Daddy’s Girls Ch. 01

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As I wake up, I turn over and am greeted by one of the most beautiful sights in the world. Emily is still asleep, facing me. Her perfect blonde hair covering half her face, hands tucked under her pillow. The sun is shining into the room through the curtain and making her glow so beautifully. It seems I have taken most of the sheet – it is only covering her legs and her feet are sticking out from the bottom. I watch her naked breasts moving in and out as she breathes. They are a perfect 32B, same as mine. I tug on the sheet so I can admire her completely naked body. After just watching her sleep for a few minutes I lean over and plant the tiniest kiss on her lips. She moves slightly and after a few seconds opens her eyes, staring directly into mine.

“Good morning baby,” she whispers.

“Good morning beautiful,” I reply. “How did you sleep?”

“Amazing, I feel fantastic,” Emily says. “You?”

“Great,” I reply, “but my favorite part was the last few minutes watching you sleep so peacefully and admiring that perfect body of yours.”

She reaches her hand out toward my body and pulls the sheet down. She starts running her finger from my waist and up to my breast. She slowly circles around it until reaching my nipple and gives it the slightest pinch.

“I love waking up to your naked body as well,” says Emily.

She takes her finger and starts running it down my body, under the sheet. Past my stomach, she reaches the top of my mound, just before my clit. She stares into my eyes, and then touches it. She can feel my wetness and starts to circle her finger. After a minute she moves down and inserts a finger, then two. She is moving in and out slowly. I reach down and rub myself while she is penetrating me. She removes her fingers and starts to caress the insides of my thighs, all of her fingers just barely touching me, gliding around, tickling me. She knows this drives me crazy.

She moves a little further down and reaches the green bejeweled butt plug I have in. She grabs the edges and pulls on it very slightly. Not enough to pull it out, but just enough for me to feel it a little. She twists it clockwise, then counterclockwise, all the while slightly pulling and letting go. I am continuing to rub myself. As I start to moan a little louder she leans in and starts to kiss my neck, another thing that drives me wild.

She moves up to my earlobe and bites it ever so slightly. After this she tongues my ear while continuing to play with the plug in my ass, all while I am rubbing faster and faster. As I feel I am about to cum she sticks two fingers back inside dikmen escort bayan of me and pumps them in and out. Her speed matches mine until I let out a big moan and start to shake. As I shake and moan she returns to kissing my neck. After a minute I am spent.

“Well, that’s not a bad way to start the day,” I exclaim with a big smile on my face.

Emily looks into my eyes then leans in and kisses me. I kiss her back.

“I love you sis,” says Emily.

“I love you too, sis.”

My name is Peyton Davis. Emily is my twin sister. We are both five ten inches tall with shoulder length dirty blonde hair, and bright green eyes. We are both a 32B cup. We are both swimmers and have very toned and lean bodies. Emily and I are twenty four years old. We have always been super close.

One night while watching a movie last year, a sex scene came on. We were sitting on the couch under a blanket, her resting her head on my shoulder, when I felt her hand on my thigh. As the scene went on her hand moved closer toward my inner thigh. I opened up my legs invitingly. That was the first time she ever touched me in that way. After caressing my inner thighs and the outside of my vagina she looked at me and we shared our first kiss. We didn’t do much that night, just some light touching and kissing.

Even though we are full-time nudists, we had never had any sexual tension. That changed that night.

We live with our daddy, James, in a nudist colony. Emily and I were born here. Our mom, Samantha, and our daddy moved into the colony in 1989, 27 years ago. Mom passed away three years ago from breast cancer. It was tough on us and daddy for a while, but we have learned to cope with it.

With Emily and me living here our whole lives, we have never worn an article of clothing, not once. No shoes, socks, nothing. We don’t even wear jewelry. We have spent our entire twenty four years completely one hundred percent nude. I watch plenty of TV and movies and know this is not the norm, but I love my life. I can’t imagine putting clothes on and leaving the colony. I have all I want right here. I feel so happy and free all the time.

“We should get up sis,” I tell Emily.

She pouts and hugs me. “But I don’t want to. I want to stay right here!”

“I smell breakfast. Come on, let’s go eat.”

“Okay fiiiiiiiiiine” she says annoyingly. “If we must.”

We get out of bed, leave the room and start walking down the stairs. As we turn the corner into the kitchen we see daddy cooking, nude of course. He hears us and turns around. elvankent escort bayan “Good morning my beautiful daughters.”

We both walk up to him and each kiss him on one of his cheeks. After that we both kiss a side of his neck, while each reaching a hand down to play with his very large penis. “Let’s save this for later,” he says while pulling back. “Let me finish cooking this so I don’t burn it and we can eat. After breakfast we can take a shower.”

“Sounds good daddy,” we say in unison.

Emily and I kiss while both leaning up against him. We break our kiss and go to sit down at the kitchen table. As Emily sits she gasps a little. “Ooh, Daddy, thank you,” she says. She still has the vibrating butt plug in from last night. I notice the controller in daddy’s hand. He leaves it on the slowest setting and sets the controller on the countertop. I can hear the faint hum of the plug while dad finishes up cooking.

Emily looks flushed and is moving around in her seat a little. Dad finishes, plates our food, and brings it over to us. As he brings the last plate over he sits down.

“Emily, come over here and sit on my lap while you eat.”

Emily gets up and walks over to daddy.

“I want to eat while I am inside of you and you have the plug vibrating your ass.”

As daddy holds up his penis Emily turns around, facing me, and slowly lowers herself onto him. I can tell when he first enters her by the smile on her face. After a few seconds of lowering she takes all of daddy and is sitting in his lap.

“Go ahead and eat honey,” he says, as he reaches behind her to start eating.

She is not moving up and down, he is not thrusting. She is just sitting in his lap, with him fully inside of her and the plug vibrating her ass.

Emily starts to eat as well. For what’s going on, we have a surprisingly normal breakfast and talk about what we are going to do today. As we all finish, Emily starts rising and sinking, taking daddy in and out.

“I am about to cum baby,” daddy says after two minutes of this.

“I want it on my face daddy,” I say.

He asks Emily to stand up, stands up himself and walks over to me. I get out of my chair and kneel in front of him. Emily walks over and kneels beside me. “I want some too,” she exclaims.

“Don’t forget to keep your eyes open the whole time,” he says.

“Always daddy,” we both say.

After a few strokes I feel the first rope on my face. Daddy then aims at Emily and sprays two thick ropes, one on each side of her face, with some in her hair. emek escort bayan He turns back toward me and sprays a few more ropes from my forehead to my chin on each side of my face.

“Lean down a little honey,” he says.

I know what he wants. I look down towards the ground so he can cum in my hair. I feel it hit the top of my head.

“Don’t forget about me daddy,” Emily says.

I look up and see Emily looking down and daddy unload the last two ropes of his cum into her hair. When he’s done Emily looks up and over at me. We both smile at each other, lean in and give each other a kiss. We make out using our tongues for a few seconds. I pull back. Her face is completely covered, and I feel mine is too.

“Look up and say cheese,” says daddy.

He is holding his phone so we both look into the camera, smile, and say “cheeeeeeeeese.”

“That will make an excellent screensaver,” he says. “Who wants coffee?”

Emily and I both say that we do. As daddy walks over to the coffee pot to pour us our cups, we sit back down at the table, leaving his cum on our faces. We know daddy likes us to leave it on for a while.

As daddy walks over and hands us our cups he sits down and says “I am the luckiest man on the planet. I have the two most beautiful girls in the world as my daughters and lovers, and my cum is all over their faces and hair.

After we finish our coffee daddy says “please clean up each other’s faces for me while I record it.”

“Anything for you daddy,” I say as I lean over to Emily and start licking his cum off her face. With each lap of my tongue I bring it into my mouth and swallow it. After running my tongue all over her face for a minute I have cleaned and eaten all of daddy’s cum.

Emily leans in toward me and starts to lick my face. I love the slurping sounds she is making as she eats our daddy’s cum off of my face. When she is done she kisses me. I feel her tongue and reciprocate. As we kiss I feel her hand on the side of my head tucking my hair behind my ear, then she moves it down to the side of my neck, wrapping her fingers around the back of it. She is pulling me closer into her.

I reach out with both hands and place one on the back of her head, the other starts caressing her right breast. After a few minutes she pulls away and starts to kiss my neck, then my shoulder, and then back up to my neck. She then makes her way up to my ear and starts sticking her tongue in it. After a minute of this she pulls away and touches the tip of her nose to the tip of mine while looking directly into my eyes.

“I love you so much sis,” Emily says to me, then plants a soft kiss on my lips.

“I love you too Em.”

We pull away, look at the camera, and each blow it a kiss while smiling and giggling. We hear daddy stop the video and set the phone down.

“Wow,” he says. “That was amazing. How about that shower now?”

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