Country Boy Bobby


I really needed a quieter life, which is why I moved fifteen miles outside the city. I found a small neighborhood, if you could call it that, with about half a dozen homes on a country road. The house was small (2 beds 2 baths) but was plenty for me and the dog. The yard was large and took a full day to mow but, even so, it was better than living in my last place. My car was broken in to twice and my apartment once (thus the reason for a dog — early warning system and all that). Out here, at the new house, the worst I expected was the rummaging of some raccoons.

As summer wore on, there was a lot more work to do around the house than I anticipated. In addition to the mowing, I had a garden to tend, landscaping to start and then finish, shed to erect, driveway to clear for paving…the list was almost endless. The best part of all this was it allowed me to get in better shape and get some color to my otherwise pasty skin. Being part Scottish, I have relatively fair skin and dark red hair. But the French part of me allowed me to keep from burning as much as a typical ginger.

Another good aspect of country living are the country boys. Their farmer’s tan, baseball caps, dirty jeans, bodies built from honest work, big trucks and, many times, scruffy faces. They were everywhere in the summer. I’d see them driving down the road in their trucks, working in the fields and the local retail shops.

One particular day, I drove the standard ten minute drive to the local hardware store for some supplied. This is where I ran in to Bob. I know I know, ‘Bob’ is very non-descriptive but that’s his name. Robert technically, but he went by Bob, according to the name tag on his smock. He was a bit shorter than me, probably right over six feet tall, blonde and blue eyed, nice arms with just the right amount of blonde hair and thick, dark blonde beard. Bob approached me initially, probably because I looked lost in the aisle I was in. He pointed out where I needed to go and even, ironically, the right size of screw I needed. Beyond that, he lingered more than I thought normal, making small talk and even ignoring other customers. I paid for my items and left wondering to myself about what the hell was going on with Bob at the store.

The next week, I needed a new saw blade so I headed back to the store, but I didn’t see Bob. Disappointed, I bought what I needed and headed home. Maybe it was his off day? Maybe he quit? Got fired? I had no idea, I just knew I was somewhat disappointed. Pulling out of the parking lot, I heard a ding and noticed my low fuel light was on. Fortunately, I drove past a Shell station on the way home. So I pulled in behind a black Jeep Wrangler.

Getting out, I noticed, through the back of the Jeep, that it was occupied. As I pumped the gas in to my tank, I made note to keep an eye on the Jeep’s driver. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the door open and out stepped a shirtless Bob! He was wearing running shoes, gym shorts and a ball-cap. While he didn’t have the typical gym-rat eight pack, he did have a smooth makings of a four pack and a wildly hairy chest. I watched him until he looked directly at me. There was a pause before he reacted.

“Mr. Campos!” he said with a wide smile.

“How’s it going?” he asked as he ran his credit card through the machine, grabbing the pump handle. I tried to act surprised.

“Hey…Bob is it? What’s goin’ on?” was my best response.

“I’m surprised you recognized me” I admitted.

“Ah man, you know how it is. Just enjoying my off day” he stated.

“Plus” he continued pointing to my car “not many Audi’s around this area”

“Oh yeah? I just came from your work” I said.

“Oh. Sorry I wasn’t there to help you” he said as he reached up to the top of his Jeep with his left hand and braced himself while he leaned filling his tank. I secretly wondered which I’d prefer: him fill my tank or me fill his.

“What did you need this time?” he inquired.

” A blade for my table saw. I broke the other one. It was old I guess” I said as I pulled out my gas nozzle and placed it back on to the pump.

“Cool. Whatcha’ cuttin’ with it?” he asked, still leaning. I looked over and noticed how well built he was. Muscle under a thin layer of insulation. No starving farm boy here, but no glutton either. Just how I like them.

“Fence repair. At least I’m trying fence repair” I offered with a laugh.

“My pops and I did that on our farm all the time” he said standing up straight and crossing his arms over his dark blonde furry chest.

“If you need any help, I’d be happy to help out!”

In my mind, the stereotypical porn music started and I outwardly smiled as I momentarily envisioned his sweaty body having his way with me. I caught myself when I noticed his odd expression on his face.

“Oh yeah. Well. That would be great, sure. When are you free?” I asked.

“I’m free tonight” he said pulling his nozzle from the Jeep.

“On a Friday night? The girlfriend okay with that?” I asked provokingly.

“No girlfriend” he said pulling off his Sakarya Escort receipt from the pump.

“Say….eight o’clock?” he offered.

I looked at my phone, it was 2pm.

“Okay sure. Might be a tad late but it will still be light out and by then, I might only need a hand with a few things” I said teasingly.

“Works for me. What’s your address?” he asked. I forwarded him my contact info from my phone to his.

“See you in a few” I said as I opened my door. He approached me. I watched his body saunter over to me. I wasn’t sure what was happening. He stuck out his hand. “Bob. Bob Saunders” he said.

I reached out and grabbed his hand and shook it.

“Bryan Campos” I said as he smiled.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Bryan Campos” he said.

“I thought it best to know your first name if I’ll be working on ya” he said with a smirk.

‘On’ me and not ‘with’ me I wondered? Maybe it was a simple mistake. I jumped in my car, turned it on, flipped on the AC and watched his Jeep bounce away out of the parking lot. What just happened?

I got home and finished my chores, including cutting the fence pieces for repair. I laid them on the ground where they needed to be and checked my phone It was a bit after seven so I went in to shower. I didn’t think this would be a date situation, but I wanted to be at least presentable. I put on my best ‘work clothes’ and a spritz of cologne and waited.

A bit after eight I heard a knock at the door. I opened it to be greeted by a buffed and quaffed Bob. His hair was cut styled, his clothes clean and pressed and luckily, he was unshaven. Perfect.

“Bob Saunders! Come on in” I said as he stepped over through the doorway. Daisy came bounding around the corner at full speed. I totally forgot to mention her. She seemed in slow motion and before I could stop her, she jumped up on Bob.

“Daisy down!” I commanded to no avail. Bob had her head in his hands and she was loving it. I stood there and watched them interact.

“I’m sorry Bob. I forgot to tell you about her. She’s a big baby” I said.

“It’s no problem. We’ve had dogs for years. I’m used to them! Who’d a good puppy?” he said as she relished the attention.

“I guess we should head to the fence” I said motioning towards the back door. Daisy returned to her cage as we headed out the back.

“You’re dressed pretty nice to work on a fence” I casually mentioned.

“Momma told me to never show up looking like a bum” he said with a smile.

“Can’t argue with that. But now I feel over dressed” I said with a chuckle.

“Oh no. You look fine. Very fine indeed Mr. Campos” he said as we trotted to the fence.

He bent down and looked at the damage. He asked me to bring some tools, which I did. He had the repair made in less than fifteen minutes, including a short ‘how to’ for my benefit. I was, of course, grateful and offered him a beer.

“Assuming you’re over twenty-one” I said only half joking.

“Five years past that” he said. “But thank you for the compliment.”

“So, you’re twenty six and look twenty? Lucking man!” I said.

“Well, I’d prefer to look older. I get treated like a baby too much.”

“Remember you say that now. When you get my age you’ll craze to be carded” I said with a snicker.

“Mr. Campos. Bryan, I mean… look perfect to me” he said as we locked eyes.

“Well, living out here keeps me in shape I guess” I admitted.

He sat down on the sofa and took a drink. “Yeah. You wear it well” he said as he looked up towards me.

“I don’t have the body that you do, though.” I commented.

“I don’t like my body” he said disheartened.

“Why not? I’d kill to have your stomach!” I replied.

“I bet your stomach is better than mine” he said.

“Not even” I replied.

“Yeah right. Let’s see” he said as he reached over and tugged on my shirt.

“Oh so we’re gonna have a ‘belly-off’?” I asked.

“I’m game if you are. I’ll go first” he said as he stood up and pulled up his shirt.

“See, it’s boring. Not much hair, no ab…..fat” he said as I starred at his stomach. It was indeed flat, but there was a four pack there working its way out.

“A few sit ups a day and you’d have abs. And there’s some hair there!” I said reaffirming my plumping dick in my pants.

“Your turn” he said as he dropped his shirt. I reluctantly lifted my shirt.

“Be kind!” I said as I stood there.

“See, you have a perfect stomach. Flat, hairy…very masculine” he said as he reached over and patted my belly. His hands were exceptionally hot feeling.

“Can I be you when I grow up?” he said with a laugh. Silence lasted for several minutes.

“So, why no girlfriend?” I tried said trying to break the tension.

“Not my thing” he said looking away.

“Why, are you gay?” I asked trying to be funny. He looked surprised then looked down. It must have been something I said.

“It’s okay if you are” I reassured him.

“I am too!” I said trying to ease the tension. Adapazarı Escort He looked up wide eyed.

“Y-You’re gay?” he asked. I nodded a YES. He looked away.

“I’ve never said that out loud much less mentioned it to anyone else. I’ve kept it to myself” he said looking like a weight was lifted from his shoulders.

“I thought so” I said.

“How did you know?” he asked.

“I’d wager a straight guy never comes to a stranger’s house to fix a fence dressed and clean like you are” I said with a smile.

“Plus, I have a few years on you so my gaydar is finely tuned” I said with a smile.

He laughed and looked back at me. “You won’t say anything to anyone, will you?”

“Absolutely not! It’s not my place. It’s your life to do with what you want, tell whom you want when you want. Or not. Besides…” I leaned in close to him “…if I out you then you could out me” I said with a smile. “And I don’t want that either”

“Thanks Mr….Bryan” he said.

“I can imagine it’s hard being gay out here for someone your age” I said.

“You have no idea” he said.

“Well, if you need any advise, or want anything, you know where to find me” I offered. He smiled.

“I’ve never kissed another man before” he admitted.

“Oh” I said somewhat surprised. “So I guess, you’re a virgin then to?” I asked.

“I’ve fucked a couple of girls, but that’s it” he said.

“Well, that’s something I guess. Your first time will be memorable. I still remember mine” I said.

“Care to tell me about it?” he asked.

I spent the next ten minutes or so telling him about Scott, how we met, the first time we had sex, how I was his first man and Scott my first top. I pulled Bob in to my story. He sat there wide eyed while I explained the two to three years Scott and I spent together and how it ended, which was badly.

“So, Scott was your first top?” he asked.

“He was.”

“And it didn’t hurt?” he asked.

“Not at all. Fact is…” I laughed “…it felt amazing: to have someone inside you like that. It can bring you closer to each other. Or it could simply be a means to get your rocks off. Which ever you want” I said with a laugh.

“I’d love to experience that” he said.

“You will. A great looking guy like you, smart, sweet, masculine….you’ll find someone you like. What’s your type, by the way?” I said.

“Well, someone much like you” he said honestly. “Older, masculine, nice, hairy…..”

“I’m flattered” I said.

He moved closer to me.

“You’re sexy. I love your hairy stomach” he said as he pulled my shirt’s collar down “and hairy chest. Your skin tone is perfect, and your body is outstanding. But I haven’t seen your dick yet.”

This wasn’t the same shy guy that came to fix my fence. He stood there inches from my face, looking more sexy than he did earlier. Vulnerable yet dominate; skilled but innocent. I reached up can grabbed the back of he head and pulled his mouth to mine, his days’ old stubble felt like sandpaper — sexy sandpaper. Unfortunately, he wasn’t a good kisser so I took it upon myself to teach him.

I plunged my tongue deep in to his mouth exploring every inch of that farm boy’s oral crevice. He moaned with delight. I ran my hand up his shirt and explored his hairy chest, finding and pinching a nipple. He pulled his mouth away from mine as I squeezed his hairy pec. I shoved my other hand up his shirt and pushed him back against the wall.

“Now. Now you’ve been kissed by another man” I said. “How did you like it?”

“Fucking amazing!” he said trying to catch his breath.

“Just wait” I said as I released his pecs and made my way, quickly, down to his belt. I lowered my head to his chest and ran my face through his little patch of chest hair, then down the middle of his stomach to his belly button. His chest was rising and falling quickly; I felt his heart beating like a hummingbird. He reached down and removed my shirt; his hands hot as coals. I could tell he was super nervous.

As I licked his belly button, he moaned and pulled me up towards him. He looked at my shirtless body, his eyes wide as he could see my hairy chest. He reached out and ran his hands through my little hair forest. Mesmerized, he ran both his hands across my chest, then down my stomach. It was then he saw my hard dick, straining against my jeans begging for an escape.

“You’re hairy. I love that. And you’re so big” he said quietly.

“I like your chest hair, too. And you have some hair here” I said as I reached out and tickled his stomach. He recoiled with a uncharacteristic giggle. It was super cute. As he stepped back I could see he was hard as well. I knelt back down and worked on his jeans again, finally getting them down. His boxers was full of hard, country boy dick. And it looked delicious.

“I’m gonna’ suck your cock now, boy” I said as I pulled down his boxers. A well trimmed bush appeared, followed by a monstrous cut cock with a big shovel shaped head. I’ve measured my own dick at a bit over eight Serdivan Escort inches lone and thick enough to barely wrap my hands around. But his? His was much larger.

“Damn boy! You fucked girls with this thing? And they survived?” I asked half joking and half serious.

“Honestly, no. I just had a couple blowjobs. I’ve never had pussy” he admitted.

“It’s all good” I said as I inspected every inch of his country monster. My asshole quivered with anticipation. I was normally a top, and haven’t bottomed in a long time, but I’ve been craving a big dick inside me for months. This was the perfect prospect.

I took his dick in my mouth as best I could, I shoved it down my throat and buried my nose in his pubic hair. He reached over my head and steadied himself on the parallel wall. I grabbed his ball sac and inhaled his cock for about a minute before he shot in my mouth. I wasn’t prepared for it and he offered no warning. What felt like a half of gallon of cum blasted in my mouth taking my breath away. I tried to keep it all in, but as he came, he yelled and thrust his beast in my mouth causing his cum to squirt out of the sides of my mouth. He literally fell on top of me as he finished emptying his cock in my mouth.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry. I couldn’t help it! I’ve never had a blowjob that good before” he said between breaths “and never from another dude”

I laughed as I stood up, mouth full of steaming hot cum. There was so much I couldn’t swallow it, so I moved to the kitchen sink and spit it out there. I remember it tasted sweet.

“That’s okay Bobby” I said. “But to be honest, I was hoping you’d fuck me with that thing” I admitted.

“I’d be up for that” he said as he turned around, cock still hard and throbbing with every heart beat.

“Oh. Bobby is still hard?” I said as I walked over, grabbing his hand and leading him to the bedroom.

We removed the rest of our clothes, I laid down on the bead and hung my head over the edge. I brought him over to me and put his hole over my face. I felt him grab my cock gingerly as I pulled him down to my mouth. I started eating his smooth ass for all I was worth. I could feel his balls on chin and his gigantic cock, still rock hard, smearing his cum through my chest hair.

As I worked his hole, he let go of my cock and grabbed my chest to steady himself. I felt his legs shaking on each sides of my cheeks as my tongue probed his hole . I held his waits steady as I ate him out. I felt him squeezing my chest harder the more I worked his hole. Eventually I pushed him off of me, rolled over to the drawer and took out a rubber and some lube.

“You’re gonna’ have to cover that thing and use A LOT of lube” I said. He quickly did as I said. I spun around so my head was in the middle of the bed and my legs hanging over the edge. I pulled my legs up to my chest and presented him my hairy hole. He guided his dick to the inevitable. I felt his head slide in. I winced in pain and he stopped.

“You’re good. Your dick is just so big and….it’s been a while for me. Give me a minute” I said as I took a few deep breaths and relaxed. He stayed right there looking somewhat frightened but following my orders.

“Okay” I said as I left out a breath. In one quick movement he punched in to me. I screamed! I’ve never had such a big dick inside me! You could tell he was inexperienced because he started pumping in to me quick and fast. After a few seconds the pain faded and my ass engulfed him in full. I could feel his dick stretching my hole, torturing my insides. My body bounced on the bed with each of his powerful, farm boy thrusts. He was a fuck machine and he didn’t even know it!

“I’m gonna’ cum again!” he said. Thanks for the warning! I reached down and grabbed my dick and stroked it for all it was worth. I looked down at my cock as it unleashed my own seed on to my chest hair . I think I was yelling but I don’t remember — it was so intense. Bobby’s face was red. He thrust in to me and stopped. I could tell he was cumming again. I was his first guy, his first bottom AND we were cumming together!

I grabbed his ass and pulled in to me once he was finished. We were breathing like we just ran a marathon. Bobby’s legs were shaking and he collapsed on top of me, gluing ourselves together with my cum. We laid there for a few minutes, his dick which never went fully soft, stayed in side me. I swear this boy could have gone again! But I was done for the day, my ass ruined by a monster country cock.

He did pulled out of me after a couple of minutes. I looked up at him standing there, naked, cum soaked chest hair, condom wrapped dick with another immense load of cum pooled in the nipple. I laughed.

“What?” he asked.

“That was the best fuck I’ve ever had!” I said.

“Really?” he asked.

“One hundred percent. And for your first time? You will need to work on lasting longer but your technique is flawless. Especially with that beast” I said pointing at his still hard cock. “Does it ever get soft?” I asked.

“It takes a while” he said with a chuckled.

We cleaned up and finished our beers. Bobby visited my house many more times, learning new positions and learning to last longer. How I walked the next few weeks was beyond me. Eventually I did get him to bottom for me. Now THAT…THAT was an amazing few weeks.

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