Creaming for Carmela


We moved to New Mexico when my husband’s father decided to retire early from his business and pass it on to his son. I had visited here many times but never quite took to it. My family is from Maine. Thanks to the exclusive country club membership sponsored by my in-laws and a ton of charity work, I was able to quickly adjust and make some new friends.

It was through these friends that I learned of the agency from which I hired Carmela. She was a strikingly beautiful naturalized Spanish-American girl whose speech sometimes sounded ‘old world’ with a slight accent. This young woman had the skin color of her ancestry, long wavy black hair and eyes as brown as chocolate. My husband stared at her in amazement, but she showed no interest in him. Good. Nineteen year old Carmela would help with baby and do light housework I had a service that did the heavy cleaning once a week.

Late one night as I was passing by her door, I heard very light moaning. Thinking Carmela might be ill, I knocked on her door. It was not closed tightly and when I pushed it opened right up. There was no sign of her, but I discovered the source of the sound. This must be what the mailman delivered to an excited Carmela today. She said it was a present from a cousin. On her television, there were two women having sex with each other. A blonde and a brunette were doing some serious 69’ing. I watched in fascination as I felt heat rise on my face and moistness run down my leg. She walked out of her bathroom tying the belt on her bathrobe.

“Sorry, ma’am. I forgot to turn that off before I went into the bath. I hope it did not disturb you too much. Is there something you need done?”

“Nothing, Carmela. I thought you might not be feeling well until I saw your program. I didn’t realize…I mean I didn’t know…are you were a lesbian?”

“I am a lover of women, yes. Does it make a difference to you, Mrs. Kall?”

“Of course not. To each his own. You are an excellent worker and Timmy adores you.”

“Thank you ma’am.”

“I’ll just be on my way then. Goodnight, Carmela,” I said as I closed her door.

The girl was totally at ease and it made not a bit of difference to her that I was in her room and saw what I saw. Her black hair was wet from the warm shower water. The bathrobe that covered her was very worn, but her face was that of a proud beauty queen.

As I walked back to my room, I mentally planned a shopping trip for the two of us. I knew she was saving to go to school someday and had no extra money for even some of the essentials. All of her clothes were a little shabby. “You’ll need some new things,” I told her at breakfast. “Jeans and shorts and tees for work. Sundresses, halter tops, sandals. The whole works. Please do me the honor of letting me buy them for you,” I asked.

“I know my things are not nice. It would hurt me to embarrass you before your friends. But I would pay you back someday.”

“There’s no need for re-payment. You’re part of our family now.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Kall. I will do everything I can for you,” she said with her head bent in humility.

Carmela modeled most of the items we selected. What an absolutely gorgeous girl she was. The thought popped into my head of her eating a girl’s pussy. Of her eating my pussy. I blushed and put it aside. Think clothes. Think clothes. She deserved nice things. We got everything Carmela needed. Except bathing suits. While Carmela got the car, I went back in a bought her a few. I hoped they fit.

It was a Saturday night close to midnight when it happened. My husband and I had just gotten back from a play and dinner and dancing with friends. Timmy was at his grandparents’ home. From our darkened house, we looked out toward the pool to a sight I will never forget. All the pool lights were on. She was stepping up the pool ladder. The tiny red bikini I bought her barely covered the pussy and voluptuous breasts on the form that was Carmela. Her body was perfection-tiny waist, lightly flared hips, shapely calves. The pool water glistened on her skin. She flung her head from side to side, shaking water from her hair. I hadn’t mentioned her sexual orientation yet, but my husband and I were both sexually aroused by the sight of her. Our lovemaking that night was wild and hot as visions of Carmela filled our heads.

As the months passed, Carmela and I grew closer and became friends. I increased her salary so that she could have extra spending money. The UPS truck came a few times. She was true to her word of doing everything she could for me. She also did things for me of which she was not aware. Everyday that I looked at her, moistness developed görükle escort bayan between my legs. Could she smell me creaming for her?

“Knock, knock,” I would hear her say before she brought me breakfast in bed on several occasions. She spent extra time with Timmy teaching him songs and games. When I shopped for myself I picked up things for her. A nice lipstick. Cute earrings. Silky underwear. They were just little things for which she was grateful.

When I came home from a grueling morning of tennis at the club, my twenty eight year old body felt much older. Carmela prepared the large tub in the master bedroom. I was conscious of my nudity as she sat nearby and talked to me. After I soaked, she offered to massage my shoulders, arms and calves. With her long, slow stokes, I moaned. God, this felt so good. She was a natural.

Carmela massaged me every time I played tennis. I tried to play as often as I could so that I could feel those hands on my body. It was few weeks more before Carmela varied her massages. She said I needed a little more than she was currently giving. Now she included my back and my butt in her therapy. I never knew that part of me could be so sensitive. The day she told me to turn over, I was excited at what might happen. But she only massaged my front shoulders, my stomach and the fronts of my thighs. She never ‘accidently’ touched my breasts or my pussy. Her attitude to my naked body was clinical. My large nipples were erect and my pussy creamed. Doesn’t she want me? Why wouldn’t she? I’m desirable. She must be waiting for me to make the first move. Yes, that was it.

What words or gestures would I use? Did I really want what I thought I wanted? I had a husband, for crying out loud. When Carmela took Timmy to the park and my husband was playing golf, I went to her room and watched one of her videotapes. The screen was full of beautiful, naked women in orgy. There was kissing and fucking and sucking and moaning everywhere. I throbbed as I opened my robe and rubbed myself while watching the women. Maybe I could do it just once to see how it feels.

She and I were in the pool one hot afternoon. Timmy was in the tiny kiddie pen right next to us. “Carmela?” I asked. “When do you get to have a love life? You’re always here.”

“It has been a long time for me to make love. My body longs for the touch of a woman. It will happen soon,” she said dreamily.

Sooner than you think, I thought. “I wouldn’t mind if you wanted to touch me, Carmela? You know your total happiness is very important to me.”

“You would do that for me? You are so beautiful and kind. I have dreamed of it,” she said earnestly. “You are certain?”

“Very certain,” I answered as we neared each other. Our heads came together and we kissed. She tasted like Coke and breath mints. We assaulted each other’s mouths while we still kept an eye on Timmy. A woman’s tongue is totally unlike a man’s. It doesn’t overpower but allows for sensual exploration.

“My breasts, Carmela. Please!” She removed by bikini top and fondled them. As I glanced over at Timmy, she took one of them in her mouth. I groaned in pleasure. As Timmy giggled and played, she took the other. She held them both in her hands as she alternated sucking the nipples. I thought I would go crazy. “Oh. Yes! Carmela. Your mouth feels wonderful. Suck me!”

“Shall I go down further, Mrs. Kall? Do you want me to touch you there? It is the center of a woman, you know. All of her good emotions are felt in the pussy. Does it throb for you now? Will you cum as soon as my hand touches your flesh? You watch little Timmy now. I will give you pleasure.”

As I watched my child, she put her hand in my bikini bottom and rubbed my pussy lips and my clit. I came on her hand. Powerfully. My body shuddered in pleasure. Was it the power of suggestion? I think not. It was the power of the female hand.

“I could put my fingers into you, but I think you have had enough for now. You cum so easily. That excites me. Think about what I did to you. Know there is more pleasure to come. I will take the baby in for a nap.” I reassembled my suit and climbed out.

It was several days before I was completely alone with Carmela. My husband was out of town and Timmy was spending a few days with his grandparents. I cancelled two committee meetings in anticipation of immediate sex. But we waited until night even though I begged her to touch me as soon as my in-laws left. We began kissing in the living room and worked our way upstairs. We arrived at her room, lit with scented candles. Carmela gently removed my robe and laid bursa otele gelen escort me on her bed. “I have wanted you so much. I can hardly wait to taste your pussy. Open your legs and let me see you. Ah! It is as beautiful as I imagined. As beautiful as your entire being. I am so hungry for you now.”

Carmela began by licking me. Slowly. Over and over. Then she sucked my pussy into her mouth. The pressure and the pleasure were so enormous I came right away. I writhed in sensual agony as her fingers opened me, explored me, bringing forth my juices. I could feel myself building to orgasm again as she pumped her long fingers into my pussy while she pulled on my clit with her lips. She ate my cream.

From between my legs, between licks, she asked,” How does your pussy feel? Do you think that I am good? Did you take much pleasure from me?”

“A little sore, but fantastic. I’ve never been eaten so well.”

“Good. Now I will take my pleasure from you.”

She kept my legs spread, but climbed on top of me. Just like the girls in the movie. She attached her pussy to my sore one and began gyrating, grinding, grating. I looked at her beautiful, smiling face as she screwed me, as her pussy got hotter, as she came with a little scream. She stayed on top of me, kissing my lips, my eyelids, running her fingers through my hair. Saying things to me in Spanish. Then she starting fucking me again.

As she moved on me, “Do you like my pussy on yours? I love fucking a girl this way. Your blonde hairs are like silk. You are big down there. The clitoris, it is large. It gets hard like a man’s penis. I, too, am big. It pokes mine. It makes the ride even better. Si? Kiss me. Excellent! Think about our pussies rubbing together and cum with me. It will happen. I can feel your heart and your heat. Now! Oh, the fuck, yes!”

As the months progressed, we did all the sexual things that she promised. Her talented tongue seemed to get better every time it invaded my willing pussy. She had an assortment of interesting UPS-delivered dicks that she used in me. The double-headed yellow one was a favorite. It lost itself between us as we sat on my bed, our sundresses raised to the waist, facing each other filled, bumping and necking. But her huge red strap-on dick in my ass was the bomb, as the teenagers say. At first I thought I would split open. Then I thought I would never stop cumming as she set up her rhythm in me. The videos kept coming. I joined her viewing. One hot night we mimicked everything that was done in one of the films.

Carmela was the expert in our relationship. She fucked me, yes, but she taught me how to return the favor. Never in my wildest dreams would I have believed that the taste, smell and texture of a woman’s pussy could excite me. Carmela loved it when I sucked her pussy, but she also liked it when I was inventive. She went wild when I talked dirty as I explored her pussy with a fat candle or a skinny bottle of perfume.

One lazy afternoon when Timmy was napping, I took Carmela into my bedroom to show her a dress I might be wearing to a party. Instead of trying it on myself, I let her do it. Even though I was slightly taller, our clothes are about the same size. I found some high heels that went perfectly with the dress. “Let me get some jewelry,” I said. I fastened a diamond necklace around her neck as she clipped on the matching earring. She stood before the large floor mirror, the picture of beauty and perfection. From behind her, I began rubbing her breasts through the soft fabric.

“You are exquisite, Carmela. Looking at you excites me so.” My lips had found the long column of her neck. “I want to do wicked things to you.”

“If you must, Mrs. Kall. My body is for your pleasure,” she said tremulously. “There is no need to be gentle.”

I slid the zipper down slowly as we watched each other in the mirror. The dress was laid on a nearby chaise. She stepped out of her heels and walked toward the bed wearing only her thong.

“Let’s go to your room,” I told her. I need the toy box.” I outfitted myself with the harnessed dildo that would put seven inches of cock in her and curved four inches into myself. The white thong that Carmela wore was already wet when I pulled it aside to insert my dick into her pussy. Without any preliminaries, I sliced into her dark wetness. She bucked upward, driving dick deeper into me. It was indescribable. For long seconds, we were locked together, suspended in the air. I eased her back down and dick-stroked her pussy until she purred. When I sensed her impending orgasm, I picked up the pace and bursa escort bayan fucked her harder. I gloried in my own orgasms as I watched hers, my diamonds glittering at her arched neck. I stayed in her body. On her body. Kissing her. Thanking her. Loving her. Cumming again with her.

There were nights that I waited for my husband’s breathing to become even and deep. I would then ease myself from his arms and go to Carmela, if only for a few minutes. Sometimes I just kissed her sensual mouth. Other times I might feast on her exquisite breasts. Pump my finger into her fragrant wet spot. Lick her pussy while she moaned and held tightly to my head. Lower myself to her face. When I dared to take more time, I would remove my nightgown, put my clit on her mound and ride her, quieting our screams with my mouth. When I did these things with her in the still of the night, I would feel very naughty when we shared looks over our breakfast table.

Carmela and I maintained our friendly employer-employee relationship around my husband, his family and our friends. No one could ever suspect that she was my lover. As Timmy got older we had to be more careful. Carmela could no longer fuck me in his room while she watched him play. I didn’t want him telling Daddy that Carmela was ‘hurting’ Mommy. I never told him she was a lesbian. It was my delicious secret. Even though my husband flirted lightly with her, it was me she desired to fuck.

I was standing at the island in the kitchen preparing a lunch for Carmela and me. “Hi, Car,” Timmy screamed excitedly as she walked up behind me.

“Hello, Timmy!” To me she whispered, “Don’t say a word. Just feel.” She raised my sundress revealing my bikini panties. Then she dropped to her knees, removed them and began licking my ass.

“Eat your cereal, Timmy,” I crooned shakily to the boy.

Rising from the floor, she said, “Bend over the counter. Spread your legs for me, Mrs. Kall. No. Say nothing.” I had turned to protest. Carmela inserted a small but powerful vibrator into my rectum and turned on its switch. It hummed and moved in my ass. She got back on her knees to continue my ass-licking. When her mouth found and sucked on my pussy as the vibrator moved, I exploded. “Oh! Shit, fuck,” I hollered.

“Is mommy ok?” Timmy said alarmed.

“Mommy…is…just fine, sweetheart. Mommy is very, very happy.”

Carmela came back up and removed the love object from me. “Lunch smells delicious. Just allow me to go and wash up.” I was still shuddering, coming down from another fantastic and unexpected cum. Wow, the things that girl did to pleasure me.

When I learned that Carmela had never been to the east coast, I took her with me when I visited my parents. My husband and son stayed home. I took her on a sightseeing tour of New York city. As we walked the streets looking into shop windows, Carmela spied a little sex shop that she wanted to explore. The geeky salesboy eyed us knowingly as Carmela exclaimed over the items. We bought some edible panties to use that night at our hotel. The geek said that his sister had a studio in the back of the shop if we wanted to take a ‘special’ photo. With her digital camera, the sister took shots of us kissing with our nipples pressed together; with my hand in Carmela’s panties and with Carmela’s head between my thighs. The shots were beautiful and very erotic.

She left us when Timmy went to kindergarten. She had saved enough money for her junior college in California. She had her full tuition as well as an extremely generous stipend that I personally provided for her. She could do her studies and never have to work. It was just money after all. During her three years with us, Carmela never once had to go out and seek a lover. Her powerful lusts were satisfied on my willing flesh. She said other women, even one of my friends, tempted her with their one-night promises, but I fulfilled her daily.

We were in Carmela’s room, amidst all her packed luggage. “I will miss your love, Mrs. Kall. We have given the other excellent pleasure in this beautiful place. I will worry that you do not have the pussy available to you. I know of your great desire. You are in need now, am I not right?” she said as she put her hand in my panties and rubbed me. “I could give you the number of my cousin, Isabella. She is 18 now. She is quite luscious and loves only the girls. She would give you the good pussy. You will let me know?”

“Yes, Carmela. But I’ll always love us together best and yes, I do need you now. One last time, sweetheart. Let me feel you on me.”

With those words said, Carmela eased my panties down as we prepared for our farewell, bittersweet loving. We began by putting our tongues in each other at the same time. Sweet 69. We came together, devouring the pussy in our paths. She and I were filled with emotions that did manifest themselves in our pussies. Our tears mingled as our clits swelled and touched. We rode hard and long in love and passion one last time.

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