Daddy Brings Home A Friend

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Just as I was about to place dinner on the table for Dad and me, the door popped open and there stood Dad, smiling at me …. “Sharlann, I have someone with me who needs your touch, baby. Can you help him?”

Standing on my tiptoes to see over Dad’s shoulder, I was pleasantly surprised to see the most glorious, handsome hunk of masculinity on my side of the tracks. He was beautiful! I thought to myself, whatever could be his problem? Pushing the thought away, I said “Come in, both of you and let’s eat dinner.”

The stranger’s name was Gabe, a poetic name, I thought. During dinner he laughed and joked and we all shared pleasantries until dessert. But I could see that, underneath his cheerful demeanor, he was a man who was hurting. And I decided to inquire.

“Gabe? Dad says you need a little help from me. Tell me about it.” With that, a stream of words poured forth from Gabe about how he had lost his sex drive, how he had always secretly wanted to be mastered, how he had always wished that he had the guts to have sex with his sister (who, evidentially, wanted to have sex with him), how he wanted to have sex with another man, and how he felt he should be punished for his inabilities.

“WHEW! All that and you think ‘I’ can help you? Gabe, I’m afraid that Dad was wrong … there’s nothing I can do for you. I’m not your sister, I’m not a dominatrix, and I don’t know how to restore your sex drive.”

Leaning back on two legs of his chair, Dad piped in “baby, don’t you think that if we were Gabe’s father and sister that we could help him?” “Well, uh, yes,” I replied, wondering just what Dad had in mind. “You know how bossy you can be Sharlann … you are so good at giving orders … and Gabe here is a man who needs to PAY for his guilt, experience his desires, and get on with his life.”

Mulling this over, I removed the dishes and prepared to dish up my fabulous fruit dessert. Gabe kept his eyes on his plate and said nothing. “LOOK at me Gabe! Sit up straight in your chair and eat your dessert!” The words just came out of my mouth, shocking Dad and me at the same time. Dad started laughing, a deep, resonant laugh. “Yes, yes my baby, I DO think we can help Gabe.” Grinning and giggling to myself I decided at that instant to join in the game and see what would come of it.

We finished our dessert in silence, each of us wondering where we might be headed in this scenario. As I picked up the plates and began washing dishes, I turned to both Gabe and Dad, saying “Please remove all of your clothes and go take a long, warm, relaxing shower; and be sure to wash EVERYTHING possible! Then rest on your big king-size bed till I get there.” Laughing out loud, I finished the dishes and headed upstairs for a luxurious soak in bubbles. This might be a great evening after all. As I relaxed in the bath, I made mental notes about Gabe: this guy needs to be exposed to anal sex, hard sex, kinky sex …. and ummmm….. maybe a good spanking. But first ….

…… after drying and wrapping a huge terry towel around myself, I began preparing a cleansing enema for Gabe. He probably didn’t know a thing about enemas and if we were to play all night he would surely need one.

Entering Dad’s room I saw immediately that Dad was poker oyna happily relaxed on top of the covers and looked like he was about to fall into a deep snooze. Gabe, on the other hand, was huddled in a tight ball beneath the covers with the sheet over his head. I winked at Dad and RIPPED the covers off Gabe. As he leapt up I grabbed him by the balls, squeezing tightly, and ordered him to settle down and enjoy the experience. He looked so scared and I felt sorry for him. I could see that his cock was a full 6′ even though it was flaccid, which made me very, very moist. I shivered just thinking about the joy of riding the cock.

“Gabe, the first thing we must do is clean you out with this two-quart enema. Dad and I shared an enema cleansing this morning and we’re feeling terrific. You’ll be a little uncomfortable and embarrassed at first, but you will be grateful and feel wonderful when it’s over. Now, lie down on your stomach and spread your legs for me.” Dad grinned at me broadly as we shared the secret of knowing that I was now repeating one of the many lessons that Dad had taught me. Coating my hand with Vaseline, I began circling Gabe’s anus rhythmically … slowly …. easing first one finger, and then a second inside him. He moaned and tightened his buns so I slapped him very hard, twice, across the buns. “RELAX!” Gabe immediately exhaled a huge breath and relaxed … I was wondering just how much of my hand I might actually slip inside of Gabe. Tempting though it was, I proceeded to slide the nozzle inside his anus and inflate both bulbs before Gabe realized what I’d done. He tried to roll over and just as he did Dad’s belt lashed across his bottom several times, leaving bright red welts. “Sharlann told you to relax and stay put Gabe … now do so or else.” Thank goodness Dad had never taken a strap to me! Gabe’s welts looked awful.

Just like Dad had done for me so many times, I began massaging Gabe’s lower back to calm him down as I slowly opened the clasp on the enema tube. Using my thumb and finger to pinch the tube, I allowed just a bit of warm water to enter Gabe’s rectum. He jerked involuntarily and Dad laid another welt across his bottom. Gabe began sobbing quietly into the pillow as I allowed more and more warm water to flow into his bowels. I continued to massage his back as I watched Dad go over to his bureau and select a giant butt plug for me to use. We winked at each other again and then Dad threw me a curve. He opened a second drawer and removed something that I had only seen on Dad’s porno flicks … a strap-on cock for me! My eyes grew wide as Dad motioned me to be quiet.

Gabe continued to sob as the last drops flowed into him. I closed the clasp and slowly deflated the bottle. “Now Gabe, I am going to put a little something in your ass to keep you from making a mess … OK?” Gabe gave me a barely perceptible nod of consent and I eased the tube from his rectum, at the same time inserting the rather large butt plug. Dad helped by removing the enema equipment and I rolled Gabe over on his back. I couldn’t help but kiss away his tears. He looked so sad. So beaten. In so much pain from so many years of repressed sexual yearnings.

“While your enema works, Gabe, I want you to give me pleasure canlı poker oyna … can you do that for me?” “Yes, maybe,” said Gabe. After straddling Gabe’s pelvis, I eased up and over his beautiful chest until my pussie came to rest squarely above his lips. Pulling me to him, Gabe proceeded to inject me with a tongue that felt like it was a foot long and as hot as fire! I leaned back and shrieked in pleasure. God, what a tongue! This is something Dad must experience, too, I thought! Gabe next slid one finger inside my anus, wiggling and wiggling it as he sucked on my clit. I nearly fell off him from pleasure, cumming in about a minute. “Lick me clean, Gabe. Lick all that lucious pussie juice from me.” Just listening to Gabe licking my juices caused Dad to get an erection like a school flagpole, which caused me to laugh and beckon him over.

Since I was being given all the authority in this game, I eased Gabe up until his head was near the edge of the bed. I then pushed Dad down on his stomach and, with both hands, spread his very ready buns wide open. “Lick Dad, Gabe. Insert that tongue of yours inside Dad and massage his balls.” Obediently, Gabe rolled onto his side and begin tongue-fucking Dad. Dad yelped in surprise! He had no idea why I had come in only one minute … but now he knew!

As Gabe tongue-fucked and sucked Dad’s tender asshole, and eagerly massaged his balls, I moved to the other side of the bed and took Dad’s steel erection deeply into my throat, sucking him with all my might. With Gabe and I both working on him, Dad exploded in a frenzy in just moments, panting and gasping for air. Now it was time for Gabe to release his enema, so I let him up, led him to the bathroom, and removed the plug just as he sat on the john. Closing the door, I whispered to him, “Take your time and shower afterwards if you want to.”

Heading back to the bed, I fairly pounced on Dad, wanting to be hugged and cuddled. Dad, of course knew just what to do and began sucking on my titties. First one, then the other, pinching my nipples and driving me wild. “Baby, can you do it? Can you use the strap-on?” “Oh YES Dad! I’ll give it my best shot when Gabe comes back.”

We could hear Gabe step into the shower and so we curled up together for a brief nap. The next thing I knew, Gabe had rejoined us in bed, placing me between him and Dad. “Ummmm, you smell nice and clean, Gabe. You smell just like someone who needs to be fucked!”

Leaning over Gabe, I scooped a handful of Vaseline from the jar and began smearing it into Gabe’s rectum. He moaned loudly and wriggled over onto his belly, spreading his legs in pleasure. Sloooooowly, slowly, I inserted two fingers into Gabe, massaging and rubbing him inside with that hand and rubbing his buns with my other hand. Next I reached for a pillow and slipped it beneath Gabe’s cock and stomach, raising his hips and ass up to meet my hand. Ooozing with Vaseline and winking at Dad, I now slipped a third finger into Gabe, and then a fourth. His hips began undulating on the pillow as I massaged him inside and out. As my thumb began entering Gabe, he started crying …. and begging me to stop.

With the gentle, loving massage, Gabe’s anus had opened to about 3″ in diameter. I removed my fingers internet casino to show Dad and the look on his face told me that he was very proud of my fisting. Before Gabe could close up, I reinserted my fingers and with a gentle shove forced my entire hand inside of Gabe, who hollered and clutched the pillow under his head tightly. “Oh God! OH GOD NO!!!!!! Oh what are you doing to me!” Now I was sliding my hand in and around and around and around Gabe’s rectum, giving him a tremendous hard and visible shivers. Dad moved quickly to take Gabe’s huge throbing cock into his throat. As Dad sucked and I fucked Gabe, Gabe began to convulse from head to foot. He mumbled unintelligible things, moaned, cried out loud and begged us to make him cum. He was clenching the pillow and the bed linens with all his might, crying louder and louder for us to make him cum hard.

“Not so fast, Gabe…. not so fast …” Quicker than a wink, I had removed my hand from Gabe’s rectum and strapped on my new toy. Coating it thoroughly with gobs of Vaseline, I moved up behind Gabe and jammed it inside him. Hard! Deep! Thrusting again and again. I was like a wild woman riding a bucking bronco. Gabe was bucking like a crazed bull, Dad was sucking, and I was fucking! Finally, Gabe came with a tremendous jolt and a gutteral scream. Dad nearly choked on his cum. I eased off fucking him to laugh at Dad and then teased him: “Bet ya never swallowed THAT much cum Dad! Ha! Ha!”

Wrong move. Dad jumped up, pulled me from Gabe’s now extremely sore ass, threw me over the end of the bed and rammed his cock up inside my ass like never before. I shrieked in surprise … and pleasure. Ah! Finally it was my turn. Reaching beneath me to grasp my titties, Dad rammed me again and again, as I responded to his rams with my own thrusts. My feet were on the floor, my hands and arms on the bed. I looked through my arms just in time to see Gabe scooting up beneath me! OH NO! “Come here you little vixen …. come up here on my cock!”

Dad and I moved together as Gabe pulled me over him and thrust his cock deep inside me. I screamed in pain this time. I thought my insides would surely rip in two. Dad ramming my asshole again and again as Gabe thrust his huge rod into my pussie over and over. Gabe reached up and took my tit into his mouth, sucking it and then biting my nipple hard. I was nearly over the edge … in fact, the truth is, that one little bite did it. Screaming from somewhere deep inside me, I lunged forward on Gabe as I came with the impact of a steam roller. I fairly collapsed upon Gabe, with Dad and Gabe both still inside me. This was it. I was ready for a shower and sleep. Or so I thought!

Dad and Gabe must have eyed each other and made an agreement to finish. And they did. Ramming and thrusting until each of them came again. I was completely spent. My ass and pussie were on fire. Gabe’s welts were incredibly large and bright red. Dad seemed to be the only one without visible scars from our evening pleasure.

We were all happy, relieved, and very, very sleepy. Curling up together, we slept until the next day. Upon opening my eyes, I could see that Gabe’s side of the bed was empty. Dad was snuggled up behind me so I hesitated to move. As I stretched my free arm across Gabe’s side of the bed, I touched something that rustled. Upon further inspection, I realized it was a note. A note that simply said: “I love you both. Thank you. I’m ready to get on with my life. Gabe.”

The end.

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