Daddy’s Panty Fetish

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*Author’s Note: I’m thinking about making this into a series. Let me know if you want to read more.*


“That’s the good stuff,” he tried to keep his voice low, hoping that the blaring television he’d left on in the den had muffled his voice. He leaned back against the sink, burying his nose even deeper into the scrap of cotton. He wished she would wear daintier, frilly underwear. Maybe he could talk his wife into buying them for her?

He’d had the sneaking suspicion that his little girl had become sexually active a few months ago. He didn’t have proof, but from the amount of cream on the inside of her panties, she had definitely discovered herself. He’d discovered her, too. He’d never had out-of-the-way feelings for his eighteen-year-old goddess, but she was developing into a beautiful young woman. He didn’t dare act on his lust. He’d have to settle for rummaging through the hamper instead.

It was a stroke of genius to disconnect some of the pipes in her private bathroom. Now she had to use the downstairs bathroom while he acted clueless as to the cause of the malfunction. Sometimes he caught himself waiting in his den across the hall, hoping to see her emerge naked, skin glowing and flushed from the warm water, but to no avail. She always brought her change of clothes with her.

He flicked his tongue, testing the taste of her. She tasted much better than her mother. He closed his maltepe escort eyes, imagining that he was actually licking her instead of her discarded panties. He used his free hand to cup his throbbing erection through his sweats. How he wished he could spread her legs wide and pound her, at least then he wouldn’t have to wander over the state of her maidenhead. He could take it himself. The thought had him pushing down his pants and stroking his cock nice and slow.

He smeared some of her juice across his lips, breathing deeply again before reaching down and sliding her little panties up and down his cock. He let his imagination run free. He thought about her raven hair, her brown eyes, and her milky skin. He’d seen her around the house in thin t-shirts and no bra, and he fantasized about cupping her little tits and sucking on her eraser-sized nipples.

His hips bucked as his free hand moved lower to cup his own balls. He licked his lips, thinking how lovely his little angel would look sucking on his cock, bouncing the engorged head against her flattened tongue. At 46, he wasn’t exactly a catch anymore as the middle-age spread started to kick in, but he’d take care of her and make sure no one ever hurt her. His dick wasn’t as large as some of the ‘pythons’ featured in his collection of internet porn; he had to keep it hidden from his Bible-beating wife- she barely condoned mamak escort sex between married people.

He concentrated harder on Jill, stroking his dick even faster, tightening the material. “Oh baby, do you want Daddy’s fat cock in that little kitten?” His head lulled back as he rocked back on his heels, imitating the vision in his mind of picking Jill up by her lithe waist and wrapping her legs around his waist. He’d thrust into her as she vigorously bounced up and down.

“That’s it, take it. Want it harder?” He wouldn’t care if she didn’t. He liked to get a little rough, but her mother wouldn’t allow it. He bet Jill would like it if he lubed up a finger and shoved it in her puckered asshole.

He could smell their combined scents in the bathroom and his hips started bucking into his hand. He emptied his entire load into her panties, clenching his jaw muscles tight to keep from shouting with his release.

He cleaned himself up with a washcloth and tossed her violated panties back into the hamper. He’d get up early and put the load of clothes in to wash, just in case Jill’s Mother caught on. She’d have him crucified if she even suspected him of such unclean thoughts.

He turned to leave the bathroom, stumbling to a halt as he opened the door. He nearly ran face-first into Jill. His heart sank into his toes. Had she knocked? Called out to him? How much had ofise gelen escort she heard? He pushed past her, acting as if the hounds of Hell were already chasing him. “Bathroom’s all yours sweetheart,” he managed before slamming the door to his den, retreating to his private sanctum to try and figure out what his darling daughter may or may not know.

Jill stood in front of the mirror stunned and horny as hell. She’d seen the whole thing through the keyhole in the door. She’d forgotten to get her sapphire ring off the sink after her shower, and she’d waited outside the door for her Dad. Then she heard his voice coming from the other side of the thin wooden barrier separating them.

She looked down the hall for her tyrant of a mother. She thought touching yourself was degrading and sinful- which made it even more intriguing for her teenage daughter. Her pussy was already soaking wet, coating her little fingers in her juices. She knelt down in front of the door, massaging her clit as she watched her father jack off into her panties. Usually it took a lot more to get her horny.

She shivered, engrossed by the scene before her. She came only seconds before he did, quickly righting herself and tucking her slimy hand behind her back, out of sight. She could hardly look him in the eye. She didn’t think he’d seen her; he’d been too busy playing with himself.

She washed her hands and replaced her forgotten ring on her middle finger. She could work this new knowledge to her advantage. She could have everything she wanted, her first date with a boy, new clothes, a car…maybe even fuck her father. She smiled to herself, taking her soiled panties with her as she left the bathroom.

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