Daddy’s Baby


John was a single father. His wife had died during childbirth 18 years ago, so it had always been John and Sierra. He was a middle aged, fairly good looking guy who had his share of dates, but always ended up coming home alone. This didn’t bother him really, he had a wonderful job, nice house and a beautiful, healthy daughter . So he didn’t figure he was missing too much.

Upon returning home from a date one night, John found his daughter passed out in front of a T.V. screen full of static. Laughing to himself, he turned it off and awoke his daughter’s friend, Donna. Donna, wake up, he whispered. “Oh, hi Mr.B”, she said, smiling. “Hi Donna, listen, your folks are still up, I think you fell asleep watching T.V. with Sierra.”

Donna jumped up quickly, “Oh my gosh!!” she said. “Sierra and I were working on a report that’s due tomorrow, we must have fallen asleep” “It’s ok” said John, “It happens, I’ll send a note with Sierra tomorrow excusing you both, I’ll tell them something came up” “Oh thanks Mr. B!!!!” she said, wrapping her arms around him. “No problem Donna, now run along home before your parents think you ran away” he said, chuckling. As he walked her to the door, he said good night and watched her walk to her house across the street.

As he entered the living room again, he noticed Sierra had turned over on the couch, the blanket on the floor. She was wearing a little red night shirt and pink panties. For some reason, he couldn’t help but stare at her and admire her. She had grown into quite a young lady, her bottom was full now, her legs, long and tan from the many hours spent outside with her friends.

He walked over to her, gently shaking her to wake her up. Wake up baby, it’s time for bed. Still half asleep, she rolled over. Daddy? she moaned. Yes, it’s me sweetheart, it’s time to go to bed. As he picked her up and carried her to bed, she began to wake up a little. Daddy, can I sleep with you tonight? she asked. Well bursa escort bayanlar sure you can baby. As he walked into the bedroom, he gently layed her down on the bed.

After doing his nightly routine of showering and putting on his silk boxers, he returned to the bedroom. Quietly climbing in, as not to wake his princess, he rolled over to his side. A few minutes later, he felt Sierra’s arm around his waist. She had rolled over as well and was in a very deep sleep. As hard as he tried to ignore it, he noticed her breasts pressed into his back. He was beginning to get very hard.

As the night wore on, he eventually drifted off to sleep, only to be awakened by Sierra’s screams from a bad dream. He rolled over to face her. Baby, what’s wrong? I had a bad dream. Oh it’s ok, Daddy’s here for you, as he put his arm around her and she snuggled to his chest. Daddy? she whispered. Yes baby? You always make me feel better. Well that’s what Dads do, he whispered. Just then, she leaned up to give him a kiss. I’m glad you’re my Dad, she said.

As she laid back down to snuggle against him, her hand accidentally brushed his cock which was already bulging again beneath the silk of the boxers. Daddy? Does it hurt when it gets hard like that? Sometimes, he said. Can I see it? she asked. Well I don’t see what harm it would do to let you see it. As he slid his hand inside his boxers and pulled out his massive cock. Would it hurt if I touched it? she asked. No baby, you can’t touch it. I’ll be gentle, she whispered.

As hard as he tried to fight it, the idea of his daughter touching his cock excited John. Ok baby, but just for a minute. Sierra pushed the covers from their bodies and slowly began rubbing her hand up the stiff shaft. John had to fight his moans of desire, her hand felt so good on his aching cock. Just then, she whispered something that John was not expecting. Daddy? Yes baby? I saw you looking bayan sarisin escort bursa at me the other day when I got out of the shower.

Well you’re a very beautiful girl baby, he whispered. I liked it, she said. I liked you looking at my body. You did? Yes Daddy, I did. John was about to find out just how beautiful his daughter was. She sat up in bed and removed her top, taking his hand and placing it on her nipple. Sierra, we can’t do this, I’m your Dad. Ssssh, she said, I want you to touch me. With that said, John could no longer control himself.

I have a confession to make, he whispered. You’ve been making me hard all night. Sierra’s hands slid her father’s boxers off, to the floor. As he sat up and kissed her hard, almost violently. Take off your panties, he moaned. God this is so wrong but I want you so bad baby. I know Daddy. As she slid her panties off, he could smell her pussy, this made his cock throb. Taking her petite little body and lying her down, he slithered up between her legs, planting his mouth on her clit.

Spread your legs for Daddy, he whispered, spread them wide so I can taste your young little pussy. Sierra wrapped her legs around her father’s neck, closing her eyes to enjoy the tongue fucking she was about to receive. Harder and deeper his tongue lapped her juices, every taste sweeter then the last. His thumb gently caressing her clit as it grew larger with lust. The thought of eating his own daughter out was almost too much for John to handle. He wanted inside her but couldn’t bring himself to stop eating her lucious pussy. It was so wet, and smelled so good and tasted sweet like honey, he felt as though he could almost eat it literally.

He could feel her bucking her hips, meeting his every lap with his tongue. So he slid his hands under her ass and pulled that pussy closer, burying his entire face in his daughter’s box. She began to moan loudly as she bursa eve gelen eskort covered her mouth with the sheet, as not to get too loud. Her body began to shake, it was a feeling she had never experienced. Waves went thru her, she loved the way this felt and never wanted them to end. Her clit was rock hard as John’s nose rubbed it back and forth.

Daddy!!!! she screamed, OH GOD DADDYYYYYY!!!!!!! With that, she came all over her father’s face, spilling her virgin juice all over his tongue, his chin, into his goatee. Her body shook and bucked violently on the bed as he continued sucking her clit, inserting 2 fingers deep into her virgin hole. Like a pro, she grinded down on his fingers, riding his tongue, using her hand to hold his head down there. Three more times she came, each one more violent then the last.

John finally emerged from his daughter’s pussy, his face shining with her juices, his mouth smelling of virgin sex. Sliding himself up her body, laying on top of her. Planting kisses of passion and extasy upon her soft, supple lips. He could feel her wrapping her legs around his waist, inviting him inside her. Without delay he quickly slid his massive cock inside her as she let out a soft little squeal. Mmmm, God Sierra, you’re so tight baby. As she wrapped her arms around her father, he plunged deeper and deeper inside her. Night became dawn as he pumped his cock into his daughter, never wanting to leave her tight, warm box.

As they fucked, Sierra confessed to her father that she’s been wanting him inside her for a long time. This made John wanna fuck his daughter even more. Get on your hands and knees baby, he whispered. Obeying her father, Sierra assumed the doggy position. Her father wanted so desperately to fuck her up the ass, and like a good daughter, she granted him permission. It was hard to slide his huge cock inside the tight, little hole but finally he managed to slip it in. Faster he pumped her ass, slamming his entire body weight against her with every plunge. Finally screaming out ……. FUCK BABY, I’M GONNA CUM!!!!!!! . With that, he shot his load inside his daughter, cumming harder then he had ever in the past.

Completely satisfied and exhausted, they collapsed in each other’s arms, Sierra resting comfortably beside her father.

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