot.”

“Hey Mom.” He greeted her, “I wanted to run something by you real fast.”

“I’m all ears.” She nibbles a nail lowering her gaze to her magical 40D’s. Favoring the idea of putting him on speaker she sits her cell on a table next to her chaise. This gave her room to enjoy his voice and her freedom at one time.

“We were thinking instead of some indoor party with just the usual gang, we might have a big bonfire. Brian’s dad just cut down a few trees and wants Bri to haul them off, so we had that brilliant xslot idea. Thoughts?”

She teases her nipples with her index fingers picturing him standing over her watching as he asks her. Using her right foot she lightly caresses her opposite leg achieving goosebumps.

“That sounds fun. There’s plenty of room toward the back of the property. Darryl actually had a small dirt pit, dug out just for fires. There’s even some wood tables and benches out there to sit on. Although, it might have a few weeds grown up. Since Darryl passed Elliot and I have lapsed on cutting the entire property. It’s too large for us alone. “

“Darryl had a riding mower right?”

“A large tractor with a pull behind as well.”

“I’m off work today I’ll come out and cut at least a good chunk of it with the riding mower. Brian and Eric can bring the trees out and drop them in the pit.”

“That would be great. See? You boys will be…very handy around here.” Her right hand glides over her belly and beneath her bikini bottoms. Touching her clit she tenses up to enjoy her sensitivity, following up with a soft moan. She whispers ever so faintly, “Mmm Cabot.”

“Our hands are all yours Mrs. Needy.”

“That feels wonderful…” Her back arches as two fingers insert between her labia and dip inside, “knowing that you boys care enough to lend a hand.”

“Anything you need it’s yours.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” She unties the string on her right hip, then the left tugging the bikini bottoms through her legs. Margo was 100% naked, save for sunglasses. “It’s so hot out here Cabot.”

“I know it’s TMI, but dammit I feel like stripping down just to cool off.” He chuckles.

“I’m laying by the pool and TMI I’m considering skinny dipping.” She giggles. Two could play that game. “With you boys moving in, this might be my last chance to do that.”

“There would be days we’ll all be working so you still could. Heck, I wouldn’t care if…” He trails away feigning a blush on his end.

“I don’t know about that.” She laughs, “Nobody wants to see Aunt Margo do that.”

“Aunt Margo?” He chuckles, “Do we make you feel that old calling you mom?”

“A bit. I’m certain I’ll correct all of you hundreds of times that I’m not your Mother. Margo is fine.”

“Alright Margo. Anyways…let me call Bri and tell him the trees are a go. I’ll follow him out and get to mowing the yard.”

“I’ll be here.” She moans lightly.

“You okay? You sound winded.”

“I’m fine. Just scratching an itch.”

“An itch causes breathlessness?”

“If you must know I’m putting on sunscreen and trying to reach the hard to get to places.” She whimpers. Fingers dipping deeper, he realizes she might be touching herself.

“Need help?”

“Now Cabot, I’m your landlady. “She giggles and masturbates without worry.

“So.” He chuckles flirting. “That doesn’t mean I can’t be of services. Don’t think the worst because I’m offering.”

“We’ll see. I think that might be a little too…personal.”

“You can hire me to be your Cabana Boy.”

“And, pay you with your own rent money?”

“Good point.”

“My legs are getting a really nice golden glow. TMI?”

“Never. Be yourself Mom…Margo. None of us are going to think badly of anything you do.”

“Some things should be shared more than others. For us to all live together I agree. I just don’t want Elliot to ever get the wrong idea.”

“Well, it’s not like anything is ever going to happen between any of us right?”

“Right you are.” She was definitely not thinking like Cabot was.

“You were a Model, so model those legs. Show me why they’re worth a million bucks”

“Those days are long gone Cabot. If they were still worth that much I would not require any roommates.”

“From pics I’ve seen of your younger days I can be honest and tell you I see very little difference. Outside of…”

“My boobs being enhanced? My butt cheeks?” She laughs squirming in her chaise at how wet her pussy was. Reaching her mouth with one set of fingers she sucks upon her taste, while the other replaces her treasure hunt. Sex marks the spot. Pirate gold.

“I felt weird saying that, but yeah.”

“I’m certain I’ll hear young boys talking all about things like that around here once we coexist.’

“Young men.”

“Yes you are.” She sighs eying her cell. “I’ll humor you just this once. Give me a second to take a picture of my legs.”

“You don’t have to if you feel uncomfortable. I guess all I’m doing is trying to make you feel good about yourself.”

“I feel very good…about…myself.” She softly moans, one hand fingering, the other reaching for the cell. Leaving Cabot on speaker she sets up her camera and pans down over her legs. Catching her fingers buried she finds herself tempted to take a pic but knew that would be a very bad idea. Wouldn’t it? For now yes. It was too soon to expose more than her legs. That seemed innocent enough.

“Itching still?” He laughs.

“You hush.” She snaps a practice selfie then examines it. xslot Giriş The very tip of her knuckles were in the pic. Barely noticeable she finds temptation in it. Would Cabot notice? Another succulent moan escapes and she grits her teeth.

“Margo? Okay over there?”

“Yes. I almost dropped my cell is all.”

“That would be an OH FUCK moment.” He laughed.

“OH FUCK.” She feels herself brewing into more than he should be privileged to hear. Using his own words to escape her enjoyment.

“Whoa! Margo? What are you doing?”

“Messing with you.” She huffs laughing. “Not the best pic but I’m sending it now.”

“Awesome. Thanks for feeling you can trust me”

“I’ll trust all of you until you prove me wrong.”

“That works. Got your pic, gimme a sex.”


“Gimme a sec.”

“Ohhhhh! Oooookay.” She exhales playfully then giggles.

“Daaaang. You have gorgeous…I mean nice legs.”

“Thank you. They’re just legs.”

“Are those your bikini bottoms laying beside you?”

“Nooo!” She bulges her eyes then looks at her picture. Sure enough there they were. “SHIT! You weren’t meant to see that. I feel so stupid.”

“No Biggy Margo. It’s not like I see anything other than…” He pauses to mumble, “Holy crap.”

“What’s wrong?” She huffs.

“Nothing. I had an itch.”

“You’re hilarious Mister Ross.” She chuckles.

“How’s the rest of you baking?”

“I’m looking pretty good actually. Hold on…” She stops fingering herself to hold her cell over her head and snap a pic from her face to her cleavage, her fingers on her cheek to look cute.. Examining it she shrugs then sends it. Her sunglasses were so dark her vision was careless.

“You’re feeling generous today.”

“Last pic. Face and shoulders.”

“Opening now. You are getting nice and mocha.”


“I like mocha. Don’t knock it.” If she could only see him grin. “Ummm! Margo?”

“Yes?” Her fingers return to her pussy. Sitting her cell back on the table, freeing her hand to squeeze her breast.

“Is that your bikini top dangling on your shoulder?”

“WHAT?” She stops everything to look again. Not seeing it she realizes Cabot had called her out. “NOOOO! Stop that.”

“Had you going. If you had to look it means you’re sunbathing topless.”

“I AM NOT!” She shivers, “Maybe a little. We should not be talking like this. Behave yourself.”

“Me?” He laughs, “You behave. Whoa!”

“What now?”

“Why is your arm and shoulder dry, but your fingers wet?”

“I’m SWEATING!” She growls laughing.

“Oh…makes sense.” He knew the truth by the tone of her voice.

“Come mow my yard.”

“Trim the bush too?”


“Ummm! I have a hedge trimmer. What were you thinking? Ohhhhhhhhh! Wow!”

“Goodbye Cabot.”

“See you…later.”

Hanging up on her she puffs her cheeks and exhales loudly, “Bad Margo. Why did you do that?” Shaking things off her cell rings again. “Darn it Cabot…I need to cum. What…oh…it’s Eric.” Answering she envisions Eric also watching her from above. “Hello? Hi Eric.”

“Hey Margo. Catch you at a bad time?”

“You might say that.” She giggles, “Sunbathing.” This was fun hearing their reaction to her.

“Niiice! No neighbors that must be quiet.”

“I can scream as loud as I want to.” She giggles. “That did not come…out…right, did it? You know what I meant.”

“I get it.” He laughs with her, “Perfect party place. Cabot run his bonfire idea by you?”

“Yes he did. I told him that was fine.” Her fingers get back to work. Kellan Lutz was drooling over her. Eric Crowe resembled the actor save for the beard, Eric was mostly stubble. Her fantasies were seeming all too real. Lord have mercy.

“Cool! Loud music okay? I have access to some amps and a stereo. Plenty of extension cord. Well, it depends on where we’re building the fire.”

“There should be more extension cords in Darryl’s classic car garage. That’s fine also. Nobody close enough to complain about the music. What kind of music?”

“I was thinking Barry White or George Michael. I have a strange taste. I love George Michael. Ever listen to his song I Want Your Sex?”

“Oh my God! I do too…I mean I love George Michael.” She moans. “That song is…Oh God. Soooo good.” He hears heavy breathing and grins.

“How about Akon? I’m into Rap too. Ever hear Smack That?”

“Yessssss! With Eminem. Love dancing to that.”

“That’s an interesting image.” He laughs. “So you like dancing?”

“I belly dance too.”

“No way. I can’t even picture that.”

“I can. Hang on I’ll prove it to you.”


“You just keep your pants on…I mean hold your…horses. Dammit! I can’t talk today. Putting you on hold hang on.” She remains laying but uses her cell outstretched over her belly to prove her muscle control. Shooting a video this time she does her best to keep from showing that she was nude, thinking to herself how low a belly dancing skirt hung on the xslot Güncel Giriş hips. Without music she merely made her tummy and hips writhe. It was too bad that she had recently removed her belly button bling it would have made her look more like an actual belly dancer. Her belly roll was sexy as hell with such tight abs. Ever so briefly the very lowest portion of her breasts slipped into view. If for only a brief instant. Satisfied by her performance she plays it for her final approval before sending it off to Eric.

“Got something.” Eric reports. Playing it he sounded stunned. “Damn! That could only be better when standing up I bet.”

“With music too. Hang on let me find a song.” She reaches to her table for a remote that she points to a stereo enclosed by plexiglass, near her French doors. Speakers firing up she recalls what number to key in on a master list of songs. Finally, she locates an Arabic instrumental that was a bit more aggressive. Standing up next to her chaise she attempts to record her hips and belly movements with one hand. Her camera span lowered to her upper pubic area but no lower, her body so perfect it was impossible to tell exactly where her pubic line was. Belly dancer territory minus an inch. Her dance was hypnotic. For two minutes she recorded herself. Playing it back she was immediately rubbing her clit at her own sexiness. “Dare I send this?” She questioned her ethics. Off it went.

“Still there Margo?”

“Yes Eric. Yes. Yes. Yes.” She rubbed herself laughing.

“Good. Got it, playing now.” As she heard her own music she shuts her stereo off to better hear Eric. “Sweet Hazeus! Are you naked?”

“NOOOOOOOO! Bikini.”

“Wow! You sure don’t see it. All I see is skin. Not that I’m complaining.”

“Stop thinking dirty thoughts.” That was meant for Margo as well. Neither listened.

“Maybe you can belly dance at Elliot’s party and give us a better example.”

Her fingers probing deep again she returns carefully to her chaise. “I don’t think Elliot wants to see his mother making a fool of herself.”

“Oh! Seeing as it’s Elliot’s going away party do you mind if we invite some friends?”

“Elliot’s friends?”

“A couple. Guys from the swim team. Brian’s wrestling squad. A lot of guys liked Elliot.”

“All…men?” She whimpers using both hands now to massage her clit and finger her dripping wet bright pink pussy.

“We just figured a bunch of girls there might be drama. It seems like all they wanna do is fight each other. Jealous bitches. Sorry, just saying.”

“How…many?” She expresses her brewing orgasm through a yearning face. Hips lifting in her sensitivity and expectation.

“Man, I can’t stop watching you belly dance. Those hips are really shaking.”

“Yes I am.” She trembles. “How many boys?”

“Maybe 10 or so. We won’t let it get out of hand.”

“Ten? And, you want me to belly dance?” She huffs, picturing turning on a bunch of young men. “Ohhhh fuck.” Her tender exhaled words could have been heard.

“We won’t if that’s too many.”

“NO! Ten or more is fine. Just…behave responsibly.”

“I can only imagine you belly dancing from behind. Shaking that…yeah…shaking that.”

“Ass? I can twerk too.” She moans.

“Dance at the party.”

“I can’t. I would…but I won’t humiliate my son.”

“Maybe after he’s in Europe then.”

“I might then.”

“You have a belly dancer costume?”

“A couple of them. Very skimpy ones.”

“Man it’s a shame you won’t. Dancing in front of a big bonfire would be…”

“Be what? Sexy?”

“Not cool to say that, huh?”

“I know it would be. That’s why I fear doing it. Ten or more friends outside you four and Elliot. That’s quite a lot.”



“Alright! I won’t push it. I understand.”

“Thank you Eric. I need to come…”She nears her insanity point.

“Say what?”

“I need to come and check out everyone attending. I don’t want troublemakers.”

“Trust me, we have your back. None of these guys are trouble.”



“I need to go.” She was holding in a healthy scream.

“Ok. See you later then.”

“Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” She could barely cut him off before crying out, “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Ten…Oh my God.” Trembling like a leaf she envisions belly dancing for twenty men, all touching her in passing. A very seductive dance at that.

“MOTHER FUCKER!” Her cell rings a third time. “Brian? Oh nooo! Yesss!” She barely had enough control to answer him. “BRIAAAN? What can I do for you?”

“I could think of a hundred things.” He chuckles listening to her pant.


“You running?”

“Noooo! Stretching by the pool.”

“Bend over for me. Just kidding.”

“I somehow doubt that.” She couldn’t stop fingering herself. A new wave of terrorism was attacking her sensitivity. “Are you guys on a timer? Cabot called…then Eric…now you minutes apart.”

“Perfect rhythm I guess. Hit you while it’s hot.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Nothing. Relax I’m just teasing ya. Gotta request of you.”

“Bring the wood.”

“Oh I’m bringing you my wood.”

“Good. Save some for my fireplace.”

“I bet that place is hot as hell.”

“It heats the house well.”

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