Cuck’s Last Meal

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When I arrived at her house I had no idea of how this evening..and weekend..was about to go down.

We had met and began talking. I knew when I was getting myself into but somewhere in my heart I didn’t accept what she was truly doing to me.

She greeted me at the door looking amazing as always.

She had told me to dress comfortable for the evening but her attire was nothing close to that.

She had her hair pulled back and fixed. She wore a very sexy red tone dress as she gave me a hug.

Over the past few months we had met during lunch breaks for coffee and chatted non stop.

I felt a real connection even though she knew I was submissive and I knew she was looking for a cuckold.

Somehow I was lost in the moments as she slowly collected more and more ammo to help mold me.

Pictures of old girlfriends, passwords to my social media, even having me promise to her that I would not cum and “save myself” for this special night when we finally have an evening and weekend together.

“Dinner is almost ready!” She said to me after a hug where I was able to breathe in her amazing aroma.

Tonight will be an amazing evening for us! Let me give you a tour before we eat.

She showed me her amazing place. It was so perfect. She towered over me but still held my hand as she showed me the guest bedroom.

“I keep it ready to entertain.”

It Pendik Escort was very feminine and had an attached bathroom

“It has everything someone would need to spend several days in here! Even a mini fridge that I keep stocked with snack items.”

Down the hall she showed me her master bedroom. Candles lit and perfectly made.

“I make many of my own aromas so I know they have calming and relaxing effects on my guests. Almost arousing!”

We make our way back to the dining room and she sits me at the table.

“Anthony I want you to put your keys, wallet, and phone in this lockbox so there is no temptation for distraction.”

“Let’s eat! I have a surprise for you after dinner and dessert!”

My heart skips a beat thinking I would get to finally get release from the tension of our non stop flirting.

She had prepared a perfect pot roast. I have learned that she has been in the world of tasty meals for a while and she commands the kitchen like no other.

The meal is perfect but I can’t take my eyes off her. As her hand holds mine.

“Time for dessert! Go to the fridge and see what I’ve prepared!”

I stand and open the door. I smile as I see it.

“Hope you like creampie! Well specifically lemon meringue.”

I bring it to the table but there are no serving plates.

“I want you to show me something Kurtköy Escort Anthony. I want you to earn your surprise.

Remember when I was asking you about your ex girlfriends and you told me that Heather once fed you your cum from inside her?”

I nodded yes

Her sexy finger scoops some of the whip cream and places it at her perfect red lips.

She leans in and kisses me for the first time. Tasting the cream as her tongue pushes it into my mouth.

“That’s when I knew you could be the one Anthony. My special boy.”

“Before I give you a surprise I want you to eat a creampie for me.

Let’s see how gentle you can be. Lick and eat all the whip cream off the top but don’t disturbed the pie under. “

“While you do that I am going to go prepare your surprise. Devour that whip cream like it’s your last meal. Like you did with your ex when she made you.”

She stands and leaves the room. I lick at the pie. Taking down the whip cream into my already full tummy.

Little did I know that she had crushed a viagra into fine powder and sprinkled it over the whip cream than will help keep me “focused” later.

She returns wearing a black corset. Thigh high stockings and garters. Small black panties covering her perfect smooth mound. Her perfect breasts full in the top.

My heart is racing as j see her walk in as the black Ümraniye Escort heels click.

I stand as she walks to me.

“This isn’t your surprise Anthony.”

As she kisses me again and takes my hand

She places it right over her panty covered pussy.

“It’s ready!”

Then she takes my hand away and leads me to the guest bedroom.

At the doorway she stand and points to the bed where there is a small gift box

“That’s for you!”

I walk to the bed and open the small box.

Puzzled I look inside as she stands with the doorknob in her hand.

It’s a small monitor. Like the kind for a nursery.


Tonight you get to hear it all happen. Every bit of it. You aren’t going to leave this room you aren’t going to make a sound..but I am going to leave this room. Plus there will be many sounds in this house tonight. I encourage you to not fight the arousal of your inner cuckold but do not cum. There are cameras on you in here and I will know.”

My heart races as the core value of our new relationship comes to light. She wanted a cuckold. She saw my inner cuckold potential. Now she is about to cuckold me.

The doorbell rings.

She smiles and the door closes..and locks.

I turn on the monitor and hear her giggle and a male voice laugh.

My cock starts to strain in my pants.

I lay there with only the little light in the monitor fully green and picking up audio as j hear their passion begin in the master bedroom.

It was my last meal as an equal. It was my last meal as a man. But it won’t be my last meal tonight as I hear her moan.

“Fuck me!”

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