Daddy Helps Daughter Jody Ch. 05

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Evening came, Jody had been home for several hours now. She was in her room, she hadn’t had much to say when she came in. A shy smile, a cursory greeting and brief excuse that she had homework to do and would see me later… in her room.

She was obviously more than a little embarrassed by what had happened last night. Was it something new or was last night an aberration, something that had happened once but must never happen again? I had, with her encouragement (I think), strayed well beyond the normal father/daughter relationship. I had shown her affection that was far more intimate than a father should ever show to a daughter. I had pushed my fingers into her tight, warm pussy and brought her to orgasm. She had been vulnerable and I had allowed myself to take advantage of her. Well, tonight I would perform my duty as a caring daddy and not derive any pleasure from it – I would restrain my base desires and redeem myself. I was determined!

I watched TV and worked my way, slowly through a bottle of red wine. I tried not to think about my impending bedtime duties but couldn’t help but remember the previous night and my fingers exploring her most intimate places. I kept looking at the clock… it was going so slow… 8 o’clock… 9 o’clock… 9.30… 9.45… 9.50… 9.55… 9.58… 9.59… and finally 10 o’clock arrived.

I slowly walked upstairs, onto the landing and paused outside her door. I Knocked gently and waited for her reply…

“Darling?” I tentatively enquired.

“Yes daddy?” came her quiet reply.

“Are you ready for me? Are you ready for daddy?” I enquired, trying not to sound eager.

“Umm, yes, just a couple of minutes daddy…” she replied.

I waited, and waited, it was probably five minutes but seemed much longer.

“I am ready for you daddy!” came her slightly muffled announcement.

I steadied my hand and opened the bedroom door. There she was, completely naked, her head buried in the pillow and her bare bum high in the air. Her cheeks poker oyna were rosy and caught the light beautifully like perfect orbs. Her beautiful bum looked as round and inviting as ever. The top was off the tube of cream and it lay next to her knee. My penis that had been stiffening at the prospect of my approaching task was suddenly so hard it hurt. I adjusted my underwear to allow it more room and knelt on the bed behind her.

“Are you ready sweetie?” I asked her.

“Y-yes daddy,” she stammered.

“How is it feeling now baby?” I enquired.

“Oh, umm, much better daddy,” she paused then quickly added, “but doctor said I need to finish the course.”

“OK baby,” I smiled to myself, “Yes, you must always finish the course.”

I stared at her beautiful round bottom and focussed on her tight anus. It was so inviting, so ready for my long stiff finger to push against and slowly enter. I was so lucky to have this excuse to explore my lovely daughters most secret place.

I squirted a large blob of the cold white cream onto my fingertip and slowly brought it to her puckered hole, smoothing it onto the tight orifice, feeling her flinch at the coldness, spreading it gently, rubbing it, and pressing it slightly inside.

“OK baby?” I nervously enquired – are you ready?

“Umm y-yes daddy,” I am ready.

I popped the suppository from the foil – the final suppository.

“Oh… this is the last one sweetie, I guess we are finished after this,” I said with an unintended note of sadness in my voice.

“Yes daddy,” she sighed.

“Well that’s good,” I smiled, a forced smile, I felt a deep regret that this might be the last time my finger would have a good reason to be slipped into this tight warm place.

I took the torpedo-shaped pill and pressed it on her anus. I pushed slowly till it popped in, much more slowly than before – I watched it disappear and then my fingertip slid behind it into her tightest hole, slowly, deeper, till my second knuckle canlı poker oyna had disappeared from view. Without thinking I pressed deeper and wiggled my finger a little, moaning softly as I did so.

“Ooh daddyyy,” she moaned, “Oh yes!”

Her back arched further and she pushed her bum higher, moving gently in rhythm with my wiggling finger. She was enjoying it! She was definitely enjoying it! She was obviously getting great pleasure from my finger in her most private place. I wiggled it more, and more as I buried it as deep as it would go, my other hand resting on the curve of her bum.

“Oh, baby,” I groaned as I felt my erection stiffen, harder than ever.

“Oh yes daddy!” she gasped, “I love you daddy – I love you so much!”

Why was she saying that? I couldn’t help myself – she was loving it as much as I was and there was only one place this could go! With hardly a thought I quickly slipped my pants down and allowed my erect cock to spring up into free space. It prodded her fleshy moist pink lips as my finger pressed more firmly in her open, red, anus. Oh my god – what was I doing? I really shouldn’t do this – what would she say? Would she ever speak to me again? Could she ever trust me again? It was no good, I couldn’t stop – I guided the shiny, precum covered head of my stiff shaft to her slick hole and pressed it in slowly. The slick shiny end slowly slipped into the warm, welcoming opening, finally disappearing inside.

“Oh daddy – Oh yes!” she exclaimed.

Any doubts I had disappeared as she welcomed my sticky dome. I pushed hard and steadily forced my erect penis inside my baby’s warm, wet, tight pussy.

“Oh baby,” I cried, “tell daddy to stop any time… if you want.” I cried.

“Don’t stop daddy!” she pleaded.

Responding to her encouragement I moved my shaft in and out of her tight hole. Lubricated by her welling juices it moved easily. I kept it sliding in and out, pushing hard, deeper inside her, my body slamming her bum cheeks. internet casino

She cried with pleasure as I fucked her hard, relentlessly pounding, slapping her bum cheek as I thrust even harder.

I could hold back no longer. I felt the waves of ecstasy flood my groin as I shafted my tight baby. After five minutes of steady pounding, my balls tightened and hot cum exploded from my stiff shaft – it filled my girl’s hole and lubricated my final violent thrusts.

“Oohhhh baby!” I exclaimed as I ejected my load into her tight passage. My hands found her small firm breasts and I squeezed them, tighter with each thrust.

“Ohhh daddy,” she moaned as she collapsed on the bed.

We lay there for minutes, saying nothing, not moving. I pulled my flaccid cock from her tight pussy, strings of cum streaking her thigh, and rolled over to lay next to her – hand resting on the small of her back. She looked like she was asleep but her eyes slowly opened and with rosy cheeks, she smiled shyly at me.

“You OK baby?” I enquired nervously.

“Oh yes daddy,” she smiled happily, “Thank-you daddy.”

I smiled back happily and ran my fingers down the crack of her bum, squeezing her cheek gently. My middle finger stroking her tight anus as I grinned at her. My cock was stirring and slowly stiffening… I wondered what it would take for my little girl to let me slip it into her tight anus. Would she? She seemed to like my finger in there… What about her hot little mouth? Would she suck it? Would she let me cum in her lovely mouth? If I did would she swallow it? There is so much I want to do with my hot little princess. So many ways she could please her daddy and so many ways I could show my love for her!

We lay together till she fell asleep. With the suppositories finished there would be no more excuses to molest her. Tomorrow night I would have to be brave and see if she would allow her daddy to be with her, to have his way with her. To make her his sex toy. I sat up and bent to place a lingering kiss on her naked bottom – then pulling the quilt up over her naked body, I slipped out of her room and returned to mine with a smile on my face. This could be the start of something wonderful!

To be continued…

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