Couples Camp Ch. 05

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Couples Camp

Chapter V

As Brad made his way down the steps and back to his dorm he couldn’t help thinking about the video the class had just watched. It was amazingly erotic and loving for sure, but why was number eight so upset about it? I guess he doesn’t get blowjobs from his girlfriend? Brad thought. I mean Brooke doesn’t give me blow jobs quite like that but at least I get one every now and then. Maybe he just wishes he had that kind of loving relationship with his girlfriend? I mean that’s why we are here right to develop a better relationship with our partners, right?

Brad got back to the dorm with his roommates and they all filed in and to their respective bunks. A few of the men stopped and talked to one another but most just quietly got undressed and got into bed for their nap. Brad was shocked that everyone just took their shorts off, showing no modesty at all and of course none had underwear either. He figured “when in Rome “and took his shorts off climbing into his bunk like everyone else. Brad was exhausted and quit honestly even though he never took naps in the middle of the afternoon this was a welcome break.

It didn’t take long for Brad to doze off, but before he could he heard number eight slid into the lower bunk next to him and quietly weep like he had in class. It felt strange to him. On the one hand things seemed really weird but on the other hand things were already becoming sort of normal. I mean he was lying completely naked in a room with nine other men while his girlfriend Brooke was off having fun on the lake and he was ok with it. Earlier all he could do was think of getting to her, but now his focus was on his own situation more than anything else. Before he could think too much about it he was fast asleep.

Brad was woken up to the ringing of a screeching bell reverberating in the dorm. A voice came over the loud speaker hanging in the corner of the room. “Dinner service,”

Brad took his cue from the other men that all started getting up and quickly going to the bathroom to get ready for dinner. The bathroom was a buzz of activity with ten men all using the bathroom, and generally getting themselves, put together. Brad went to the sink and washed up and used the brush he found in the foot locker to fix his bed head. He saw all the other men going to the numbered lockers on the wall and retrieving what must have been their dinner attire. So he went to locker number ten to retrieve his clothes for the evening as well.

He had seen this before, Brooke had something like this, it looked like a skirt but it was shorts. Brad remembered she called it a Skort. There was a white button up shirt as well but it was more of a woman’s style he thought then a man’s. The buttons were on the opposite side like a woman’s and the cut of the shirt made it fit tight to his sides but loose in the chest, as if it was leaving room for breasts he didn’t have. They all looked a little weird, but then again, Brad thought when in Rome.

A few minutes later and they were all filing out and down the path towards the Club and Cantina. As they passed through the archway there was another green and tan dressed staff member directing everyone to the kitchen doors.

“Servers to the kitchen quickly please, we don’t want to keep them waiting. ”

As the men filed in each was directed to get their tray and begin service. Brad thought they were going to be going to dinner NOT serving dinner. He was disappointed at best but more than anything hungry. He hadn’t had a bite all day and was looking forward to dinner.

“Table four,” he heard abruptly directed at him as he was handed a tray with two drinks and a large shrimp cocktail on it.

Brad followed the other men filing out into the courtyard cantina and noticed that each table had a number on top of it prominently displayed. As he looked around for table four he noticed on the far end of the cantina sat his beautiful girlfriend. Completely forgetting about table four and his instructions he rushed over to where she sat.

“Brooke it’s you.” He exclaimed as he got to the table.

“Excuse me? It’s Ma’am to you.” A deep piercing voice demanded.

“I’m her boyfriend. “Brad explained .

“I don’t care who you think you are, that is disrespectful and if you address her as anything other than Ma’am again I will knock you out.” The large man said firmly as he stood up ready for a conflict.

Brad was shaken and knew this guy meant what he said. There was no doubt in Brad’s mind this guy would knock him out and by the looks of it probably kill him with one punch.

“I’m sorry sir. I didn’t mean any disrespect.” Brad said knowing he better do everything he could to deescalate this situation.

“Dam good thing, now why don’t you give her, her drink and apologize.” The well-dressed Adonis said as he re took his seat.

“I’m sorry ………Ma’am?” Brad said with a hint of question in his voice. It felt weird addressing her as Ma’am and he İstanbul Escort was waiting for Brooke to come to his defense to explain he was her boyfriend. Brooke just looked at him with a mocking smile.

“Well thank you for the apology number ten.” Was all she said as she re directed her gaze to the man she was seated with.

Brad was frozen in time. He was looking at Brooke and this man sitting together reaching across the table holding hands and having trouble processing what was happening. His chest was getting heavy and he could feel his face turn flush with surprise, and sadness at the sight of her with another.

Brad was lost in a world of despair. He had lost his girlfriend of five years. He loved her. He thought they would get married one day. In fact he was thinking earlier in the week he might ask her this weekend, and that is why he wanted to go somewhere romantic. Now he was witnessing her with another and he couldn’t believe it. Was it too late? Did he already miss his opportunity with her?

Brad was snapped back to dinner service when he heard the man say.

“She has the margarita.” In a commanding tone.

Carefully Brad took the drink and placed it on the table in front of Brooke. Brad looked back on the tray and took the other drink which appeared to be a whisky neat, and placed it on the table in front of the gentleman.

“Sir” was all Brad could think to say trying to be as polite as possible.

Brooke and her gentleman suitor continued holding each other’s hand as they whispered back and forth to one another completely ignoring Brad. He felt completely insignificant, not even worth their attention. She acted as if she didn’t even know him. Five years. Did five years mean nothing? He thought as he took the shrimp cocktail of the tray and placed it on the table between the two sweethearts. Brad could feel the tears welling up in his eyes. As he turned to walk away from the table he heard.

“Thank you, number ten.” In the sexiest most appreciative tone he had ever heard from Brooke.

He stopped in his tracks and spun around to look at her. Felling like everything that had just happened was a bad dream and she did still love him.

“Oh you’re welcome ………..Ma’am.” He caught himself almost saying Brooke again but stopped himself just in time to save himself from a possible trip to the emergency room.

She threw him the prettiest most appreciative smile as she turned and went back to her date.

Brad was dizzy as he walked back to the kitchen. He was being spun around in circles. One second feeling as if everything in his life was lost and the next minute feeling like the love they have for each other is as strong as ever. He got back to the kitchen and was greeted by one of the kitchen staff.

“It’s always tough the first time.” He said to Brad.

The two chatted for a few minutes. It was the first conversation he had with anyone at the resort really other than a few questions and answer from the nurse. This new found friend said he would get used to it and in the long run would really love the whole routine hear. He explained how the dinner service worked and that even though they had a fairly exhaustive schedule most days, there was always time set aside to enjoy the water or take a hike around the lake. Brad was drifting back and forth between the conversation and the thoughts of the beautiful woman sitting at table four. A few more minutes of conversation between the two and then Brad heard.

“Table four, pick up.” Brad walked over and grabbed the tray and was off to serve.

Brad had been instructed by his new buddy in the kitchen how to tell whose food was who’s. The tray was divided in half with M for Ma’am on one side and S for Sir on the other. Brad was to explain the meal as he served it. The meals description was on a tag next to the plate.

“Your shrimp scampi Ma’am” Brad said as he placed the meal in front of Brooke.

“And your T bone steak sir.”, as he set the giant platter of beef in front of her date.

Brad stood there staring at the two holding hands and listening to Brooke giggle at whatever comment this man was deviously filling her head with.

“Yeah, I think he does.” Brooke said looking at Brads groin with a smirk on her face.

“Are you sporting a little stiffy there fella?

Brad was shocked at the question directed at him buy this guy. But soon became totally embarrassed when he realized he was. He was once again finding himself excited at the sight of her with another man. This was just like what happened with the picture of her in the limo. The thought of her being sexually attracted to someone other than Brad was making him excited again.

“You’re lucky I’m not the jealous type ten, or I might get pissed you were looking at my girl like that.”

Brooke laughed at his comment and then leaned in and kissed him, thanking him for his protective concern.

“Can’t really blame him I guess, Escort Bayan your one sexy woman for sure. ”

Brad was thankful he wasn’t in trouble with this guy but embarrassed and angry at him, at the same time. After all this was Brad’s girlfriend not his. Or was she? Brad wanted to grab her and pull her away from this guy but also wanted to wait and see what she would do with him at the same time.

“Ok ten, you’re done here.” Brad’s tormentor announced.

“Thanks’ again number ten.” Brooke said as Brad left the couple alone to enjoy their meal.

Brad went back a while later to bring them their desert, a fresh fruit parfait served in a Champaign flute served with two spoons. Each time he went to the table he was mesmerized by the site of Brooke holding hands with this man. The way his immense fingers wrapped around her delicate hand was an intoxicating site. His confident power and strength engulfed her femininity and made her twice as sexy.

The whole dinner Brad maintained his erection just thinking about the two. Any loss he had waiting in the kitchen wrestling with his thoughts was soon replenished as soon as he got back to the table and saw the two together again. It was a wonder he wasn’t getting dizzy from the lack of blood flow to his brain after so long.

The dinner hour was over and all the servers were instructed to take there break and get something to eat before the nightly festivities began.

Brad along with the other severs were given fifteen minutes to eat a pre made meal that was waiting for them in the break area of the kitchen. The meal consisted of a small grilled chicken breast, three broccoli florets and a small helping of brown rice. The meal was tasty and Brad was glad to finally have something to eat but it was a much smaller portion than anything he was used to. But he was told he could drink as much of the water as he wanted. He was able to talk to a few of the other men while they ate and found out this was part of the diet plan they were required to be on while staying at the resort.

Brad was drinking down the last of his water when they were all told to hurry to the Club for the evening’s first event. Tonight was Saturday and they were having the usual event an erotic dance competition.

When the servers filled in to the club the dance was already under way. They were all instructed to stand against the wall and watch the dance making themselves available to help the couple they had served dinner to earlier. Brad took his place along the wall and waited for his next task. He could see Brooke and her mega man slow dancing at the front of the room and could clearly see the man had his hands firmly holding her ass with both hands. He continued transfixed on their every move as Brooke responded to the man’s touch by reaching up behind his neck interlacing her fingers, pulling herself closer to him and straining upward to meet his lips with hers. Brad couldn’t take his eyes of the sexiness of their movements. It was almost like watching two people make love with their clothes on. It was erotic and sensual, far beyond any romantic love scene he had ever seen in a movie. It was then Brad realized who this man was. This was Nick the man from the limo. Brad could hardly contain himself at the realization he had seen this man’s prowess and knew it was far superior to his. This was the man Brooke had fondled. She had seen his raw masculinity and was obviously trying to get to see it again.

Brad stood there with the rest of the men for a few more songs when over the sound system they heard the announcement. “Ok it’s time to start the competition. You all know the rules. No cheating. Only one hand, and the first one to finish wins. Now skirts down and may the best one win. ” Brad had no idea what the hell they were talking about until all the other servers dropped their shorts and began beating off in front of everyone. He was in complete shock and stood there afraid to do anything. He still had a little bit of dignity left and wasn’t about to beat off in front of a room full of people. He stood there immobilized averting his eyes from the men standing beside him, and yet enthralled at the sight in front of him. All the couples dancing were steaming hot but none were as hot to him as Brooke and Nick. He found himself thinking back to Brooke’s hand on Nick’s thigh and how his cock looked gently weeping so close to her precious fingers.

The dancing continued and Brad started to lose himself in the action playing out in front of him. He reached down and started to rub his already rock hard six inches threw his shorts. It was about then that he heard the announcement.

“OK we have a winner.”

The music stopped and all the couples that were dancing turned to face the men and see who had been the first to shoot his load all over the floor in front of himself. It was the man right next to brad and you could still hear him moaning and shaking. One of the couples came up to him Eskort and the woman stood right in front of him. Brad could hear her softly coo to him. “I knew you could do it nine.”

“Come with us.” The man from the winning couple said. Nine pulled up his skirt/shorts and the three of them left the club with nine following the two closely behind.

The rest of the men were instructed to pull up there skirts and return to their dorms for the night. The music started back up and the couples started dancing again, except for Brooke and Nick who came over to Brad. Nick called out.

“Hey ten I want to talk to you.”

Brad could tell by his tone he was not happy about something but brad had no idea what he had done wrong this time.

“Listen if you’re gunna survive this month, you better get with the program. When there’s a contest you better try your hardest. When you’re told to do something you better give it your all. Do you understand me? “Nick said with a firm and demanding tone.

“Uh yea I didn’t,” Brad tried to answer but was cut off.

“What did you just say to me?” nick shot back not giving Brad a chance to respond.

“When someone asks you a question you answer it, you got me? I don’t want to hear Uh… anything. Your answer is either yes Sir or yes Ma’am you got it?

“Yes Sir.” Brad responded.

“That’s better, now if you’re not going to use that thing what’s the point in letting it get hard. Get your ass over to the tattoo and piercing shop and tell them Nick sent you. Don’t dilly dally either you get your ass over there and don’t let me catch you screwing around again you hear me?”

“Yes Sir.” Brad said trying to convince Nick with his ton that he DID understand. Brad was scared of Nick and Nick knew it. He was twice Brad’s size and build like an Olympic weight lifter.

Brad saw Brooke watching from right behind Nick, and knew she heard the whole lecture. She was smiling at Brad with an evil grin. She was enjoying the way Nick was bullying Brad and it showed. Brad tried not to make eye contact with Brooke. Something about it seemed wrong now. It was as if she was Nick’s girlfriend and you don’t look at another man’s woman especially when he has basically just threatened to beat the shit out of you for the second time in one night. Brad started to walk away as Nick turned to return to Brooke, he thought it was finished and didn’t want to appear to be stalling the choir Nick had just tasked him with.

“Hold up ten.” Brooke called to him. Brooke walked right up close to him putting her face right in front of his.

“I want to talk to you for a minute.” She pronounced. “Come with me.” As she walked outside the club.

Brad was surprised at her demeanor. She wasn’t as flippant and cold. She didn’t seem to be as taunting as she had been earlier, but was almost acting like she was trying to console him.

“Hey baby I need to talk with you for a minute.” She said.

Brad was elated to hear baby, a term of endearment and not the new name he was known by, ten.

“I know this all might seem a little crazy to you, but I really want us to try to make the best of it ok? I know it’s all happened really fast for you, it’s happening fast for me too, but I think in the end it will be the best for both of us. I hope you can handle it hear the whole month and you don’t leave early. It will really disappoint me if you leave ok. I just wanted you to know that. I want you to stay and I do love you.”

Brad was grinning from ear to ear, hearing Brooke talk to him like this. She still loved him and wanted him to stay. She wasn’t trying to punish him and send him away and that made him so happy.

“Now get a move on it. ” Brad herd Nick’s demanding voice again and knew he better get going.

“Yes Sir.” Brad said as he started off again.

“Thank you ten.” He clearly heard Brooke say as he was already a few steps away.

Brad went to the tattoo shop he had seen earlier and told them Nick had sent him. They knew exactly what to do and told Brad to drop his skirt and let them get started. Brad was scared but decided after hearing Brooke’s words he was going to push forward no matter what. He was going to make her proud and he was going to do everything he could as well as he could the rest of his time there. After a few measurements and a trip to the back room for the needed supplies the man returned.

“Ok this shouldn’t take long, just relax.” The man reassured.

Brad closed his eyes trying to pretend this wasn’t happening, as the man manipulated a steal ring down Brad’s shaft and one at a time pulled his balls threw the ring, tucking the ring firmly behind brads sack and tight against his skin. It was tight enough it almost seemed to be cutting off the circulation and instantly brad began to get hard.

Obviously experienced in situations like this the man didn’t even miss a beat he just reached down next to the chair and pulled out a small ice pack from the little freezer on the floor. It took a minute or two but brad got soft enough for the man to then slide a two inch steel cage down the shaft and clip it into the large ring he had already fitted.

“OK let’s get this thing locked and we will be all done.”

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