Cucked by an older man part 2….

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As requested…

“Right, now I think it’s time you returned the favour” he said removing his hand from down her jeans. With that he turned her around to face him then putting a large hand on each should he forced her to her knees in front of him. He took off his shirt to reveal several tattoos and a large beer guy. Jen looked so small kneeling obediently in front of his as he slowly undid his jeans, pulling down his boxers to reveal a very thich if not overly long cock. “Now” he said “Hands behind your back and open wide” Jen did as she was told and received his cock. There was no finesse to the face fucking she received for the next five minutes or so, he rammed his fat cock deep into her throat as she coughed and gagged, eye make up smudged and running down her cheeks. At one stage he had both hands clasped around the back of her head forcing her onto his cock to the extent that her face and forhead were buried into his gut. He did a mock countdown “Ten, nine, eight…” as he held her there, then pulled out allowing her to gasp for breath, falling forward in front of him. “Get used to this, we’ve got another week ahead of us” he said, staring right at me.

After Jen had finished receiving her first true face fucking she was lying on the ground gasping, her jeans pulled down exposing her ass and pussy, topless and with her make up running down her cheaks, she looked a mess but at the same time it was the horniest thing I had ever seen. Stu then took hold of her pony tail and turned her round to face me “Now, enough of you having all the fun” he snidely whispered in her ear as he positioned her on all fours. This was about to be a pivotal point in our relationship – this older guy was kneeling behind my girlfriend about to fuck her, after this there really was no going back. “You know what happens now?” he said and I just submissively knodded – I knew and desparately wanted it – we were both under his control. “Good” and with the he began rubbing the fat tip of his cock up and down Jen’s pussy “Hmmmm I thought you might be wet – you know your girl is gagging on a good fucking don’t you?” he said boastfully. Again I nodded like a fool, then for the first time, I saw him squeezing his cock into my girlfriend, he pulled her head back to show me her face, her eyes were tight shut and she was biting hard on her bottom lip. “Ah, she’s nice and tight, they always are when they’re her age” he said, now ball deep inside her. He was grinding slowly at first, hardly moving at all, he seemed to be soaking up the control of having his full length inside jen with me powerless, watching on. Then he began to move quicker, the sound of his thighs and balls pounding against Jen’s cheeks and her panting were the only sounds. He began to increase his rythym, his strokes became harder and harder, Jen kept letting her head fall forward, everytime he pulled her back up with her hair, showing me the pleasure on her face and to remind her not to do it again he would give her a hard slap on the ass. “Oh she’s getting nice and tight now” he said “I think she’s going to cum all over my cock soon” he boomed. It was true, Jen’s face was flushed bright red, her big tits were swinging in time with the pounding her little pussy was getting and she looked the sexiest I had ever seen. She let out a gasp, “she’s going to cum now I think boy” he winked at me, this seemed to send her over the edge and she came loudly, moreso than she had ever done with me. “Go on you little slut, I can feel you cumming all over me, you fucking love my cock don’t you” he sneered in her ear “Yes, yes I love it” she stammered as he released her head. “Now it’s my turn” and with that he grabbed her hips and began to ram his cock into her, almost withdrawing completely before plunging back inside her. After only a few minutes it was clear he was about to cum, he was sweating heavily and increased his pace, holding her hips. “Fuck, here it comes Jen you horny little slut” with that I could tell he was about to shoot inside her. It ranks as the horniest, dirtiest thing I had ever seen, this older, overweight guy filling my girlfriend’s pussy with his cum, riding her right in front of me. “Hmmmm, her pussy is so tight, I’m going to enjoy this week” he chuckled, giving her bum a playful smack. He stayed inside her for a moment, not allowing any cum to leave her. Then he pulled out and jen lay on the ground, jeans around her ankles, a trickle of cum leaking down her inner thigh – she looked amazing. He walked over to me and asked where jen’s knicker drawer was – I looked confused but answered – he walked over, opened the drawer and took out a small white thong and used it to clean his cock “I think I’ll keep this – a souvenir!” he said. Afte he got dressed he walked over to jen and crudely stuck his tongue in her mouth, taking another chance to maul her tits. “Be at the pool – 11 tomorrow morning” he said and winked at her, “I take it you’ve not objections. I shook my head, but in truth my objections would have been useless at this stage.