Dad’s Banana

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I always thought my dad was the coolest dad in our neighborhood, just because he was modern, he liked all my friends, and I sort of had a man-crush on him. After all, he was one to walk around the house naked, especially after mom passed away and I went to the local college.

Especially in the mornings, I would get ready for class, and he would be shaving in the bathroom in the nude, with his hairy belly out for the world to see and his hairy nipples were usually hard. He was never hard and his balls were nice-sized, and I couldn’t help but stare as I sat on the toilet. He never saw me staring, to my knowledge.

I lived at home while in college, which was just down the street, which saved on room and board AND gas to get to school and back.

Dad was at work one day, he was a plumber, and I was in a frisky mood and went snooping around his bedroom, which now had a queen size bed just for dad since mom was gone. I looked under the mattress and of course saw girlie magazines, some hard core, and I liked my dad even more now. Especially when I pictured him getting his rocks off.

I opened the nightstand drawer on his side of the bed, and saw the oddest thing. It was a hollowed out banana wrapped in grey duct tape. I couldn’t for the life of me think what it was for, until I unwrapped the cellophane and got a poker oyna fresh smell of cum. He had made his own jack-off toy by cutting off the ends of a banana, wrapping duct tape around it to make it firmer, and taking out the meat of the fruit. I felt the inside, and it had some slippery stuff still in it, so I knew he had recently busted a nut.

I put the thing back in the drawer and went out to the living room and I saw dad drive up with another guy in the car, had no idea who. I took a seat on the couch and pretended like I was studying, and in they walked, my dad and his stud co-worker and longtime friend Raymond. After a short chit-chat, they went into the bedroom and I heard the drawer open and a short time later heard Raymond sort of giggling. I knew exactly what dad did, he showed off his “invention.”

A couple days later, I came home from class and dad was home for lunch, and I walked in, walked down the hall to my bedroom, and saw my dad’s bedroom door half closed. I peeked in and he was using his banana wanker. I watched and then walked in, and he got really pissed off. I told him to calm down, and after a talk with him, everything was cool.

The next morning, he was getting ready for work and I went into the bathroom, sat down on the stool and just stared at his dick, which now was twitching probably canlı poker oyna because he knew I was watching. I complimented him on his dick, and he told me I shouldn’t say stuff like that, and then told him if he knew what I had done to a lot of my friends, he would blush. His response? “I raised a god damned cocksucking faggot?” I replied “You sure did, and I can’t get enough.”

Well, THAT got a rise out of him, if you know what I mean. He did all he could to hide it, quickly putting the razor away and getting dressed and leaving for work.

That afternoon, Raymond stopped over and toldme that dad had explained to him what had happened, and Raymond, being the stud that he was, couldn’t care less what I was, he just flat-out said “You wanna suck my cock, faggot?” And with that, I reached and unzipped his jeans and fished out about an 8-inch uncut dick and went to town. “Damn, I’m gonna have to tell your dad how good you are,” he said.

Which made me ecstatic.

After Raymond came all over my face, I cleaned up and started dinner for dad, and he showed up about an hour later. He mentioned he and Raymond had a talk, and dad said he told him not to be so hard on me. I apologized to dad for the way he had to find out, and he didn’t say a word.

The next morning, the bathroom ritual continued, but only internet casino this time dad got real hard and he turned away from the sink and mirror, walked over to me and basically said “Suck me off, son.”

He didn’t need to tell me twice. I’ve never heard my dad make sounds like that, but when he was ready, he pulled out and gave me about 5 heavy streams of daddy goo, and I kept sucking until his cock was clean. “Damn, son, Raymond was right. It still isn’t right what we did, but I can tolerate it now.”

I said “I hope that’s not the last time I can please you. Better than a hollowed out banana, isn’t it?” He just laughed.

I went to the job site where they were working, because I had some mail for dad concerning mom’s will that I thought was important for him to open and read. He and Raymond were downstairs in the basement of the new house they were helping build, and I noticed Raymond feeling himself up. I licked my lips when he looked at me, and he took out his cock and I started lapping it up. Dad was horny and he, too, whipped out his tool, and they gave me a double ride and both came all over me within seconds of one another. Some of Raymond’s landed in my hair, which turns me on. I like getting as messy as I can, and still do to this day, but only now on my beard.

I would be double-fucked in the mouth many more times, and even went 1-on-1 with them with the other one watching, taking turns. That continued for about a year and a half until Raymond and his wife moved away and dad passed on.

Sure was great while it lasted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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