Daddy’s Girl’s Frenzy


She stood waiting for her Daddy to pick her up, when she received a text from him telling her a limo will be arriving shortly for her and she is to use it and enjoy. She smiled but, quickly frowned as her breasts throbbed with pain. She wanted to press her arms over them to shut the pain out but could not since it would only cause them to leak more. Her padding in her bra was soaked as it was and it was starting to leak through her tee shirt and her blouse. She groaned moving gently back and forth in a little rock as she looked down the road to see a black limo moving her way.

She cried out with joy as it pulled to a stop in front of her. The driver stepped out, came around, nodded at her opening the door, so she could step inside. It was dark inside as it was getting outside from the looks of an afternoon rain. She felt the leather of the seat touch the back of her thighs as she sat down, snuggling into the seat. She sighed in relief as the cool air blew onto her heated skin and raising her arms, lifter her hair off her neck as she settled her head back against the seat. She momentarily closed her eyes enjoying the coolness settling over her as she listened for the door to be closed and the driver to return and start them on their way.

She did not notice the man that was seated in the shadows of the vehicle. She was in too much pain and comfort to even take notice of this. She moved her hands to her blouse as the car started moving. She could not unbutton her blouse quick enough, so she ripped it to open it. She was lost in the need to free her breasts, as she did not hear the growl of arousal coming from the man witnessing keçiören escort her display of need. She finally got her torn blouse off of herself, when she reached down to pull the tee shirt up and over her head. She looked down, groaning at the site of her bra soaked with milk and sticky on her skin where it had dried in spots.

She lifted her back off the seat again to reach behind and unhook her bra and removed it off her shoulders to expose engorged breasts with engorged nipples dripping with milk. She moves her hands up to her nipples and rubs them over releasing more milk as she did so. She cried out as the milk squirted between her fingers, to land on her thighs as she widen her hips to pull the skirt up to show she was nude underneath and just as wet between her legs as she was getting from her milk.

His breath was stolen momentarily at the site of her milk squirting out from between her fingers. He has never seen such a stunning site in his life. He growled deep as his hand its way down to his cock moving in a slow stroke watching as she was in a sexual frenzy. She was a gorgeous site with the milk flowing over her skin coating her. The sounds of sloppiness from the wetness of the milk and her hands releasing more was almost unbearable to him. His mouth watered wanting to taste her and lick as much of that milk as he could as he fucked her roughly.

She did not see the man becoming animalisitic in his arousal to what she was doing. She was in a need of hot, steamy fuck as she milked herself for relief. She moved one hand down to her thighs pulling her skirt up, but then moves her etlik escort other hand and reaches down to pull her skirt off her hips. She cried out when they were off and reached back up to squeeze her breasts again as milk flowed out in a rush, rolling down her chest slowly moving toward her groin as she moved a hand down pushing the milk down to have it cover her pussy. She moaned when she touched her pussy and let her fingers open herself wide as she stuck them inside to pump in and out as more milk flowed down over her stomach.

He moved slowly as he got up and removed his clothes, watching this beautiful woman work herself into a wild frenzy of hot desire. He ached and throbbed like crazy but knew he and she would be relieved when he slid his huge cock up into her hot, slick pussy to fuck her and himself into a wild mindless need. He stood staring at her as she soaked her skin in milk, and listened intently to her cries of relief as her breasts were being emptied. She centered herself on her need to be emptied and the fire between her thighs to be diffused to notice the man standing naked looking down upon her with a raw naked hunger clouding his eyes and mind to anything but fucking her senseless.

He had enough, he had to get to her now or he would be releasing himself where he stood. He growled as he got on his knees kneeling before her. She gasped out and jumped as he was in front of her. She was stunned but it was too late, she looked over his body in seconds and hers automatically reached for his instantly. She moved her legs quick bringing them up and wrapping around his hips. Giving him a look rus escort of total submission as his hands took over hers on her breasts. She reached with her hands, placing them on his back as he grabbed a hold of her breasts, bringing forth a cry from her as his mouth descended on her engorged nipple, sucking it deep in his mouth as her milk filled him as he sucked the sweetness from her.

She moved her hips closer to his finding his rod of steel to have it push deeply into her, taking her higher on this need of arousal. His rod found her heat and sank deeply into it. They both could be heard groaning deeply from such exquisite heat taking over the both of them. He did not move, he was afraid he would lose it if he did. He pulled back from her one nipple to take her other on and suckle more sweetness from her. She moved her hips, grinding against him as her need escalated higher than it was, taking her mind into the sky of kaleidoscope of colors as her cries soared her further up into them.

He jerked his hips, moving deeper inside as he moved back and pushed harder into her, taking his time to enjoy what she offered so freely to him. He was in the clouds with her as his body took over and started moving in a frenzy along with hers. They both fucked like animals, growling, moaning, groaning, teasing, seducing, tasting, kissing with the milk flowing over them both covering the sweat they have created as the heat rose into a volcanic flow inside of their minds to rush down into their loins, pushing them into a higher need of desire.

He jerked as he bellowed out with her cries flowing with his while their bodies melded into one complete unit, complimenting each other, flowing on the highest clouds two can. They both quieted. yet still throbbed and jerked as they came down from their orgasms. It took awhile yet, she smiled and held him close to her enjoying his comfort as they began to relax.

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