Cure for My Ass Addiction Ch. 02


I strongly advise my fellow readers to read the first chapter of this series before having a look at this one. As always all comments and suggestions appreciated.


I woke up in the morning with the usual morning wood and it took me a few seconds to realise what ever happened last night was not a dream. Just to make sure, I ran my hands over my boxers to see if I had creamed my pants. Satisfied that was not the case, I silently hopped out of the bed without waking my girlfriend up.

As I stood up, I admired my torso in the large mirror Maria had in her room. Realising Priya, my girlfriend’s roommate might be awake I decided to pop my pants on before going to the loo. Just as I grabbed my pants and looked down at my boxers again I realised I had royally fucked up the night before. When I was sniffing and licking Priya’s asshole as she lied there passed out drunk, I had jerked off in my hands and wiped my cum in what I thought was my boxers. However, now looking at my boxers carefully I realised there was no dried cum mark at all.

Fuck, fuck, fuck!!! My inner voice screamed as I realised I must have mistook Priya’s shorts that was lying on the floor as my boxers and must have wiped my cum on that.

My morning wood retracted in record time as I nearly fainted thinking Priya would know exactly what happened when she woke up and looked at her shorts. My mind was racing all over the place as I dreamt of scenarios such as Priya’s dad punching me in my face to the police arresting me.

Well no point hiding in my girlfriend’s room, I told myself as I popped my trouser on and sneaked out of the room. I saw the door to Priya’s room was firmly shut. Disheartened, I used the toilet and had a cold shower just to see if this provided me with any distraction. Sadly it did not.

I walked into the lounge to find Priya sitting there with a mug of coffee.

Well now or never, I thought to myself as I made a cup of coffee and joined her.

“Morning mate, looks like you girls had an eventful night,” I greeted her in a fake happy voice as I sat next to her.

She looked at me intensely with those beautiful dark eyes and said the words I was dreading.

“We need to talk.”

“Oh, ya sure what about?”

“I think we both know about what, so the question is are you going to deny it or own up?”

“I have honestly no idea what you are on about,” the words shot out of my mouth as I felt my heart in my mouth.

“Listen I was very tipsy last night but not drunk enough to not realise someone was in my room last night. So I’ll give you one final chance. You can tell me exactly what you did or I will first go to your girlfriend and then to the police.”

Her eyes told me she was dead serious. I thought hard before deciding to open up. I do not know why but I told her everything from my obsession of asses, smelling her panties, being frustrated that Maria not being interested in anything apart from normal sex, and to what I did last night in her room.

I realised by the time I had finished I was nearly in tears and my hands were shaking.

“I am so very sorry. Now that I think of it, I can’t believe I took advantage of you when you were in a vulnerable position. I’ll confess everything to Maria and make sure you never see me again,” I looked at her sincerely as I spoke.

For a few minutes neither one of us spoke. Priya looked like she was thunderstruck as she digested all the information I had given her. Her facial expressions were so hard to interpret, I simply had no idea what she was thinking.

“So you like my ass that much?”

I thought I’ve misheard her as she finally spoke.

“I beg your pardon?” I stammered.

“I said do you like my ass this much that you risked getting arrested?”

“Priya, you have one of the most beautiful bottoms I have ever come across. None of the porn stars I’ve seen come close to you.”

She glared at me as I realised I was an idiot comparing her to a porn star, but her facial expressions changed yet again as she suddenly smirked.

“I guess I should be touched as no man has ever said any of these things to me. However, you do realise you are a big pervert ain’t you?”

Almost relieved that she was not going to call the police on me I smiled at her as I said “Guilty as charged ma’am.”

She looked like she was debating with herself as she sipped her coffee and avoided my eyes.

Finally after what felt like years she put her coffee down and faced me.

“You are going to show me what you did last night to me.”

Again I thought I’ve misheard her as I looked at her totally dumb stuck.

She must have realised that as she looked at me seriously as she spoke.

“Listen, we are not going to have sex. I am saving myself for the right guy.”

I must have looked disappointed as she smiled at me this time and said, “You are a nice guy Dan, but you are not the right guy for me.”

“However, I am curious about your obsessions.”

“Umm ok, ask me anything about what Kartal Escort you want to know.” I replied confused.

“Not ask but see. I want to see what you did with my panties for the past few months. Go to my room and go through my dirty laundry basket and pick the underwear you want and bring it back here.”

“You want me to bring one of your dirty panties here?” I asked as I felt my cock stir.

“Maria had more than what she could handle yesterday so I can’t see her waking anytime soon.”

“You sure about this?” I asked her as I started to get excited thinking about what Priya wanted me to do.

“No I’m not but I think we have gone past the point of being shy,” she said confidently.

I stood up slowly, tempted to hide my erection and then decided against it. Priya’s eyes grew big as she looked at my pants and realised I had a hard on.

I noticed her bite her lips as suddenly her confidence disappeared and she looked flustered. I let her ogle my erect cock through pants for a bit more before turning away from her and headed to her room.

I peeked inside Maria’s room to make sure she was still fast asleep before shutting her bedroom door firmly.

I walked in to Priya’s room and quickly located the dirty laundry basket. On top of her dirty laundry was the shorts that must have been on the floor as it had stains all over which I figured was my cum stain.

Feeling a bit guilty, I pushed the shorts away and dug deep in to the pile of clothes and located two dirty panties. I brought both of them to my nose and inhaled them. I moaned quietly as I turned them inside out and brought the bottom of the panties back to my nose. It was a hard choice but in the end I chose the light yellow panty that had a stronger, muskier smell.

As I turned to go back out I noticed Priya standing next to the door, her tanned cheeks actually looked red as she looked clearly effected by seeing me holding her dirty panties in my hand.

Priya gently closed the door behind her and walked towards me.

“Now show me what you do with my panties,” she said as she sat on her bed and looked at me with those beautiful dark eyes.

Well she asked for it I told myself, as I turned towards her before bringing her panties towards my nose again.

I decided to put a show on for her as I exaggerated my deep breaths as I inhaled the front of her panties. I stuck my tongue out and licked the part of the fabric her pussy lips would have rested against as I let out a groan.

I almost heard Priya moan too as she sat there squirming in her bed. I noticed she crossed her legs and uncrossed them a few times as I moved my tongue around the front of her panties.

I was so turned on at this point I was beyond caring as I brought my left hand to my pants and unbuckled them.

I looked at her again and realised she was looking at me with bated breaths so I pulled my zip down and pushed my pants down. I realised my boxers went with them as my cock sprung free.

Although I must have looked like a right idiot with my pants around my legs and Priya’s panties in my hand, Priya must have enjoyed the scenery that was unfolding before her as I noticed her running her hands over her pyjama covered pussy.

Beaming with confidence now, I removed my pants completely and kicked my boxers to the side. I hesitated for a second before I pulled my T shirt off too. Finally I stood in front of this Indian Goddess naked as the day I was born with her dirty panties in my hand.

Looking deep in to Priya’s eyes, I brought the backside of her panties back up to my nose and inhaled. We both moaned in unison as my hand found my erect eight inch cock as I started jerking off slowly.

There was a slight crease on her yellow panties where her asshole would have rested. I brought that right up to my nostrils as I pulled my foreskin down and coated the tip of my cock with the oozing pre-cum.

I moaned into Priya’s dirty panties as I tugged my cock forcefully. I was so busy with her panties I did not notice Priya’s hand had wandered inside her pyjamas now.

Her feverish moan distracted my worshipping of her panties as I moved my gaze towards her to see her fingering herself as she watched me jerk off.

For a few minutes we took turns moaning quietly as we raced to an orgasm.

As I felt the familiar sensation of my cum boiling over from my testicles, I brought her panties to my cock and started jerking off faster.

Realising what was happening, Priya spread her pyjama covered legs to an obscene level as she increased the pace of her fingering. She must have been quite wet as I kept on hearing a squishy sound as her fingers went inside her pussy.

“Urgh!!!!,” I gritted my teeth to stop myself from yelling as the first phase of my cum spurted out of my erect cock and on to her panties.

“Oh fuck,” I heard her moan as she bit her lips and started cumming at the same time. I walked towards her as my cock continued to spurt gobs of cum after Tuzla Escort cum into her panties. My cock was almost at arm’s length to her face as she looked at the bulbous head of my cock as she rode her orgasm.

Finally we both came down from one of the best orgasms I’ve ever experienced as I sat next to her butt naked.

“Wow, you really are obsessed about my panties ain’t you,” she asked once her breath normalised.

“Actually, no I’m not. I’m obsessed with your intimate smell,” I told her truthfully.

“Well which leads us back to what I asked you before, you have to show me what you did last night.” She looked at me clearly excited.

I stood up with a smile and threw her panties that were now covered in my cum on to the pile of her dirty laundry.

“I can’t believe your erection hasn’t gone down,” she looked at me impressed. .

“Well with such a hot girl in front of me, can you blame me,” I grinned at her.

It felt like she was going to grab my cock as we heard the toilet flush.

“Shit! Maria’s up,” I whispered as I frantically looked around for my pants and T shirt.

“Relax, I’ll pop out and signal you when is the best time for you to sneak past.”

I was impressed at how calm Priya sounded as she popped her fingers out of her pyjamas and made her way to the door.

“Hey, can I just quickly smell you fingers?” I pleaded as I looked at her right hand that was glistening with pussy juice.

She looked like she was going to roll her eyes before sticking out her hand towards my nose. I held her hand and brought her cum soaked fingers to my nostrils.

“Umm,” I moaned as I closed my eyes and took her smell in. Unable to resist, I opened my mouth and stuck two of her fingers in.

“Oh shit,” she moaned as I sucked her fingers dry.

My cock was hard as a rock as I tasted the juices of this tanned Goddess.

“Enough or we’ll get caught,” she pushed me away reluctantly as she moved towards the door.

Grudgingly I put my clothes on as quietly as I could and waited for Priya to give me the signal.

“She’s still in the loo, go now and I’ll text you later,” she whispered as she stuck her head into the room quickly. I tiptoed out of her room and practically ran out of the apartment with my shoes in my hand.

No sooner than 10 minutes after leaving the apartment I received a text from Priya.

“Hey I’ve told Maria you left early to head to your place. So please stick to the same story ok.”

I quickly replied back “Ok will do and thanks.”

“For what?”

“For the heads up and for everything else too…”

“Well I still you need to show me what you did in my room last night.”

“Hmm OK but how?”

“Wait until Maria goes to the gym. I’ll text you when she gets ready.”

I got home and had a shit, shave and shower as I waited for Priya’s text.

As Maria likes her privacy during the daytime, I knew she will not be contacting me until the evening.

As per her words I got the text message from Priya around noon.

“Hey she’s heading out now. Get over here as soon as you can.”

“I’m on my way,” I quickly texted back.

“I’m going to be in my room lying down the way I was last night so let yourself in and then you know what to do.”

I had an instant hard on as I re-read Priya’s text a few times.

I literally ran the last few blocks and let myself in as Priya instructed.

As I walked through the lounge towards Priya’s room I realised I will have a good visual of her asshole this time. With trembling hands, I quietly opened the door to her room and I let myself in.

True to her words, she was lying down facing the wall with a skimpy T-shirt and a pair of white panties.

Without any hesitation I disrobed and kicked my boxers off too.

She may have said she was saving herself for the right guy but I was determined to make it very difficult for her to stick to her words.

I got close to the bed and knelt before her ass just as the night before.

I felt her tense as I brought my nose towards her bottom.

I purposefully inhaled loudly as I placed my nostrils on her butt.

I thought I heard a tiny moan as I traced her panty covered ass crack with my nose. I blew hot air through my mouth as I moved my nose around her ass crack.

I felt the wetness around her pussy lips becoming more prominent on the white panties as I stuck my tongue out and tasted her ass through the garment.

“Ummmm,” she moaned loudly this time as I continued my teasing.

I just couldn’t wait anymore so with trembling hands I grabbed her panties gently and pushed it to the side. I used both my hands to knead her ass cheeks before I gently pried them apart.

Finally the object of my dreams was staring back at me. Priya’s asshole was simply perfect.

The surrounding skin around her asshole was at least a few shades darker than the rest of her body. The puckering hole had a few pubic hairs around it and was Anadolu Yakası Escort more like a slit than those fake bleached assholes of porn stars.

I groaned in desire as I held her ass cheeks apart and brought my face towards her beautiful asshole.

Again I heard her moan as I placed my nostrils on top of her asshole and took a deep breath.

The beautiful earthy musky smell almost made me ejaculate without even touching myself. I was in heaven as I opened her ass wider with my fingers as I sniffed her bum hole. I was amazed at how turned on I was by the natural scent and taste of a girl’s anus.

“Holy shit that feels weird,” she whispered quietly as I placed both my thumbs on her asshole and pried in slightly open. Her cute wringing neither hole was pouting out almost as if blowing me a kiss.

The contrast of the dark brown skin on the outer layer of her asshole and the slight bright red colour of her inner rectum was such a turn on for me as I admired Priya’s expanding puckering hole.

I placed my nose back in there and realised the musky smell had become a lot stronger since I opened her asshole up a bit.

I moved away from the centre of her ass and gave each of her ass cheeks a sloppy kiss. Unable to resist any longer, I stuck my tongue out and trailed my tongue on to her ass crack before placing it firmly on her asshole.

“Urghh..God that feels good,” she moaned as she spread her legs a bit for me as her anus twitched around my tongue.

Realising I was getting full access to her asshole, I quickly pulled back and grabbed her panties and pulled them down.

Priya froze for a second and I thought she was going to shoot me down, but instead she lifted her ass a bit to help me with pulling her panties down.

I pulled them off fully and pushed her on to her stomach. I knew she was turned on big time as her pussy lips were all puffed up and literally leaking juice.

I hopped on to the bed and straddled her bum as I opened up her ass cheeks again. I used my knees to spread her legs as I bent down and traced a line from her tailbone all the way to her perineum.

“Ugh, do that again,” she demanded as she stuck her ass up in the air to help me.

Wow, who would have thought, I smiled to myself as I licked her ass crack a few more times.

I felt her move her hand on to her clit as she started diddling it as I started eating her ass out.

I used my tongue like a stiff paint brush as I licked her asshole. When my tongue began to tire I stopped the licking and resumed the butt sniffing. Later on I decided to make my tongue stiff and I poked her asshole with my tongue like a small cock.

Her asshole was so wet with my saliva I realised by opening up her ass cheeks with my fingers my tongue was actually going inside her asshole with every move.

Priya started to moan loud as her fingers on her clit became a blur as I properly started to tongue fuck her asshole.

She suddenly pushed herself up in a doggy-style position and reached behind her and grabbed the back of my head and pulled me hard towards her ass.

I thought my neck was going to snap as she started moving her ass up and down on my face.

I held on for my dear life as Priya approached a massive orgasm.

With the help of my hands I pulled her ass cheeks apart as much as I could and shoved two thirds of my tongue inside her asshole. This set her off as she lifted her head up and screamed as her whole body shook as she rode through her orgasm. Just as she was on the verge of calming down, I moved my tongue down from her asshole on to her pussy lips.

“Yeoww!!!!” she yelled in surprise as the next orgasm hit her unexpectedly.

She plopped her head on the pillow as I ate her pussy out from behind as she struggled to breathe with her ass still in the air. I pushed my thumb inside her asshole as I continued my attack on her pussy. Her asshole was so slick with my saliva I was able to push the whole of my thumb straight in without any issues.

“Enough please. It’s too sensitive now,” she pleaded as she fell on her stomach. Slightly disappointed, I moved my face away.

She may have been well satisfied but I was in danger of getting blue balls as my cock was painfully hard.

I licked my lips and tasted her ass and pussy on me as I gripped my cock and started to jerk off.

Wanting more, I stuck my thumb that was very recently inside Priya’s asshole under my nostrils and inhaled as I increased the tugging on my painfully hard cock.

My finger smelled like ass. More specifically, this Indian Goddess’s ass and I was loving it. Her intimate smell was going to give me a very powerful orgasm soon.

Unable to control myself, I moved myself closer to her ass and used my left hand to part her cheeks. Her tiny asshole was winking at me as I moaned loud and increased the pace of my wanking.

Almost on cue, Priya reached behind her and parted her ass cheeks for me.

“Oh God Thank you,” I yelled as I brought my cock towards her asshole that was now visible and jerked off furiously.

The first gob of cum hit her asshole straight in the middle. Bullseye! I thought to myself as I pointed my cock on to her ass crack and let loose. Gobs of cum kept on shooting on and around Priya’s tight ass.

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