Dad’s Intentions Ch. 04: Intrigued

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A couple of months after my graduation things happening with my dad were little dry so to speak. As much as I was trying to seduce him he wouldn’t do anything with me. When I was visiting he was very casual not even a kiss or a touch to show me that he wanted more. Sometimes it was upsetting but other times I was brushing it off thinking that it’s his loss.

But one day a text changed this dry spell. He texted me a couple of days before to let me know that my mum would be going to see my grandma who was ill, therefore he would be on his own and he wanted to see me. Obviously I called my mum to convey my sadness for my grandma’s illness but I couldn’t contain my inner happiness.

My heart flattered and I must have let out a scream because my flatmate asked me if everything was alright. After I replied to her that I was ok, I texted him back with an “Of course. No problem”.

I was trying to be cool but I couldn’t. I don’t think I slept for the rest of the night until I saw him again. That day I had a shower making sure as always that I’m nice and clean and then I found myself smiling as I was walking down the road towards our house

I unlocked the door and he was waiting for me in the corridor… He grabbed my chin as he always did and brought his face near to mine.

“Welcome home handsome boy” he said and he kissed me.

“Hey daddy” I replied all coy.

He immediately pushed me against the wall and his kiss became deeper with tongue action. His hands wondered inside my T-shirt and started rubbing my chest.

“I love your hairy chest Ian”, he said while he lifted my shirt and looked at it but when I went to touch him he grabbed my arms and stopped me.

‘I have a surprise for you’ he said and he took my hand. We entered the low lit room; my father had switched on 2 floor lamps radiating a warm and soft light around the room. While I was holding my dad’s hand I realised there was a woman sitting on the sofa.

She had a slender figure, blonde hair in a ponytail wearing a black cocktail dress with no bra with a deep décolleté.

‘What the fuck? Who’s this?’ I asked.

‘That’s Samantha. Daddy’s friend and she’s here to help us’

‘Help us with what?’ I replied immensely annoyed at the intrusion of this woman in a moment when I wanted to be alone with him.

‘Sit down son,’ he commanded with a serious tone in his voice.

‘I said sit down,’ he repeated.

I sat on the armchair across the sofa looking at both of them. I must have been frowning because my forehead hurt.

He sat opposite of me next to Sam with his legs open. He was wearing a pair of white washed jeans and a black t shirt but I could see his bulge growing.

‘You know when I asked you if you ever fucked a pussy?’ he asked while he was drinking his favourite drink, whiskey. His legs were open towards me, looking me seductively and rubbing his crotch. I swallowed hard and I nodded. He took a cigarette out of his packet and lit it.

‘Well the time has come and my friend here will help us’ blowing out the smoke.

‘No dad, I came here thinking…’

‘Thinking of what? That I’m gonna fuck you?’ he said with a tone of arrogance in his voice.

‘Dad’ I exclaimed!

‘What? Sam knows everything I do’ he explained looking at her. His hand was now on her thigh going higher, deeper between her legs, pulling her dress up.

‘Your father and I go back a long way’ she finally spoke as she placed her hand behind my father’s head rubbing his neck.

My stomach was in knots but I was feeling aroused.

‘As a good dad I should have taught you how to fuck a woman and about sex in general when you were younger but hey better late than never right son?’

Words couldn’t come out of my dry mouth. On one hand he was holding his cig and with the other hand had already uncovered Rita’s breasts and he was playing with her nipples which were hard like pebbles.

For a moment I felt betrayal; betrayal for my mother. How could he do that to her? But then I came back to reality. I had sex with him. We were doing something that no one else could understand.

His bulge was growing bigger when he reached for her dark red areola and started sucking it. She immediately tilted her head back and her fingers went through his hair and pulled it back.

‘Oh Nicolas’ she exhaled. ‘I can tell you what Ian, your dad is one of bursa otele gelen escort the best fuckers I had’ she said with half opened eyes looking at me.

I still couldn’t speak as I felt my cock growing inside my jeans.

My dad dropped himself on his knees in front of her and dragged her towards him. He opened her legs and looked at me.

‘This, my son is one of the sweetest pussies you’ll ever taste.’

I pointed at myself without speaking as I tried to mutter a question of who are you speaking to? Me?

And he said ‘yes you.’

‘But dad I’m gay’.

‘There’s nothing wrong with trying stuff. Right? We can try together, you might like it.’

He put out his cig and kneeled down again in front of her. His fingers were playing with her underwear.

‘Oh Sam you’re already wet.’

‘Mmm Nicolas you know you turn me on.’

He stretched her underwear to the side revealing her pussy. It was weird for me seeing this for the first time.

‘Come sit next to us Ian’ my dad said. He unzipped his jeans and took out his cock and started stroking it as it was growing bigger by the minute.

His mouth was now eating her pussy as she started moaning louder and louder.

‘So what you do son, you go straight for the kill. Your tongue has to penetrate and explore at the same time’, he said having a pause.

With his two fingers he opened the lips exposing her pink vagina.

I didn’t need to adjust myself. Sam had already turned more towards me so I had a full view of what he was doing to her.

‘And you really have to go for this beauty. The clit’ he said and he stuck his tongue out flicking it vigorously.

I was turned on and tuned in to his voice as he was so erotically demonstrating how he was pleasuring her, although I was humouring myself when he was naming the parts of the vagina as if I’ve never seen one before.

I reached out and started rubbing his shoulder as he placed his hand on my thigh.

He started rubbing her clit with unimaginable speed and then fingering her over and over again. Sam was in heaven.

‘Get your cock out Ian’ my father demanded. ‘Let her taste you’.

I obliged by unbuttoning my jeans and taking it out from my underwear’s tight embrace. I sat at the back of sofa and gave it to Sam who immediately was all over it.

Between her moans she managed to tell my dad how nice my cock tasted. My dad agreed and then told her he has tried it so he knows well.

Sam was close to orgasm as he was fingering her vagina and eating her clit at the same time. His fingers were going in and out like a drill. In no time a clear liquid was released from her insides exploding on my dad’s face and chest. He opened his mouth welcoming this cascade. He moaned and groaned while wiping her cum off his face and licking his fingers.

‘Sam is a squirter son. She cums in buckets. I love making her cum.’

Sam could barely smile between her heavy breathing.

‘Fuck me Nic. I need you inside me’, she said while jerking off my dick. My dad of course would not say no to an invitation like that. He took his shirt off and held his dick directly opposite her hole.

‘That’s how you do it son. You insert your penis into that hole slowly or fast depending who you’re fucking. Sam here likes it slow but then she likes a good banging’ he said and smiled at her.

‘And if you’re lucky fucking a squirter then penetration is sweet because it’s nice and wet, no need for lube or spit’.

I wasn’t even remotely interested for Sam’s mouth, who was eagerly sucking my cock; I was more aroused by him, I was fixated at his every word and how he described things made me horny as hell. He finally got to fuck her vagina much to Sam’s pleasure who was shouting ‘yes yes’ at every deep penetration.

‘Get naked son and come next to me’ my dad said.

I immediately did so. I kneeled behind his right side just enough to be able to see the action of his dick fucking her hole. Her vagina lips were swollen and glistening even to the low light of the room. My dad had embraced her thighs and with his left thumb was rubbing her clit. I’ve rested my arms on his shoulders and started kissing his sweaty neck.

‘Mmmm Ian my baby. Keep looking what I’m doing coz I’m gonna test you in a bit. You want this pussy? ‘

‘Yeah! Let’s fuck her together bursa eve gelen eskort father and son’ I said.

‘Fuck yeah boy’ he groaned and started kissing me.

‘Let’s take her upstairs in the spare bedroom’ he said and lifted her on his arms.

When we arrived upstairs he ripped Sam’s underwear and undressed her completely. He kneeled under her while she was standing and started eating her pussy again. He waved at me to come closer while she was trying to balance herself by holding my dad’s head. I approached her and placed my hands on her breasts. They were sweaty but supple and I started kneading them as if they were dough. I was a novice in this territory so I was going with what I thought was right or from what I’cve seen in porn movies.

She didn’t seem to mind. She was more focused on my dad’s tongue because she kept repeating his name a lot. I grabbed one of her breasts and started sucking the nipple. It felt so good. I loved nipples and hers were big enough to make me crazy.

She grabbed me by my hair and pushed my head closer to her tit. I felt my dad’s hand grubbing my cock and jerking it off which made me release a muffled groan. I started thrusting my hips towards his mouth. I could feel the back of his warm throat.

After a couple of minutes my dad told Sam to get onto the bed and while pointing at her pussy he said ‘I think you’re ready to have her son’.

She laid on her back which allowed me to lift her legs wide open and lied down so my face was ready to taste her. The sensation was indescribable, I couldn’t pin it down to one thing. It felt so nice licking her and my cock was rock solid.

My dad lied under me and took advantage of my hard cock and started sucking it. My god I was in heaven with that mouth that was enough to make me cum in seconds. I was deepthroating him and loved it. He then went for my hole. His tongue hot and wet was penetrating me while I was penetrating Sam’s pussy with my tongue and fingers.

‘You’re doing well my son but you need to fuck her. Look at her she’s practically begging for it’ my dad said.

I kneeled onto the bed in front of her, lifted her legs and placed them on my shoulders.

My dad took my cock and guided it into her. That made Sam exhale and shout ‘put it all in’

I obliged to her commands for faster and deeper by thrusting my whole body in and out of her vagina.

‘Yeah that’s Ian. That’s it son,’ my dad said smiling while he was watching the rhythmic movement of my cock penetrating Sam. He was jerking off when I offered to give him a hand.

‘Let me have some of her, son,’ he said.

I removed my cock from inside her and he went for it straight away. He tilted towards her face stretching her legs even more, exposing her nether regions to his rod. She loved every inch of my dad’s cock.

I came closer to him and squeezed his sweaty hairy butt cheeks. He didn’t seem to bother as he was heavily panting.

I opened his cheeks and reached for his brown hole. I could taste again that mustiness of his manly parts which I so desired. He seemed to love it as he tried to shove my head deeper into him.

‘I want you both in me Nic’, Sam said while moaning.

‘You want both dad and son dick, don’t you? Aha’ he replied while she nodded.

He let her get up while he laid down on his back. He had his cock up like a wand when he commanded her to sit on it.

Sam turned herself facing me and she took my dad’s cock on her hand, guiding it inside her. She left a moan while it penetrated her. I came closer while she was bouncing and she hugged me. We started kissing while I had her tits in my hands.

‘Mmmm that’s it Sam…bounce on that beautiful dick” I said to her.

My dad was in ecstasy while holding her hips thrusting her onto his dick.

‘Ian…you have to fuck her…God it feels so good’

Sam leaned back balancing herself on her hands exposing her vagina that was fucked unapologetically by my dad.

‘Get it in honey’, she said and she took my cock, guiding it to the opening already occupied by my dad’s glistening cock. The feeling was indescribable like a fast wave of passion…wet warm and tight…

Sam screamed from excitement at the thrusts of my dick inside her while I could hear my dad groaning underneath her. My hand had grabbed his balls bayan escort bursa massaging them. I could feel them being full of cum ready to explode. My fingers were slipping down his sweaty brown pucker.

‘Oh Ian… what are you doing there?’ he asked while looking at me.

‘Enjoy it dad’ I replied and I winked at him.

I was furiously fucking Sam’s pussy and holding her tits while she was rubbing her clit, when she released her feminine juices all over.

After a few minutes he came out of Sam’s pussy and with the fury of an animal he grabbed me and came behind me.

‘I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you now son,’ he whispered in my ear and went straight for my hole just with a bit of spit. I gasped at the pain but I loved it. Yes that’s what I wanted. I wanted to be fucked hard by the man that at times I would forget he was my father. His whole sweaty body was attached on mine. He grabbed my hair pulling my head back and started biting my ear.

‘Fuck…Ian look at you fucking that pussy. It’s so hot seeing you like this. You drive me crazy’

I could see Sam rubbing her clit and moaning while she could see us like that.

‘I’d never thought I would see a father and son fucking. This is soooo hot,’ she said while panting at the insertion of my dick inside her.

He told me to stop fucking her and he placed me on my fours and started pounding my ass like there was no tomorrow. His dick felt on fire and my hole was only eager to accommodate him.

‘Fuck, son. That ass is so fucking awesome. How does it feel having daddy’s cock up inside you again?’

‘It feels great dad,’ I said with a trembling voice trying to catch my breath. The sound of his abdomen slapping my ass cheeks was echoing in the room. I could feel his grasp around my waste getting more intense.

Sam brought herself closer to me and shoved my head between her loins. My tongue was all over her wet pussy which made her moan. I stuck two fingers inside her wet tunnel and started exploring. Her warm jet exploded over my face and sheets while she grabbed me by the hair.

‘Yeaaaaah, that’s it son! Make her cum,’ my dad groaned while he was fucking me harder and harder.

‘Oh dad, pound my ass,’ I screamed with pleasure.

‘Give daddy a hug and wrap your legs around my waste,’ he said

He lifted me up and while he was holding me in his arms he pressed me against the wall and I could feel his dick rubbing my hole. Slowly he lowered my butt cheeks on his cock and I could feel it pulsating while going in.

My mouth opened wide ready to inhale a big gulp of air as he was penetrating me and he started kissing my chin and my neck whilst he started rhythmically moving me up and down. Although our bodies were dripping with sweat, they were attached as one.

His hot lips were kissing and biting my neck while he was fucking me in the air. I could feel his heavy breath in my ear, muttering words of lust.

‘Fuck Ian. Fuck you’re so damn hot… You are daddy’s little whore.’

‘I am daddy. I’m yours!’

‘That hole is driving me crazy. It feels so good fucking it. I’ve never felt anything like that before,’ he said and he looked at me in the eyes.

I could see that he meant it although I could bet he had fucked a lot of holes. That made me smile as I placed my forehead onto his, our breaths mixed together. I kissed him passionately and I could swear I wanted to reach the back of his throat with my tongue. I was so horned up that I wanted to eat him.

All the while I could see Sam on the bed with her legs wide open, rubbing her clit vigorously. My dad would turn every now and then to look at her with a wide smile and then burry his head on the side of my neck. The continuous pumping of my ass brought him close to the edge.

‘I’m gonna cum son…Aaah Aaaaahhhh Aaaaaaaaaah’ he shouted and he released his hot spunk inside me.

He was still carrying me when he spread my cheeks and let his cum drip out of my hole. Sam was already underneath catching every drip with her mouth.

‘Mmmm Nic, I love your cum’ she said.

My dad immediately shoved his cock into her mouth after he put me down.

‘Suck it dry Sam. Clean that big cock,’ he commanded her and she eagerly obliged while her hand was rubbing her clit nonstop.

I fell on the bed trying to catch my breath; that was the most intense fuck I ever done. I could see my dad escorting Sam out of the room. I must have been half asleep when he came back and lied down next to me.

‘Thank you dad’ I whispered.

‘Thank you son, for letting me be part of this experience with you. It’s been incredible’ he replied and put his arm around me.

We kissed and fell asleep together, naked and it felt so good.

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