Daddy and Abby Ch. 01

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I work from home occasionally, so occasionally I have to roust my kids off to school in the morning, I have two, Abby and Nick. Both in college, Nick is 22 and a senior, Abby is 19 and a freshman. Abby, is just beautiful. She is a red-head with long flowing hair ending at the top of her perfect little ass. Now, I usually wouldn’t be saying this about my daughter, but things have recently changed between us. It started one morning with the usual hustle and bustle of the morning, my wife rushing out the door to work and me trying to get our young adults to eat breakfast.

“Abby, what kind of cereal do you want?”

“I dunno dad, raisin bran I guess.”

“O.K. get the milk and a bowl.”

“How about you Nick?”

“I’m just gonna make myself some waffles, dad.”

“O.K. you guys finish your homework?”

Both heads nodding.

“Great, I have some work upstairs to do in my office so I’ll see you both after school. Love you both.”

Giving them a kiss on the forehead I shot upstairs. I did have work to do, but right at that moment I was rushing upstairs to masturbate. My wife had leaned over that morning and teased my cock with her mouth, hinting of more to come when she got home. I just couldn’t wait.

Watching her sucking my cock deep into her mouth and down her throat was too much. Seeing the saliva slip out of the corner of her mouth and down my long hard shaft, really turned me on and was more than I could bear. I had to relieve the excitement and my hard on. Figuring the kids would get themselves to school at this point, I hurriedly undressed and hopped in bed. I wanted to slowly stroke my cock and cum very hard, thinking about and anticipating this evening, and the blow job I was going get.What I didn’t know is that only one of the kids had left.

“Hey, Ab, I’ll see you at school. I’m gonna meet Annie. Catch you at lunch in the center.

“O.K. Nick. Speaking of lunch, I need to ask dad for some money so I can get some. Abby says almost to herself. “See you later Nick.”

“Bye sis.”

Abby turned and headed upstairs towards her father’s office. As she got to the top of the stairs she noticed that her dad wasn’t in his office. She made a right and headed towards his bedroom. As she approached, she noticed the door was cracked open several inches. Just before she swung open the door, she looked in and saw an amazing sight. Her father was completely naked and stroking his penis. She knew she should be grossed out but she had never seen a penis before, (unless you count Nicks when they were kids) and dads looked pretty big and long. She had heard all the girls talk about big penises. They called them cocks, but she had never seen or touched one. let alone do some of the things the other girls said they did.

She peeked in through the door and saw her father slowly stoking his cock up and down, it was all so fascinating. The way he moved his hand on his penis. The way the skin on his penis moved up and down as he stroked it. The way his hips moved slightly with every stroke. How his cock seemed to grow bigger as he played with it. She stood mesmerized in the door as her father ran his hand up and down his fat hard cock. She couldn’t imagine a cock that big in her mouth like the girls talked about, let alone in her vagina. There was no way that would fit in there.

Abby suddenly felt warm, she felt her panties getting wet and wondered where it came from. She looked down and the nipples of her perfect breasts were hard against her bra. She brought a hand up and ran it across her hard nipple. The sensation that ran through her body was something she had never felt before.

What was this feeling? Should I interrupt daddy? No, he would get mad, or be embarrassed. Abby continued to watch, mesmerized by how the skin moved up and down his hard penis, the fat tip of it red, shiny and swollen. Suddenly, like her body had a mind of its own, she slid the bedroom door open and walked in. Hypnotized by the motion of her father jerking himself off, never taking her eyes from her father’s huge fat cock.

I saw movement out of the corner of my eye, and it startled me I moved away and covered myself. Then I realized it was Abby, she had walked in on me masturbating.

“Holy shit Abby what are you…I was just…”

As I tried to mumble some excuse about what I was doing.

Suddenly Abby interrupted me and asked.

“Daddy? I’ve never seen a penis before and yours seems, um, very big.”

“Yes honey, I’m so sorry that you caught me like this.”

My lame excuse tumbling out of my mouth, I can see her inching her bursa otele gelen eskort way over to the bed not taking her eyes from my now deflating member, as I tried to cover myself, unsuccessfully. Abby sits down beside me. I’m sure I was beet red with embarrassment until she asked.

“Daddy can I see your penis?”

“Well, honey that’s not really right and your mother…”

“Mom doesn’t have to know.” She interrupted. “Besides I just want to see it. Please daddy? I have never seen one before and yours looks so big. The girls at school all talk about big penises and how they want one, but I’ve never even seen a penis. Please Daddy, can I just see it?”

“Honey I…”

“Please? I promise I won’t say anything to mom or anybody.”

My head was spinning, I knew my daughter had grown up and filled out, I could see the changes in her body over the summer by our pool. The ripe round firmness of her little ass. Her flat taut stomach. Those gorgeous tits that spilled out over her bikini top that was slightly to small. This? This was something else entirely.

She pleaded again.

“Please, daddy, can I see it?

As she stared down where my hands cupped my cock and balls, covering them, and not doing a good job of it either.

“You promise not to tell honey? I asked hopefully.

“Because mom would be really mad if she found out about this.”

As Abby nods her head no, she reached out and took one of my hands, moving it to the side exposing my now limper member.

“It was harder and bigger before daddy. What happened?”

“Well, honey you startled me so it went down. But it can get big again.”

“How? asked Abby.

I was torn. Should I let her? I can’t, this is my daughter! But she was so insistent, she would not be denied. I made a decision that changed our lives.

“Well honey, if you want you can reach down and touch it.”

“You mean stroke it like you were doing daddy?”

“Yes baby, that would make it grow and get big again”.

With her hand slightly trembling she reached down and grasped my cock in her soft little hand, my head went back and I gasped. I never thought that being touched by my daughter would feel so good or that I would want her to continue. As soon as she touched it, I could feel my cock instantly getting hard in her hand.

“Wow, daddy I can feel it getting hard again. Do you like when I touch your penis?”

“Yes baby, it feels so good. Baby can you call it a cock? It is a much better name much better than penis.”

“So, daddy, how do I stroke your um, cock?”

“Take it a little tighter in your hand honey. Yes, just like that. Now, move your hand up and down, go almost all the way up to the head.” I said pointing. “Then then go all the way down, so your hand hits my pubic hairs. Let me show you baby.”

Taking her hand in mine, I begin to move her hand slowly toward the swollen tip of my cock. The skin moving up to cover the head of my shaft. Then back down, the skin moving downward to make my fat head reappear again. The cock flesh gathering at the base. I do this a couple of times with her so she can get the motion, then I release her hand.

“Just like that daddy?”

“Oh yes honey.” I moaned.

As she went from shaft to tip, her tiny hand not even completely wrapped around my cock.

“It feels hard, but the skin is so soft daddy. And the skin moves funny, but it feels, I don’t know, good.”

My hips started to gently rise in rhythm with her stroking.

“Am I doing it right Daddy? Her eyes glued to the motion of her hand and my growing cock.

“Yes baby, that feels so good, just hold it a little tighter and go almost all the way up, then all the way down.” I tutored.

She tightened her grip slightly and ran her hand the length of my cock making the tip disappear with the skin of my shaft.

“Like that daddy?”

“Yes, Abby that is perfect.” My cock now fully erect in her little hand.

I watched her face as she continued to stroke my throbbing member, the fascination she displayed as the skin moved back and forth on my fat cock. As she jerked me off, she asked.

“Daddy, is there anything else I can do to make your cock hard besides this?”

Stammering for a minute, I reply.

“Sure honey, but I don’t think we should…”

“How daddy? Tell me. I want to do it.” she says cutting me off.

Becoming much bolder, I tell her.

“Well honey, you can put your mouth on it and suck it.”

“Suck it? How do I do that daddy? I never bursa eve gelen escort bayan did that before.” She says almost enthusiastically.

“So, you have never been with a guy at school or anything?”

“No daddy. This is my first time even touching a cock.”

My heart leapt in my chest I was going to break in my little girl and be her first. I knew then that I had to make this special.

“Honey, what you want to do is lean forward and gently lick the top of my cock with your tongue.”

Holding my cock steady for her, the fat head throbbing, anticipating her mouth, she leaned in. I could feel her hot breath getting closer and closer to the tip of my swollen shaft. As her tongue touched my cock and gently started to rotate around the head I thought I would explode from the feeling of my daughter’s mouth on my cock.

“That’s right baby. That’s good, just like that. Now baby, run your tongue all the way down my cock.”

She sticks her tongue out and licks the underside of my shaft down to the base and then back up. As she reaches the top she rolls her tongue around the tip of my wet, swollen head.

“Yes, baby just like that. Make it as wet as you can.”

She brings more saliva into her mouth, she lets it slide out of her mouth onto the swollen head. she lets it drip down the length of my hard pecker. Following the spit snaking down my cock with her tongue.

“Yes baby, that’s good.” Running her tongue down then back up again.

“Just like that Daddy?”

“Yes, baby just like that.”

I watch as she continues wetting my shaft with her tongue, my cock throbbing in her hand. I can feel myself get stiffer as her tongue works the underside of my cock and the fat tip.

“Daddy you are so hard.”

“Yes Abby, you did that with your hand and your tongue.” She smiles at me proudly.

“Now baby, I want you to take my cock in your mouth.”

“But daddy it’s so big will it even fit?”

“Yes baby.” I encourage. Open your mouth and just put it over the tip right here.” I say pointing.

she hesitantly opens her mouth and slowly forms it over my tip. She goes down slightly on my cock, making the head disappear in her mouth. My head pushes deeper into the pillow at the feeling of her soft lips and wet mouth on the head of my cock.

“Oh Abby, that feels so good.” I moan.

She goes down just past the fat tip and I can feel her teeth scrape a little on the underside of my cock. I stop her.

“Don’t get mad honey you are doing a good job. What I need you to do is cover your teeth with your lips so just your lips and mouth are sucking my cock baby. Your teeth are a little hard on my cock and they scrape me.”

“I’m sorry daddy.” she says pulling her warm mouth from my cock. She looks at me a little sad.

“Don’t be sad honey, this is your first time that’s why I’m telling you what to do to make it feel good. And it does feel good Abby.” I say smiling.

“Ok daddy. I’ll try.” she says smiling again.

Abby then folds her lips over her teeth, leans forward and makes the head of my fat cock disappear again. This time the feeling is soft, warm and wet. Her mouth and lips stretched over my engorged shaft feels so good, making my pecker throb.

“Good just like that baby.” I encourage.

“Now go down as far as you can.”

She gets about half way down my rock-hard cock and starts to gag.

“Daddy its too big I can’t get it all the way in.”

“I know baby, this is your first time. You are going to gag a little, that’s o.k. We have to work on you relaxing your throat, so my cock will fit all the way down. I want you to relax your throat and try again baby.”

“Ok daddy I’ll try.” Her eyes watering a little from her first attempt.

“Just go slow and try to relax the muscles in your throat baby.”

Abby leans forward again taking my cock into her warm, wet, exquisite mouth trying her hardest to swallow my cock, she gets three quarters of the way again, chokes, and starts gagging. Thick saliva coming from the corners of her mouth and running the length of my firm shaft. She comes back up, never taking my cock out of her mouth.

“That’s right baby. Try again. It’s ok that you gag honey, it’s your first time sucking a cock. Just keep trying to relax the muscles in your throat.”

Thick slippery saliva escapes the corners of her mouth making my cock more slick and shiny. Down again this time a little farther. She gags hard, her body convulsing, she pulls her mouth from my cock.

“Daddy, I don’t know if bayan eskort bursa I can do it get you all the way into my mouth, and I have this slimy spit coming up in my mouth.”

“That spit is good baby that will make my cock slicker so it will go deeper into your mouth. You can do this baby”. I cajole.

Abby was close. I wanted to feel her wet mouth take me all the way down. I wanted to feel the head of my cock being squeezed by her throat muscles as I mouth fucked her.

“Don’t think about it, baby. I continued. “Relax your throat muscles and my fat cock will slide right down your throat. It will feel so good if you can do that baby. I know you can do it. You’re almost there. Now, get my cock as wet as you can with that spit and my cock will slide right down your throat baby.” I commanded.

She leans forward again, this time with a determined look on her face. She spits on my swollen cock, the thick saliva oozing down the tight cock skin. She strokes me up and down to spread it, my cock is slick and shiny in her fist. Abby leans forward and she sucks me in ¾ of the way, gagging just a little. Back up to the tip, back down, deeper, gagging again, but only slightly. Her back arching a little as she convulses. I can feel the slick saliva covering my cock and feel the back of her throat squeezing the head of it. back up again, then down I can feel the tightness of her throat.

I can see most of my cock is buried in her mouth. She pauses there to relax her throat muscles, letting her throat accommodate my girth. I can feel it squeezing the tip of my fat head. she stops gagging, her body still. Back up one more time. slowly she rides her mouth down my soaked shaft, her mouth tightening as I reach her throat. She pauses, no gagging this time. She pushes her head lower. My cock disappearing into her wanting wet mouth, as my cock slips past the back of her tongue and she buries her face in my tangled pubic hairs. My head rolls on my shoulders and I moan loudly, she gags a little then comes back up.

“That was perfect baby.” I whisper to her.

“Will I always gag like that daddy?”

“No honey, if we keep practicing your throat will relax and be able to take my cock easily.”

She smiles a wide smile, saliva dripping down her chin.

“I want to keep practicing daddy.” she says enthusiastically.

Abby leans forward taking my cock back into her mouth, going back down the length of my throbbing member.

“Jesus baby, that is so fucking good, I love how tight your throat is, you do it better than your mother.”

She comes up smiling.

“Better than mommy?”

Yes baby, now suck daddy’s cock good.”

She leans forward and engulfs my cock in her wanting mouth again and again. Sliding her mouth, the length of my fat pecker. Grabbing the back of her head I hold it there for a heartbeat or two. My balls are covered in her saliva and my cock is slick, sliding in and out of her hot little mouth. Her long red hair is draped over my legs and hips and feels like silk. My daughter sucks cock good I think, wonder if she fucks good too.

I put both hands on the side of her head and tell her.

“Stay still, I’m gonna fuck your mouth baby. You might choke a little again, if you do just move my hands.”

She nods, my shaft still buried in her warm wet mouth. I wrap my hands in her long scarlet tresses and begin to thrust my hips upward holding her head steady. At first, I just go slow and go only halfway into her warm wet mouth. The feeling of her soft lips tight around my hard shaft is amazing. My cock hardens even more and I begin to thrust deeper, pushing my cock into her throat. It is so tight, her throat. I can feel the saliva drip from her mouth as she drools down my shaft and on to my nuts coating them in her spit. I begin to thrust a little harder.

“Oh, fuck yeah Abby, that feels so fucking good.”

I release her head, she holds her head steady as I pound my cock into her mouth, my cock shiny and slick from her drool. Suddenly, Abby lifts her head from the amazing cock job she has been giving me, her face slightly red.

“Daddy, why are my panties are wet? I can feel it, and I mean really wet daddy.”

Honey, that is because you are turned on. Women’s pussies get very wet when they get excited and you must be very excited if your panties are wet. Stand up and let me see how wet they are honey.”

She obediently stands up and stands next to the bed. I reach out with my hand and touch the middle of her thigh. Gently tugging her leg outward, I slowly part her legs to see underneath her skirt. As her legs part, I see a very large wet spot that covers the front of her silky white panties and disappears underneath her. I move my hand up her leg, her skin is so soft and firm, the muscles in her legs tensing as I work my way toward her wet panties. I move slowly upward, feeling the heat of her soft skin. She spreads her legs even more giving me access to her damp snatch.

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