Dad’s Predicament

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69 Position

It’s been several weeks since my fellow High School Cheerleaders and I teased my dad for being a sex crazed old man.

One of my teammates, Keri, and her family belong to the same Health Club as my family. On this past Sunday morning, we happen to arrive at the same time her and her mom. I saw her mom, Judy, talking to my mom in the locker room as we were preparing to participate in the 9am aerobics class.

My dad does not do aerobics, but this time my mom insisted he participate. Just before the class began, and the room was full of ladies, Judy approached my dad and reached down and grabbed his manhood. She immediately commented, loudly, something to the affect “Damn, Keri was right. You really do have a small cock and balls!” The stares, chuckles and gasps from the ladies in the room spoke volumes.

After the class was over, several ladies made damning remarks to my dad. Then Danielle, the class instructor, approached my mom with a special request. She asked if my dad would be interested in being the “punching bag” for the woman’s self defense course she teaches at a private fitness studio nearby. My mom quickly agreed after she was convinced he would be allowed Beylikdüzü escort to wear nothing but a jockstrap with a cup, along with something to protect his eyes from being scratched out.

Well, he has now been used for four of these classes. My sister Wendy and I even participated in the first of them. While we find it fun to humiliate him verbally, it really felt funny kneeing him to the crotch and trying to scratch his eyes out. But it definitely gave both of us the real feeling of power. And the education is priceless.

This private fitness studio has a communal shower. After each of these four the classes, most of the women who participated showered with my dad. They would verbally tease my dad, and fondle him. But they wouldn’t give him the ultimate satisfaction he craved. So, he’d come home hornier than hell, and my mom would give him nothing but the demand he satisfy her orally.

He was scheduled to participate in the women’s defense course once a week. But mom got Danielle to schedule him for three of these classes a week.

Wendy and I now insist our dad call us “Mistress Wendy” and “Mistress Lauren” respectively. And at all times, Beylikdüzü escort too. At times, we will give him contradicting commands, and watch as he tries to satisfy us both. It’s so fun to watch. This is something we enjoy, having such control over a man. When we get really confident at this control over a man, we are going to try it while on a double date with our boyfriends.

I just wish Wendy and I could come up with even newer ideas as to how to tease our dad sexually. It really seems to be justified for his getting sexually aroused at the site of my cheerleading teammates. And we can’t wait until our little sister, Sarah, is old enough (18 years old) to participate herself. She is “Daddy’s little girl”. She is only 15 years old, so she has nearly three years until she can join in the fun. She so much wants to join in, but she’s too young.

All seven of my cheerleading teammates, and most of their moms, have taken the self-defense class from Danielle, using my dad as their punching bag. Unknowing to the moms, back at my house, my dad is used to satisfy the natural excitement my teammates develop during the class. I will have to say my mom has definitely Escort Beylikdüzü taught my dad real well when it comes to pussy licking and ass kissing. He has learned so very well how to please women with his tongue, lips and fingers, that we ignored his tiny manhood entirely.

My mom told Wendy and I yesterday that she was going to give our dad sexual gratification that evening. She said that he had been so well behaved, had satisfied Wendy and I so well. That’s not to mention that he performed so well in the defense classes as well as entirely satisfying the other cheerleaders. He really gets off on being beaten, physically and verbally, by ladies. Specially us those of us in our late teens and early twenties.

Wendy had witnessed my mom and dad engaging in sexual intercourse once before, when they were attacked by a huge group of horny college coeds about six months ago. But that time, it was against their will, and Wendy was forced to give my dad an over-the-knee bare ass spanking afterwards. This time was much more enjoyable for her to witness, and she and I both enjoyed “the show”.

We filmed them having intercourse, and ended up showing to most of our girlfriends this morning. This was in my dad’s presence, and he was graciously complimented on his performance, but again insulted about his size. Oh, how we all love watching his face turn red, and his manhood almost entirely pull up inside him from embarrassment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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