The ‘For Sale’ sign in the front window was small and discreet. It almost suggested the owner wasn’t really serious about selling the motor home. Russ and I walked around it and looked at the exterior.

“It looks darn good. No big dents or dings. Just a few scratches.’

‘Yeah.’ I moved a panel that was leaning against a wheel. ‘This tire looks good. Lots of rubber.’ I lifted a canvas cover, ‘This glass appears to be o.k.’

‘Sure does. Let’s see what the inside looks like.’

Russ pulled a set of keys out of his pocket. He selected one and unlocked the side door. We stepped up into the stuffy interior of the motor home.

‘I noticed this place seems to be all hooked up to the utilities. I wonder if the ac works?’

I flipped a light switch beside the door. Lights came on over the door and on the steps. ‘Power is on.’

Russ walked through the main cabin. ‘Here’s the galley.’ He quickly turned a faucet on and off. ‘Water’s on.’ He moved farther back into the vehicle. ‘I’ve found the ac controls.’

There was a soft thump or thud as the ac unit started up. I waited a few minutes until I felt cool air flowing out the door. I pulled the door shut behind me and locked it. ‘Turn on some light back there.’


I turned off the entry way lights. Russ was standing in the narrow hall. ‘Gawd, this rig is something else. Look at this bedroom.’

He moved into the room as I came through the narrow hall. I glanced into the bathroom as I walked past it

‘Lots of closet and drawer space. And the bed must be queen sized, at least.’

‘Well, some people live in these rigs year around so I guess the people who build them get really good at utilizing any space that is available and still keep everything comfortable.’

Russ put the set of keys back into his pocket, ‘Well, what do you think.’

‘I think we should stop playing games.’

‘Playing games?’

‘Yes. We’re playing games. You borrowed the keys to this motor home from a friend of yours. We both drove to this campground and when you checked in at the office you told the manager that you were going to show your friend’s motor home to me. I acted like I was interested in maybe buying it.’

‘I guess we were playing games.’ Russ smiled, ‘What’s next, Paul?’

‘It depends. Do you still want to satisfy that curiosity you’ve been telling me about?’

‘Well, yes, but. . .’

Russ and I had met several months earlier at an on-line group for people who were interested in bisexuality with side trips into female and male homosexuality He had originally contacted me. We exchanged several emails, then set up a ‘get acquainted ‘ meeting over coffee. We met several times after that for more coffee. We decided we needed to meet in a private place. Russ made arrangements to borrow the keys to this motor home from one of his friends.

‘Well, get your clothes off.’

‘Uh. . ., get my clothes off? But I was thinking. . ., uh. . .’

‘You were thinking you’d drop your trousers and get a quick a blowjob from another guy and that would satisfy your curiosity about sex with another man.’

‘Well, yes. . ., uh, I guess.’

‘There’s more to man to man sex than just getting your dick sucked and since we are here, you might as well get undressed.’

‘Uh, o.k.’ I watched as Russ took off his shoes then began to unbutton his shirt. When he took his shirt off, I started undressing. He paused when he was stripped down to his shorts. I pulled my t-shirt over my head.

‘Everything.’ Russ turned his back to me as he pushed his shorts down his legs. I shoved mine down and stepped out of them. ‘Turn around.’

Russ turned slowly. Naked, we faced each other. He didn’t try to cover his erection. He was a littler shorter than me, about five foot ten or so. He had a pretty decent build with no flab. Not buff, but o.k. He had a moderate amount of body hair. He was also several years younger than me. We looked at each other.

I Casibom smiled at him, ‘Still curious?’

Yes.’ Russ looked down at his hard-on and grinned at me, ‘And excited.’

‘Hold our dicks together.’ I stepped very close to him. He hesitated. ‘Like this.’ I pressed my soft cock against his hard one. ‘Wrap your hand around them and squeeze them together.’ Russ’s fingers closed around our cocks.

‘I’ve never touched another man’s dick before.’

‘There’s always a first time for everything. What or, rather, how do you feel holding our dicks?’

‘I feel you getting hard.’

‘How do you feel? Nervous? Curious? Queer? Want to run?’

Russ smiled, “I feel a little of each.’

‘Move your hand.’ I put my hands on his hips and pulled us close together. ‘Move you hips a little.’ I began to rotate my hips a little so our dicks slid together and rubbed against each other. Russ imitated my movements.

‘How does that feel?’

‘Good.’ He grinned, ‘And sort of nasty.’

‘It’s called frottage. Cock to cock. Cock rubbing. It we laid down and one of us got on top of the other and started humping and rubbing our dicks together, we could call it belly fucking.’

‘Sounds like fun. Let’s do it.’

‘Let’s find a blanket to cover the bed. Why don’t you check those drawers behind you.’ He turned his back to me and stooped over to pull out a drawer. I reached between his thighs and cupped and gently squeezed and tugged his hanging sac. Russ tensed, then relaxed. ‘Nice balls.’ He straightened up. ‘Nice ass, too.’

‘Thanks. No blankets there.’

I turned and opened a closet. There was a blanket on the top shelf. I took it down and shook it out. Russ took the other edge and we spread it over the bed. ‘After you.’

Russ lay down on the bed. He seemed nervous. I lay beside him on my side. I propped myself up on my elbow. ‘It’s not too late to stop. Or do you still have that curiosity?’

‘Yes,’ he croaked. ‘I’m curious, but I’m also afraid I will like it.’

‘I hope you like it.’ I placed my hand on his chest and gently began to caress him. His chest hair wasn’t as coarse as I expected. Russ smiled a little as my hand moved over his stomach and chest. His nipples hardened when my fingertips ran over them.

The caressing widened to include his shoulders and neck. I lightly pinched then rolled one of his nipples between my fingertips. Russ sucked in a little air. His hand covered mine. He looked at me, ‘Do men kiss?’

‘Only if they want.’

‘Oh.’ His hand moved to my face. Russ pulled my face close to his and our lips met in a soft kiss. My hand moved down to his inner thigh. The kiss became a little harder as I rubbed him. Russ’s cock flopped against the back of my hand. It left a smear of wetness.

Russ lay back. He smiled, ‘That was nice. I’ve never kissed another man before. He laughed softly, ‘But then I’ve never been naked and in bed with another man before either.’

‘Are you o.k. with that?’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Are you o.k. with being naked and in bed with another man. I mean you don’t want to get up and run away screaming. I mean is it enjoyable to you?’ I rolled so I was flat on my back. He moved to prop himself on his elbow beside me.

‘I’m enjoying this.’ He looked down, ‘My cock is harder than it ever has been. I’m excited.’ He glanced at me, ‘You seem to be too.’

‘Get on top of me.’

I spread my legs as Russ positioned himself over me. Our cocks touched and pressed together as he lowered his weight onto me. We lay quietly with only a few minor adjustments in our positions until I humped my hips up. Russ pushed himself up on his forearms. He began to move his hips. We set up a steady rhythm for a few minutes.

Russ lowered himself so we were chest to chest. I hooked my legs over his and rubbed his back and shoulders with my hands.

‘That was nice, but it’s not like doing it with a woman.’

‘Nothing is like doing it with Casibom Giriş a woman, but it’s different way for two guys to touch each other and stimulate themselves.’

‘I can see that.’ Russ smiled, then lower his face to mine. Our lips touched, then he pushed the tip of his tongue through our lips. As he did so, he pushed down with his hips. I touched the tip of my tongue to his as I pushed my hips up against him.

We relaxed and lay together for a few minutes before I rolled Russ onto his back.. I leaned over him and kissed him. My hand moved to his chest. I kissed his chest, then found and sucked a nipple. It hardened instantly. While teasing his nipples, my hand moved down to his inner thigh.

Russ tensed, then relaxed as I rubbed my inner thigh. He tensed again when I found his hard cock. I moved my head down close to his cock. A large drop of pre-cum hung off the tip. I spread it with my thumb. After licking his cockhead, I slipped my lips over it.

‘Ahhh.’ Russ relaxed as my lips closed around his hard shaft. ‘Ohhh.’ Russ moaned as his cockhead slipped out of my mouth.

I moved around so I was straddling his crotch. I pressed and rubbed my dick and balls against his. I also held us together and squeezed, rolled and stroked.

‘You ever had a man go down on you before?’

‘No. Just women. My wife mostly.’

‘She give you head often?’

‘Not too often any more.’

‘Not as much as you’d like?’

‘I guess so.’

‘You go down on her?’


‘Not as much as she’d like?’

‘I don’t know.’

‘I like eating pussy. Much of the time, my wife gets off pretty fast when I go down on her. I like eating pussy as much or more than I like sucking cock.’ I dropped my dick and concentrated of stroking and squeezing Russ.

‘You eat a lot of pussy?’

‘Not as much as I’d like to. Same goes for cock.’

Russ smiled, ‘You can suck mine.’

‘I intend to. Spread you legs’ I moved from over his hips and got on my knees between Russ’s thighs. I held his hard-on upright and positioned my mouth over it. Russ moaned as I took him into my mouth and slid my lips down his shaft. I clamped my lips as tight as I could, then slowly pulled back up until his cockhead was against the inside of my lips.

I was in a classic blowjob position. The motions and the sensations from pushing my mouth down Russ’s cock and then pulling it back up soon had Russ moaning almost continuously and he was beginning to thrust his hips. I wrapped my thumb and index finger around the root of his hard shaft. I clamped tight to control his urge to cum.

Russ groaned when I pulled his cock out of my mouth. ‘Why’d you stop?’

‘I want to rest and besides, I don’t want you to cum just yet.’

‘Why not?’

‘Because, later, when you do cum, I want you to feel like your nuts are going to blast out through your cock.’

I stretched out beside Russ. He sat up beside me and put his hand on my chest, ‘That felt good.’

I grinned at him, ‘It’ll feel great later.’

He moved his hand and rubbed my nipples.

‘I like that.’

‘My wife likes her nipples played with and sucked.’

‘So do I.’

‘It feel pretty good when you sucked mine a few minutes ago.’

‘I noticed.’

Russ smiled at me, then lowered his face to my chest. My nipple hardened as he licked it, then sucked it between his lips. My hand began to rub his back. Russ moved his hand around on my stomach.

His touching and caressing was tentative at first, but he was soon moving his hand across my stomach and down to my thighs. His fingertips brushed through my pubic hair and grazed my cock a couple of times.

Russ looked at me, ‘Foreplay with a man feels strange to me.’

‘It feels good to me.’

Russ smiled, ‘But it feels exciting and really erotic too.’ He unconsciously continued to lightly rub my stomach.

‘I know what you mean.’

His hand strayed down and Casibom Güncel Giriş covered my cock. He felt my hardness. ‘Oh! Sorry.’ He quickly moved his hand.

I sat up and pushed him down on his back, ‘Don’t be.’ Russ inhaled sharply as my lips found and sucked one of his nipples. I ran my tongue down his stomach to his pubes. ‘I like your treasure trail.’

‘Treasure trail? What’s that?’

I sat up again and smiled at him, ‘It’s the line of hair between your navel and your pubes.’ I traced it with my finger tips. ‘It leads to your treasure.’ My hand covered his cock. Russ spread his legs a little. I wrapped my fingers around him.

Russ grinned, I’ve never heard it called that before.’

I lifted and squeezed his cock. ‘Your cock is nice.’ I rubbed my thumb around his cockhead. ‘Nicely thick. Nice length. Nicely veined.’ I traced the prominent veins along the shaft. ‘A delicious mouthful.’

Bending down, I licked his shaft from root to crown. Russ moaned when his cockhead entered my mouth and my lips closed around his shaft. His balls nestled in the palm of my hand as I gently sucked him.

After a few minutes, Russ touched my head, ‘Lay back.’

He got on his knees beside me. His hands quickly moved from my chest to my crotch. He kissed the underbelly of my cock, then he turned his face towards me. He was grinning. ‘Your nuts are shaved.’

I grinned back at him, ‘My wife prefers them that way.’

‘Oh. Well, here I go.’ Russ held my cock upright. He took a deep breath, then dropped his mouth over my cockhead. He pushed enough of my cock into his mouth to slightly gag himself. I felt his gag reflex just before I heard it. He back off a little.

‘Take it easy. Don’t rush it.’

‘Sorry. I guess I need more practice.’

I grinned, ‘Take all the time you need to practice.’

‘I’d like too, but I told the wife I wouldn’t be gone more than a couple of hours. But I’m going to practice some more first.’

Russ lowered his head. He licked my cock all over before taking it back into his mouth. I scooted around on the bed so I could reach between his legs. I played with his cock and balls while he knelt over me and sucked and licked me.

Russ finally sat up and wiped his mouth. ‘I thought that I would never be able to do this. How was it?’

‘Pretty good. I liked it. Want to get together again sometime?’

‘Sure,’ he smiled, ‘I want more practice. O.K. if I email you?’


Russ got off the bed. I followed him. Earlier I had noticed a full length mirror on the back of the bedroom door. I pushed the door completely shut.

‘Before you go, let me give you a classic blowjob. You stand here so you can watch in the mirror. I’m going to suck you until you cum. When you do, I want you to hold your cock and squirt it into my mouth.’

I got down on my knees in front of Russ. ‘This is the slave position. Some people think it’s degrading, but I like it because I have full access to your balls and cock and ass.’

Russ grinned down at me as I began to lick and suck his balls. After a couple of minutes I licked his cockhead and rubbed it all over my face. I heard Russ say ‘Ahhh’ when I pushed my lips over his cockhead. His cock slid slowly into my mouth as I push my lips down his shaft. I stopped short of the root.

With the flat of my tongue pressed against the underbelly of his shaft and with my lips clamped tight around it, I began to slowly pump my head and slide Russ’s hard cock in and out of my mouth. Russ touched my head a couple of times as I jacked him off with my mouth. I let his balls rest on my finger tips as I sucked him off. I could feel his cock suddenly get more rigid and seem to swell.

“I’m cumming!’

He held his cock as I backed off a little. I held my mouth open and extended my tongue. Russ squirted a stream that hit my upper lip and nose. The following several squirts landed on my tongue. I took him back into my mouth and swallowed and sucked until he was finished. I licked him all over before getting to my feet.

‘Damn, Paul, I’ve never had a blowjob like that before.’

‘Hope you enjoyed it.’ I wiped my face.

‘Loved it. I hope I can give you as good a one soon.’

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