Daddy’s Home – New Life Ch. 01 Pt. 03

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[pre-story]I’m REALLY glad I managed to build up a buffer over the last couple months. Writer’s block is a bitch. Daddy’s Home: New Life continues! The meeting gets put on hold, and William meets some more of the local ladies! Sorry, still no sex just yet. As always, I hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: All characters are 18+


Daddy’s Home: New Life; Chapter 1, Part 3

William jolted awake as his brain screamed ‘FALLING!’, his limbs suddenly flailing instinctively to try and stabilize him only to end up slamming his elbow painfully into the floor. “Guh- Fuck!” he cursed, wincing and sharply pulling his arm up to his chest to cradle his bashed elbow. He groaned inwardly, and slowly opened his eyes, only to see three faces looking down at him from above, Ms. Yoshida, plus two he didn’t recognize. She was joined by a pair of tawny-skinned girls, freckle-dusted faces framed by thick manes of springy curls, one with dark brown hair, the other dyed a bright aqua blue.

The blue-haired one smirked, wryly, and looked back at the others. “See? He’s already waking up.” She commented, gesturing slightly with something William suddenly realized was an open pocket knife. He stiffened with apprehension, his confusion deepening.

“Oh, thank god.” Kanae breathed, visibly relieved, sinking down to sit on her ankles.

The brown-haired girl shot the blue-haired one a look, then looked back down to William, her expression worried. “I- I apologize, Sir, I should have stopped her, please don’t be…” she began, starting to babble, then stopped herself. She closed her eyes, took a breath, and when she opened them again, her expression was calm, soft and reassuring. “Please relax, Sir, you’re okay, but you shouldn’t move just yet. You passed out, briefly, due to restricted blood flow. It appears your collar was too tight around your neck, not enough to fully stop blood flow, but enough to slow it down so that, in your heightened emotional state, you couldn’t get enough oxygen to your brain.” She explained. “We were working to release the tension, but…”

The blue-haired one interjected. “BUT, they were taking too long, and since time was of the essence…” She explained, holding up the pocket knife in one hand, and in the other, the remains of his necktie, cleanly cut through, right next to the knot. “I figured it was worth sacrificing a cheap tie to make sure you could still have the ability to, you know, talk.” She clarified, pointedly, shooting a look back at her sister.

William blinked, processing all this new information for a moment. Then another. It was a lot to take in, after all. His hand went up to nis neck, feeling his now-opened collar and the raw edge where the girl’s knife sliced it open. “So… I’m okay, then? Nothing too serious?” He finally asked.

The brown haired girl nodded. “You should be alright now, however, since you did lose consciousness, I have to recommend getting a full examination, just to be completely safe and make sure there was no lasting damage.”

William groaned inwardly, again, and pushed himself up to a sitting position. “I’m- I’m alright, I think, besides, I was in the middle of a meeting with Ms. Yoshida here…” He began to put together an excuse, only to be abruptly cut off as Kanae spoke dikmen escort up..

“Mr. Thomas, I believe the primary matter of our meeting is concluded for the moment, and as it seems you have a pressing matter to attend to, we can safely delay discussing the details.” Kanae spoke in a calm, practiced manner as she pushed herself to her feet, straightened her skirt, and offered a curt bow. “I believe the sisters will be able to escort you to the front door. Please, feel free to call and schedule a follow-up appointment after your business at the hospital.” She added, simply.

William gave a small sigh of resignation, pushing himself to his feet, the other girls doing the same. “…Alright, then, I suppose I probably should get checked out…” He muttered, then turned, allowing himself to be escorted out the door by the two girls.

The doctor clicked his flashlight off and lowered it from William’s eyes, nodding as he tucked it into a pocket. “Well. No signs of a concussion from your fall, no obvious symptoms of brain damage from lack of blood flow… Seems like there’s no complications.” He announced, standing up and holding his tablet up in front of him, re-reading his chart. “It is a little odd that a healthy individual like you would pass out from just a tight collar, though. I’m going to have to check your blood pressure and run a circulatory assessment. Unfortunately, I have other patients that I need to check in on, but a nurse will be in shortly to examine you.” He explained, curtly, already turning for the door before William could even grunt affirmatively.

William was suddenly alone in the silent exam room, sighing slightly and reclining back on the exam table, the crinkle of the paper sheet beneath him breaking the silence. He pulled out his phone, idly flicking this way and that, searching for something to keep himself occupied as he waited. He’d shed the remains of his too-small dress shirt, leaving him in just his khakis and a white undershirt, the thin material stretched over his muscular torso like a second skin, clinging to every contour of sculpted granite muscle.

He heard the click of the door latch and looked up, eyes widening slightly in surprise as he recognized the pair of nurses walking into the room. The sisters who’d been there when he’d woken up had apparently changed between then and now, dressed in matching light blue scrubs. “Well, well, look who it is.” The blue haired one commented with a smirk as she closed the door behind them.

“I could say the same. You’re nurses?” William replied.

“Don’t sound SO surprised.” The blue-haired one shot back.

William raised his hands in a defensive gesture. “No offense meant, you just seemed a little young to be nurses.”

The brown haired one bit her lip before speaking up. “Well, um, technically, we’re trainees… We’re still in school, but we work here part time for course credit…” She explained, then paused, suddenly looking horrified. “Oh, but don’t worry, we know what we’re doing!” She hastily assured.

The blue haired one grinned. “Yup! One quadruple amputation, as ordered! Lemme go get the bone saw.”

William smirked, and the brown-haired one looked exasperated. “…I’m sorry about my sister. I’m Layla Washington, elvankent escort and I’ll be taking care of you.”

The blue-haired one rolled her eyes. “Kayla Washington. And before you ask, yes, we’re twins, we’re identical, and we aren’t telepathic.”

William blinked, mentally stumbling as she answered the first three questions that came to mind before he’d even had a chance to ask them. “…Okay, good to know.” He replied, after a moment, then shook his head. “William Thomas.” He added, introducing himself.

“Pleased to meet you in less… tense circumstances, Mr. Thomas.” Layla replied, that mask of professional serenity once more coming over her as she raised up her phone and took a second look at the display. “We’ll be taking your vitals and performing a circulation assessment this afternoon, do you have any questions?”

William shook his head. “Nope, I’m all yours, girls. Just be gentle.” He chuckled as the two approached the exam table, moving off to either side of him. Kayla swiftly attached a monitor to one finger, and Layla wrapped a pressure cuff around his bicep, putting her stethoscope into her ears as she set to work pumping it up.

Kayla spoke up, after a moment or two. “Thomas, huh? Haven’t heard of that branch. Your folks move outta town or something?” She inquired.

William shook his head “From what I heard, it was definitely more of an ‘or something’ kinda thing…” He muttered, then paused. “Wait. I only just found out I was related to the whole… Johnson… clan… thing. How’d you know?” He asked, arching an eyebrow at her.

Kayla smirked. “It’s not hard to guess who’s related to the Johnsons and who isn’t, big guy. The guys are all tall and buff, and the ladies have some, as you may have noticed, spectacular tits.” She commented, playfully leaning forward a little to let her breasts hang off her slender chest and give him a glimpse down her neckline into the deep cleavage underneath.

William’s eyes widened for a moment before he managed to rip them away, his face flushing. Even in scrubs, the world’s least-flattering clothes, there was no denying she and her sister did have some incredible bodies, most notably, breasts that were easily the size of ripe cantaloupes, standing out proudly from their slender, youthful frames. William had been trying not to notice them, though it was certainly tough. Before today, he’d never seen anything larger than an E-cup in person, at least, not on any woman who wasn’t overweight. But here, there were tits and asses that would have made porn stars envious on almost every other woman he passed on the way into town. These two were probably just barely out of high school, and they had bodies that porn stars would pay tens of thousands of dollars to imitate with surgeries and treatments…

Kayla snickered at his reaction. “Oh wow, you MUST be new in town. I haven’t seen a blush like that in years.” She laughed. The device on his finger suddenly beeped, and Kayla swiftly removed it, glancing at the display before setting it aside and shaking her head dismissively. “Numbers all look pretty normal, but we still gotta do the assessment.” She commented as she went to work, picking up his wrist in one hand and looking closely at his fingers. William emek escort thought, for a moment, that might be the end of the conversation, but then Kayla shifted, and he felt something press against his upper arm, something big, soft, and warm…

William tried very hard to ignore the feeling of the teenager’s melon-sized breasts resting on his arm. Kayla was silent for a moment as she carefully examined each of his fingers in turn, pinching each segment between finger and thumb for a moment before pulling away, watching how quickly the color returned to his skin. One might think she was just very focused on her task, but he could practically feel her smirking as she slowly went through the procedure, occasionally shifting to remind him of her presence. “I really like your cologne.” She spoke, breaking the tense silence. “The boys at school douse themselves with spray-on deodorant instead of showering, you can practically taste it when you pass them in the hall. But I like this scent. It’s subtle, a little sophisticated, mature, but very… masculine…” She elaborated with a sultry purr as she pressed her chest against his arm a little more firmly.

William was about to reply that he wasn’t wearing any cologne, when a sharp mechanical hiss from his other side interrupted, and he looked over to see Layla letting the air out of the pressure cuff and glaring across the exam table at her sister. “What are you doing?” She demanded, her voice little louder than a whisper.

“Assessing distal lividity.” Kayle replied back, smugly.

“Really? ‘Cause it looks like you’re sexually harassing a patient!” She shot back, angrily.

“Relax, I’m just having a little fun, and he’s certainly not complaining…” Kayla replied, without looking at her sister or even pausing her examination. “In fact, I bet he wouldn’t mind a little symmetry, if you know what I mean. He’s totally your type, isn’t he?”

Layla sputtered indignantly for a moment, then closed her eyes and took another deep breath, calming herself down before opening her eyes again. “Fine. I’ll just go get started on the lower extremities.” she declared, then turned to face William. “Mr. Thomas, would you please remove your socks?” She asked.

“Oh, sure.” William replied, lifting one foot up to his lap and starting to pull off his sock by the toe.

“That’s not the procedure.” Kayla abruptly announce in a playful sing-song tone, and William paused, confused.

Layla’s lips tightened. “…It’s fine. It’s at the practitioner’s discretion.”

“It’s at the practitioner’s discretion to determine if they’re short enough. These are full-length.” Kayla rebutted.

Layla closed her eyes once more, struggling to maintain her composure. “…Why are you doing this?”

Kayla smirked, still not looking in her direction. “Because I’m right, because you’re my sister, and because I like watching you squirm. Besides, I know you’re as curious as I am.”

Layla searched for a response for a moment, trying to justify a way out of this, but eventually, her shoulders slumped and she let out a defeated sigh, before speaking up again “…Mr. Thomas, would you please remove your pants, as well?”

William glanced back and forth between the sisters, uncertainly, for a moment, before slowly reaching for his belt buckle. As his fingers loosened the clasp, he tried not to think about the twin teenage girls he was about to expose himself too, or about the fact that they were both built like sex machines, or the feeling of cantaloupe-sized breasts pressed against his shoulder…

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