Daddy Does Me In The Woods

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My mom had died when I was two years old so I never actually knew her, my dad had raised me.

We were closer than all my friends seemed to be with their dad’s and I loved that.

It was about seven months ago now since my daddy made me squirt for the first time in the woods, and it hasn’t been the last time.

All my friends always noted how hot my dad was and I had to agree, for a 35 year old my he was good looking.

“Molly?” I heard my dad call as the front door was closed.

I tried to swipe the tears away from my eyes quickly before he could see me but when he walked into my room he noticed straight away.

“Sweetie, are you ok?” He sat on the edge of my bed, his coat still in hand, he’d been to the shop for some milk this morning.

“Tom just broke up with me again” I sniffled.

Tom and I had been going out, on and off, for the last three year.

“Again? You don’t need this Molly. You have to stop going back to him.” Dad sighed, daddy hadn’t actually liked Tom, he’d always been so snappy with him.

“I know but I love him dad.” I sniffled again.

Daddy looked at me and decided what I needed, “Wanna go for a walk in the woods?” He asked, he knew I loved to walk in the woods near our house, they were deserted, you only got the occasional dog walker wondering through and maybe if it was summer break you would get a few brave studets trying to camp out but this time of year they were empty and I loved it.

Half an hour into walking we found a small bench and decided to take a little break.

“You deserve a lot better than Tom baby.” Dad said as he rested his hand on my bare knee.

If I didn’t know better I could have sworn I’d heard jelousy.

“I know I do daddy, but I can’t help going back to him.” I shrugged.

Daddy didn’t move his hand from my knee but instead moved it up my bare thigh slightly.

I glanced at daddy’s face and he looked nervous about something. His hand didn’t stop moving up towards the poker oyna bottom of my shorts leg.

The weird thing was I didn’t want to stop him. I had a sudden flash of my daddy touching my wet pussy and it didn’t freak me out. Although obviously daddy didn’t want to touch me like that. He wasn’t stopping though, maybe daddy did like me like that?

The fact that I was thinking like that freaked me out, was I really contemplating my daddy fingering my pussy.

I looked up at daddy again and he was looking at me and before I knew what was happening his lips came down on mine. At first I was extremely shocked but then I sank into it, I kissed him back and his hand finally made it to my pussy though my denim shorts.

I grabbed for his cock through his own jeans and was fustrated that I couldn’t get it.

Daddy unzipped my shorts and slid his thick finger into my pussy. I gasped in his mouth.

Before I knew what he was doing he stood up, pulling me up with him by his finger being in my pussy.

“Dad, what are you doing?” I moaned.

“Just incase.” He mouthed around my lips as he pulled me, with his finger in my pussy, around the bench and off the path into a small clearing behind a bush.

He leant my up against a tree and started to insert another finger into my soaking pussy.

“Oh yeah, keep going daddy.” I moaned without thinking. I couldn’t believe my daddy had his fingers in my pussy.

“You like that baby girl?” He whispered into my mouth.

I just nodded as he worked his fingers.

“Oooh yeah, yeah!” I started to grid his fingers as I came, hard.

“My turn baby.” Daddy said as he moved his fingers from my pussy and out of my jeans. He dropped his jeans to the floor and his hard cock flopped out, it was bigger than I would have thought, atleast 8inches, bigger than Toms.

Daddy pushed me to my knees and grabbed the back of my head and pushed my mouth onto his cock.

“Ooooh yeah.” He grunted as he slid me onto his canlı poker oyna cock.

I grabbed his hairy ass cheeks to support myself, and started to pull myself on at the same time daddy pushed.

I started to gag, my nails dug into his ass, he pulled me off a second, letting me gasp air before he put me back onto his cock.

“Oh yes baby girl.” I grabbed his balls with my right hand and he almost came then. “Oh not yet.” He pulled me off his cock, I gasped loudly and fell back onto the woodland floor.

“Lay back.” Daddy said, he was being dominant and rough and I loved it.

I did as he said and he then got onto his knees and slid my shorts off, exposing my wet, sensitive clit to the afternoon air.

“You’re so wet baby.” He noted.

“You made me this wet daddy.” I purred.

Without warning or hesitation daddy pushed his head inbetween my legs, causing me to jerk slightly as his tongue connected my with swollen pussy.

“Oh my god, daddy!” I almost screamed, his tongue was working my clit good and proper when he slid his two fingers back into me.

“Right there. Don’t stop. Don’t stop!” I shouted as I knew I was about to cum. But it felt different. Very different. Before I knew it I’d forced daddy’s fingers out my pussy and liquid gushed from my pussy, my body convulsed and I had no control over my movments for a few seconds, daddy got soaked.

“Shiiiiit!” Daddy exclamined as he shoved a finger back in my convulsing pussy.

“What was that?” I asked when I could talk again.

“You squirted baby.” Daddy said as his finger worked me again, maybe hoping for a repeat.

“Daddy, fuck me.” I said.

Without being asked twice he lifted my hips from the floor and plundged his cock into me, I thought he would ease it in, but not my daddy.

“Oh baby, you’re tight.” He said before he started sucking my left nipple.

I gripped onto a tree behind my head as daddy banged me hard. I wasn’t used to this, Tom was always gentel and slow, this was intnse and powerful.

“Ooh yeah.” I moaned.

Just as I was about to cum daddy pulled out of me, “What the hell?” I tried to push my pussy back up to his cock, he stood up and then without warning pulled me up and turned me around, I thought for a frightening second he was going to enter my ass but he didn’t, he pushed back into my pussy.

“Shit.” I moaned again, I needed to grip somehting, I was trying to reach the floor but I was too short, daddy saw what I was doing and walked me with his cock forward towards the tree I’d been holding before.

I grabbed it and daddy started pounding my pussy, I came twice before he reached around and started to rub my clit, “No don’t.” I shouted as I was about to cum again. I didn’t want to squirt again, It felt amazing but I couldn’t take it.

Daddy didn’t listen and jammed his cock right up my pussy, shoving me forward into the tree as he continued to rub my clit. “Arrrh!” Before I could stop it, daddy’s cock was forced out of my pussy and a flood of liquid gushed out again, my legs gave way and I grabbed hold of the tree as I convulsed again, unable to speak. It felt so amazing, words wouldn’t come.

“Shit, I never knew you were a squirter baby.” Daddy said as he grabbed me by the hips and lifted me back up onto his cock.

“Oh shit daddy!” I pushed back onto his cock.

“Daddy loves you baby girl.” He said before he started to pound me again, I couldn’t catch my breath.

“Daddy’s coming baby! Cum with me.” He grunted as he pulled out, dropped me to the floor and came all over my back and ass.

I rubbed myself to another orgsasam before I turned myself onto my back and noticed daddy laid next to me on the forset floor.

“Baby, you are an amazing fuck.” He took a deep breath.

“You are too daddy, I’ve never cum so hard in my life.”

That was the first time I squirted but it hasn’t been the last. Me and daddy still fuck. I never actually went back to Tom, and I don’t plan to.

I actually love squirting when i’m not standing up.

Daddy loves to fuck me when he gets home from work, and I love to fuck daddy.

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