Crimson and Clover Ch. 01


Part One: Ah, I Don’t Hardly Know Her

“Not happening, Rick!” Billie shouted into the den at her third biggest big brother as she tossed his dirty jockeys, jeans, and work shirts out of her laundry basket and onto her utility room floor. “As long as you’re crashing at my house, you’ll wash your own damned clothes. I’m not Cherie.”

Billie returned to her hometown after college to accept a loan officer position. After two weeks in her new digs, Rick moved onto her couch because his wife, Cherie, had thrown him out for tomcatting around. Although Cherie likely meant Rick’s exile to be a punishment, his sister’s house offered pizza, beer, cable, and video games with no responsibilities. Billie knew she was enabling her feckless brother.

Blood runs thick in rural Idaho though, and Billie never considered turning him away. One of her first memories was of Rick threatening to “wallop” Jimmy McGillis if he didn’t stop calling Billie names. Ten years later, Frank – their oldest brother – did beat the living shit out of Jimmy when he tried to push a fifteen year old Billie further than she wanted to go in Jimmy’s truck. Billie and her brothers remained thick as thieves, despite her four years away at college.

“Okay, okay,” Rick answered, “After me and the guys watch the fight tonight, I’ll do my own damned washing.”

Her other three big brothers – Frank, Tom, and Ed – arrived shortly thereafter with a half-dozen other guys from the sawmill. One of the “guys” was Lena.

Lena wore a black tank, dark jeans, and brown steel-toed work boots. Her dark hair was shaved to a neat brush cut. She allowed herself one affectation; a bright silver belt clasp with the word “POP” etched on it closing her brown leather belt. And she caught Billie cruising her as her friends’ little sister brought long necked Coors in the finest tradition of Hygd of Beowulf fame.

Though naturally slim, years of work at the sawmill gave Lena hard-packed muscles over her shoulders, arms, back, thighs, and stomach, defying biology to an extent rarely achieved in a gym. Her stunning face would be considered beautiful for a man or handsome for a woman. Billie stared at that face and those shoulders for a second or two longer than would be considered polite.

“Would you like a beer?”

Lena stared back without consideration for politeness. She recognized immediately that the pretty girl offering beer must be the little sister Rick was staying with. The siblings were all stamped with the same features; medium brown hair, hazel eyes, even white teeth, square jaw and forehead, and an open countenance. On Billie, the characteristic family look was softer, more feminine and delicate. Lena’s eyes travelled down to note that the siblings did not share a body type.

Billie’s full breasts and hips held Lena’s gaze. She licked her lips suggestively to avoid any possibility of Billie’s misinterpreting the look.

“Yes. Thank you.”

Billie smiled back, but with a quick glance at her brothers to see if they noticed the exchange. Lena took that to mean that hitting on the cute brunette in front of them wouldn’t be appreciated.

The look could mean more for all Lena knew. The pretty girl could have a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Or worse, she could still be in the closet. Lena recognized that it was not the time and place to find out which, but she was still dismayed when Billie left the den.

“She doesn’t like boxing?” Lena turned to ask Frank.

“Who? Billie? Naw, she thinks it’s pointless violence. She likes UFC fights. Why?”

“Just making sure that we don’t need to make room on the couch.” Lena covered quickly.

After the first round, Lena wandered toward the kitchen to find Billie. A pay per view fight is only a few dollars away most nights, but – in a small town – beautiful women obviously attracted to butch women are a much greater rarity. Basic supply and demand.

She found Billie doing her laundry, and making even that mundane chore look sexy.

“Um…do you have any more Coors?” Lena asked, rather blandly.

“Yeah, in the fridge.” Billie smiled warmly and pointed directly at the stainless steel, French door refrigerator.

“Right.” Lena kicked herself for not thinking of something clever to say, but grabbed another bottle, took a sip, and turned back to the pretty girl. “The one you brought tasted better.”

Billie smiled at the silly compliment, but glanced unconsciously in the direction of her den. Lena understood and kept her words innocent enough. She completely laced her tone though.

“So, you have a beautiful house. Or at least you did before we invaded. Is it normally just you here?”

“Yeah, it’s just me. I bought a house because no one trusts a loan officer who rents. And thank you.”

“Well, I like your style…in décor.” Lena raised her eyebrows at a lacy pair of white panties, which an embarrassed Billie quickly tossed in with the load of colors in the wash. “I’ve been thinking of getting a different futon, avcılar escort but I don’t really have an eye for that sort of thing. Maybe you could come over to my place Saturday and give me the benefit of your taste?”

“Of course. I’d love to help out.”

Billie’s tone was not laced, but Lena took her yes with a victorious grin and a slight toast before returning inconspicuously to watching the rest of the fight in the den.

Billie thought of Lena and her offer as she finished her laundry. Billie herself didn’t fall neatly into the butch/femme dichotomy. Her LaCrosse 15″, waterproof, -20 Fahrenheit-rated hunting boots sat next to her new L.A.M.B. stiletto heeled, lace up, knee length, black suede boots in her closet. She loved wearing both sets of boots equally, just for very different types of hunting.

She knew decisively the type she wanted for herself though. Her sisters-in-law – excepting maybe Cherie – were sweet, pretty, bubbly women who bored Billie to tears. Billie had been forced to politely endure their gossip and baking tips at family functions, when she’d much rather talk about Madden or Call of Duty. The last thing Billie wanted was a girly girl that she’d need to listen to 24/7 in order to continue getting laid.

She wanted a badass who could hang with her tomboy hobbies, then take her out dancing and bring her home to fuck her to paradise. A woman who caused a visceral reaction with a look, with a touch. Was it so wrong to want someone who was tough, strong, exciting, and maybe just a little dangerous?

She’d go to Lena’s Saturday night with an open heart and no firm plans for Sunday morning.

After the fight and some jocularity, all the guys left and Rick set about cleaning up and pulling out the couch to sleep. Lena waited for another glimpse of Billie to say goodnight.

“So my place, Saturday at 8ish?”

“Sounds great. I’ll see you then.”

“Goodnight.” And Lena was out the door into the crisp Idaho moonlight with a spring in her step.

Rick overheard and followed Lena out.

In Rick’s defense, he’d never had to deal with his little sister’s sexuality in a concrete way. Billie came out to herself, her father, and her brothers shortly after Frank decked Jimmy McGillis, but it was wholly theoretical without a second openly gay girl in her town of 700 people. All five siblings grew up talking about which actresses, singers, and classmates they “would or wouldn’t” do – albeit less crudely when Billie was in the room – so Rick knew Billie wasn’t going through a phase. But Billie never felt strongly enough about a college fling to introduce her to the family.

Rick only had a moment to process the reality of someone potentially fucking his little sister and how to respond. His understanding of his responsibilities as a big brother left him with some consternation as to the proper course of action.

“You made a date with Billie?”

“Yeah, I did. That’s not a problem…?”

“No. No, Billie’s a grown woman. She can date who she likes. But she’s sweet and my little sister and I love her. If you hurt her, I’ll…” He’d what? He couldn’t hit Lena. He could probably shoot her, but that seemed extreme even for a threat, “I’ll find a bigger, tougher dyke and pay her to kick your ass.”

“Don’t worry, Rick. I don’t hurt girls.” She winked at her friend, “And, also, you won’t find a tougher dyke than me.”

Part Two: Ah, When She Comes Walking Over

Rick frowned as he returned to his temporary pull out bed.

“You’re welcome to the washer and dryer now.” Billie called into the den as she walked to her bedroom.

“Wait. Billie, you’re going to Lena’s on Saturday?”


“You know, she’s not a silly little college girl? If you go over to her apartment, she’s going to have certain expectations.”

“Rick, I’m a 23 year-old gay woman. When I go over to her place, I’ll have certain expectations too.”

“See, and I thought you liked girls.” Rick slipped easily back into his role as the joshing older brother. “She’s basically Dad in a dress.”

Billie recognized that she probably had a fairly massive Electra complex, but didn’t mind as she’d loved her sainted father and finding similar qualities in Lena would be a blessing. She wasn’t about to explain that to Rick though.

“One, I highly doubt that Lena owns a dress. Two, I’m not taking romantic advice from the cheating fuckup living on my couch.” She teased back, “Now do your laundry, will you?”

“Yeah, I will. Tomorrow.” Rick went to sleep.

Three days later, Rick’s laundry still graced the utility room floor. Billie didn’t care though, because it was Saturday and she had a date with the strong and sexy Lena.

Billie went through the time-honored ritual of trying on and rethinking every item in her closet, eventually deciding that she should start as she intended to continue. The pretty brunette picked out a UofI Vandals fitted tee, ass-hugging low-riders, avrupa yakası escort and wedge-heeled sandals. But she also wore those lacy white panties with a matching bra.

Lena’s apartment was less than a mile from her house, so Billie walked to be sure that a few drinks wouldn’t trap her overnight with her car if things went south. On the way, her mind raced. How far did she really want it to go on the first date? How would Lena act? What would it mean if she threw caution to the wind and followed her…well, not really her heart?

Lena herself was having similar thoughts while waiting. No questioning of whether or not she’d swing for the fences (she’d accept “no” of course, but didn’t expect it and was certainly packing), but of how to complete her seduction. What would Billie like? How would she sound, smell, taste? How would those nipples respond to her tongue? What could she do to be sure that Billie would want to come back again for more? What would her face look like when she…?

The doorbell rang. Lena decided that the only good time to be interrupted while fantasizing about Billie was when the fantasy stood at her door.

“Hey, come in.” Billie did. Lena’s eyes followed her swaying ass into the kitchenette.

“Thanks. I brought Coors.” Billie smiled over her shoulder at Lena as she put the beers in the fridge and took the butch in visually. Lena wore a white tank that did nothing to hide her hard nipples and men’s khaki cargo shorts with a notable bulge. Sexy as hell, but not subtle and a touch too self-assured for Billie’s taste.

Billie scanned the rest of the small, one bedroom apartment. The kitchenette was spotless. The living room was dominated by a punching bag, a canoe, and a mountain bike. Most notably, the completely undecorated blank white walls suggested a total lack of interest in home décor. Billie knew asking for decorating tips was a pretext, but she’d hoped to play through it for a while.

“So, you don’t really want my decorating talents, huh?”

“Well, no. You are welcome to tweak the place however you might like, but no. I wouldn’t care at all.” Lena admitted, but finished sincerely. “I really did want you here though.”

“Yeah, I see that.” Billie nodded at the hard nipples on display and actually made the butch blush slightly, “So if I’m not here to evaluate your futon, what exactly did you have in mind for this little visit?”

Billie’s fingers traced along the powerful right shoulder, bicep, and forearm of her date, fingertips tapping her wrist lightly while waiting for an answer.

“We could watch a movie, play a board game, or…you could just go ahead and check out my futon?”

Lena put her strong hands on Billie’s hips and moved in for a kiss, which Billie allowed but broke quickly.

“Do you have Monopoly?”

Lena’s head dropped, crestfallen. It was a good kiss and she wasn’t used to interested girls not falling at her feet. Her ego bruised, she tried to answer.

“I don’t really have any board ga-. What are you smiling at?”

Billie moved back into Lena and fixed her with an impish smirk, inches away from her handsome face.

“I’m just teasing you. You seemed a touch too,” Billie’s hand reached down between them to push sharply on the end of Lena’s strapon and elicit a groan at the unexpectedness of the pressure Lena felt to her clit. “…cocksure.”

Billie’s playful hazel eyes glinted and sparkled. Lena realized that she might be in for more fun that she’d imagined with the strong-willed brunette smiling cockily in her kitchenette.

“Maybe I could go check out your futon now?” Billie asked, still smirking.

“Or maybe I pin you to the fridge and kiss you harder.”

Lena proceeded to do just that. She gently grabbed a handful of Billie’s loose brown tresses and one of her smooth, firm upper arms, then slowly hip-checked the beautiful girl against her fridge.

“Are you rethinking being such a,” Lena whispered into Billie’s ear as she ground her strapon into Billie’s pubic mound,”…cocktease?”

“Mmmm,” Billie moaned, “not at all.”

Lena growled and pressed her lips to Billie’s, tongue demanding and receiving entrance to her warm, moist mouth. Billie kissed back, more subdued at Lena’s obvious need and sudden fervor. Lena’s tongue slipped over her lips, cheeks, chin, and neck, almost frenziedly. Billie freed her own arm, brought her fingertips to Lena’s lips, and slowed things down.

“Hey, there’s no hurry.” Billie ran her thumb over Lena’s bottom lip and lifted her chin slightly with her first knuckle. “I’m spending the night with you. We can explore. Now let’s get that tank top off and see if I can get those glass point nipples any harder.”

Lena ripped her tank top off over her head, tossing it to the floor. She leaned back onto the counter, only registering the “spending the night” comment after Billie took a nipple in her mouth and swirled her hot pink tongue over the nub. Billie bahçelievler escort made eye contact as the nipple did in fact get harder. The other did as well under the tender ministrations of Billie’s adroit fingers squeezing and coaxing. Lena rested her head against the cabinet while Billie worked her breasts, back and forth, up and down, and side-to-side. Lena groaned and enjoyed, both hands tangled in Billie’s sexy brunette mop.

Billie ran her busy tongue down Lena’s torso to her abs, thinking to herself that Lena brought a six pack too without pausing to dwell on her pun. Billie traced through the grooves of Lena’s washboard grid and dipped her tongue into Lena’s bellybutton. Lena yipped sharply and Billie repeated the action until Lena growled at her new lover for mischievously exploiting a weak spot. A quick tug to her long brown hair interrupted Billie’s gleeful teasing.

Billie giggled and stopped, but retained the initiative and continued down Lena’s hard body to her low hanging shorts and that shiny silver belt buckle that drew her in like a fishing lure.

“Pop?” Billie asked friskily.

“Pop it, baby.” Lena breathed through clenched teeth.

Billie undid the belt and pulled off Lena’s cargo shorts to reveal a set of baby blue boxer briefs straining to contain a large strapon. The sight of Lena’s quads sent a quiver through Billie’s pussy. She couldn’t wait to get her head between those muscular thighs and rolled the boxers off with a speed that shocked even the ever ready Lena.

Then Billie reached to unstrap Lena’s harness and get the toy out of her way.

“No.” Lena stopped her.

“No?” A smile played at the corners of Billie’s full pink lips.

“No,” Lena repeated. “Now get back up here.”

Billie rose to her feet, somehow both annoyed at being thwarted and aroused at Lena’s firmness. That arousal flooded into an excruciatingly engrossing kiss that left Billie so distracted that she hardly noticed Lena pulling her shirt off until the fabric came between their lips and ceased the kiss.

Lena tarried to run her fingertips along the top edges of Billie’s simple lacy white bra cups, wonderment written over her pleased face. Billie blushed at the intimacy of the touch, her blooming pink skin contrasting beautifully with the white of the bra.

“You wore the matching panties for me?” Lena asked, already sure of the answer, but wanting to hear it from her lover.

“Yes.” Billie flushed.

“Kick off your shoes.” Lena barely gave Billie the time to lose her sandals before taking her hand. “Time to check out the futon.”

Part Three: My, My Such a Sweet Thing

The futon was a queen size, already unfolded into a bed with the blankets removed. A set of navy blue sateen sheets and a matching collection of various pillows gleamed in the dim light of Lena’s bedroom. Billie felt slightly peeved at the presumptuousness again, but couldn’t deny its vindication.

“Lay back.” Lena wasn’t thinking as deeply. “I want those jeans off.”

Lena unbuttoned Billie’s fly and helped her shimmy out of her pants. Each looked at the other with undisguised lust. Lena joined he hot femme on her slick sheets.

Lena went straight to those lacy panties that had tortured her mind for days and outlined the edges with her eager tongue, sliding beneath the elastic of the waist and legs and drawing low moans from a approving Billie. She used her teeth to tear dozens of slight rips in the pretty underwear while gently nipping the soft skin of the increasingly excited hot girl writhing on her back below her.

Lena’s tongue continued lower to the insides of Billie’s supple opened thighs, then higher to add her saliva to the already spreading wet spot in the center of Billie’s steaming crotch. The taste and the smell made Lena reluctant to leave, but — sexy as Billie was in her good girl smalls — Lena needed her naked.

To that end, Lena headed north to unhook her bra and unleash her girls. Billie’s left breast bounced free in the fullness of youth, but Lena captured her right before it had the chance.

Billie gasped and kicked out with the sudden suction on her puffy pink nipple. Lena swirled her tongue to stiffen the sensitive flesh. Billie’s hands brushed though her lover’s short hair and pressed down to unnecessarily hold her head in place. Lena’s lips kept the nipple encased while she forcefully exhaled hot breath onto it, making Billie groan in need. Satisfied with her work, Lena switched to the waiting nipple and bit down.

“Oh, fucking fuck me!” Billie’s shocked body tried to jump, but couldn’t with her trapped nipple.

Lena maintained her hold with her teeth and lifted the breast up from Billie’s chest. Billie squealed in pleasure and her hips rose unconsciously, impatiently wanting like anything to get fucked.

Lena pushed Billie back down and pinned her to the mattress.. Her strong hands held Billie’s arms above her head while her strapon ground into Billie’s waiting snatch through her white panties.

Billie panted into an open-mouthed kiss, unable to control herself. Lena had no trouble controlling her though and switched to holding down both of the wriggling brunette’s arms at the elbows with one of her powerful forearms. She used her free hand to calmly caress Billie’s heaving side.

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