Cyber Meets Real World


Paul nervously paced around his living room. Months of chatting online had led to this moment. He was stepping out of his comfort zone and meeting Christopher for the first time. Paul had many admirers in the chat room he frequented. Men and women seemed to be drawn to him like a moth to a flame. That same charisma never seemed to translate to his real life.

His major problem was nobody believed he was gay. Standing tall and muscular, he was a solid man. He kept his hair buzzed and with the loose fitting clothes he wore, most mistook him for a street thug ready to beat them, instead of the sweet tender man lover he was.

Paul many times joked that somehow he missed the gay gene during development; well, all but the most important one, the gene that makes him love cock. He would much rather watch sports then reality TV. His fashion sense was nonexistent and all the local delivery places knew him by name. He could not cook; in fact, if it weren’t for delivery he would exist on cereal and toast.

His life had become a lonely one. He worked as a guard at the local prison. Moreover, when he wasn’t at work or visiting Nana in the hospital he was online. Gay chat had become his family after his own turned their backs on him. He found comfort and solace in the chat room daily.

Many people visit the chat rooms on regular bases. Most are just looking for cyber, phone sex or a hook up. That is expected from any chat room. Surprisingly, a core group was just looking for friendship. There was an understanding among them that the internet was a realm for a fantasy existence and their presence there did not translate into a real life relationship.

This understanding, unspoken as it was, gave them the freedom to be more themselves then they ever dared to be in real life. It is ironic how it takes a world of pure make believe for people to become who they really are. It was in this realm that Paul lost his heart.

Christopher Ryan, as his chat friends knew him, was a kind and tender man. He worked with children that had developmental disabilities. He worked long hard hours and often times never took a day off. This left Chris’ life lacking luster. As a way to unwind, he too would log on to chat. He also found solace in the same core group that Paul did and a friendship blossomed.

Chris was not as shy as Paul was about meeting someone from the internet so he patiently waited for Paul to take the plunge. After months of heavy flirting and subtle nagging, Chris was able to talk Paul into a real time mini-vacation. Chris was flying to Illinois to meet Paul. Together, they would take the rental car and drive to California.

There is this saying, ‘behind every great man is an even greater woman’ well this normally implies a man’s wife. For a gay man, this great woman is his ‘hag.’ This applied to Chris and Paul as well. They had both found their female counterparts in the same chat room. As luck would have it, Monique and Lindsay lived only a couple hours from each other in California. This created the perfect excuse for a road trip.

“Ding-dong,” Paul’s heart leaped at the sound of his doorbell. He stopped pacing and stood motionless as his hands began to sweat. The doorbell rang again. Paul took a deep breath and walked nervously to the door.

‘There is no backing out now,’ Paul thought to himself. With shaking hands, he opened the door.

Paul stood speechless as he gazed into Christopher’s eyes. Deep pools of green left him hypnotized and unable to form a complete thought. Chris was considerably shorter and had a petite almost feminine frame. His sun-kissed blond hair was the perfect accent for his eyes.

“Damn, this is easier on the computer,” Paul mumbled aloud.

“Well if you let me in we can sit at the table and pretend to type,” was Chris’ quick-witted response. Both men began to laugh as the ice melted away.

“Please, come in,” Paul stepped aside, “how was your flight?”

Chris smiled, “It was long and nerve-racking.”

“Nerve-racking? Was there a gaziantep escort lot of turbulence?”

“Oh no, nothing like that,” Chris blushed, “I was just nervous about the cute man waiting on the other end.”

Paul shut the door and looked over at Chris, “Nervous about me, why?”

Chris walked toward Paul and backed him up against the door, “Because I knew that the moment I saw you I would want to do this,” Chris wrapped a hand around Paul’s neck and pulled him down to meet his lips in a soft tender kiss.

Paul responded by wrapping his arms around Chris’ narrow body and pulled him closer. The kiss deepened as Paul parted Chris’ lips, invading his mouth with his strong muscle. A whimper escaped Chris as he pressed his body harder against Paul. Their tongues began dueling for control as the kiss became more passionate. Chris finally broke free. Breathlessly he said, “I wasn’t sure how you would respond.”

Paul whispered into his ear, “And now?”

Chris groaned, “And now, I am not sure I can keep my hands off you.”

“Then don’t!” Paul murmured as he began to kiss Chris’ neck. Chris moaned and held Paul firmly against his neck. He began to squirm in Paul’s arms as Paul began to stab his tongue into a bundle of nerve endings Chris did not realize he had.

“Oh shit, that feels good!” Chris managed to cry out between gasps of pleasure.

Paul chuckled as he lifted Chris into his arms. He began to kiss him again this time with more urgency as he carried Chris to his room.

After Paul laid Chris on the bed, Chris pushed Paul down to gain the upper hand. Straddling Paul’s hips, Chris removed first his, then Paul’s t-shirt leaving both men topless. Chris looked down at the breathtaking view. He smiled to himself as he stared at the red rose so beautifully tattooed on Paul’s right breast. Without a second thought, Chris leaned down and licked the rose. He then nibbled his way up to Paul’s neck and was rewarded with what can only be called a growl.

As hot as this all was, Chris couldn’t help but think of Paul’s screen name and began to laugh, “So this is why they call you Big Dog.”

Taking the distraction as an advantage, Paul flipped Chris onto his back and leaned over him.

“Not exactly but it can be why you call me Big Dog,” he murmured as he bit down on Chris’ nipple. Chris gasped and bucked his hips up, grinding against Paul in sweet torture.

“I bark orders at the inmates, that is why they call me Big Dog,” he said just before he toke a bite out of the other nipple.

Chris held Paul firmly against his chest as electric shots course through his body. He wrapped his legs around Paul and bucked under the sheer pleasure Paul’s mouth was giving him.

“You can bark orders at me anytime as long as you keep that up,” Chris hissed through his clenched teeth.

Paul began to trail kisses down Chris’ abdomen, stopping to lick and nibble his navel. When Chris responded with whimpers and uncontrolled rotation of his hips, Paul realized he had found his hot spot. Being the devil he was, Paul continued to make Chris’ abs his lunch, refusing to go below the pant line and give relief.

“Paul please!!!!” Chris pleaded with his lover.

“Tell me what it is you want,” Paul huskily replied.

“You, I want you,” Chris begged.

“How do you want me?” Paul continued to tease Chris. He would let his thigh drag across the bulge in Chris’ pants. Then he would nip at his nipples and tug his hair gently with his massive paws.

“Where do you want me?”

Chris cried out from the onslaught, “In me! Oh, God I want you in me. I need to feel you in me deep and hard. Sweet Jesus that feels good. Oh shit Paul fuck me please!”

Paul sat up and undid Chris’ pants. Without ceremony, he yanked them off. He was left breathless at the sight of Chris in is boxer-briefs. Many times Paul had said that boxer-briefs were to him what lingerie was to a straight male. Chris filled his nicely, with his trim swimmer’s frame, golden skin and impressive bulge. Paul could see the pre-cum had soaked through, leaving the white material almost transparent. Overcome with lust and desire, Paul momentarily forgot the plea Chris had just made. Paul bent down and started licking the cum-soaked jockeys. The taste of Chris’ essence ignited an animal lust in him and with a deep growl and surge of strength; Paul ripped the briefs right off Chris’ petite frame.

Paul would normally tease his lover’s cock until neither man could stand the sadistic torture, but today he was in heat. The smell and taste of his new friend’s man straw brought out his basic animal need to feed, and in that moment, all he craved was hot warm cream. In one fluid motion, he swallowed Chris’ cock completely. With the complete length lodged in his throat, he sucked and licked as if this piece of meat was his very life force.

Chris had never been sucked with such vigor and enthusiasm. The sheer force and strength in which Paul had inhaled him, gave him a pleasure he never knew existed from oral manipulations. He writhed on the bed moaning and gasping as new sensations radiated through his body. It was as if the strength from Paul’s hunger was coursing through his body and gave him a strength greater then he had ever felt before. The muscles in his body swelled, increasing their size, and then tensed up. He gripped the headboard and heard the wood moan in protest beneath his hands. If he didn’t climax soon he was going to break the spindle in two. With a tidal wave of adrenalin and testosterone, Chris let out a primal scream as he came deep in Paul’s throat.

Without so much as a word, Paul got up and removed the remainder of his clothes. Something had gotten into him today; normally, he was slow and steady. He thrived on bringing his partner to the edge and then backing off several times before allowing him the pleasure of orgasm. He loved the exploration of sex, enjoying each sound and movement his lover made as he touched and licked, continually discovering new hot spots.

Reaching into the nightstand, Paul pulled out the lube and a condom. There wasn’t going to be anything slow and sensual about this mating. The same animal lust that caused him to pleasure Chris with his mouth with such wanton abandon, still coursed through his veins, feeding his own need and desire for release. Being ever mindful that his massive size could do some damage if he was not careful with entry, Paul probed Chris’ hole with well-lubed fingers. First, one finger penetrated without any resistance so he added the second. With well-practiced motion, he scissor his fingers in the hole gently plying it loose, making sure that he ran his finger across the prostate gland to insure continued pleasure. With a third finger, he continued massaging in and out, but his patience was growing weak and his need increased as he watched Chris pant and squirm on the bed. Finally, Chris found the strength to speak, “Now Paul! Give it to me now!”

Paul placed his cock at Chris’ hole. With steady pressure, he felt the tip slide in past the resistance of the outer pucker. Every muscle in his body was straining, as he fought the urge to force it all in with one swift thrust.

“Paul, now is not the time for slow and easy, give it all to me now,” Chris demanded.

Chris sensed Paul’s hesitation; he bucked his hips up and impaled himself on the steel rod of meat. Both men gasped and groaned as Paul’s balls slapped hard against Chris’ ass.

“Oh fuck! You are so tight!” Paul panted. He moaned in pleasure as he held still, feeling Chris’ bowels contract around his intrusion.

Chris squirmed under Paul trying to urge the big guy on, “Don’t just sit there; fuck my ass good and hard. We have time to be loving and gentle later. Right now you have me so worked up and so on fire that all I want is to feel you rip me apart. Think you can handle that big boy?”

With a growl and a roar, Paul greeted Chris’ challenge with enthusiasm. He withdrew his cock to the head and slammed it back in as hard and fast as he could. If Chris wanted hard rough sex then that was exactly what he was going to get.

Paul moved with the force of an F5 tornado, thrusting deeper and deeper, as Chris’ natural lubricant was forcefully extracted with each stroke of his large tool. Moments pass by as Paul continually drove himself to wicked pleasures brought on by Chris’ tightness.

Suddenly, Chris cried allowed, “I want you to cum Paul! I want to feel your warm life force flow in me! Please blow your load for me!”

Paul felt an over whelming urge to release at Chris’ begging. He finally surrendered, with a loud moan and the hardest thrust he could still muster. Paul’s body tightened as he came deep inside Chris’ pulsating ass. Paul slowed down, dropping over Chris’ quivering body, still inside, shuttering with the slow last tremors of orgasm. Chris’ inner walls rippled against Paul’s cock, milking him of every drop, leaving his balls thoroughly drained.

“Was that how you wanted it?” asked Paul.

“Yes, I have wanted it like that for so long, and in my imagination, I could still not have received it as great as it happened just now,” Chris dreamily replied.

Paul and Chris shifted to lie in a spooning position, Paul lying tight against Chris’ back, his still semi-erect member slightly poking at Chris’ satisfied hole.

Chris was jolted awake by the ring of his cell phone. Grumbling he searched for his pants discarded by Paul the night before. Chris knew that ring tone and without looking, knew his favorite fruit fly, Lindsay, was waking him. Groggy and heavy with sleep he muttered, “Hello.”

“So how is he? Is he every bit the gentleman we see in chat? How far have you gotten?” Lindsay bubbled with enthusiasm.

“What time is it Lynn?” Chris looked around for a clock, “We are still in bed. Oh crap, it’s 9 A.M.? Well, um, I guess we are running behind,” Chris got up and headed for the kitchen in search of Paul’s coffee maker.

“Running behind? You are still in bed; I guess things went well last night. Well you had better get a move on it.”

From the kitchen, Chris could hear Paul’s cell phone ringing. Chuckling, Chris asked, “I think Paul is about to get the same wake up I did. Did you and Monique plan this?”

“Now what makes you think we would plan to wake you boys up? I thought you were already on the road. I am sure she is just as curious about you as I am about Paul. Get ready and call me when you are on the road. Oh, was he any good? Wait don’t tell me I don’t want to know. Love ya, talk to you soon Chrissy.”

Paul walked out to see Chris staring at his cell phone.

“You got the same wake up call, huh?” Paul asked.

“Yeah, is Monique mad? Lindsay took everything in stride, but she just called me Chrissy. I wonder what that was about?” Chris shrugged his shoulders and tossed his phone on the counter.

Paul walked up behind Chris and wrapped his arms around him, “Nah, she isn’t upset. She just laughed at me and said she knew it. Then told me if I didn’t get up and get my ass in gear I was going to owe her more then a tattoo when we got there. I don’t know about you but I am not sure I want to owe MoMo anything.”

Paul leaned down and kissed the top of Chris’ head. “Shall we go shower? Wait, on second thought, we better shower alone or we will never get on the road.”

“Well, you shower first and I will make breakfast, assuming you have anything here to make. I remember from chat that you can’t cook and I don’t want you to burn the house down while I am in the shower trying to impress me,” Chris turned in Paul’s arms and reached up kissing his nose.

Chuckling, Paul said, “Sure, help yourself to what ever you can find, Chrissy.” Paul turned and headed for the shower.

Chris swatted Paul’s bare ass as he walked away, “Damn that ass is hot. This is going to be a very interesting road trip,” Chris licked his lips as Paul smiled at him from the hallway and disappeared


Based on your feed back I will write a sequel so please comment and let me know how you truly feel.

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