Daddy’s Tool Ch. 02

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Darla felt the cum running down her leg. Her dad’s cock was still buried deep in her snatch and thus had her pinned to the kitchen counter. She couldn’t move. Instantly the barrage of questions filled her head… What happened? How did this happen? Of course these were all rhetorical questions. She knew what had happened. But how could she let it happen?!?!!

Mac finally released his grip and pulled out with a plop. His cum spewed from Darla’s cunt like hot lava. They were both at a loss for words… definitely an awkward moment for them both.

Mac bent down to pull up his pants and caught a whif of Darla’s well-fucked, soaking cunt. He looked up and saw her red, swollen well-used cunt lips. He couldn’t help but smile as he leaned forward and planted a kiss right smack on her pussy tasting their fuck juices.

Mac’s action startled Darla back to reality. She quickly put her leg down. Her nightie fell over her gorgeous, curvaceous ass. She tried rather unsuccessfully to regain a tad bit of modesty. Without a word, she turned and ran straight to her bedroom unable to face her father.

Mac stood in the kitchen with a shit-eating grin on his face knowing full well this woman, this beautiful creature — his daughter — was under his spell. He would make her his again whether she wanted to or not.

Darla paced her room still unable to fully process what had occurred in the kitchen. It was like an out-of-body experience. She felt numb, like she was looking from the outisde in. Snipets of what transpired in the kitchen replayed in her mind like previews to a movie. She was riddled with questions. And she was extremely confused.

She could feel Mac’s cum running down her leg. There was no doubt in her mind that her father had just fucked her. She couldn’t shake the empty feeling. Her dad’s cock was huge in comparison to Tony’s…. thicker too! It had reached her so deep. She’d never been with another man other than Tony. Tony!?!? What would he say?!? What would he do?!?! He’d leave her for sure. She was in a panic.

The knocking at her bedroom door snapped her out of her frenzy, “knock, knock”. She could hear someone pacing outside her bedroom door. Again he knocked, “knock, knock”. She knew, of course, that it was her dad. She didn’t answer and soon all was quiet.

A few minutes later, Darla jumped in the shower thinking that perhaps she could wash the confusion away. She stood under the warm water letting it cascade over her body. It enveloped her and provided the warmth she needed. The shock of it all had left her cold right down to her bones. She didn’t know quite what to feel. She wanted ~ needed! ~ to feel dirty, but in fact her body felt alive and fresh. She tingled with excitement. Soon Darla was soaping her body. She lathered her tits, covering her erect nipples with suds and soon escort ataşehir she was massaging her bosom with such sexiness. Her hands then traveled south to her sore cunt, soaping it up, lathering her pubes. Her finger traced her pussy lips, her sweet snatch had taken quite a fucking. A moan escaped her. Her mind was focused on one thing… her dad’s cock. Without realizing it Darla started fingering herself, first one then two fingers. Her moans became louder as her fingers pistoned in and out of her cunt. She wished her fingers were in fact her daddy’s thick, veiny cock fucking her again. She had to have him one more time, one more time before Tony came home. She closed her eyes and replayed the images of her getting fucked senseless by her father. She rubbed her clit to an epxlosive orgasm.

A short time later Darla emerged from her bedroom, determined. She had on a summer dress with absolutely nothing underneath. She was on the prowl. She opened the pantry door that led out to the garage and just as she’d hoped, her dad was working on getting the van running, his legs sticking out from underneath the van.

Mac didn’t hear Darla. She stood over her father with one leg on either side of the mechanic’s cart and cleared her throat, “Daddy, do you want something to drink?”

When Mac heard her voice, he couldn’t help but smile. She wanted him. He heard it in her voice. And he needed her… if only once more. At that moment, there was no doubt in his mind that she was back for more. Mac reached out to try and roll out from underneath the van and found Darla’s legs on either side of his cart. He used her legs for leverage to pull himself out. As Mac rolled completely out, he could see straight up his daughter’s dress. And there for him to enjoy was her beautiful, curvaceous, womanly body.

Darla squat down brining her cunt inches from Mac’s face and asked coyly, “Daddy, are you hungry or thirsty?” Mac reached up and grabbed her white, milky thighs with his dirty, greasy hands and brought Darla’s pussy down to his face. He was hungry and ready to feast.

Mac made love to Darla’s cunt with his mouth. There was no doubt he was an experienced lover. He took his time when he nibbled on her clit, when he licked up and down her pussy lips and when he stuck his tongue up her juicy snatch. He was devouring her whole. Mac massaged Darla’s ass, spreading her cheeks and bringing her down to his mouth. His actions were raw and forceful. Darla couldn’t help but make mental comparisons. Max was so manly and took control of her body. He was a man of action. He knew what he wanted and took it, whereas Tony was somewhat more verbal and thoughtful. Each had his own style, but right now she enjoyed being taken by her daddy. She was in heaven. She felt her dad’s strong, callous hands on her thighs bringing her down kadıköy escort bayan to him. He took his time devouring her pussy, kissing and licking every inch. And then his tongue reached her asshole. Darla was startled, shocked. But it felt so damn good. Tony had never tasted her there before. She never knew it could feel so wickedly awesome. Mac licked her beautiful, brown bud running his tongue lightly around her hole and up and down her crack. It sent shivers up Darla’s spine. He could feel her goose bumps. He smiled. He would make her his whore and her virgin ass would be his for the taking.

She pulled her dress up exposing her sweet ass. She wanted to give him full access. She could feel him enjoying her ass. She loved the way he left his greasy hand imprints on her legs and thighs. Mac went back to nibbling and lightly biting his daughter’s clit, taking it in his mouth and sucking on it and humming as he did. The vibrations drove Darla wild. She looked down just as he opened his eyes. Their eyes met. Max could see the lust in her eyes and Darla could see the hunger in his. They exchanged smiles. They were both so filled with passion, lost in their world and oblivious of the fact that the garage door was wide open and anyone could see what they were doing.

Darla started an up and down motion as Mac’s tongue probed her pussy. She was so wet. Her pussy was practically gushing. Mac reached up and grabbed her tits… massaging them and pinching her nipples evoking a loud moan from Darla.

“Take off your fucking dress,” Mac said huskily. Darla momentarily snapped back to reality. She looked up and around and noticed the garage door wide open. “Daddy, the garage door is open and anyone can see us,” she moaned.

“I know. That makes it that more exciting and sexy. Now obey your father and take off your filthy dress you fucking little whore, or I will rip it off, take you out to your front lawn, lay you over my knee and smack your ass senseless so that next time you don’t question me!” Mac sounded rather authoritative. Darla was stunned, but very turned on by her father’s caveman attitude. There was no arguing. Darla pulled the dress up and over her head naked for all to see. But she didn’t give a shit. Her body was on fire.

Darla stood up momentarily, turned around and came down on her knees facing away from her father. In the 69 position, her pussy was still accessible. In fact in this position, Mac had better access to her ass and Darla had access to Mac’s cock. She unzipped his pants and whipped out his thick cock. She bent down to put it in her mouth… she could smell her pussy juices on his cock from the fuck earlier in the day. Although she couldn’t bring herself to suck Tony’s cock on a regular basis, it was different with Max. She felt the urge to please her father. She licked escort bostancı up and down her daddy’s thick cock, taking it in her mouth and sucking it like a lollipop. Mac was in heaven. Darla raked her long nails on his balls and down his scrotum. Darla’s awesome sucking abilities brought him close to cumming, but Mac wasn’t ready to cum yet. He wanted to bury his cock deep in his little girl’s cunt.

Mac stopped feasting on Darla’s cunt long enough to order her to get up. She hesitated. She wasn’t ready to stop sucking his beautiful daddy cock. He slapped her hard on the ass. This caused her to moan and wiggle her ass. He smacked her rump a few more times, leaving his greasy prints on both her ass cheeks. He told her to stop. He was ready to move the party indoors.

She got up and reached for her dress, but he told her not to bother. Mac got up behind her and for the first time took her in his arms. She stood there naked shielded from the world by his strong and rugged body. He turned her naked body around and brought her to him. Her tits pressed against his chest, his hands reached down and cupped her round, soft ass. She hugged him. She’d always felt safe and protected in her daddy’s arms. Today was no different other than the fact that she stood before him naked and he had lust in his eyes. Their faces came together and he kissed her. His kiss was hungry and passionate. His hands caressed her delicate, soft body going from her back to her ass bringing her in closer to him. She returned his kiss, carressing his strong back. They became one.

They broke off the kiss long enough to realize they were still in the garage with the door wide open for everyone to see. They looked at each other and smiled. Mac smacked Darla tenderly on her ass and told her to get her naked ass in the house. He told her he would tidy up a bit and he would be in shortly. She turned to walk in the house, stopped and looked back. She gave him puppy eyes and told him not to be long. He assured her he’d be right in.

Mac watched as she walked sexily, swaying that beautiful ass knowing full well he was watching her. She swaggered wantonly. Soon she was in the house. She walked, or rather she ran up to her bedroom and jumped in the shower. She knew she had grease all over her body. She took a shower, cleaned up and put on a sexy number for her father. Darla stood in front of the mirror admiring her body. She ran her hands up and down the silky negligee, pinching her nipples, getting herself worked up. She wanted his cock deep in her cunt. Where was he? He was taking too long!! In her mind, seconds turned into hours.

Mac deliberately took his time making Darla wait. He knew she would be more than ready when he made his way into her bedroom. She’d be so worked up she’d do anything to make him happy. And although he’d be happy to fuck her sweet pussy, he’d be happiest with his thick cock buried deep in her virgin ass. He checked his watch, it’d been twenty minutes. Just as he was about to close the garage door he heard a man’s voice, “Hey Mac, your wife told me I could find you here…”

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