Curtain Girl

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Authors note: This not meant to offend anyone rather it’s just porn for the purposes of generating arousal.


Mike wasn’t much of a man really. Sure he was working, and he did his shifts, but barely anything came out of it. It wasn’t like he was ever going to be much of anything stuck in a dead end job.

Sure he had always felt that one day he might do something really stupid just to reimburse himself for all the pain, and suffering.

He didn’t like the look he got from one of the curtain ninjas that lived in his run down block. He didn’t like it at all. Ebony eyes staring from a position of utter superiority at him. Framed by chocolate skin. It broke something inside him to have that done to him by someone without a job.

“Nice ass. Really shows it off.” said Mike quietly walking past peering though the Burqa getting stared at as he went to his mail box, and got out a small package of cheap Chinese things.

The what he assumed was a woman stared at him.

“Front is fine too, but don’t push your luck.” said Mike blushing a little as he walked past.

He’d really done it. Sure he had wanted to do it in forever, but he really did it. The specter followed him. Mike didn’t show any fear. He was far beyond caring about stuff like this hell even if he was hacked apart by decedents of the last living pirates this was worth it.

She stood beside him as Mike juggled packages while unlocking his door, and as he got the key she grabbed his dick.

Apparently looking for a laugh. She just felt for a while, and withdrew her hand looking angry.

Mike just stared. What a woman this was awkward.

She just whisked into the apartment unheard. Mike checked if someone had seen them, but social security had come so most people were busy getting drunk, or turning food stamps into real money.

Hell even the Somali were drunk sometimes. Not that they appreciated that being noticed.

“Food.” said the girl then sitting down by the table.

“Fine.” said poker oyna Mike getting some cheese, and not bacon starting to cook her grilled cheese.

It was hardly a candle light dinner, but she seemed happy to be able to eat to her hearts content for once.

Mike felt like he was finally doing something he was good at, and getting recognition for it so that was nice.

“Show.” said the girl then after making the final sandwich disappear behind her bottom less veil.

“What?” asked Mike getting his pants pointed at.

“Now!” said the veiled girl not enjoying the whole innocent act.

Mike just shook his head, and dropped his jogging jeans.

The girl stared for a bit, and Mike took a step forward. She touched his cock a little, and finally grabbed it seemingly feeling for his heartbeat.

“You stole.” said the girl then looking at him like he was the devil.

“What?” asked Mike getting nails dug into his cock making him freeze.

“You stole. Too big. Not yours.” said the girl then proudly.

Mike just started laughing. What an amazing idea that was. Well finally he had taken something from the people who earned more off social security than he did at his day job.

“Well no wonder you like it.” said Mike smiling like an asshole.

“True. Likker.” said the girl nodding putting her hands away.

“What booze?” asked Mike pulling his pants up getting a nod.

“Well be fair then. You show me yours.” said Mike pointing at her.

The girl seemed to consider it, and finally hiked up her Burqa spreading her legs a little. It wasn’t what Mike had meant, but he gladly keeled down to inspect her. For better or worse that chocolate pussy had never seen a knife, and she was wet too.

She put his hand on it. What an excellent woman she was up there with the best. Mike slowly rubbed her wetness onto his fingers, and took good care to play with her clit making her dig her nails into his hand.

He was a little rusty, but that little woman was canlı poker oyna pronounced soon she disappeared him under her dress leaving him free reign to put his mouth to good use. She just took sharp breaths, and tensed up on occasion, but did so loudly.

He had no doubt she was a screamer, and with flicks, and pulling suction he got the first real moan out of her, which tensed her up so bad the rest was history.

He let her calm down by gently flicking, and breathing onto her thighs. Girls hadn’t changed much since high school really.

He hoped they’d never change. It took his visitor a little while to really let go, but when she did she left a considerable wet spot where she was sitting.

Mike adjusted her clothing, and went to pour her a drink. She stared at him with interest as if she expected a million things to happen other than him doing what he was supposed to.

“Look I’m just happy to have a girl over.” said Mike putting the rum, and coke in front of her.

They sipped for a bit, his guest requiring two refills.

“Good.” said his guest finally sitting more at ease.

“Well I’m Mike.” said Mike holding out his hand in greeting.

“Good Mike. Slave man.” said his guest giggling at him.

“What?” asked Mike.

“Slave. I say, you do. Slave. Good man.” said the girl then her eyes insistent, she didn’t want him to get ideas.

Mike just shook his head. What a woman. He was waved to her side, and motioned to pull his pants down.

“Like movies.” said the pair of veiled eyes grabbing his dick, and putting it under her veil.

She tried to deep throat it.

“That’s a slave thing.” said Mike trying to explain it in a way she’d understand as she sat there coughing.

“No good.” said the girl then.

“Just kiss it, and lick the bottom. It’s like that nub you have.” said Mike seeing her get back at it.

Obviously she liked the idea, and he guided her hand to herself. It took her a bit to get comfortable touching herself, internet casino but… Well women were women you could remove the headlights, and racing stripes, but the engine still roared.

It was nice to see he had someone on his hands who didn’t just dutifully return the favor, and spit out a half hard cock after a bit expecting a parade in her honor. Not this one she played to win.

Sure enough that worked better, but Mike was certain that without all that foreplay, he wouldn’t have blown his load. For some reason she swallowed all of it, and then looked at him like she was his superior.

“Took back.” said his veiled guest then as Mike stood there half hard.

“Oh.” said Mike feeling himself pound to life, those eyes really sold it.

His guest stared at it for a bit. Her finger on her clit making her shudder after a while.

“Look I was born with this. This is normal.” said Mike calmly.

“Really?” asked his guest then disturbed fixing her clothes.

“Averages you know. Most is not all.” said Mike hoping that got the point across.

“Ah.” said his guest running her fingers across his dick again.

“Not all… I go.” she said then thinking looking almost disappointed as Mike pulled his pants up.

“Come over any time you like.” said Mike going through a box of things.

“Ah there it is check it out.” said Mike taking out a wireless door bell.

He pushed the button on one end, and made it ring.

“See?” asked Mike handing it over to her.

She pushed the button it rang.

The concept seemed to appeal to her then again who didn’t like the idea of a sex slave you could ring for?

She left after Mike got done checking if anyone was outside, and seeing her float into the stairwell quietly.

As if nothing in the whole universe had happened. Like he hadn’t gotten his cock handled with greasy fingers, gotten himself sucked off, and had a girl with the alleged sex dive of a refrigerator leave a wet spot on his second hand dining table chair.

It kind of made it more special. Nobody in the universe would believe him.

Hell he didn’t even care if she wasn’t from Somalia, and just did it to fuck white guys on the sly, this was his kind of afternoon.

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