Cross Country Ride

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I was doing a solo ride across the country on my new BMW motorcycle. I left my house just ten months after my wife had passed away from cervical cancer. I was going crazy just sitting around feeling sorry for myself. Twenty two years together and we really only started to live the last eighteen months of her life. Jan reminded me what it was that attracted me to her the first time we met. I was riding a motorcycle.

That old Kawasaki 750 was the first vehicle I had ever owned. Living in southern California meant that I could ride almost 365 days a year. Of course, as I still like to say “I’m already warped and I know I won’t melt, so bring on the rain.” I rode that motorcycle so much I felt uncomfortable in a car. When I pulled up in front of a group of girls at the beach one day, a pretty little blonde with a great set of legs walked over to talk to me. Her friends were standing off to the side talking into their hands and giggling. The blonde looked up into my eyes as I removed my sunglasses.

“What does a girl have to do to get a ride from you?” She asked brashly.

“First she should introduce herself and get my name in return. Then all she has to do is straight up ask for a ride.”

“Hi my name is Jan. And you are?” She extended her hand to me.

I took the proffered hand and kissed the back announcing “Hi Jan. I’m Dave.”

“Dave can I talk you into giving me a ride on your motorcycle?”

“Hop on and hold on.”

It was the first time Jan had ever ridden on a motorcycle. By the time I dropped her off at home that night she was an old pro at it.

At first Jan’s dad hated me. Once he realized I was a good kid and would take care of his daughter he came around. Before he died we were really good friends.

Jan and I were married the summer I turned twenty. Jan would turn twenty later that winter. She was and always will be the love of my life.

Unfortunately we never had children. Jan had a serious problem with her baby making bits and it just wasn’t in the cards. We were the best aunt and uncle in the world to all our nieces and nephews. The way those kids still love us, it’s a shame we couldn’t become parents. When I started the job that would feed and house us for the duration of our marriage, I gave up the motorcycle for a car. Biggest mistake of my life. But I had responsibilities.

As Jan reminded me how much I loved riding I resolved to buy another motorcycle. I test drove a few brands and fell in love with the BMW. The handling was so smooth it was fun. I got to take Jan on four rides before she became too sick to ride with me. She made me promise that I would not sell the motorcycle after she died. She wanted me to go on and live my life.

So here I am traveling the country while my oldest nephew house sits for me. The house is all paid off and the taxes are up to date so I can enjoy myself without worrying about the little things. I know he’s going to have a few parties while I’m gone. I told him that any damage to the place would come out of his ass. So I know he will be responsible.

Last week I rode into a little town in Texas west of San Antonio. I sat at the counter in a roadside diner and had a nice ribeye steak with mashed potatoes. I flirted a little with the waitress. She was a 25 year old girl named Helen who reminded me so much of Jan when she smiled. It almost broke my heart. I left her a ten dollar tip for a twenty dollar meal.

I was Helen’s last customer of the day and she walked out right behind me. She thanked me for my generous tip. As I mounted my motorcycle she innocently asked. “What’s a girl gotta do to get a ride on that?”

“Well Since I already know your name is Helen from your name tag. I’ll tell you my name is Dave.”

“Nice to meet you Dave.” She held out her hand and I found myself kissing the back, just like I had with Jan all those years ago.

“Would you like to go for a ride Helen?”

“I would love to Dave.”

We rode for a few hours. One of the benefits of the BMW is that the motor is so quiet you can hear a passenger talk to you. Helen was telling me roads to turn down. We made a huge circuit of the town and I returned her to the diner so she could pick up her car.

“I had a great time Dave. How long are you going to be in town?”

“I have all the time in the world. I just lost my wife a few months ago to cancer and she made me promise to have fun and ride around the country like we did before we got married.”

“I’m sorry to hear about your loss. She sounds like someone with a zest for life, I would have loved to have met her.”

“I’m pretty sure she would have liked you too Helen”

As I turned to get back on my motorcycle Helen grabbed my arm and kissed my lips softly. “Thank you for the wonderful night Dave. If you come back tomorrow, I would love to go for another ride.”

“Since you asked so nice, I’ll see you tomorrow. What time do you get off?”

“I work until 5:30”

“I’ll stop in at 4:30 for a bite to eat and then we can go for your ride.”

“Sweet. See you then Dave.” She kissed antep escort me one more time before getting into her car.

I spent the night at a mom and pop motel just down the road from the diner. The room was decent for the price. If I decided to stick around I would probably stay there again.

That night I had a dream about Helen. Nothing sexual about it. She was riding on the back of the motorcycle and laughing while we rode around the countryside. I hoped to hear her laugh tomorrow.

Helen saw me coming in and had the hostess seat me in her area. I asked Helen what her favorite food on the menu was. I ordered the chicken parmesan on her recommendation. It was delicious. Not the usual bland runny sauce that most places put on dishes like this. The sauce was thick and had the right spices. I could eat it every day. I gave Helen another ten dollar tip.

Helen asked me to wait a few minutes while she changed. Last night she rode in her waitress uniform and she said the wind up her skirt was a bit too much. She came out dressed in jeans and a t shirt just like I was. She kissed me on the cheek as we mounted the motorcycle.

We took a different route around the town. I loved all the twists and turns in the roads she chose. Rather than have me take her back for her car she suggested we go for a couple of drinks and get to know one another better. I was never that high on drinking alcohol but I told her I would have a soda while she drank whatever she wanted.

Helen directed me to a little bar and we settled into a booth. She ordered a coke after I did, explaining that she was really here for the conversation.

Helen started to tell me her story. She grew up in Houston. She was all set to marry her high school sweetheart once they graduated. Before the wedding day he joined the Army. He explained that it was for their future. She waited for him like a dutiful fiancee. Then he called Helen one day to say he was married. He had met a girl who lived close to the base he was stationed at. He got stupid drunk one night and he got her pregnant. Helen left Houston the next week and moved here.

I apologized on behalf of all men for what her boyfriend had done to her. I asked if there were any boyfriends since her little disaster.

“The guys that ask me out around here are after just one thing. I have never been that kind of girl Dave.”

“Jan would have really loved you. You two are a lot alike. I think she would have been a little jealous of you too.”

“Jealous? I’m the one who’s jealous. You and Jan got to spend a whole life together with someone you love. All I get offered is one night with someone I can barely stand.”

“Should I feel special you decided to go on a second a date with me?”

“You are special Dave. Jan saw that all those years ago, and I saw it yesterday when you came in the diner.”

Was I going crazy or was I being hit on by a girl young enough to be my daughter? I decided to test the waters by placing my hand on Helen’s thigh and lightly squeezing. She moved closer. I wasn’t crazy. I was lost for a second thinking I would be cheating on Jan before I remembered she was dead. Then I realized Helen was talking to me.

“Sorry Helen. I kind of spaced for a minute there.”

“I asked if you wanted to go someplace a little more quiet… Like my apartment.”

“Should I take you to your car and follow or would you like me to take you there direct?” I couldn’t believe I was saying that.

“Just take me right there.” She stood and headed for the door. I was close on her heels.

Helen’s apartment was just four blocks from the bar we had just left. We were both very nervous walking to the door. I almost wish I had a few shots of courage in me right now. Once again I felt like that wet behind the ears kid that charmed Jan more than twenty years ago. My palms were sweating, my heart was ricing and my breathing was becoming rapid.

Once inside, my legs felt wooden. Like the first time I rode a motorcycle for twelve straight hours. I had thoughts of turning and running out the door. Helen turned to face me and I think she sensed my fear.

“I’m so nervous Dave. Do you want to sit on the couch while I get us something to calm our nerves?”

All I could do was nod my head. Afraid that my voice would crack if I spoke. The couch was old but still comfortable. I sat right in the middle not knowing if she had a preferred side. The two glasses she brought contained an amber liquid that I would recognize as soon as I smelled it. A small sip confirmed it. Southern Comfort. Of the few things I did drink, Southern was my favorite. The sweetness is what drew me to it. After two sips I laid the cup down in front of me and settled back on the couch as the liquid warmed me from the inside.

Helen had sat to my right on the couch and had her legs curled under her so she could face me. She told me to take off my shoes and stay a while. I had to undo the laces of my riding boots to take them off. When my feet were freed I turned to face Helen, my right thigh against the back of the couch with my left foot still on the floor. Helen was blushing, whether from the alcohol or from the excitement she was feeling I don’t know.

The two of us sitting on the couch trying not to act scared would have seemed comical to an outside observer. I imagine it looked exactly like I felt, awkward. I suggested a little music to help us loosen up a bit. I watched Helen as she walked to the stereo noting the sway of her hips. As the country music began to drift from the speakers I began to relax. Not that I’m a big fan of country music but we are in Texas so I would listen to what made Helen comfortable.

The first song was almost over and one of the few country songs I knew and loved came up next. The Chair by George Strait. I stood and took Helen into my arms and began to dance with her in the middle of her tiny living room. When the song ended I leaned in and kissed her on the lips. That kiss broke down all the barriers between us that had cropped up since we entered her apartment.

The excitement of what we both wanted to now happen raged through our bodies and we began to strip each other on the way to Helen’s bedroom. At the foot of her bed we finished stripping and crawled onto the comforter. We were kissing and stroking and fondling, hands and mouths exploring in a frenzy of activity that if the same imaginary observer from earlier had seen us now, they would wonder at the turn around.

Helen was kissing and sucking my nipples, while I was kneading her breasts and tweaking her nipples. I had to let go of her breasts as she slid further down my body. She grasped the shaft of my cock and I felt her tongue lightly lick the head. My excitement level was quickly rising.

“Helen, It’s been three years since I last… So I might pop off a little fast. So if you go any further…” I broke off not sure if I should continue.

“It’s OK Dave. It’s been a while for me too. But I want to do this. If I didn’t I would have you inside me already.”

Helen’s mouth moved to my erection once more. I felt her tongue once more lick the head. Her tongue slid to her hand which was still gripping me loosely. Her tongue made the return up and she sucked just my cock head into her mouth. I felt her tongue lap and dance just caressing the bulbous spongy cap. In the blink of an eye her hand was removed and she swallowed my fully into her mouth. My 7 1/2 inches sliding right into her throat. No gag reflex at all.It was maybe five or six seconds of this attention before I felt the oncoming rush I knew signaled release.

“I’m going to cum.” I announced.

Helen quickly slid her lips back up my cock just holding the head and gripped my shaft once again. One stroke of her hand had me spewing into her mouth. I felt Helen sucking greedily as my sperm jetted into her mouth. Not one drop escaped her obviously practiced lips. As my cock emptied the final drops of my long built up seminal explosion I realized that Helen had been swallowing the whole time, while simply sucking on the head of my cock.

She crawled back up my body kissing and nibbling playfully until we were nose to nose. I tried to kiss her mouth but she shied away.

“It’s OK Helen. I have tasted my own cum on someones lips before.” I told her.

The next time I went for a kiss she let me. I rolled us over so that I could return the oral favor. I spent a few minutes working on her neck and shoulders. Grazing the hollow of her neck with my teeth a few times which elicited a moan of contentment. I kissed my way to her breasts and I teased her for several seconds, holding my mouth just above her nipple and breathing against it. I could feel her try to raise her chest into my face and inhaled the nipple like a bug at 70mph.

I used my tongue to flick the erect little nub standing proud of Helen’s areola. After paying attention to that one nipple for two minutes or so I move to her other nipple to give it the same treatment it’s twin had received. When I was sure her nipples had received enough attention from my mouth for now I returned my hands and kissed my way south. I didn’t tease when I found myself at her pussy I immediately dug in with gusto. My tongue was acting on own before the thought of what I wanted to do had formed. I was alternating between licking and sucking her clitoris and licking, lapping and plunging my tongue into her depths. I moved my right hand down and inserted one finger slowly as I paid sole attention to her clit with my tongue. My efforts were rewarded with a loud moan from Helen as she came.

I waited until she had relaxed fully from her orgasm before making my way up her body. She was not shy about kissing me with her juices all over my face. My cock was fully erect and as I looked into her eyes she smiled as she gripped it. She placed me right where she wanted me and I slid into her slowly. During the one minute plunge until our pelvises met our lips never parted.

Helen let me know it was OK to go and I began to piston in and out slowly. I took great delight in watching Helen’s face as we made love. The expressions of joy as I hit a good spot with one of my strokes were unbelievably sexy. Helen had several small orgasms from those sweet spots. I was lasting a long time and enjoying myself immensely. It had been too long since I felt this alive with a woman. I felt the tingle in my balls again and knew I would be cumming very soon. When I told Helen, she wrapped her legs around my ass and held me inside her. It was now obvious to me where she wanted it. I started fucking her with a speed I didn’t remember using since my early twenties and finally shot my load deep inside her just as Helen succumbed to her own massive orgasm.

We laid in each others arms until sleep finally overtook us. As the sun entered the room in the morning I was hit in the eyes by a stray sunbeam that escaped the curtains over Helen’s window. The ray hadn’t quite hit Helen yet and the soft glow of light that was permeating the room made her look angelic as she slept. I think she sensed me watching her and she opened her eyes. A smile lit up her face making her breathtaking in the soft glow.

We took a quick shower together. No sex, just saving water as we helped to cleanse each other. We stayed wrapped in our towels as we ate a quick breakfast. I asked Helen what she wanted to do all day. I was hoping to hear the words ‘have sex’ come out. I was still happy when she suggested we ride all day before returning for her car in the evening.

The day started out perfect. Sun shining with little to no breeze. The temperature in the low 90’s by noon. We were well north of San Antonio when we saw the storm clouds rolling in. We wouldn’t make it back to her place before the storm overtook us so Helen suggested we pull into a mall until the storm passed. Like I said earlier I’m not afraid to get wet while riding. But the storms in this part of Texas like to produce hail. And that stuff hurts when it hits you while riding.

I parked the bike at the mall she pointed out and we made it inside just as the heavens opened up. We went to the electronics store and watched the weather broadcast on the TV’s. It looked like the storm would blow over quick. But there wee some pockets of heavy winds that could produce a tornado or two.

We decided now was as good a time as any to get something to eat and headed for the food court. We got a few knowing looks from people as we held hands while we walked. I wondered what their problem was. Then I saw us reflected in the mirror of a clothing store. Helen was radiant, a true figure of beauty and desire. It was overtly obvious that Helen’s radiance was caused by me.

The storm passed just as predicted and Helen and I were soon on the road again. As we neared the little town where Helen lived we started to see evidence the storm was severe in this area. A police car was across the highway as we neared the diner Helen worked at. A small line of cars was turning around on the highway. At the roadblock I shut off the motorcycle to talk with the deputy.

“Folks you need to turn around.” the deputy announced.

“My car is parked at the diner. I went for a nice ride with Dave here and now we’re trying to get back.” Helen informed him.

“Sorry miss but that whole section of town is flattened right now. It’s going to be a while before anyone can get in there to claim anything. I hope your car is OK.”

We thanked him for his concern and rode back to Helen’s apartment. At least that was safe. Once inside Helen grabbed a notebook from a drawer in her kitchen and started to make calls. After ten calls Helen was crying. The diner was hit by a tornado during the end of the lunch rush.The line cook, manager and two of the waitresses she worked with were missing and presumed dead. As were whatever customers were in the building. Another waitress had managed to make it to the area before police closed it off. The land was scraped clean. Helen’s car had been picked up with the diner.

I held Helen as she cried over the loss of her friends and coworkers. She said she wasn’t hungry but when I ordered pizza she ate almost half. I turned on the radio and tuned in a station that was still playing music without breaking in with storm updates in between every song. The old school R&B station was playing Al Green’s L-O-V-E when I scooped Helen into my arms and we began to dance. Then we sat and listened to the songs play, occasionally getting up to dance. I held Helen as she cried again. We went to her bedroom a lot slower than the night before.

We started to strip and as I climbed into bed Helen pushed me to my back. She gripped my cock and began to stroke it until it was fully erect. Seconds later she was fully impaled and was grinding furiously away in the cowgirl pose. My hands reached for her nipples as she rocked and ground with a ferociousness I had never witnessed in a woman before. It was feral the way she was pounding her pelvis into mine. All I could do was sit back and hold on for the ride. Helen continued to ride after her first orgasm. Her pace never slowed as she furiously fucked me. I announced my orgasm and Helen stopped as soon as I began to shoot inside of her. She lowered her face and kissed me with the same ferocity she had just fucked me with.

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