Cuckolding for Beginners Ch. 13


Chapter XIII

Defending Me

That month had marked more milestones in our journey although we didn’t appreciate it at the time. We’d started off as a bit kinky who discovered cuckoldry. At first, we were not much different from any couple who had an open relationship with a partner who played the field. A very common position for couples to be in, especially in the modern age.

And then we explored my submissive side a bit more: we played with my sexual bisexuality; again not a great deal different from so many couples where the man enjoys playing with other men.

Then we took my bisexuality and used it with our cuckolding to humiliate and degrade me; bringing out the most submissive tendencies in me. Watching and getting off on not just having my wife fucked but helping the other guy to do it. To suck him and prepare him for the act of dominance.

But now, I was little more than my wife’s plaything; she had discreetly masturbated as my screams and cries filled that small dungeon interspersed with the howls of agony from my friend. My wife had allowed others to use and abuse me, and I felt safe as they unleashed strikes on my defenceless body because my wife was overseeing it.

I loved and trusted my wife.

My domme.

My mistress.

I was a total and utter submissive. A pure pain slut. A complete cuckold.

The following weekday saw a dozen builders move into the neighbourhood. The large house at the rear of the cul-de-sac, and at the end of our drive, had sold it’s expansive garden to developers and three new houses were being built on the large plot of land.

We’d known planning permission had been granted when we bought our house, but the building work was on the other side of our drive. The builders couldn’t see into our house or garden, nor that of Christina and Bryn because of a row of a large, expansive trees and bushes.

It meant nothing to us apart from a few extra vehicles on the small, residential street. But it did give Christina and Erin license to find new cock, and the day after the burly men started work the two ladies made several cups of tea and walked over to the workmen, while dressed in bikinis that left little to the imagination.

This became a regular event: my wife returned home at lunchtime solely to engage with the builders erecting a property at the end of the road, and the men loved the attention they got from the sex-crazed wives.

They said nothing when I arrived home in the early evening; I think they guessed that I didn’t know that my wife has hankering for their cocks and was openly flirting. They assumed I had an unfaithful wife and I didn’t know about it — and they weren’t going to tell me!

They didn’t need to: Erin did.

The first day, they were in too much shock to say or do much as the two women carried hot drinks in cheap mugs from Christina’s kitchen.

They expected them a bit more the following day, with a few hands, touching and brushing against the exposed skin. My wife had selected an even more risqué outfit to seduce and ensnare the lustful thoughts emanating from the well-built tradesmen working on the foundations of the new family homes.

She anne seks hikayeleri smiled sweetly and innocently, allowing the rough hands to slide over her flesh, as they happily took the drinks from her floral tray. She had no hands to defend herself, feeling a firm grip around her waist as she navigated uneven ground. “Careful there, love,” the gruff voice muttered, pretending he was helping my wife with her balance.

She shimmied as his touch caused her short dress to ride up, displaying the curve of her buttocks as she leant over the ramshackle garden table to put the tray on the outdoor furniture. Many eyes ogled her backside.

Christina and Erin salivated at the young men on the building site; many of them were topless except for a high-visibility jacket. In the summer heat, their glistening muscles seized the attentions of the underdressed women.

The foreman was not too keen on the oversexed wives providing distractions to his young workforce but the drinks were gratefully received and the two ladies ensured that they did not eat up too much building time.

The following day was a mixture of bright sunshine and intense showers; the ever-changing British weather providing fertile possibilities for the female opportunists. The obscenely dressed couple returned to the building site, smiling broadly and pouting seductively as scorching sunshine turned to a ferocious downpour in seconds. They shrieked as the muscle-bound men watched, scampering for the shelter of the large Oak tree that would dominate the front garden of the new house.

But their flimsy clothes became soaked; the thin material translucent as the builders smiled and licked their lips at the obscene sight. Ladies, clearly knickerless in the sunshine, smoothing out their sodden clothing with faux-distress as the leering men savouring the beauties on display.

And Erin loved being on display; as she recounted her activities, I felt her cunt moisten under my delicate touch. Her mind revisited the firm hands touching her from the young tradesmen in her memories, savouring the lewd advances made by inexperienced men earning little more than minimum wage.

But one of the fresh-faced eighteen-year-olds offered the soaked women a towel; his body language lacking confidence as his voice wavered. He gestured towards the “Site Office” portakabin in the corner of the site.

Other eyes watched as Erin and Christina gratefully accepted his generous offer and were escorted to the rickety large box by the lucky apprentice. The faded blue towel was passed to Christina first: she rubbed her clothes, deliberately causing her short dress to bunch to her waist and display her hairless cunt to the drooling young man, unable to stop his cock tenting his dirty trousers.

Erin made eye contact with Christina; they chatted and my wife took the towel from her friend, pulling down fiercely on her thin, fragile dress with the towel to rip the sodden clothing in two with a shocked squeak. The material fell to the floor, her escort’s eyes widened as her hands covered her crotch in a false and vain attempt to protect her modesty. She flashed her enticing breasts at the disbelieving apprentice.

He spluttered as she grabbed hold of the remnants of her wet clothes, holding it to her body with a snort. “It’s ruined,” she mused and looked at the young builder, clad in muscles. “You haven’t got a spare pair of clothes I can borrow?” My wife asked, and he shrugged; his ogling gaze barely left the naked writhing woman.

She wore a high-visibility jacket; it covered her assets perfectly if she didn’t move, but as she strode down the steps, her breasts bounced into view and the large garment revealed her pussy to the dozen men. They wolf-whistled and she lapped up the attention, bemoaning her flimsy dress.

She wriggled her arse as she picked up the tray of empty cups. She placed her damaged dress alongside the empty cups as the men enjoyed the spectacle of the near-naked woman seductively flaunting herself. “Come back with me,” she said to her young escort. “I can get changed and let you have your jacket back.”

His mates cheered as she beckoned him over; the wolf-whistles and jeers faded as the inexperienced man took the tray from her to carry and they walked back to our familial home.

Erin stripped naked in our hallway, closing the front door behind her as he looked on. His innocent expression was wetness to my wife’s crotch: she giggled as she teased him, rubbing her hands down his rugged work clothes to his dirty trousers.

Her lips pouted; she simpered seductively. She said how lucky she was to have a gentleman to help her in her hour of need, and how flimsy her outfit was. She said how sexy he looked and how much he made her pussy flutter when he smiled.

She teased and she flirted, my naked woman enjoying every inch of his desperation as her fingers fumbled at his trouser fastening and freed the teenager’s cock, feeling it harden in her hands.

Her lips touched the young man’s manhood within seconds, her mouth sliding down the shaft of the disbelieving apprentice, groaning and crying as the experienced slut savoured his firm erection.

But Erin didn’t just want to give him a blowjob; her knees ached on our wooden floor and she reached behind her saviour and onto the little hallway table. She pulled a black latex condom from the drawer. His eyes widened as she slipped the dark sheath onto the end of his white cock, smiling as the rubber slipped down his hard prick.

“Fuck me,” she begged. “Fuck me like you fuck all the girls.”

He stumbled over his words; my wife stood and the brunette put her hands on the telephone table, pushing her backside towards the teenager. She reached behind herself to help guide the wide-eyed apprentice into her sopping hole.

He groaned as her warmth encapsulated his rod, parting her pussy lips with a grunt. He thrust into my Erin, the darkness of his cock contrasting with the alabaster skin of my young wife. She squealed; she admitted to me that he was good: firm, rough hands gripping her naked waist as he pounded her soaking cunt with passionate thrusts. She grunted and groaned, her pussy dancing to the teenager’s boundless energy that had her flying towards a powerful climax at the hands and cock of the inexperienced man.

But he came too quickly; tensing as his cock pulsed and quivered, filling the condom with cum. She smiled as they disentangled their bodies; she watched as he took a tissue from the box on the table and wiped his cock clean, wrapping up the condom in the white paper.

Their eyes met; she thanked him and kissed him, holding the young man close to her naked skin. And she stood naked in the garden, waving him down our drive, as the conquering hero returned to the building site to recall the tale of the unfaithful wife.

And from that day, she knew them all. Her first was the young apprentice, Dom. He remained her favourite, often sneaking up to our house after I left for work and had taken the children to school but before my wife had to leave to go to the gym. He loved his blowjobs, and was especially fond of anal.

There was the other young apprentice, Nick: a stout, muscular man who adored quick handjobs my wife and our neighbour would offer in the bushes over tea.

The experienced cheeky runt, Errol, fucked the wives in the Site Office whenever he could slip away, rodgering the women who longed for the cock of the alpha men. Erin recalled several occasions with the dirty hands on her ankles, holding her legs high as cock after cock pounded her pussy to a fiery explosion of lust and filled her body with sated desire.

They became the pass-around girls: men taking their turns with one of the women every day. Erin visited the family planning clinic to get a stock of condoms, and the nurse, on hearing about a small fraction of her antics, gave her boxes and boxes of the latex contraceptive.

This activity with rough workmen continued for weeks; what Erin had a couple of times a week, Christina had many more. The builders enjoyed their regular sexual satisfaction, and both Bryn and I got used to hearing the tales every evening of our wives being fucked by the workmen building the houses at the end of our drive.

Until one of the men aggressively suggested to Christina that she should leave her husband — he was “weak” and a “faggot.” He smugly opined that the millionaire’s wife should abandon Bryn and seek a divorce, bagging half of his fortune, and move in with the bodybuilding tradesman.

Erin encountered similar pressure from another of the men, eager to ensnare the young nymphomaniac as their own. The response was swift although I never knew exactly what was said. I know my masculinity was defended and the two women spelt out that the only reason they had been getting sex was due to the loving trust their husbands had, and that we were far from “weak” but “strong” and “secure”

The verbal exchange soured relations enough for the two women not to return to the site the following day. My wife bagged two corporate businessmen at her gym as she began to see her place of work as the primary hunting ground for her illicit liaisons once again.

All except Dom; he was her first catch from the building site and, unbeknownst to his colleagues, he still got his cock sucked and his share of anal action early in the morning as our wives still hankered for “decent cock” from “decent men.”

But, for the first time, my wife was forced to defend our lifestyle from someone who didn’t know or understand.

And unfortunately, it would not be the last.

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