Cousins Alone Ch. 03

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Chapter Three: Moonlit Shack

After telling my aunt, uncle, and mother good night, I made every move to avoid Hannah so that I could re-compose myself before anything went any further. I went to my room and locked the door. I could hear the TV on in the living room, so I knew where she was.

I thought to myself, “You sick-o! Your cousin was sucking your dick! Now you’re definitely a hick. Oh, but who’s going to know? We’re just two virgins helping each other out. It’s just a learning thing, nothing serious.” My mind was back and forth for what seemed an eternity as I sat and thought on my bed.

About an hour later, still sitting on my bed thinking, I heard quiet little tap on the door. I answered it. It was Hannah, and she was holding an unlit propane lantern. Before I could say anything, she put her hand over my mouth to keep me quiet, then motioned for me to follow her. The question that I had pondered for the previous hour had been answered, as I obediently followed her through the dark hallway.

Thinking we were going back out to the pier, I made a right turn at the end of the dark hallway for the back door. Just as I was about to stumble into the entertainment center that I couldn’t see in the darkness, Hannah grabbed my left hand and pulled me towards the opposite direction. It was dark, and now I didn’t know which way we were going. I eventually saw Hannah open a door, the front door. We weren’t going to the pier.

As we cleared the house and ran towards the street, I asked her, “Where are we going?” She didn’t answer me, but instead pointed in front of us. It was an old, wooden and metal shack that someone once used as a storage room. As we arrived at the rusted out door, she fired the lantern. We went through the door after opening it as quietly as possible, and then shut it. She weaved me through a maze of old farm equipment and tables to an empty corner, hidden in the darkness except from the light of our lantern.

As she sat the lantern on a nearby table and turned it higher, I asked, “So why did we come here instead of the pier?” “Because we’ll be heard out there”, she responded, “I tired masturbating out there once and my mom came out complaining that she heard something weird. I got away only because I hard her coming and put my pants back on before she got over the hill. My alibi was that I was stargazing.” “Good one”, I said with a smirk. She nodded then added, “So when I discovered that this barn was no longer used, I came out here and screamed my güvenilir bahis ass off coming, and not a single person heard me.”

My boner had returned when she told me this information. As I wandered around aimlessly, she began laying out an old blanket on the floor. Then, igniting the fire in her eyes again, she lunged at my shoulders with her hands as if to pin me in place, then said, “Now where were we?” Of course, I didn’t have to answer that as she pushed me backwards to the table behind me. When the back of my legs hit the table, she pulled my shorts and boxers off, my cock lunging forward at her face. I took a seat on the table and to work she went.

She started just like on the pier, pumping me, and then sucking my head with a gentle demeanor. The moistness of her mouth made my dick tense up as big as it’s ever been. After a few moments of this, she began to shove it inwards, then outwards, each time with more hot, wet saliva lubricating my member. At one point she shoved it in so good that I could feel her tonsils as she gagged a little. He gagging tickled the head and fired me up, ready to squirt.

She kept sucking away as my goodness moved from my balls up to my shaft. I was ready, so in-between my heavy breaths I asked her, “Where do you want it?” She pulled her mouth off for a minute while keeping a good stroke going and screamed, “I want to taste it so badly! I want it in my mouth!” Then she quickly placed her mouth back over my cock, sped up, went deeper, and I burst! She was gagging again as I transferred my juices to her mouth. She tried to pull away, but I wasn’t finished so I held her head for a while. Finally, I pulled my limp dick out of her mouth as I watched her swallow it like it was the best thing she’d ever tasted.

As I leaned back to rest and ignore my guilt, I noticed that she stayed down on her knees for a minute, and the look upon her face was a blank one. She was dazed at what had happened, too. Then, she looked up at me with a cold gaze and said, “You do realize what we’ve just done?”

“Hannah”, I told her, “ever since the minute I came here I’ve had nothing but dirty thoughts about you, followed by feelings of guilt and remorse. The way I see it, we can stop now and forget we ever did this, or we can go on and be forbidden love-makers and forget all of our thoughts of it being wrong.” “Well”, she thought aloud, “the way I see it, we’re just two cousins teaching each other the art of sex, and I don’t see anything wrong with that.” Her cold türkçe bahis look changed to a very seductive one, then she told me to lie down on the blanket. As soon as my back hit the fuzzy warmth, Hannah sat down on top of my face and told me to eat her out.

“Okay”, I managed to somehow yell upwards through the juicy muffler, and then signaled a thumbs up with my left hand. I began working my tongue all around her tight, juicy clit. Her juices were sweet and tangy, a wonderful pleasure to have. It didn’t take long before she was moaning and arching her back. “Oh, James!” she would moan occasionally as I massaged her folds with my warm tongue.

By the time another few minutes had passed, she was screaming in excitement things like, “Oh, James! I’m going to cum, oh yes! Yes!” She was right too. Before I knew it, she let out one hell of a scream as she arched her back and lifted both arms into the air as if it were a celebration that she was having an orgasm. Female juices filled my mouth and covered my face. Hearing her scream and making her orgasm was enough to get me going again, and I got hard instantly.

After a few minutes of a series of random screams and flowing falls of creamy goodness, she had finally settled down and stood up. She laughed when she saw my sticky face covered in goodness. Then she noticed my hard-on. I watched her waddle over my neck to my crotch, then began to squat down on my dick, when I suddenly stopped her feeling a last shred of guilt. She sprang back up and asked, “What?”

“This is it”, I said, “this is the last chance we have to stop this related loving, and this is the last chance we have to keep our virginity.” She stopped dead in her tracks and gave it a good thought. Then, looking back down at me, she said, “I’m ready to lose it. I don’t care who I’m losing it to at this point, either. Remember, we’re just teaching each other as a favor.” I nodded in agreement.

She slowly bent down for my cock. When her crotch hovered not far above it, she grabbed it in her hands, stroked it for a minute as if stalling for something, sighed, and slowly stuck it in her tight virgin pussy. She amazingly shoved it all in and took a seat on my crotch.

“Okay”, she told me, “the hard part is over. We’re both de-flowered now.” I could only smile due to the warm, wet sensations I was feeling. Then she continued, “Let’s do it.” She slowly began shimmying up and down my flagpole as I laid my head back in delight. She was doing the work, and I was enjoying güvenilir bahis siteleri it. She gradually got quicker and moaned occasionally. Then she decided, “Let’s try another position.”

She pulled my cock out and stood up. She directed me in some motions and we were eventually both laying down on the blanket sideways. I stuck my dick in her pussy at an angle that stretched it so much, but felt so good. I’m sure she was feeling the stretch, too. I began to thrust harder and faster as we both moaned randomly, occasionally calling each other’s names.

Soon enough, we were both screaming. Hannah was constantly screaming, “Ooh! Fuck me harder! Oh yeah! That’s so good!” My cock was tensing and I knew I was almost ready to burst again. I somehow got out of my mouth, “Oh yes! I’m going to cum! Where do you want it babe?” “In my pussy!” she screamed a response, “I think I’m going to cum, too!” Her moaning and screaming had shifted into a whimpering as if she was in pain, but really in pleasure.

Hearing these puppy-type sounds made me squirt fast and hard. “Oh yeah!” I screamed, “Ahhhh! Yes! Oh, shit! That’s good!” As I filled her up with my man juices, her whimpering increased. Finally, I felt my cock flatten and I began to slow down.

“No!” she screamed, “Don’t stop! I’m going to cream too!” So, with my flattening dick, I began to pump her as hard and as fast as I could. Finally she burst, “Oh God! Shit! Yes! Oh baby! Oh fuck me rotten! Oh shit yes!” Then, her womanly juices smothered my dick. Her pussy was now a juice box with two different flavors.

After she returned to normal breathing, I pulled my limp, sticky, sore cock out of her red, swollen, leaking pussy. We both collapsed where we were for a while, thinking about how great it was. Guilt hadn’t seemed to be a factor after that. There was just so much that we finally ignored it.

After a good rest, she got up and started putting her clothes back on. “We should get back”, she told me, then continued, “one of them might wake up and find out we’re both missing, then we’re fucked in another sense. Anyway, we’ll go out in the boat tomorrow. I know a spot on the lake that is a great hide away.”

I just nodded in agreement, stood up, and put on my clothes. We left the shack; slunk and slithered around to make sure there was no one watching us anywhere, and then we snuck back into the house. The coast was clear; no one had caught us. So, when we reached our rooms, I squeezed her ass for a goodnight favor. In return, she grabbed my sore dick and squeezed it. It hurt, but it was funny. We both entered our rooms and fell fast asleep.

What will happen when Jason and Hannah take a boat trip the next day? Find out in CHAPTER FOUR – HIDDEN LAGOON.

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