Crossing the Line Ch. 02

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Later once everybody had food, and was eating, I left the grill and went upstairs to the bedroom. I was splashing water on my face, when Zanora tapped on the bathroom door.

“Mr. Thomas, we want to thank you for having us over,” she said pulling her top down far enough to show me her hard nipples.

“Are you crazy coming up here like this?”

“Don’t worry, the girls are covering for me. Soror Cynthia doesn’t even know I’m gone.”

Without a second thought I had my hand on her waist, pulling her to me. Zanora was about as light as Lydia, but she was 36-24-36 personified. She was a junior this year, and wore her hair in locs. Her nipples were brownish-red, and she had freckles on her chest. I gave each nipple a good, long suck; and she let out a good long moan.

We drew straws, and five of us get three minutes to slip up here and thank you; if you don’t mind being thanked.

“I don’t mind at all,” I kept sucking until she groaned that her time was up. I grabbed a towel and patted her chest dry.

She smiled and pulled her top back up. She kissed my cheek before left “Wait right here.”

Were they seriously about to come up here, in their sorors house, and “thank” her husband? My question was answered when Tori came to the door, “Hi, Mr. Thomas.” Tori was a senior; she didn’t have ample chest, but she had a juicy ass. “Thank you for having us over,” she moved the straps of her top off her shoulders, and pulled it down. Her areolas were broad, but her nipples stood proud.

Again, I wasted no time in attaching my lips to them. Three minutes went by way too quickly. As she pulled her top back up, I asked her to drop her pants for a second. She reminded me that her time was up, but I insisted. She unfastened her pants, and bent over to pull them down.

I sat on the bed behind her, and rubbed her flawless ass – no stretch marks, no pimples. I kissed it, then sent her off with a smack.

Moments later Leanna came to the room; she was a mocha-brown junior, with teardrop breasts and a round ass. “Hi, Mr. Thomas. Thanks for having us over,” she started unbuttoning her top.

“How long would it take you to get everything off?”

She smiled and was nude in a split second. She had a rose tattoo on her hip, just to the left of her abs, and an anklet on her right foot.

I called her over to me, watching her walk. Her pubes were trimmed, and I put my fingertips to her pussy. She was wet, and I wiped it on her nipples. She was short enough for me to stay on the bed and run my hands up and down her sides while sucking her juice off her nipples. She put her foot on the bed, and rubbed her clit while I sucked.

Monique knocked on the door, and chastised Leanna for staying too long. “You’re going to mess this up for everybody,” she hissed.

She kept rubbing; I had stopped sucking when the door opened, but returned my lips to her nipples. “I have to cum,” she whined, gyrating her hips. She rubbed harder, soon bringing her to an orgasm while Monique watched. Leanna grabbed her clothes and went to the bathroom to clean up.

“She gets on my nerves sometimes. I knew she would be the problem when she picked a short straw.”

“Don’t güvenilir bahis be hard on her; she’s a good girl,” I smiled.

“You’re enjoying yourself?”

“Oh yeah. What made you girls come up with this?”

She rubbed my bulge, “Would that be the best way to spend what little time I have left?”

“I guess not,” I pulled down her top.

“Have you . .?”

“I’ll handle that later.”

Monique got on her knees, “I also knew none of them would take care of you. I always think of others first,” she helped me pull my pants down, and licked her lips when my semi-hard dick sprang free. “Oh shit,” she grabbed it. “You’re big. I see why Soror Cynthia is always smiling.”

“Damnnnn,” Leanna gasped over Monique’s shoulder.

“Get back downstairs before she suspects something!”

Leanna whipped out her camera phone, and secretly took a picture while Monique was playing attention to my dick. “Bye, Mr. Thomas.”

Monique was a senior, and the new president of the chapter. I liked how she took charge, and I liked how she stroked my dick even more.

“I wish I could take my time,” she pumped fast.

“I wish you could too, but it won’t take long.” I was already excited, and leaking when she started. She licked the precum from my tip, and I told her to keep licking. Feeling her tongue on that sensitive spot, and her hand on my dick, made me cum. Her eyes lit up as the cum oozed from my dick. She slowed down, but kept pumping. It overflowed her hand, and she cupped her other one on underneath to catch the rest.

When I stopped she licked her hand on her way to the bathroom, “Tasty.”

I went to the bathroom to wipe off; Monique was washing her hands. When she got done, I kissed both her nipples.

She smiled, pulled her top up and left.

I had just gotten my pants back on when Mariah came in, and closed the door behind her. She was the tallest one in the chapter; a pleasingly plump sophomore. “Thank you for having us over, Mr. Thomas,” she smiled pulling off her pants and panties.

“It has truly been my pleasure.”

“Would you lay back on the bed, please?” She laid beside me, and bent her leg so she could rub her pussy. I watched with a smile, but didn’t know what to expect. She rubbed until her body shook a little, then wiped her fingers over my lips. She leaned over and licked her juice off, then wiped some more on them. This time she licked it off while kissing me. “I’ve been fantasizing about kissing those lips, Mr. Thomas,” she wiped and kissed again.

“With your own added flavor?”

“A girl likes what a girl likes,” she smiled. “That gray hair is such a turn on,” brushed her thumb over my mustache. She pecked my lips again, then got off the bed to pull her panties and shorts back on.

“Y’know, it would have been better if you had sat on my face.”

She blushed, and quickly left.

I laid back on the bed for a moment to absorb what just happened. Then washed my face and hands, and went back downstairs.

“Honey, would you explain to these young ladies the virtues of decorum, from a man’s point of view?”

“What do you mean?”

“Men don’t marry loose women, do türkçe bahis they? None of these women are loose; we were just continuing the discussion we started at the icebreaker.”

“Uh, no, most men do not want to marry a loose woman.”

Katrina sat forward, “Do you realize if women applied the same standard to men, marriages would cease?”

“You’re right; and I’m not saying it’s fair. Most men want to be their wife’s first, or at least one of the few. But on the flipside, you all wouldn’t marry someone who had too many previous partners either. There’s a different number for both sexes, but there is a threshold at which you would no longer feel special.”

“Hide your business, in other words,” Janice laughed.

“Be discreet,” I emphasized.

Cynthia chimed in, “If you just have to be out there; be safe, be careful, and be discreet.”

I went to the patio to start cleaning the grill while the ladies stayed inside talking. From time to time I heard roars of laughter, and could imagine all the jiggling breasts. Before I was finished, Cynthia came out to help me, and I noticed the girls moving around the kitchen. The house was back in order in no time, and the girls started leaving. Again, I received tight hugs as they left.

Lydia’s panties arrived at my office a week later, smelling wonderful. I enjoyed them for a few days, before letting Alvin know I had them. A month went by with no word or contact with the girl; and then my receptionist let me know someone was here to see me. I didn’t have an appointment scheduled for that time, so I asked who it was.

“She says her name is Monique Holland.”

Monique Holland? Oh! “Send her up, thank you.”

“Hello, Mr. Thomas,” she came in a beige business suit, with a box in her arms.

“Hello, Monique. What are you doing here?”

“The ladies of Mu Iota chapter have a proposition for you,” she sat down and crossed her sexy bronze legs and sat the box on the floor.

“Oh?” I sat on the edge of my desk.

“You like us,” she smiled, “and we love you. We’ve shared every single detail of what you’ve done with each of us, and we want more.”

“More? You’re about to blackmail me?”

She jumped up, “No, no, no! We just want more of you – if you want more of us,” she put her arms around my neck. “If you say no to this proposition, we’ll be disappointed, but Soror Cynthia will still never know about what’s already happened.”

“What’s the proposition?”

“Damn, this gray is so sexy,” she brushed her nose over my mustache.

I smacked her ass, “What’s the proposition.”

“We want you to fuck us,” she whispered, pressing her body to me. “We want the joy of going to bed with you, and fulfilling our sexual needs.”

I swallowed the lump in my throat, “Monique, what we’ve done so far has been bad enough. To go that for would be crazy.”

She took off her jacket, and unhooked the front clasp of her bra, “We’ve got it all worked out.”

“How so?” I sucked her nipple.

“Once a month we want you to come to a room at the Embassy Suites, and spend some time with us doing whatever is thought of.”

“I can’t do that,” I moaned.

She grabbed güvenilir bahis siteleri my head, and pushed her breast into my face, “Please, Mr. Thomas.”

I sucked for while longer, then made her sit down. “I can’t.”

Monique didn’t fasten her bra, “Why not?”

“My wife is your chapter advisor! The spontaneous things that have happened so far are bad enough. To set up a regular rendezvous is way across the line. I have too much to lose.”

“You don’t think we have things to lose as well? If this ever got it our reputation on that campus would be forever ruined – not to mention what it would do to Soror Cynthia.”

“As much as she means to, I can’t understand why you would want to do this.”

“We love her to death; but the whole chapter is creaming over you, and we’re tired of not doing anything about it. Why are you turning down willing pussy?” she stared at my crotch. “Young, sweet pussy,” she sat forward and rubbed my dick through my pants. “Its the perfect scenario. We don’t want to hurt Soror Cynthia, and you don’t either.”

“The best way to do that is to forget this whole thing.”

“But that doesn’t solve the problem of our wet pussies, or your hard dick. We are strong, upstanding, model young women in public eye. But behind closed doors, we are horny girls who just want to be satisfied without being considered loose. If we had you filling our needs, we could fulfill the aims of our sorority that much better.”

“I’m sure there are discreet boys on campus, or campuses nearby. And what about your boyfriends?”

“Not all of us have boyfriends. We want you, Mr. Thomas,” she fished my dick out through my zipper.

“How can you afford the Embassy Suites?”

“You remember Tori, right? She’s funding the Ladies Room Project, on the condition she goes to the front of the line any time she comes home.”

I looked down a Monique took my dick in her mouth, “Thank you, Tori.”

Monique laughed, but kept sucking. Her head glided back and forth a few times, then she looked up at me, “I have class in an hour, so I still can’t take my time. But if you agree to our proposal, you’ll never be sorry. She pumped and sucked my dick until I came in her mouth; she swallowed every drop. She smiled, and stood up to fasten her bra.

I spun her around, bent her over, and flipped up her skirt. She had a black thong, and I moved it aside for enough for my dick to get inside her wet pussy.

She clutched the arms of the chair, “Hell yesssss!”

I fucked her fiercely, bringing her to one orgasm and then another stronger one. I pulled out before I came, and she whined. I leaned back on the desk, and admired the view of her creamy pussy.

“Don’t stop!”

“That’s enough for now.”

“Please,” she moved her ass to entice me.

I resisted the urge to lick her, “You have class to get to.”

Monique caught her breath, then dropped to her knees to lick her cream off my dick, “If that’s what we have to look forward to, we might have to get the room twice a month.” She stood up, and I gave her my pocket square to dry herself. She fastened her bra, and put her jacket back on, “That box is a gift from the chapter. We really hope to see you soon.”

I gave her a hug, and watched her leave. Inside the box were 12 baggies, with 12 panties in them. Each baggie had the name of a girl on it. There was no way I was getting these girls out of my head anytime soon.

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